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Project Camelot: Jim Stone - Ex NSA Whistleblower

Obama's Clean, Green 2013 Fukushima Plumegate Machine II


Cannot Swear To This, But Suspect Kevin Blanche Was a "Puritan Who Never Swore" ;-) Prior To 7 Months After The 3/11/11 Fukushima 'Event'. Now Mr. Blanche Makes Up For 'Lost Time'. Just Think of It, 3/11/11 Fukushima Has 3 Meltdowns and a MOX Fuel Pool Lose Most Its Water and a Mysterious Explosion in Empty, de-fueled Reactor #4. Obama Gives A National Olie, Olie Oxen Free, There Is No Radiation and There is No Danger 'Speech'. Seven Months Later, Kevin Has Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. If It Were Me, There Would Be Some Choice "F" Words For Big Nuke, DoE, DoD, Pentagon and Barrack Plumegate Obama. Please note, both Kevin and I do not solicit 'donations' like most shill faux activists, we do not sell books, etc. Please share this news page and Kevin's videos with family and friends; explain that we wish people to wake up to realities the news hides from us, we are so not after lining our pockets.

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3/11 Was Japan's 9/11 - Did the Dimona Dozen Murder the Fukushima 50 ~ Jim Stone

ObamaCare? aka Billionaire-Banker Cartel-Care OpEd 

Has Fukushima Popped Your DNA's Cherry, Yet?

"I have not seen anyone die yet from Fukushima..." and "I don't know anyone who has gotten cancer..."

Both of those idiot, ignoramus statements ignore the obvious. Let's digress...

Dr. Bein, as always keeps me somewhat grounded, logical and honest. Mutation pictures are, to the best of my knowledge, from Fukushima and surrounding area, past couple of years. In another life, I used plant hormones with names like B-Nine (kills cockroaches, that toxic), Giberellic Acid, Colchicine, Maintain A, Stop-Gro, indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), alpha-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA), etc. My initial and overall impression (Turtle, Tomato, Eggplants made lasting impression) is these are severe mutations. Most of the chemicals above can make mutations, which wear off, frequently. Truly perplexing to me is the severity of the mutations without plant death. Most agricultural hormones, if over or mis-applied, kill the plant. In the photos, one may guess the mutations were from still-alive plants. Would love to know if (Peach, Persimmon) the mutations did not wear off. Did the Turtle eventually have one forward-facing head?

Operation Vigilant Resolve was the First Battle of Falluja, Iraq - made famous by the street draggings and bridge hangings of four BlackWater Mercenaries. April 2004 was Vigilant Resolve and the Marines present cheered gleefully every time an Air Force J-Dam exploded nearby. Each time the Marines took a breath to cheer, they inhaled micron-sized particles of Uranium oxide glass from the J-Dams.

All of the Marines present in April, 2004 could also have said, "I have not seen anyone die yet from Fukushima..." and "I don't know anyone who has gotten cancer..." But in the interim between April, 2004 and October 2013, scores of Marines have died of Lung Cancer and other Cancers. Scores more either have cancer now, will get cancer in the future, or will breed a "special needs" child. Rather than take my word for it, use 4-5 foreign search engines and search for "Fallujah Cancer" and "Fallujah Congenital Heart Defects".

By 2023, everyone in Alaska, Hawaii, California, Western Canada, Oregon, Baja California and Washington State will know either a cancer casualty or a cancer patient; or a woman who has had one or more stillborn babies. When a sane man or woman speaks in an insane world, they sound like imbeciles.

This * is * crude and callous, it is beyond sounding crude and callous. People say the United States lost in Vietnam; but we left behind all of the Rainbow Herbicides and Dioxin to continue filling body bags to this very day. We also had troops come home and metastisize. By body count from 1969, we won (via illegal chemical warfare).

