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Blacklisted Uncensored Alternative Alternative News Articles - Breaking News, Opinion & OpEds
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Blacklisted Uncensored Alternative Alternative News Articles - Breaking News, Opinion & OpEds

When Government Answers To No One

Article 1: (April 12, 2013) Censorship, Blacklisting, Taboo Topics and Mindgames @ OPEdNews.oligarch

Article 2: (Jan 20, 2013) NATO, Flesh Eating Bacteria of Freedom & Democracy

Article 3: (Jan 14, 2013) Cancerville USA - Government Corporate Carcinogenic Complex

Article 4: (Jan 3, 2013) Media Military Symbiosis - Antithesis of Both Truth and Matthew Brady

Article 5: (Dec 31, 2012) Pharma, Too Big To Jail: Medical Pharmaceutical Complex Exposed

Article 6: (Dec 20, 2012) Big Pharma, MSM, Feds, GOP, NRA and the Gun Industry Help Pull Trigger

Article 7: (Dec 17, 2012) Sandyhook Shooter Adam Lanza - Was He eViolence Addicted?

Article 8: (Dec 15, 2012) Sadly, Sandyhook Drives Gun Sales Up

Article 9: (Dec 6, 2012) US Government Thieves Render Unto Seizure

Article 10: (Dec 1, 2012) Freedom of Speech - Google / CIA / Ford Foundation Style

Article 11: (Nov 30, 2012) Global Warming May Threaten Ozone Layer Over the US

Article 12: (Nov 28, 2012) United Nations -- Worse Than a Lipsticked Pig

Article 13: (Nov 27, 2012) US CIA Drug Dealing, Torture, Milgram Experimentation on Humans

Article 14: (Nov 18, 2012) Obama and Feinstein Executive Order ~ Internet Censorship / Big Brother 2012 ~ SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, CISPA & TPP

Article 15: (Nov 17, 2012) Kern River Preserve, Audubon Saviors of Birds and Riparian Ecosystems

Article 16: (Nov 12, 2012) Censored & Oppressed; Women's Rights Online ~ Deaf Mute Blind Barefoot In Kitchen-- Check Foreign Search Engines to See

Article 17: (Nov 7, 2012) Sig Heil Fuhrer Obama

Article 18: (Nov 5, 2012) Los Angeles Times Uses "Birtherism' As Pro GMO Science -- Yes On California Prop 37

Article 19: (Nov 5, 2012) Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - V

Article 20: (Nov 4, 2012) No Agent Orange Soy & Corn Deceptive Food - Yes On California Prop 37

Article 21: (Nov 4, 2012) I Vote 4 Oil Mafia Kleptocrats

Article 22: (Oct 31, 2012) Torturer In Chief 2012; Mitt Caligula or Barack Nero?

Article 23: (Oct 28, 2012) Clean Nuke Austerity Obama vs. Clean Nuke Austerity Romney

Article 24: (Oct 24, 2012) What Are GMO? What Is A GMO? What Foods Are Genetically Modified? California Prop 37 Decoded

Article 25: (Oct 24, 2012) Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution IV

Article 26: (Oct 20, 2012) The Lords of the Flies - Romney Obama

Article 27: (Oct 19, 2012) Yes On Prop 37 Yes On California GMO Food Labeling

Article 28: (Oct 18, 2012) Obama and Romney - How Many Steel Beams Will Fall On Us?

Article 29: (Oct 16, 2012) Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution III

Article 30: (Oct 8, 2012) Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution II

Article 31: (Oct 6, 2012) Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution

Article 32: (Oct 4, 2012) California Prop 37 - Rebuttal to Annoying Pro-GMO TV Ads

Article 33: (Oct 2, 2012) Army That Poisons Together Metastasizes Together -- Cruelly and Unusually

Article 34: (Oct 1, 2012) Obama (Again)? Jill Stein? Or More False-Promiser-In-Chief?

Article 35: (Sep 23, 2012) Yellowstone - More Boosterism and Bootlickery - Part II Animal Tormentors

Article 36: (Sep 16, 2012) Yellowstone - More Boosterism and Bootlickery -- Part I

Article 37: (Sep 4, 2012) Benedict Mainstream Media Arnold MSM Covertly Pro TPP, Pro Police State; Overtly Anti-Occupy

Article 38: (Aug 18, 2012) Christian-Right Terrorism Charlatans

Article 39: (Aug 15, 2012) The Intouchables -- Movie Review

Article 40: (Jul 29, 2012) The Mark of the Beast is 666 ~ Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont & Syngenta

Article 41: (Jul 20, 2012) Gun Lobby Unfazed by Batman Massacre

Article 42: (Jul 19, 2012) Faux News, Ecological Science and Religious Astroturfers

Article 43: (Jul 17, 2012) Department of Homeland Catheters Spying on Occupy Wallstreet

Article 44: (Jul 14, 2012) Occupy Wallstreet? Occupy Fortune 500 and Dow Industrials?

Article 45: (Jul 10, 2012) Monsanto, Bill Gates and AGRA (Axis of Greedy Rip-offs in Africa)

Article 46: (Jul 7, 2012) Extinction by Citizens United: SCOTUS and the Multinationals

Article 47: (Jun 27, 2012) Occupy Plutarchy, Oligarchy, corrupt News Media and the Fascists' Police

Article 48: (Jun 25, 2012) TPP -- America Going (Gone?) 100% Fascist

Article 49: (Jun 21, 2012) Greedy Obfuscating Polluters - GOP

Article 50: (Jun 6, 2012) American Spring - Balkans, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran

Article 51: (Jun 1, 2012) Real Cost of Warfare in former Yugoslavia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya

Article 52: (Jun 1, 2012) Remember the Unemployed, the Heroin Addicted Vets

Article 53: (May 27, 2012) Two-Tiered Justice in the Land Known as Freedom and Democracy

Article 54: (May 22, 2012) Obama Executive Order Ignores Constitutional Free Speech

Article 55: (May 19, 2012) Occupy This!

Article 56: (May 14, 2012) Occupy Wallstreet and Police Human Torture

Article 57: (May 12, 2012) The United States of Oligarchy

Article 58: (May 11, 2012) The United Police State of Fascist-America

Article 59: (May 8, 2012) BP Oil plus Corexit Dispersant Equal Bioaccumulation

Article 60: (May 5, 2012) US Human Rights

Article 61: (May 4, 2012) Corporate Pollution of the American Psyche

Article 62: (May 1, 2012) We Are Legion, For We Are Many Psychopaths

Article 63: (Apr 2, 2012) The State of the Onion Address

Article 64: (Mar 22, 2012) Even George Orwell Would Feel "Secure"...

Article 65: (Feb 19, 2012) I vote/we agree with Oil-monopoly price-gouging, fracking, etc.

Article 66: (Feb 16, 2012) Following in Hitler's Footsteps

Article 67: (Nov 18, 2011) Occupy Wall Street is facing orchestrated resistance from the corporate-owned government

Article 68: (Jun 24, 2011) UnPatriot Act of 2011, Change That Leaves Filth On Your Tongue

Article 69: (Dec 31, 2010) Broad Coalition of Leftists/Liberals Needs to March on Washington DC May 27-29

Article 70: (Dec 12, 2010) The US Government and Nuclear Disinformation

Article 71: (Dec 9, 2010) Broken Demagogue Obama Promises

Article 72: (Dec 5, 2010) Should Bradley Manning Be Stoned to Death?



Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Obama-s-Clean-Safe-Nuclea-by-Tracy-Turner-130214-518.html

February 17, 2013

Censorship, Blacklisting, Taboo Topics and Mindgames @ OpEdNews.oligarch

By Tracy Turner

"Really? How 'progressive' of you all. What do you think of the title of my next article"?





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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/NATO-Necrotizing-Fasciiti-by-Tracy-Turner-130119-840.html

January 20, 2013

NATO, Flesh Eating Bacteria of Freedom & Democracy

By Tracy Turner


Politicians and "the news" vainly paint NATO as the wealth and power monger treasure addict guardian angel of brutal oppression hidden by censorship and corruption freedom and democracy . 28 NATO nations, a hoodlum gang called Necrotizing Fasciitis Capitalism aka Flesh Eating Bacteria Capitalism needs a new victim nation.

