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NSA Brass/Buckeyball Extermination Vacuum Shell ~ Vacuum Pulled On Shuttle STS-60, STS-69 and STS-80 (Columbia-Astronaut-Witnesses Conveniently Dead)


By Tracy Turner ~ Sept 4, 2014   /   Site Map


nsa buckey ball vauum weapon
STS-60, STS-69 and STS-80 All Dragged a Stainless Steel Disk To Set Records For Vacuum Pulled, About one Molecule of Gas Per Meter Cubed. NSA Weapon Was Made During STS-60, STS-69 and STS-80.

Numerous articles about the NSA have been circulated. Any and all that dismiss the AT&T-Israeli-Mossad-Unit 8200-Converse-Boeing connection(s) are either intentionally misleading or unintentionally dilettante whereas this link <http://tiny.cc/lvgmlx> was merely part of a greater learning curve. This article has sources that cannot be named; however, feel free to ask your elected officials about buckeyball euthanasia vacuum shells...


It is the intention of this article to look at the “intelligence community” in an entirely new way. For starters, Glen Greenwald and the Guardian crew wrote about the NSA a full six years after a friend of mine stumbled across NSA Prism. Let’s look at the NSA/Greenwald/Guardian “intelligence” a bit differently… It is nearly fall 2014: the email. websurfing, cell-phone, land-phone-line snooping and TV channel-surfing data mining mentioned by the Guardian is vintage 1990’s technology. Mining data from internetwork-datagrams is partying like it’s 1999, albeit with only a few new tweaks and perks.


The trouble with NSA-Guardianesque-articles is that nobody asks the gestational question(s):


  • Does the NSA do wet-work (assassinations) domestically?


  • Is Congress and the Senate okay with snooping on one’s self?


  • Are all 535 Senators, Congressman, as well as Obama’s 23-Cabinet and even more voluminous Junior-Cabinet-members on-board with the NSA’s agenda?


    Such an NSA coup de grČce with everyone both fully aware and willing party to domestic wet-work (legal party to domestic murders) seems highly unlikely; such scenario would mean the US CIA is onboard with shooting itself in the foot. The problem with the NWO’ers is one is supposed to lump the right-wing 1942 OSS (Office Strategic Services) in with the left-wing 2014 NSA/Prism. Pardon the crude epithet, but let’s all back the fuck up, a moment, this is both a journalism phopaw and damned important…


    Calling any and all NWO’ers, gun and food hoarders, extreme right-wingers, left-wing-to-the-point-of-facism’ers… Do you all believe that the OSS/CIA has morphed into being on board with the NSA's Morgellon's Disease, Domestic wet-work, and listening to you tinkle in a commode? Perhaps this is a good time to ponder the difference between two acronym buzzwords, “Security” and “Intelligence”. Does having a case-manager listen to you tinkle in the commode sound intelligent to you; or, rather, does it sound “secure”? Do you think the CIA needs an exeloo to kill and dispose of one body? The people running the exeloo's are disappearing 40-100 at a time and nobody will ever find a hair let alone a tooth...


    The NSA is running five programs that are known as “the program”; three of the five end in jail, mental hospitals or violent crime. The other two NSA programs end in a brutal, macabre murder with no corpse or viable DNA left behind. These last two programs are currently being shut down by the US Central Intelligence Agency; the CIA would like very much not to be put into a NWO/NSA/N.O.W./mass-media category. The CIA’s main product is, after all, intelligence. The CIA is doing more wet-work domestically (killing NSA-low-level-operatives aka Syndicate psychopaths) than abroad at this time and it is to the CIA’s benefit rather than to my own that this paper is written.


    The NSA and their followers have caused tens-of-thousands and perhaps more “missing-persons-cases”…

    The News, 2% of America Informs On the Other 98%, Hall-Monitor Style…


    Perhaps the three questions above are not the enceinte question. If the NSA has determined that running a covert murder-ring of American citizens is “Secure”, then it is more plausible and more possible than not that the CIA has found it more Intelligent than not to snuff, smoke, wet-work, et al NSA employees.


