Olive Tree/Olive Fruit/Olive Oil/Biofuel-BioDiesel Cultivation

olive oil biodiesel biofuel

The US is well-poised to grow Olive Bio-Diesel: plentiful farmers, horticulturists, gardeners, organic gardeners, good soil and warm climates, etc. in the deep South from California to Florida...

Olive Bio-diesel culture requires clean water, lots of heat, some chilling but not below 20 degrees F. Olive trees, once established, are extremely drought tolerant. Olive Groves require sharing knowledge cooperatively, sharing seedlings, grafting root-stock, grafted scion, cuttings bud-wood, etc. Olives also require sharing knowledge cooperatively from one Olive Grove community to another. The knowledge is passed from generation to generation. The production of olive-oil bio-diesel is not a quick fix, not a quick cash crop.

Despite the lack of "instant gratification", the United States is the ideal place to gather the best olives from all over the globe (germplasm), experiment with native varieties from across the globe. There are over 900 varieties of Olives, so biodiversity is inherent in olives. Once you plant you are stuck with given varieties for several human generations, so pick wisely. My short list are the following medium to large olives with medium to very high oil content: Ascolano, Bosana, Coratina, Cornicabra, Frantoio, Mazanillo, Maurino, Mission, Picual and Picholine. For Super High-Density (SHD) Orchards and mechanical harvesting follow this link.