Vassalage Subordination Flesh Eating disease NATO exported 'freedom and democracy' banking into Afghanistan, rendering Afghanistan a Mini-Me of America, replete with Afghans Americanized Mini-Me Banking-Corruption-Complexes. NATO's official 28 countries and 5 unofficial members love subjugating the Karzai Government's politics , banking and "natural resources of others' . Under the Karzai Despotism, 20 Afghan Journalists have been murdered. The BushBama exportation of western style Authoritarianism is working, at the level of the Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, alternative news, etc. If only America had tougher truth in advertising laws that applied to NATO, Bush, Karzai and Obama could stand with one of each of their feet planted atop a pile of dead, "NATO liberated' Afghan journalists (Ed - link not working).

The BushBama troops also died to liberate Mini-Me Too, Iraq, which now basks in NATO supplied freedom.   The BushBama cartel and their court jesters are pressuring the Chinese to stop blacklisting on the Internet and censorship on TV News. The US and its NATO coalition are "pressuring' the Chinese by selling them Iraqi oil through Shell and BP. When China National Petroleum is done pumping oil in Iraq, it is almost certain Washington will just give them more hell about "Censorship'" It is all sham between cooperating locust governments.

Mini-Me Three Pakistan: imitation is the highest form of flattery, therefore Pakistan turn all protests bloody and Censors all forms of media like the US does.

Albania's government demands thralldom from the citizenry, blacklists the Albanian news media and runs a US-style Police State to enforce "American' subordination processes. Albania was "rescued' from Russia and their average persons are stuck with flesh-eating crony warfare and us.

If you live in the US, does any of this look like 'home'? The Belgian Government Censoring the Internet could make us homesick for US Censorship. Belgium police abusing a citizen echoes of NYPD at Zucotti Park. Belgium Police Brutality, Abuse, and Hatred of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Belgium, are reminiscent of Islamophobic USA. NATO member Belgium is as corrupt as is NATO member USA; some countries are heavy on bank fraud, others on citizen spying.

Bulgaria has from 1989 to 2012 consistently had one of the worst human rights abuse records on the Eurasian continent. Why is Obama busting China's chops, there is plenty of censorship, brutality and corruption in all 33 NATO & friends

Canada's Bill 78 has been blasted and "United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay, included Canada on a list of some of the world's worst human rights violators". Navanethem Pillay also stated, "Restricts their rights to freedom of association and of peaceful assembly."

Croatian Veterans are part of the great NATO coalition, and they too are controlled with violence, just like Occupiers in Zucotti Park. Disney was right; it's a small world, after all - Croatia's human rights troubles are painful to read.

Take these countries, one at a time, and do searches: (Skip Bing and Google, use these search tools) search one country and one phrase at a time; for austerity protests, human rights violations, government censorship, prison law abuse, surveillance state, etc., etc. of: Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

For those with no time to search, click links to explore NATO freedom and democracy below:

Czech Republic http://www.errc.org/cikk.php?cikk=2616

Denmark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zC7F-KGn3w

Estonia http://tinyurl.com/bgml2nk

Greece http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=16a_1335029389

Hungary http://www.ce-review.org/99/5/csardas5.html

Iceland http://tinyurl.com/byyt2v8

Italy http://www.edri.org/edri-gram/number7.4/italy-censorship-legislation

Latvia -- a paramilitary "democracy'http://www.indexoncensorship.org/2012/04/latvia-journalist-assaulted/

Lithuania http://tinyurl.com/ar9xaah

Luxembourg http://tinyurl.com/affkw5z

Netherlands http://www.rnw.nl/africa/article/high-a-kinshasa-hill-where-censorship-happens

Norway http://www.newsinenglish.no/2013/01/16/banks-face-potential-rate-scandal/

Portugal http://unitypublishing.com/Government/PortugalProblems.htm

Romania http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2012/07/05/romania-corruption/

Slovakia http://tinyurl.com/crgnlns

Slovenia http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/04/us-slovenia-arrests-idUSBRE8B30QM20121204

Spain http://tinyurl.com/c428vwh

The countries above have varying degrees of censorship, bank scandals, surveillance and/or police state, Internet and Media Censorship, human rights violations -- most are actually much freer than the US, one of the most conformist, fear mongering places on Earth.

America is saber-rattling at China about Censorship, Free Speech and Human Rights. Meanwhile, the 28 NATO countries and 5 potential NATO countries are rife with censorship, human rights abuse, corrupt government, corrupt law, corrupt courts, police brutality and 100% lack of transparency in all forms of media.

France has one of the worst human rights records of any EU country.

Turkish-style "democracy' represses like American-style "democracy', Turkey "freedom' includes Internet Censorship imposed on its citizens. The Turk government is as fond of selectively removed journalism and burgeoning prison populations as is the US . Then there is the Turk version of Citizens United and the Turk version of freedom of the press. Unofficially, Bush made Freedom and Democracy NATO's mantra, but NATO needs to make it officially: "Dead or Alive, You Are Joining Our Gang'. Turkey is like the US, busy http://blog.hidemyass.com/2012/11/21/turkey-under-fire-over-net-censorship/ spying on citizens.

Poland's government is as adept at corruption and censorship as the American Government.

Israel is often referred to as America's unwritten 51st state, but it is better to let an Israeli explain Israel.

Germany is a police state, surveillance state and heavily censored.


United States calls itself a world leader, is the dominant force of the United Nations and NATO. Out of the 28 NATO members and 5-6 potential spare part countries, the US is the NATO in the blatant extent of election fraud as democracy , showing the others how it is done. The United States widespread corruption is emulated and repeated to varying degrees by all 33 NATO members and wannbes.

United Kingdom -- Britain has become a police and surveillance state. The UK's role in NATO could be called big, main mini-me.

Australia, Israel, Singapore, Japan & India all show interest in expanding human rights abuses and in being more like the United States; mini-me's intent on being more involved in NATO War Crimes...

All 28 NATO Countries and the 5 wannabes will undoubtedly deregulate all banks and corporations; actively encourage war profiteerism, environmental entropy and human societal entropy.

Researching this article, I found many links to many articles that are not included. Canada, France, Germany and Australia seem to act upon a unwritten 'Bill of Wrongs' for their political dissidents, intellectuals, environmentalists, activists, protesters, labor unionists and austerity protestors, etc. One of the articles I read mentioned YouTube and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. as a Censorship tool of government and multinationals. The example used was a 'free German news' channel that is free news in Germany but not viewable in the United States. The excuse for the censorship was 'violation of the DMCA', but the news clips were 'free to anyone'. The copyright holder was a German person or entity, the DMCA was being used to block free German news from Americans. No German entity or person was losing money from Americans viewing the free news, but the DMCA blocked it anyway. In essence, the DMCA was and is being used for: 1) Blatant Censorship, Big Brotherism and 2) To give the mindless US news a monopoly on the thought control business.

Tags: Absolutism Abuse Authoritarianism Autocracy Brutality Despotism Entropy Fascism Forcibleness Genocide Martial Law Overthrowing Persecution Subjection Suffering Torment Tyranny War





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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Cancerville-USA--Governme-by-Tracy-Turner-130113-83.html

January 14, 2013

Cancerville USA - Government Corporate Carcinogenic Complex

By Tracy Turner

Cancerville USA - Government Corporate Carcinogenic Complex


The red dots on the map above are where the US Government admits there may be higher than "normal" amounts of cancer (cancer clusters). Look at each map, and then look at the Life Expectancy Breast Cancer Map. If you are a man, just think "colon cancer". The government version of birth control, just kill of extraneous bodies while turing a fascist's profit.


Major and minor military bases (see Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution Articles I -- V).


The map above is the fallout zone from radioactive Cesium-137, Strontium-90 from thermonuclear bomb tests from 1945 to the present, 2013.


America's impending demise, Uranium-trash that kills forever and no place to put dispose of it (except the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Gaza, Iran and Syria)


The map above is by worldlifeexpectancy.com; map is color coded: gray are the areas with the very highest breast cancer, blue are a low amount of breast cancer and red are higher than average numbers of breast cancer. Women in the US Military are 20-40% more likely to get breast cancer than civilian women.