"I don't know anyone with radiation cancer, except my wife with CML and except Kevin Blanch with his AML". I don't know anyone who died from DoD/DoE/Nuke Industry / Gau-8 / Phalanx Uranium * yet! *". I did know a Viet Nam Vet who lost first his hand then his life to bone cancer; DOW Chemical / Monsanto killed him. My own Thyroid gland died, I am a man and Thyroid is a "woman's disease" (unless your Thyroid get irradiated by fallout). Obama "promised" the "most transparent administration in history"; among many broken "promises". All I ask for is four sets of numbers: Total quantity and locations of Nuke Industry toxins/HAZMAT released annually. Total quantity and locations of all military toxins/HAZMAT released annually. Total quantity and locations of all North American fresh water made unpotable by industry and military annually. Precise totals of pesticides and chemical fertilizers used annually in North America. These four factors have more to do with your * need * for Obamacare than anything else. These numbers were made secret by Bush Cheney and are a continued secret under Obama/Biden.

American's have turned the Internet and Youtube into the Colliseum, immediately prior to the fall of Rome... "Show me a viral video of a Fukushima Cancer patient doing the death rattle as they pass, and stick a hat pin in 'em so we know it is not fake..."

Personally, I am "not that nice". Before I would put such a monstrosity video on censor-tube, rather that you cube your brain to You Cube Minus IQ points, you cube your downward IQ spiral...

Fast Forward to Fallujah, Operation Phantom Fury — was a joint American, Iraqi, and British offensive in November and December 2004. Every boot track, every HumVee driving through "safe" Nuclear Glass/Uranium oxide dust during Phantom Fury set the stage for American, Iraqi and British lung cancer. Most of 2007-2013 and still counting the dead "did not know anyone who died of Uranium cancer". Why would you think everyone sickens and dies in unison? Radiation sickness is not a firing squad.

It took slightly more than three years for Chernobyl Cancer to be a catastrophe. Cancers were less prevalent until 36+ months, same with Fallujah. There is no exact formulae: i.e., 1,000 grams of Isotope A float West to America, 100,000 get sick. It does not work that way. You split a can of canned Tuna or Salmon with a friend, one of you ingests 5 microns of an Isotope, the other does not. There is a fractal randomness to Agent Orange, Fukushima and the 985-above-ground Nevada Test Area Thermonuclear Bombs-genocidal deaths my wife will one day join.

We all die, someday. But the notion some have of Fukushima being 'old news' is simply proof that Public and Private schools have pumped out non-knowledgeable, non-critical-thinking consumer-class non-citizens. Part of being a Citizen involves calling out your Senators when they lie and go far too corrupt. Those without knowledge who cannot think cannot do so. "the core of the Earth's Sun does not exist, or it would be on you cube". The Obama's are not setting the two daughters up to rule again like Royalty, or it would be on you cube. Obama, both Bush's, and Cheney do not have deep CIA ties, or it would be on you cube.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

A Japanese delicacy, needs to put on weight before Soup Time... Not if, but when Armoire or Hormone Hell Factory Meat Comes across US two-headed chickens, cows and pigs... Do they go though the grinder, into shrink wrap, and onto the shelves of your store? Your Mack Nuggits are outdoors all day in the atomic breeze, prior to deep frying for dipping sauce...

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

How many pickles do you eat a year? "Gee, I don't know anyone who eats nuclear pickles"... The wind above Tokyo is one of the fastest air currents on Earth. It blows straight East to Los Angeles, New York and all points between. Your last pickle probably grew near said path...