    One of my prior articles mentioned NSA-phase-one and phase-three employees as a basketful of psycho-sociopaths. The phase four/five assassins of the NSA are just more psycho-sociopaths. Now imagine 100 of these psychopaths disappearing simultaneously off of the face of the Earth for keeps, no DNA, no trace of any kind left behind because the CIA finds their disappearances an “Intelligent” act for the country. Let’s grind the ideology down to the Foie Gras: the NSA and 50% or more of the government says NSA domestic wet-work is legal, righteous and necessary; 50% or less say the Central **INTELLIGENCE** Agency needs to snuff out any and all psycho-sociopath assassins.


    One side has the left and the media (NSA).


    The other side has the Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, Methodists, Cops, Highway Patrol, Sheriffs, State Police and Troopers, Oathkeepers, Veterans, active duty Troops, National Guard and anyone who identifies self as “patriotic, keeper of the US Constitution, and/or “religious other” (Mormons, Quakers, Buddhists, etc.). There is a covert but extremely deadly war going on in the U.S. The attrition rate at this time is about 50 NSA dead per 1 (one) CIA dead.


    Amy Goodman and Glen Greenwald Interview Each Other…

    The NSA developed a brass and buckeyball hybrid metal vacuum shell with a buckeyball and fabric siphon hose that vacuums up a human being, shoes, clothes, hair, DNA and all in 2-3 minutes. The persons who have done this to America and their families are paying for it by disappearing in a very like manner in many respects except they do so en masse rather than one-at-a-time.


    There are two-three things that hopefully already came to your mind:


    1)   Pray for the CIA, which is absolutely not an NWO conspiracy. Many very brave and extremely anonymous heroes have and are dying in a cause to make your life better…

    2)   These are not secret: http://www.casewareanalytics.com/sites/default/files/styles/homepage_rich_media/public/rm2.jpg?itok=8kn1eCQM neither is Mellon Bank, etc. Support CIA-friendly concerns if you can, do so for your family.

    3)   Stop feeding the NWO-nonsense. The Mossad, the CIA and the US Military, State and local law are all on one-side. The other side is media, NSA and corrupt politicians. The Mossad and CIA do not aim weapons at their own feet.


    The http://olivebiodiesel.com/ page has been updated many times; what the concept has lacked was time for both human cooperation to evolve and time for olive saplings and seedlings to grow.


    Recently, I saw a “diesel” big-rig (2-cycle motor) running on propane. Most striking about it were the amount of power with an absence of sound, smoke and soot. At the El Monte, California bus terminal, only one (1) bus still runs on diesel, the rest of the fleet runs on ‘natural gas’, aka CNG. Most of the local City and County large “diesel” vehicles now run on CNG. The more private companies can convert or replace fleets with CNG vehicles, the more companies and their customers will see familiar pricing on an ongoing basis. Part of what impressed me about the CNG big rig (aside from it being a CIA-truck) was very quiet, rapid rpm wind-up (high torque-curve) with no smoke whatsoever, no soot. While the NSA was inventing ways to listen to us all pass gas and ways to kill our own, the CIA was trying to plod a way for all 328,000,000 of us to make our ways through the future.


    The NSA death squads are dying and disbanding rapidly. While ISIS and ISIL cut off heads abroad, the CIA is rapidly cutting the head off of the NSA. The bad news is there really is a covert conspiracy in America; the good news is it is one the NSA is losing badly. The plan was for the Oligarchs to hide in Antarctica while hydro, medical cannabis moves a death gene through the useless-eaters populace. That is the NSA plan for American’s future, death by hydro-cannabis. The CIA figured we might all survive that plan and be in need of meat trucks, bread trucks, etc. Don’t think hydro, think Compressed Natural Gas – if you farm, think CNG combines rather than diesel for the future. What were those guys thinking?




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    [SOURCE: NSA seeks criminal probe of program leaker - CBS News]

    In forwarding such a skewed criminal justice ideology, the Obama administration is, first and foremost, violating its pledge to voters. [...] Meanwhile, the New York Times issued a damning-with-faint-praise profile of Greenwald. [...] And, of course, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issued the obligatory tough-talking statement calling the revelations "reprehensible."
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