Expecting the highest rates of tumors and melanomas in the gray-shaded regions of the country is not far-fetched.

Look at all the maps again, do you see a pattern? Look at each map, and then look at the Life Expectancy Breast Cancer Map. The same government that gives you cancer makes sure you have to sell your house getting cancer chemotherapy, cancer costs that much to cure, if it can be cured"

So, how sustainable of a business is our multi-trillion dollar war(s) as a permanent way of "American" life?


Strontium 90's 28.79-year half-life makes it sound "harmless"; if you have 50 lb of Strontium 90 in US farms, dairies and ranches, in 28.79 years you only have 25 lb of Strontium 90 giving people cancer. Why does the government make sure we go bankrupt getting "cured" or "treated" for cancer the government and Pentagon-Corruption Complex caused? The map above is also the distribution pattern for Cesium 137, which was widely past regarded as having a half-life of 30 years. But new research in the Chernobyl exclusion zone suggests radioactive Cesium 137 may have an Ecological Half-Life of 180-320 years. So the downwind USA and Greater Fukushima area may have thousands of people sucumbing to cancer for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. Cesium apparently keeps killing with its 180-320 year ecological half life.


Change we can more of the same of.


Going over the edge of the Pentagon-Corruption-Complex.


$2 of ever $3 spent on military in the world is spent by the US and NATO. This is not some tremendous source of pride to the rest of the world. Look at the military bases, the nuke plants and the cancer maps. * Cancer * deaths in the US will keep rising with every new round of war and its inherent pollution. Got Metastasis?

Red States or Blue States, we all live downwind and downstream from military industrial polluters. Power Plants run day and night on coal, Uranium, natural gas or fuel oil partly to keep the parts and supplies for the war going -- a form of corporate welfare that is also among the most carcinogenic of all industries.

Every nation on the planet has stinky parts they try to hide from the newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. In America, killing Native Americans for Obama's "clean nuclear" Depleted Uranium War is one of America's most shameful secrets. Both "nuclear" depleted uranium munitions and nuclear "clean" energy is killing Native Americans. For some people, "clean nuclear" is a politicians synonym for weapons systems, the true meaning of "clean" is more cancers. The US Military-Pollution-Greed-Complex bribes and smoozes politicians into passing laws like the Screw Nevada Law.

One of the problems Americans do not seem to get is the Native American genocide was and is the killing of Americans. This is so not about the Red Staters killing Indians in Blue States, etc. There is an irony here lost on most people, which is that the Uranium by-products are in your milk, my carrots, your neighbor's broccoli and your favorite relatives pasta lunch. All that Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 is in the foods of both rich, expensive people and in the food bought with welfare. Americans need to understand that the Wind River Indian Reservation and Riverton, Wyoming Uranium toxins are now part of the food chain of all Americans.

The Uranium cancer on the Wind River Reservation is a warning to the soldiers who encounter Uranium on the battlefield and the Downwinders on the maps from this article. Uranium is a 60-year disease than covers most of the US, Northern Mexico and Southern Canada; Uranium Mining, Milling and Fabrication kills numerous, assorted Americans. Uranium is not "Clean Nuclear".

In all fairness to the military, they may only cause two of every three cancers in the US (only a guess); the other cancer cases are more likely caused by "free market capitalism" rather than by red meat. No matter what man (or future woman) is in the oval office, most eventually use the phrase "our way of life". It is supposed to conjure up images of a house with two cars in the driveway. Maintaining one's life with with cancer management costs about one car per year. Curing a virulent strain of cancer costs two cars and a house.


Discussions abound about our carbon footprint, global warming, spending 45-50k on a Prius to use less fuel; the media push the cars either by MPG or brute horsepower (gas guzzlers) or brute torque (diesel guzzlers). The news and the marketing agencies now "introduce" cars to you as if they are long lost cousins you should learn to love.

Introducing the www.scuderigroup.com/ Scuderi Engine, uses less fuel, reduces NOX emissions and has the same horsepower and torque as a diesel engine. Detroit, the German and Swedish car makes could use this motor in all cars and we would not need to invade Iran for oil. The military industrial complex profits from keeping these kinds of innovations on some tiny, obscure back burner. If this motor design were also used on all farm tractors, it would mean more food from less oil. But the merged corporate-state will find any excuse they can for everyone to consume more. Gluttony is an attribute in the corporate-state. The oil companies will not conserve as it means a step down from 17 super cars to 16 super cars per executive.

Cancerville, USA -- where pollution, corruption and cancer care costs skyrocket while life expectancy is on the decline. Remember all the TARP money spent on Detroit to "retool smartly"? GM, Ford and Dodge all "passed" on the Scuderi motor; it is not "oil company friendly".

Are you one of many Americans who think of Mexico as polluted and the Canada as clean?


The Vegan Anarchist put out the graphic above and the accompanying article is an eye opener on "our way of life" that Bush, Obama and several other corporate tools spoke of. Our way of death, which the media daily pretends is not a dark road to environmental perdition. The US civilian consumer and the US military consumption complex -- which of them pollutes more? The Titanic rammed an iceberg, as it sank would it have mattered if people in blue and red cabins argued about whether the Captain or First Officer rammed the iceberg? Ironically, the red cabin's occupants were chanting full steam ahead, the blue cabin occupants were asking for less steam. But when each person drowns or gets cancer, is the argument what is important? The argument is our "way of life" propaganda which is also life costing more and getting shorter, per person. This is what happens when fascist businesses run a country. The government is cancered into a police state inoperable tumor, the corporate state will profit from your last death rattle and funeral.


African American children are in America are 260% more likely to visit an Emergency Room with Asthma than white children; black children are 250% more likely to be admitted overnight for asthma and 500% more likely to die from asthma. The cause is what the media and industry refer to as "clean coal" .


The bank, Capital One, asks "What's in your wallet"? But few American's ask, "What's in your water"? Even now, in 2012, Fracking Drilling and Natural Gas entrepreneurs want to profit from injecting chemicals into the ground; some of these fracking chemicals do not biodegrade, not ever.

Looking at the maps and paragraphs above, it is easy to see why drugs are becoming one of the worst polluters of drinking water in the US. There is an ironic, cyclic event happening -- pollution gives us cancer, and our cancer drugs pass from us into the water table. Drugs are in the water supply of 41 million Americans.


Does cancer run in your family, do you have "defective" genes? Or has the cancer of corporate-government wedding spilled over into the cancer of humans, one of the fastest growing industries anywhere worldwide, selling sick, cancerous Americans their chemo-drugs? Many Americans were opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline, even before they are aware of the recent alarming rise of Alberta, Canada "rare" cancers that are no longer rare downstream from the Tar Sands mining. America brags about how we were the leader in innovation and invention, but all the big auto and tractor manufacturers continue ignoring water injection, the Scuderi motor, making an 8-cycle gas or diesel car, etc. This pipeline is vastly due to human greed, not need -- as is the natural gas fracking. But Alberta Oil Sands is like the third and fourth pack of cigarettes per day to the human and environmental health of North America. One of the worst parts of the Keystone XL Pipeline Deal is the sands are liquified and sent to texas unprocessed, all the waste and much of the carcinogens stays in Texas. The state of Texas is certain to become as full of rare cancers as Alberta.

Most of the energy used in the US has hidden costs of pollution and health care. Some estimates of this cost in 2009 put the energy hidden cost number at $120 billion; but the US spends about $226.8 per year on oncology care; with many persons blaming the cancer on "bad genes". Americans view America as if it is the Magic Kingdom, where Strontium 90, Cesium 137, Lead, Mercury and radioactive Tritium are harmless; but some poor saps must sell their homes for oncolgy care due to bad genes.