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Kevin Blance and I wish to invite you out for Mushroom Burgers. The reason people like Kevin and I get so angry at "I do not know anyone who"... Who the F Ω C Κ! ing what? You don't know anyone who eats contaminated food? You don't know anyone who walks in Strontium-90 rains, gets thirsty and drinks some Cesium 137? Seriously, you won't get cancer because Obama lied so? I said this would get/be cruel. Don't have kids, don't buy water filters, eat tuna. If you are so dumb, to believe all that radiation is not harmful because Lord Obama willed it so... Your lineage should just stop with you. The MSM said the radiation is gone in 3 weeks. Go find the wiki page on Potasium-40 and see how long it "stays in fish" (stays in the Oceans). How old are you, how long do you think you might live? Hopefully your math is beyond the MSM's math.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

What flower is this? Does not matter at all if the Japanese are playing Darwin with it's genes, it's just a flower that you don't eat. Obama said so. Cargill factory chicken deep fried in Fukushima irradiated - Monsanto Soy, Safflower, Canola and Sunflower oil. No food allergies? Congrats, all those genetically screwed up from atomic kiss of death peanut plants can be deep fried whatevers for you. Gee, I don't know anyone with peanut allergies and an Eppie Pen... so what do I care of the field peanuts grew triple-headed flowers after the Strontium-90 rain. My babysitters, the Disney TV and my schools all forgot to teach me to think.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

It is called Nuclear Origami, the art of turning a carrot into a creature-like being with radioactive leaks and disposed of wastes.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

So which Nuclear Isotope Busted Your DNA Cherry? Here is what I think... Obviously, the invisible poison the US Government and Media denies existence of fu~barred this cherry up bad. But those who are subjects of the rule of Obama are exempt from their DNA being disrupted by a plethora of known, Internationally recognixzed DNA fubarer-uppers. The GE/Westinghouse DNA DNA fubarer-uppers * only * gives cancer to Japanese Cherry trees. Subjects of Abe or Obama rule have no DNA and therefore will not have two-headed babies, stillborns, my wife's CML and Kevin Blanche's AML. Obama said so.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes just a guess is not a bad one, but the following is not DNA verified. Long, sweet Eggplant on right is traditional Japanese Eggplant. (Unverified guess) Eggplant on the left looks like a genetic throwback to its ancestry, but heavily mutated into a multi-headed Eggplant. Sarcasm and levity aside, these farmers are not only showing unmarketable produce, but food contaminated with probable carcinogens. Would you eat anything on this page?

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

More Chemical-Radiological Mutant 'food'. Aside from the sunflower seed nuts and vegetable oil being ruined, these mutated plants will not yield seeds to keep their progeny / lineage going into future crops/yields.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

America's favorite home grown vegetable. F Ω C Κ! ed up almost beyond recognition. I put this page up to give people a sense that Abe, TepCo, Obama, DoE and the Judas-betraying MSM are "keeping things from us we should know about". Food Chain contamination goes way beyond Japan's sovereign borders.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

I'm 56 and started organic gardening at age 15-16. I was raised by farm and nursery grandparents. Occasionally one sees extremely minor plant defects and abnormalities; these can be caused by environmental pollution, pesticides, reactions to mites, etc. The defects represented on this page would make any health conscious gardener grimace with alarm. The first 3-4 times I looked at each photo I wondered what a laboratory DNA, Nuclear, Chemical and microscope analysis of these specimens would have yielded. Part of me is alarmed at the Obama-DoE/Abe-Tepco secrecy. Part of me know that all of us as a society need to learn all the lessons there are to learn from this - in an open, honest society that we are not. These pictures are a 12-alarm fire, the knowledge of which is being suppressed and lied about.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

How many deformed potatoes per day come out of deep friers in America per day, and nobody knows their eating the nuclear toes? "It is not on you cube my IQ spirals downward, so I do not believe it.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Fuyu sweet, flat persimmons are part of Chinese, Korean and Japanese culture. But this persimmon could probably raise the clicks on a Geiger counter. But Abe and Obama raised the "safe, legal" daily required dose of human radioisotope consumption.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Ohayo gozaimasu! Would you like to try our new, genetically modified via Potasium 40 "Buddha's Hand" Eggplant? We at Tepco and General Electric spent billions on making this Eggplant resemble Buddha's hand. Eventually, we plan on making humans with 6-7 fingers to hang on to this Eggplant more efficiently. Remember, your body can utilize chemical radionuclides just like the minerals found in many common foods. We have replaced the Calcium in this EggPlant with abundant Strontium-90...

