Olive Biofuel/Biodiesel Cultivation

olive oil biodiesel biofuel

There is purported to be an Olive Tree in Bar, Montenegro which has been radio-carbon dated to over 2000 years in age. The long lifespan of olive trees make olives the most feasible of all biofuel crops. Olive bio-diesel will out perform fuels such as ethanol or methanol.

For practical purposes, Olives can take as long as 35 years to be considered "productive"; this is an arbitrary number of farmers who pretty much let nature take its course for 35 years. Agricultural, horticultural and botanical scientists can easily shave 12, maybe even 20 years off of "time to maturity of fruit bearing wood", via some of the following and other methods:
olive oil biodiesel biofuel
Above is the Olive Tree of Vouves on the island of Crete in Greece, considered by many to be a living monument. The Olive of Vouves is estimated to be between 4,000-5,000 years old, considered to be the oldest living Olive Tree on Earth...

The long-lifespan of Olive Trees makes Olive Culture many, many times more lucrative than algae, safflowers, corn, switchgrass, etc. Olives are the natural best choice for bio-diesel and bio-fuel.