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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Media-Military-Symbiosis--by-Tracy-Turner-130103-83.html

January 3, 2013

Media Military Symbiosis - Antithesis of Both Truth and Matthew Brady

By Tracy Turner


During this year's Rose Parade, the media and the military staged a war infomercial Hallmark moment, a real tearjerker recruitment advertorial. The Pentagon and the Counterfeit-Stream-Media purposely contrive "spontaneous" events - Army Sgt. First Class Eric Pazz reunited with his wife and toddler child on national Rose Bowl TV. Read the liveleak article and ask yourself if you want Kodak moment warm fuzzies lying about "war" or the truth war?  http://www.yandex.com/yandsearch?text=Obama+cognitively+infiltrate+anti+government+groups&lr=102939

America often says the dead from our wars/incursions "were sacrificed for our freedom". Try finding any photographs, anywhere, of the 1,200,000 dead men and women who died in Iraq and continue to die in Afghanistan.

The military and media have worked very hard, diligently wiping out all vestiges of Vietnam Syndrome. Is that really a good thing? Is replacing John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Walter Cronkite with extraordinarily bland milquetoasts and every flavor of government-media conformist-celebrity really good for America? If there is "free speech" in America, does it include a media that would put Angela Davis on primetime to speak her mind about environment, war, the directions science is going and multinationals? Do talent shows make room for antiwar songs and poetry, highlight works by intellectuals, scientists and spiritual "others'? Or is free speech just a meaningless manipulative buzzword spewed by Pentagon and CIA loyalists who cannot fathom country loyalty?

Try finding a single picture of a single dead man or woman lying on the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan. That is freedom? Matthew Brady must be rolling around in his grave, groaning at "the openness and freedom" they died for. What pure spun hubris!

There was a time when musicians, news journalists, etc., "spoke their minds". Now, if you spend days or weeks using foreign search engines, you sometimes find a nugget of truth about Iraq and Afghanistan online, but the Internet is becoming ever more censored* (from Liveleak):

"Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846
* Deaths amongst Deployed: 17,847
* Deaths amongst Non-Deployed: 55,999

The statistics for non-lethal injuries are likewise staggering:

Total "Undiagnosed Illness" (UDX) claims: 14,874
Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906
* Disability Claims amongst Deployed: 407,911
* Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed: 1,212,995

Percentage of combat troops that filed Disability Claims 36%" - all numbers courtesy of liveleak.

So free speech in America circa Bush / Obama is comprised of distortion, propaganda of US numbers of war dead. How many times have you watched the Pentagon-Media Industrial Complex stage and nationally broadcast soldier surprises family - at football games, during Christmas shopping at Malls, on national holidays and now at the 2013 Pasadena Rose Parade. Mom "won" a contest to go to the Rose Parade? Pentagon funded, MSM funded "contest", or both? Nobody is begrudging the man and his family their time together, the military man coming home alive with nothing missing. But his family reunion on Rose Parade TV is a National Commercial for the Pentagon and their consumption-contractors, their corrupt war profiteers. But Mom won a contest to be in a Pentagon-Hallmark moment smells to high heaven of propaganda.   Regardless of whether Mom's contest was legit or not, the TV commercial for the Army is indisputable. Are these feel good broadcasts, designed to go web viral, just simply joy? Or are they thought control, recruitment manipulation, damage control for two wars that did not go as planned?

Those using and manipulating Army Sgt. First Class Eric Pazz as an unwitting dupe portray Pazz as a hero, rather than a camouflage-draped stooge or shill. Each military personnel/family video is supposed to be a Hallmark or Kodak moment for what and for whom? New recruits and those with newly raised taxes to buy 30,000 drones to spy on you and I? Lining the pockets of all those who profit from and have job security or obscene wealth from war? The MSM do not waste a full sports event, parade or holiday event TV moment without someone profiting hugely from said moment. These staged, contrived war Hallmark events are far more than Pentagon PR. If you believe these contrived Pentagon-MSM-complex advertisements are for the benefit of children, time to invest in Enron. The only benefit to children is 1-2 generations are being raised by the war-TV complex to fantasize as if they will be the future best Rosebowl commercial, not a flag draped coffin at Andover.

The soldier surprises family videos are not an embedded media; they are the media and the pentagon in bed together. These two strange, dishonest, manipulative bedfellows have brought us Hallmark moment after Hallmark moment. The media and the military are warm, fuzzy, child-centric teddy bears. The military media complex is our holiday feel good moment; the military media complex Hallmark war moment is our new best Superbowl Game commercial. Kids, wives and Dads reunited and Dad not in a body bag is the TV media spun lie, with the flag draped coffins at Andover still blacked out * voluntarily * by the Lamestream disinformation Media. So much for honoring the sacrifice of our war dead...

How is it the media cannot capture one videotape and air on primetime a single instance of anti war protestors being beaten and abused by police? How is it the media cannot air the anti war protests or interview the protestors on primetime, but never miss an opportunity to be pro-war-warm-fuzzy? Francis Sedgemore covers the same body count blatant bias of both the pentagon and the media in his article about cooking the Iraq body count books. Just ask yourself one simple question before you scoff too much: how did we fight two wars in two countries, both of which lasted longer than Vietnam, and have the as few of casualties as "officially" claimed?

The same kind of body count book cooking happened and still happens with Iraq's (and Afghanistan's) dead, the military cooks the books on how many civilians, women and children it kills. The same book cooking on the body count in Afghanistan is written about by rethinkafghanistan.com. Rethinkafghanistan's website banner reads: "To remain neutral in situations of injustice is to be complicit in that injustice" -- Desmond Tutu. The next time the military media complex show you and your family a Hallmark moment during a game, parade or holiday, ask what they want. Tax dollars out of your paycheck and replacement bodies for those bodies that no longer work.

One of the mantras we on the left hear from right-wingers is that those dead bought our free speech with their very lives. That will be believable when American Idol has antiwar artists doing antiwar song on primetime TV. What free speech? Maybe it is time for Obama to cognitively infiltrate anti government groups... Got Fascism? All those body counts and "sacrifices" are so we can have a brutal, oppressive police state and no truth or free speech in the media. In all of America, is there really not one single non-conformist that wants to sing anti war songs on American Idol?

Many liberal bloggers have written and commented on the "embedded journalists" who once covered the war, and now simply talk about most anything but war, from plush offices in Atlanta, Burbank and New York. Not only gone are Cronkite on War, or Cronkite on Vietnam; but also in the stead of such TV coverage we have Hallmark 30-second spots as mini-Pentagon ads.

Why are reoccurring commercials using troop-dupes to sell war Hallmark moments so plentiful (and not blacklisted), but articles like "Following in Hitler's Footsteps" blacklisted?

I am all for free speech in America, but the media is like a giant leaf blower drowning it out with loud, monotonous noise. But it is not just random noise, it is pro-fascist noise. Calling Police State Fascism "freedom" is rather like an astronaut calling Tang "an orange", even with massive brainwashing it is not the same thing.Google and Bing both had the article in their index, hyperlink pointing to the article page, but apparently some Constitutional scholar has had the article blacklisted in USA search engines...

Is it really Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, etc., and New Years in places like Afghanistan, Syria and Iran, all the places we wish to turn into a big, warm, fuzzy feel good moment? More than one-million, two-hundred thousand Americans died in recent/current 2-3 wars, and their images have been wiped from the Internet almost as effectively as if they were but data on a hard drive reformatted... The government is only appreciative when they can be used on TV as a recruitment ad in the Rose Parade; but once they die they must be erased as if they never actually lived, died bled out. What is the unofficial, truthful, non-propaganda casualty and death count of Fallujah?

If the military-media-complex lies about our own body count so blatantly, how many Middle-eastern people have America and Israel * really *killed? Do we as a nation want the media and the military misleading us with contrived SuperBowl Commercials for Johnny Marches Home and does a paid announcement for the Pentagon on national media? Who paid for the spot? It is brainwashing, as is the complete blackout/blacklisting of war dead video and photgraphy. When Matthew Brady photographed the war dead in the US Civil War, the nation had some sense of truth, closure, lack of closure, etc., that was not contrived mind-control.


, or do we want to know the truth about the wars we are fighting, to actually see ours and their dead on the battlefield without censorship that is * not * free speech...




The photo on the left is from: http://www.myspace.com/291680500 and the photo on the (Reuter) right is from:


Tags: MSM, Casualties, Death, Fallujah, Afghanistan, Iraq, Media, Headlines, Military, Propaganda, Pentagon, Brainwashing, Censorship, Free Speech, Mind Control















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December 31, 2012

Pharma, Too Big To Jail: Medical Pharmaceutical Complex Exposed

By Tracy Turner



438 people died in drug trials run by Bayer Healthcare, Bristol Mayer Squibb, Sun Pharmaceutical and Dr Reddy's Laboratories in 2011.