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Welcome to Fukushima Mystery Fruit Theater. Were these asian Donut Peaches? Or were they traditional peaches grown in a low winter chill part of Japan? Our Fukushima Mystery Produce detectives can tell one or two things for certain: all two (four?) peaches would probably set off Geiger Counters and in many countries said peaches would be considered Nuclear Hazardous Materials. These peaches have had their DNA "cherry" popped by Tepco and the Obama Department of Energy.

Under TPP, they may end up on your table as "Peach Jam". We all eat, drink and breath; most likely routes of radiation exposure: water, food and air. The nuke industry and Obama (or the next Republican or Democratic 'President' want to build up the thermonuclear bomb arsenal with more powerful devices and construct new domestic Fukushima's. Nearly every nuclear facility America has, has had a seismic fault discovered nearby.

Summing this up... Over a dozen media organizations put out * intentional disinformation / gatekeeper propaganda Could? Could? Yeh, right, "Could"? there be a two-headed shark, the first ever in human history, caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Look at the fruit and vegetables, think of the first two-headed shark in human history in the Gulf of Mexico. writes: 'Fukushima's Radioactive Plume Could Reach U.S. Waters By 2014'. This kind of disinfo dismisses every Hot Rain report, the 500% above background rain in California, etc. Fukushima was in the US in 2-3 days, by air. Divide the distance between any US coast and Japan by 2.5 knots and one will have a ballpark idea when sea-borne Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 hit that beach, or will hit it. Airborme-radioactive rain was hitting the US in 2011 and 2012.

Jason Hsu and Arianna Huffington, in what universe "could" radiation that already did reach Alaska and Hawaii "could in 2014"? Is it the foreign thing, with Arianna or Jason being from far, distant, 'foreign other' Alaska and Hawaii?

Not only has every left wing gatekeeper and Tea-astroturf division of 'the media' done this 'could in 2014' propaganda that ignores 'did in 2013' in the cases of Alaska, Canada and Hawaii. But the propaganda doesn't stop, there. Let me help them with their propaganda delusions, please, indulge me...

Could radioactive vented gasses and particles of three melted down reactors in Fukushima ride at 180-205 nautical miles an hour westward and become Strontium-90 and Cesium-137 hot rain that falls into the Atlantic? In what universe is a New York beach exempt from Rain until 2014? Try 72+ hours, Jason Hsu. I saw it in Google so I 'authored' it? The other gatekeepers and Amy Goodman said so... Is this something Obama or DoE wanted you to write?

I should be more symapthetic, Arrianna is a foreigner from the Country of Hawaii and Hsu is a foreigner from Alaskaland... Could Fukushima hot atomic rain hit those areas on 3/13/2011? No, Jason and Arianna will not allow it until after midnight, on 1/1/2014 or thereafter. Do you both live in a lab-beaker environment where torrential rains never hit high seas or beaches? Won't even ask, what where you... won't ask.

Will grant you this, if someone had put tracers in, to determine where every micron "from sea only" and "from wind/rain only" came from... You all write about a complex, millions of years to evolve ecosystem like it is... you guessed it, a youtube video.

More than a dozen each of Koch Tea Astroturf and Mother CIA Jones funded gatekeepers did what Jason Hsu did in his brilliant expose of a flat Earth. First, lets do a laymen's lesson on Cumulative Radiation. You live in St. George, Utah and are a NTA Nevada Test Area downwinder. You enjoy skiing Utah and in 2013 are living with cancer for the first time. The "natural background" is normal, you have been told.

There is no such thing. Native Americans had "natural background". You live in the cumulative radiation of IAEA, DoE, Pentagon, GE, Westinghose, et al.