In the next ten years, 7,800,000 people in the United States will die from "iatrogenic deaths", deaths caused by "medical treatment" . The annual rate of medical deaths in 2009 surpassed car accidents -- America needs more stringent drug and medical treatment control as well as needing gun control. Those who overdose on prescribed drugs usually die with a whimper rather than with a loud, well-publicized bang. MD's routinely prescribe statin drugs which a few short years later cause poison to form in the blood stream. People either end up dead or are lucky enough to have "doctor" take them off of statin drugs that were mostly never proven to lower heart attack risk. These (unproven to prevent heart attack) statin drugs appear to be the greater risk.


Both the FDA and Lamestream media ignore the pharmaceutical SSRI links to over 4,400 cases of murder, suicide and aberrant violent behavior. Pharma blames the violence and mental aberrations on "poor mental health", an oxymoron since their drugs claim to "improve mental health". If the poor mental health of the people taking their drugs caused these tragedies, then in essence Pharma is admitting their pills are worse than placebo in efficacy.


Drugs including Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Luvox, Cymbalta, Celexa, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Strattera, Lexapro, Remeron, Ritalin, Chantix and et al are implicated in gun murders, gun mass murders, sword and knife murders, murder-suicides, suicides and hostage taking. The Lamestream news may acknowledge the crime, but does not investigate their drug-commercial sponsors. The connections between these drugs and ovarian cancer and/or birth defects go unchallenged by the US FDA. The studies that SSRI's are less effective than sugar pill go ignored: Antidepressants No More Effective Than Placebos , SSRI Antidepressants No Better Than Placebo Says JAMA , SSRI no better than placebo.. worse actually. - WeeksMD , Prozac doesn't work better than placebo | MetaFilter , The case against antidepressants - The Week Congress, the Lamestream Media and much of the public ignores studies contraindicating SSRI's and/or studies linking SSRI's to violence and suicide. The Pharma industry keeps finding new 'uses' for their pills. "-.


SSRI efficacy for some mental illnesses and some depressions may be less than sugar pill, but SSRI links to suicide as an antagonist are one of those dirty secrets the Pharma-FDA-Congress family tries to sweep under the rug. The drug companies actually blame the Congress FDA suicide warning on the packaging for the suicides .


SSRI's are widely prescribed as "cures' for bipolar disorder, depressed housewives, depressed divorced people, "cures' for returned troops with PTSD , etc.


It is not just SSRI's; doctors now give out Benzos like candy . In Canada, prescription opioid deaths are as high as drunken driving deaths.


Doctors who went through medical school reading textbooks written by Big Pharma are more and more predominantly staffing Health Care companies. Said doctors are quick to prescribe cholesterol drugs, antidepressants, etc. rather than asking a patient to walk in the park everyday for 45 minutes. The amount of people in America ridding their bodies of drugs into the sewer system is causing a new kind of pollution: drugs in rivers, lakes, creeks, streams, bayous, the water table and even the oceans . Most Americans now have drinking water at home, that if not * properly * filtered, puts distinct traces of cancer and disease causing drugs into ones drinking, cooking and bathing water. The more Pharma pushes doctors to prescribe, the more America drinks drug chemical residue from non-oxidized drugs in public drinking water. Even showering (drug perspiration, drug-hair) appears to wash antibiotics, antidepressants, etc. through the sewer system where the drugs eventually end up in the water table, in the ocean and in the fish on your dinner table.


The drugs that go through your toilet and shower into the sewer, along with that of other, ads up to tons of drug pollution -- but Pharma competes with you when it comes to polluting both water and fish. Health experts and doctors tell us to eat more fish ; but that very fish is having its health disrupted by both Pharma and illicit drugs. Both prescription Pharma and over the counter Pharma advertise everywhere they can -- with the many tons of chemicals they and their customers releasing into the environment causing bird die-offs, antibiotic resistant pathogens and fish with altered sex functions.


Most Americans think the FDA more closely supervises drugs and drug studies, etc. than they actually do. Learn to think of it another way: the Federal Government is staffed by big industries with conflict of interest people. When the news industry reports on a drug company being fined by the Federal Government for a criminal act , it is one wrist slapping the other wrist. Big Pharma is too big to go to jail, go to trial for murder, or even to put on trial in front of a jury. The role of Big Pharma in a rash of mass murders is more likely to continue than to see a Pharma Kingpin go to prison. Odd, a war on drugs fought with one hand by a government that hides drug dealing and death with its other hand.


The mainstream media likes to focus in on distractions, and hide the view of the deadly black ice below the waterline of the drug company iceberg. How many drug corporation people are in prison for murdering drug trial "patients'? Pharma is the second, untouchable Tier in the two-tiered justice system.


There are few in America who do not remember Vioxx -- Dr. Mercola "says' 60,000 people died from taking Vioxx pills, Ron Unz calculates as many as 500,000 Americans may have died from taking Vioxx over a 15 year period. Ron Unz brings up a more interesting point than merely 500,000 deaths; it is 500,000 deaths ignored by doctors, drug companies, the lamestream media, the general public and the government. The MSM ran thousands of Vioxx commercials on TV, in Newspapers and on the Internet; whatever Vioxx manufacturer Merck did, the media followed suit with Merck to continue getting advertising funds from Merck.


There is a must read article at rt.com, "Sick system: Record $11 billion fines do not deter Pharma giants from crime ". Some highlights of the article: Glaxo Smith Kline hid heart attacks being a side effect of the diabetes drug Avandia. GSK continued to push the drug after the heart attack connection was known for three years. GSK also promoted the anti-depressant Wellbutrin as the "happy, horny, skinny drug," (an off-label lie).


Johnson & Johnson paid tens of millions of veritable bribes to nursing home doctors to prescribe Risperdal for dementia (unapproved, off-label). This is the same less efficacy than sugar-pill drug the Veterans Administration tried to con PTSD veterans with.




The media and the government pretend to keep us "informed' . If your arthritis medication causes half-a-million heart attacks, just get a celebrity to hawk your defective, lethal product. The news media airs both drug advertisements and drug recall ads from law firms suing drug makers. The lamestream media get paid twice from defective drugs, so much for keeping us informed.


The FDA have a new approval process for new drugs, built into the new system is a focus on approval of new drugs, less oversight into serious side effects in the public of newly approved drugs. But where do the drug companies get their data to submit to the FDA? Most people have not heard of the "international drug testing industry'.


Dr. Mercola put out an excellent article titled, "Shocking Secrets about Clinical Trials: 2,061 Trial-Related Deaths. Yet Only 22 Were Compensated ". Vanity Fair places the number of annual dead from bad Pharma drugs at over 200,000 annually . Drug companies are using the BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries and Africa as a place to murder via clinical drug trial and not go to jail. How is it the US FDA approves drugs "tested" on poverty-stricken Brazilians, Chinese from the ghettos, homeless Russians, African people from poverty-stricken areas and Indians who frequently end up in unmarked pauper graves? New drugs are approved by off shoring drug murder.


The preceding quote is from an article that also mentions 49 babies dying in drug trials in New Delhi . From 1990 to 2008, drug trials on the foreign poor went up tinyurl.com/a5sb8zj over 2000 percent. When drug companies do clinical trials in Chinese slums, Russia, Nairobi, Brazil, India, Africa and Poland on the homeless and the poor, they do not follow standards required by the FDA in US clinical trials. The drug companies "supervise' themselves during these trials, their reporting of serious side effects like heart attack or stroke are "on the honor system'.


Over the past 10 years, an average of 78,000 people per year in the US have died from "iatrogenic deaths" , deaths caused by "medical treatment". Pharma is not responsible for every single death medical death, iatrogenic deaths is a Latinized euphemism for medical quackery.


Go to the best restaurant in old town, look at the seafood menu -- are you having swordfish with Prozac residue or Chilean sea Bass with Azithromycin residue?


Not to worry, the US FDA, the Lamestream Media and Big Pharma will invent some new pills to "manage' the bowel cancer you get from the drug residues in your fish diet .


Every so often people here about antibiotics in beef, chicken, fish and pork, etc. The Pharma industry sells what are known as "agricultural quality" antibiotics? 20 lb, 60 lb bags of Agricultural Streptomycin to "spray apple trees for fire blight disease' are the bottom of the vat, not medical quality. If a pig or fish farmer uses the Streptomycin illegally, off-label in animal feed, it is still profit for Big Pharma. Illegal antibiotic animal husbandry is the most likely way we get new strains of Necro fasciata (antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating bacteria), new antibiotic resistant pathogens, etc. Expecting the Pharma-staffed FDA to crack down on Pharma is unrealistic. Expecting Pharma to be self-regulating or to have and morality is equally unrealistic .


We average people are not M.D.'s, but "regular M.D.'s" and Big Pharma are now killing far more people than many other causes. Ask your M.D. what the LD50 of all of yours and your family's prescriptions are. Get familiar with LD50's -- table salt has an LD50 of 4,000 mg/kg (4,000). The LD50 for aspirin is 200mg/kg. The smaller number means aspirin is very dangerous compared to salt. The smaller the LD50 number of drugs, the more dangerous the drug is. Become familiar with Black Box warnings , these are drugs that are very dangerous. One example of a drug with a Black Box Warning is Chantix (Varenicline) . Chantix is just one of a family of drugs hawked by Big Pharma on Prime Time TV, drugs known as SSRI's .

If you or someone you know is considering starting, stopping or modifying usage of Black Box Warning Drugs and/or SSRI and related drugs , you need to do so medically supervised by a qualified specialist.


Pharma manufacture poison, which they try to brainwash the masses into thinking of as medicine. Some examples of Pharma doing what their marketing departments would rather you ignore (avoid any and all of these, stay alive, stay well):


Johnson & Johnson -- Tylenol -- Death by liver failure .


Actilion Pharmaceuticals failed to tell the US FDA about 3,500 patient deaths that were related to its drugs Tracleer and Ventavis. The FDA sent them a warning letter. What would happen to you, if you killed 3,500 people? Would you expect "a warning letter?"


Pfizer -- Death by immunization . Also, 547 Nigerian families sue Pfizer due to 11 deaths and numerous people crippled for life via Pfizer's meningitis clinical trial. Oxfam recently accused Pfizer of moral bankruptcy due to their profiteering with life-saving drugs.


Roche -- whoops, 15,000 patient deaths and 80,000 adverse reactions , who ratted us out?


GSK Glaxo Smith Kline - 14 dead babies from illegal vaccine trials .


Eli Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi-Aventis are included in this article   for not compensating families for clinical trial deaths .


AstraZeneca: 39 Gefitinib drug deaths in Japan , drug has caused debilitating lung injuries such as interstitial pneumonia in 125 patients.


Abbott was fined $1.6 billion for selling Depakote as an (off-label) anti-dementia drug, there is no evidence Depakote treats dementia. Abbott kept its diet pill Meridia on the market for 6-8 years after deaths started stacking up worldwide, only pulling the drug after an expert before Congress called Meridia a risk greater than its benefit .


Additional info:


The Creation of Psychopharmacology and Pharmageddon (2 books) by David Healy


Panacea or Pandora? by Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D








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December 20, 2012

Big Pharma, MSM, Feds, GOP, NRA and the Gun Industry Help Pull Trigger

By Tracy Turner



It is fair that both corrupt Democrats and Republicans share equally in FDA's failure to monitor Drug Industry Clinical Trials and for the federal government's failure to investigate SSRI drugs (Prozac, Paxil, etc.), and their link to violence. Both federal-government politicians and the news media receive money from drug manufacturers, making both the last to want to investigate the link between psychiatric medications and mass murder. One would think both the government and news media would truly want to get to the bottom of what really happened.


Within minutes of shooting massacres such as the Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Batman Aurora or Sandy Hook, many hundreds or thousands of right-wing pro-gun sharks descend on liberal news blogs. Many make statements like "you liberals are using the deaths to spread your agenda", ignoring the fact that each right-winger is "using the deaths to spread their agenda". Gun-control blogs, articles and people are frequently referred to as "do-gooder busy-bodies" that "threaten my second amendment rights".


If we are going to discuss this so-precious second-amendment right, are we going to continue to do so right-wing hypocritical style and pretend death by Bushmaster at school is not cruel and unusual punishment? That loss of life at age 6 or at the age of the teachers is not the ultimate violation of eighth amendment rights?


Where were all these right-wing tea-bagger civil-rights advocates when the voting rights of Deep South blacks were violated last fall?


To have any debate whatsoever with those who favor gun violence as a right as they simultaneously step on free speech (first amendment) rights of Occupiers, eighth amendment rights of the shooting victims, and support stepping on the fifteenth amendment rights of voters of color is ludicrous. The right wing supports property-seizure laws that violate fourth amendment rights of property owners, creating a cottage industry of corrupt government that nets around billions annually (house seizures for drugs, ICE seizures, IRS seizures, DEA seizures, etc.).


To say the right sits on its ass as the civil rights of others are routinely violated is an understatement. First, Fourth, Eighth and Fifteenth amendment rights pretty well no longer exist in America -- and the right keeps whining that the Second Amendment is some holy grail to never be tampered with or amended. Dock strikers can be bludgeoned, pepper sprayed, rubber-bulleted, falsely charged and falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned and the right frolics and jokes about breaking another workers' union.


The NRA community is but tiny fraction of a much larger populace, yet they seek to subvert American democracy both overtly and covertly, with the corrupting influence of cash as an engine -- this they call "the core pillars of god and country".


This tragedy was a perfect trifecta of American unsocial value: The NRA had their way while government put its head in the sand. The drug companies (SSRI manufacturers) had their way while the government and news media put head in the sand and inflate wallets. Adam Lanza was taking the drug Luvox, with a known side effect of Luvox being murder. There is an all-important distinction here; Luvox did not pull the trigger, Adam did. But Adam was not firing pills at people out of a pill-dispenser. Yes, guns do kill people; to say otherwise is marketing propaganda.


There are four things that need be examined, or this is how life will continue to be: 1) Look at government corruption by NRA/Gun Industry, 2) Look at government corruption by the Drug/Psych Med/SSRI Industry and 3) Look at all forms of corruption in the lead up: corrupt news media, corrupt drug companies, corrupt government, corrupt NRA and a corrupt country.


As far as the extreme right's gun rights, you ask for second amendment rights while trampling upon others 1, 4, (5, 6, Patriot Act and NDAA), 7 (so-called Tort reform), 8 amendment rights. The Republicans (and many, many jack-ass Democrats) step all over Constitutional rights -- but after every shooting you all want to "preserve our precious Constitution".


Your party is a minority in America, but you try to run everything right-wing style. Most of the gun-control articles do not seem to have any notion in them of outlawing guns -- most are * gun-control * articles, with notions of outlawing hundred-shot clips of high-power rifle ammo. Will a 100-shot-clip make Gohmert of Arizona stop offering to arm a dead woman? In plain English, all of you assign some miracle alchemy to guns and ammo that is not there. Whether 100-shot rifle clips are legal or illegal, Gohmert of Arizona will always be a horse's ass.


The perfect trifecta, gun lobby-drug lobby, government and access journalism -- all will lose profits if Prozac did this. The official conclusion shall be mental illness did this -- even if there were a Big Pharma cocktail of 4-5 SSRI drugs inside killer Adam Lanza.


Why do the news anchors avoid asking why there has not been a federal government investigation into the correlation between SSRI drugs, teen shootings and stabbings? The news and politicians will not cross the drug companies in the same way politicians will not cross the NRA. Government, guns and gun laws, drugs and corruption of news media and government all played and continue to play a role in all of this.


Were the drugs in Adam Lanza's system tested on homeless Russian men to determine their "safety"?


The level of warm, fuzzy humanity in your average drug company does not leave room to care about Sandy Hook schools' 26 dead or what was between Adam Lanza's ears. Expect government, drug company (mental-health) and gun-industry propaganda.