First, 985 above ground Atom Bombs and Thermonuclear Devices (not the same thing) deposited chemical-radiological debris in soil, air, food and water from Mexico to Greenland. Then 3 reactors melted down in Fukushima and the fallout blew west. Then DoE initiated POLLUX and you live with that radiation, too. Our government only admits to (reluctantly) radiation released from one (1) event at a time. But you are living in the cumulative radiation of all the events, combined and Fukushima is depositing more radiation on top of that.

Bio-acculation. Beetle lives in Strontium-90 rain, small birds eat beetles, bigger birds eat small birds. Large falcon eats bigger birds. Bobcat eats large falcon. Each species up from the bottom has many more times as much radionuclides as the previous species.

The Jason Hsu / Huffington Post article reads like we all like in a pristine, glorious lab beaker with all the government / nuke industry "eternity poisons" on the outside of our glorious "inner clean santimonius womb". This is "Pristine, Clean Alaska" * before * Fukushima.

"If this is Hawaii then it must be heaven. Every time I came across some of this "will Fuku fart smell reach holy America" crap I wanted to scream. In ideal conditions airborn radiation can go from Fukushima to New York in about 72 hours, maybe less. Alaska and Hawaii are midway between Japan and New York. Americans are already eating radioactive fish, walking in radioactive rain, etc. But it's cool, Obama said so.

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Chart from

Long term, Japan may kill millions of Americans and "win" World War II via the new age body count. But they may end up abandoning Tokyo and most or all of Honshu. Years three through ? years... If your home, right now, was contaminated with 2 kilos of Potasium-40... In 1.26 billion years, there would only be 1 kilo left, the rest would have decayed..

Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Before Chernobyl and Fukushima, Oak Ridge Cumulative and Bioaccumulation was considered a "10". Comparatively, Fukushima is a 100,000 per year, with "cleanup completion" scheduled for 2053. Millions will get cancer, but not in year 1 or 2, not in any one given year. From 2014 to 2054, many millions will get cancer; the cost and suffering will be terrible.

Now a word from our ;P 'sponsor'... Proctologist and Brain's® Mind Wash® - makes your mind white and sparkly, empty of all truthful notions. Proctologist and Brain® & Mind Wash® are divisions of CentCom®. Coming to TV this Fall, the Granny CentCom® Show. Relax and let Granny convince you that Nuclear Poison will bring back a 1950's manufacturing America with ColdWar® Economy. Granny Government will take care of you; just move closer to the TV and put your children or grandchildren in the front row.

Also this Fall, Granny CentCom® on the Military-Bankster channel, with weekly 45-minute lessons on how Deplted Uranium Genocide is Good if it is used for Jewish Media Mobster 'Good'. Gaza, Fallujah, Balkans and West Bank Cancer is Good, Uranium is God's 'tool'...

Project Camelot: Jim Stone - Ex NSA Whistleblower

Project Camelot: Jim Stone - Ex NSA Whistleblower

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Tracy Turner was born into two extended families of bookworms - one horticultural and one petroleum industry. Semi-retired from IT, Corporate Analyst and Botanical Garden Plant Propagation. Among his many interests are backpacking, tidepooling, snorkelling, all sciences, news, tracking and reporting political-environmental corruption, national and world events. Urges you to ask several USA IT professionals about web-news censorship; which is becoming rampant. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are not free speech - they are places of monitoring, censoring and personal data harvesting. Also, just because you see your words in print online, it does not equate to "free speech". Can people in your country and other countries see your words? A German friend cannot see my articles/website unless I email it to him. Do you believe Google and Bing blacklist Michael Taylor's online words as often as said censors blacklist your online "free speech"? If you love freedom, become active in corruption watch, exposure; free speech and freedom of the press activism.Please email this newsletter to friends and family. Ask them to learn what greenwashing means and to find out which "green" organizations do the Pentagon's bidding or turn a blind eye to Military pollution. Download Chris Busby's PDF.





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