Home schooling (isolation), video and computer violence games (safe assumption), trips to the gun range with mom and SSRI drugs probably all played a part. In an uncorrupted world, the government and news media would not be worried about their bottom line and would do studies on SSRIs and teen massacres with guns (that don't kill). Revisionist history and a national hero killed Adam Lanza. Few to none will grieve the shooter, but it is well worth the read, "Reagan-era cuts slashed mental-health care" to understand why Adam Lanza killed and committed suicide.


Will the news query the SSRI/teen-homicide connection? Maybe TV news will discuss business as usual with Big Pharma off-camera? Drug companies spend on politicians and on TV news, so government, pharma, GOP/NRA and MSM have a conflict of interest that points right back at them. Some of the societal effects of profit via corruption (aka free-market capitalism) is that the public does not know that anti-depressants are as effective as sugar pills (placebos) and withdrawals are linked to a vast assortment of suicides and murders.

When the foul, corrupt mainstream media covered James E. Holmes' arraignment, the most commonly used phrase was "faking it"; none of the media asked if it was Prozac withdrawal. The public is being duped.


How much mental-health care (in dollars) would the last 15 years of gun-lobby money purchase? The NRA/GOP/Teabaggers frequently spend vast sums to create chaos, then behave contritely like some sociopathic spoiled child. In case nobody noticed, teachers are not Israeli Mossad Lady Assassins with marksmanship skills - they are teachers.


Even as the Sandy Hook dead are having their funerals, less than 25% of America advocate for guns, ammo, NRA and gun industry - claiming their right to tell the larger majority that gun control cannot become reality. After stomping all over the first amendment rights of Veterans for Peace and Occupy, they whine that their second amendment rights are jeopardized. Gun control does not violate the second amendment - but gun deaths take away all the rights the dead were supposed to have enjoyed.


Advocate for the victims who cannot speak, advocate for the families too grief-stricken to take this issue on, or advocate for cold steel. But do not pretend the rights of cold steel trump the rights of families to not have their loved ones picked off with a 100-shot-clip.


All investigation (not the governments) is going to lead back to FDA-drugs-SSRI's failure, BATFE failure, Department of Health and Human Services failure, federal government cuts on mental health care and the NRA-gun GOP-Teabagger industry.


1) Guns don't kill people, people kill people -- actually guns and people kill roughly 11,000 Americans every year -- the shooters obviously have untreated mental-health issues, many most likely have SSRI-drug side effects that are known to cause violence. But in all estimated 11,000 cases, they killed with a gun.

2) We have the right to defend ourselves -- a small, light handgun will do that, a 100-shot-clip and a Bushmaster is not needed for "defense".

3) It is our right to own guns under the second amendment -- explain this to the families of the deceased. Do not do it by anonymous blog to those who do not care about your advocacy for iron. Go explain your need for a 100-shot clip to the town of Newtown in person, eye to eye. Figure out what to say to those having funerals and wakes --we are all sick of the various glib, dumb, arrogant, snide and rude, senseless remarks blogged anonymously by "gun heroes". Would you make those remarks in person in Newtown to the town? Then why make them here?


The second is old ink on old paper, written by a flawed man -- as opposed to "Thou Shalt not Kill" written in stone by a burning bush. You all claim to be devoted to "god and country", but most of you follow the agenda of the CIA -- making you CIA loyalists who put CIA and the second amendment before your "god". When most of you defend all the other stomped on parts of the Constitution and actually follow the routines in the two stone tablets, the rest of us (the non-NRA majority) might feel differently about trusting you with 50-caliber rifles. I doubt either side shall hold its breath. Tell the Aurora and Newtown families what purpose a 50-caliber rifle serves in the 50 states? Please don't reiterate a flawed many inked paper and pretend you are as concerned with the other 26 amendments Democrats and Republicans alike trample into the corporate mud.


Why do the second amendment rights of a minority in America trump the eightj amendment rights of eleven thousand gun-homicide victims? To die by gun violence rather than natural death is easily arguable as cruel and unusual punishment. Does the NRA and the right-wing have a Constitutional right to support what amounts to firing-squad death of about 11,000 people annually, with the number growing?


There is not one culprit, there are at least six entities that accompliced Adam Lanza: Big Pharma, MSM, Feds, GOP, NRA and the gun industry. The government, drug companies and health-care industry have worked to put profit before health care. Each time one of their slipped through the cracks shooters hits court, the media tries him with words like "he is faking". Actually, Big Pharma, MSM, Feds, GOP, NRA and the gun industry are faking. Their money trumps a few murdered Americans, every time. It is just the fog of war; the war to get richer and the UK is closer to the truth than the USA.








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December 17, 2012

Sandyhook Shooter Adam Lanza - Was He eViolence Addicted?

By Tracy Turner



Certainly you have heard of Strickland vs. Sony, et al? If not, certainly the notion that violent electronic video games cause http://tinyurl.com/yanpcca violence has crossed the radar. Millions of people scoff at the notion and put X Boxes and Playstations under the Christmas tree. Thank God the Stricklands lost, and millions of copies of Grand Theft Auto in e-Arcade Boxes will be under the tree this year to teach children how to shoot two cops and a police dispatcher and steal a police cruiser to escape from jail.


The thing that the violent game apologist miss is the actual events of the murder, shooting the first cop with his own gun and then shooting the second cop and the dispatcher on the way to stealing the police cruiser are one of the violent digital subroutines built into Sony's Grand Theft Auto.


Many people, both pro-gun NRA's, liberal gun-control aficianados and even anti-NRA gun owners feel some basic truth is missing from the "official conclusions" of the "government experts".


When Devin Moore, then aged 18 at the time, killed officer Arnold Strickland with his own gun, then subsequently killed officer James Crump and dispatcher Ace Mealer, the physical, real-life moves he used were moves he had practiced in the digital e-game world repeatedly.


Prior to letting all worms out of the can, do some searches online for: droid shooter app, iPhone gun app, iPod Touch firearms game, etc., etc. Do some searches for X Box, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii shooting games. Research every movie out for Christmas for violent content; keep researching the movies the rest of the year.


When Devin Moore was arrested for three homicides and "Grand Theft Auto" of a police cruiser, witnesses varied in whether he said, "Everybody has got to die sometime" or "Life's a videogame. You've got to die sometimes." The second statement is what made it to the court transcript.


The violent game manufacturers port their games to run on just about any device made: phones, pads, laptops, etc. Here is a small sample of what people search for on Google monthly, formatted as search term followed by monthly number of searches:


grand auto theft 45,500,000


grand theft auto gta 45,500,000


grand theft auto san 20,400,000


grand theft auto san andreas 20,400,000


grand theft auto sanandreas 16,600,000


grand theft auto san andres 13,600,000


grand theft auto 4 - 9,140,000


grand theft auto iv 9,140,000


vice city gta 7,480,000


gta vice city 7,480,000


It is safe to say that hundreds of millions of monthly Google searches in America are for eViolence -- tutorials on gun massacres. Perhaps the manufacturers of Grand Theft Auto and Vice City GTA can get Clotairre Rapille to make an official statement, that those who frolic in the delightful fun of * video * violence are * less likely * to commit real violence.


Playing GTA and Vice City shooting games soothes and trains the Reptilian Brain to be a Priest, a Monk, a Minister or Rabbi by so satiating said brain with * pretend violence * that the same mind is less likely to commit real violence.


Our illustrious courts took Sony's side in this, as will probably http://tinyurl.com/bovrtub Clotairre Rapille. Those who commit real gun massacres are simply those who did not buy enough electronics, enough games rated triple V for triple violence, etc.


The violent games did not make the assassins violent, their violence made them reach out for the games. Americans must think en masse, must keep corporate profits in mind like the court did and does for Sony, et al. It is the same logic we must use with the guns themselves, if only more kindergartners were armed, trained shooters, elementary schools would be safer.

By denying both the Strickland lawsuit and the Devin Moore video made me kill, the courts left the game makers blameless no matter what games they crank out and what the users of those games end up doing. Violent pad, phone, computer and TV games are "nearly harmless", only about one in every million players kills family, self and only one in every 50 million do a full blown massacre in real life. Guess this makes guns and violent games much safer than Vioxx, if you ignore all the gamers flying drones, Apaches gunship, joining the Marines, etc.

The moves used by Moore to kill three law enforcement personnel and escape are right out of the Grand Theft Auto game. It seems Christmas 2012 GTA game sales trumps reality every time. Moore could have appealed his death sentence successfully if he could pin the blame on Sony.


No, Sony did not pull the real-life, real-gun-trigger. But yes, they did put a training video routine into the hands of an unhinged kid in an unhinged family.


But relax, enjoy the holidays, just think of how many new violent e-Games are under all of those American trees and how many paychecks were spent supporting Sony, et al this Christmas. Someone should look at how much TV and game violence impacted the most violent American shooters of the last 15 years.


How much does the NRA and Sony et al play into the US poverty draft and American and  

"free market capitalism" being completely reliant on military incursions?


  Reptilian brained kids with no critical thinking skills, either indoctrinated in public school military indoctrination camps or indoctrinated into right-wingism in private "Christian" schools were "god" kills http://tinyurl.com/97xap2k for oil. What American capitalism most needs is shooting talent for current and future war zones. American capitalism killed the 20 kids in Sandyhook.


Neil Young's rock ballad "Powder Finger" contains http://tinyurl.com/blatdsj the lyrics "shelter me from the powder and the finger". A five year old with Daddy's gun easily has the "force" necessary to kill Daddy, Mommy or a sibling, a mere trigger squeeze. Hollywood has thousands of movies out that show the powder and the finger as "smarter" and "stronger" than the next person. The NRA propaganda convinces people they are some bastions of strength for god and country via the powder and the finger. None of them think in terms of being played by marketers, advertisers, etc., into having a mass herd hysteria over a hunk of iron that will rust to bits about the time most die of old age.



In what world is an 80-lb autistic kid who kills 20 school kids "smarter, faster and more macho" than the next man or woman. Is the woman in the photo above more macho than any man she sees because she has a powder and a finger?



45.5 million searches per month for Sony's Grand Theft auto on Google, gee why are American kids commiting gun massacres? Countries like Sweden, per capita, do not have so many violence-soaked, military-police-state indoctrinated kids who live in a country that starts a war ever very few years. Germany and the UK do not have Hollywood cranking out violent movies and glorifying gore. Denmark does not have it's own satelite military base that kills Palestinians and lies about the necessity of genocide. West Germany does not start a financial incurion war of another nation whenever the financial tank gets dry. Sadly, this dead boy was autistic and lived in the most violent country on the planet, as did his poor victims, and their poor families.


Did shooter Adam Lanza spend his free time obsessing on violent apps, shooter ballsitcs apps, etc.? When these sad events occur, normally on would go through the computers event logs and see where he spent his time. His destruction of two hard drives tells us he had something to hide. Was it violent game addiction? Do a Google search (in images) for gun girl, assault rifle woman, gun erotica, etc. It would seem many people have some kind of gun erotica fetishes. 


Many of the so-called experts in many mass killings: "he was quiet, kept to himself, never caused any trouble before". That desrcibes about one-third of the world's population. Did Adam Lanza use gun erotica in lieu of dating girls (or boys)? Most teenage boys grow into a boyfriend, husband, philanderer, whatever. Nobody has all the answers, but this pet theory that he turned to gun erotica while his mother was overbearing and he was too shy to talk to girls at school fits, tentatively. A "normal" kid would have been adopted by a not-shy girl as her "project" to "socialize". His mother probably did not allow this to happen - no, the killings guilt is not hers. The point is that America has a gun-girl crowd of digital soft-core, I did not research this further. Sex and guns is alarming, it seems right up there with kids who light fires and torture animals. How many teenage boys prefer home with Mom to high school girls?


The court may hold Sony blameless in the Devin Moore shootings, but it seems like foersics people should not be so protective of the corporations and marketing people who may very well play into the mass murders. There is a legal hypocrisy, tobacco companies were successfully sued for deaths caused by their products, but gun manufacturers, advertisers, retailers and violent video game makers are off limits? If Clarence Darrow were alive, I believe he would put the failing both on the shooter and on American culture. The Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's have led us backwards into a very lawless time, with most of the "law" protecting crooked companies.


Mom, gun girls, guns, no high school girls and two broken hard drives. It somewhat makes sense as a theory




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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Guns-Make-The-Government-B-by-Tracy-Turner-121215-65.html

December 15, 2012

Sadly, Sandyhook Drives Gun Sales Up

By Tracy Turner


Each gun massacre incident raises fears that the government might initiate gun control, which drives up gun sales via a kneejerk reaction. Gun purchasers react to massacres http://tinyurl.com/cr4og6a kneejerk style.

Once again, every gun nut in America has galvanized themselves into defending the profits of Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer and Charter Arms, et al. Guns don't kill people, laws that prohibit guns kill people, the gun toters claim.They recite one-third of the Second Amendment, ignoring the other two-thirds.


Guns don't kill people; laws that restrict 100-shot assault rifle magazines and 15-shot semi-auto pistol magazines kill people. Just ask Ice T, he must have an IQ at least as high as Einstein, and Ice T says guns don't kill people. Ask Charlton Hesston; he will tell you on film that from my cold dead hands. If you need to sell a product like Tobacco, or Vioxx, you need a celebrity to tell people the product does not kill so they will buy more of a deadly product.


14 December 2012, sales of Glocks, Sig Sauer and Smith and Wesson jumped way up, as did sales of ammo. Every mass shooting in the US drives up the sales of the product that killed that particular mass of dead Americans. Dead Kindergarters are really good for gun shop owners sales.


This article and others like it will draw out every gun nut in America, who will tell you if only those kindergarters had been packing Glocks, they would still be alive -- each blogger online writing such drivel lies is spreading NRA's Wayne LaPierre's http://tinyurl.com/cuuuoob NRA poison lie. Neighborhoods with conceal carry laws have less crime -- actually, that is a blatant lie, they have more crime.


The other thing the gun bloggers do, is go on and on about the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, the framers and the second amendment.


The guns nuts keep chattering, bickering, blogging about the right to bear arms shall not be infringed... the founders this, the framers of the Constitution that. * Those guys * had flintlocks, single shot, muzzle loading flintlocks - one to two minutes of reload time between shots. When they wrote the second amendment, they wrote it during an era when swords were used when the one-two minutes gun reload time was too inconvenient in the heat of battle. They did not write the second amendment, as worded, for 100-shot assault rifles and 15-shot Glock semi-auto pistols.


Despite the antiquity of the guns in the 1770's, the founders did write: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State". This is what the NRA, the politicians the NRA controls, and the gun crazies always ignore and squirm at: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State".


Do you see anything well regulated about Columbine High School, the Gabby Giffords shooting rampage and the Aurora, Colorado Batman shooting spree? Do you see anything well regulated about Sandyhook Elementary School


Adopting the gun control laws of the ten states with the least amount of gun deaths per capita would give Americans what the US Constitution says we should have: a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State. Once you fire the first single shot, deer are running in all directions away from you and into scrub or woods. So basically, a 100-shot clip on an assault rifle is for killing humans. So is a 15 shot clip on a Glock or Sig Sauer. The Brady Bill was supposed to address this issue; instead the NRA has blackmailed politicians into one gun massacre after another, with each gun massacre driving excessive sales of guns and ammunition. Between now and Christmas, record numbers of gun sales will occur because of Sandyhook. Google searches for Glocks and Sig Sauer went way up today.


Many of the gun clans are muttering that kindergarten teachers need to carry guns in the classroom. Anything to avoid discussing "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State". This http://tinyurl.com/cye4ugm blog has a comment that quotes the second amendment, but then keeps referring to "Right to Bear Arms is an unalienable right" and "the right to keep and bear arms is what keeps government subservient to its citizenry". The notion that the government behaves itself because some 20-something year old kid owns a Glock is one of the most ridiculous yarns spun by the gun industry and its consumers.

The comments infer some belief in the citizenry having massive power over government via guns. It is a massively childish notion, as well as one, which seems to repeatedly ignore the words "well regulated" and "the security of a free State".


Do you see anything well regulated and do you see a secure, free state when you think of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora Batman, and Sandyhook?


Guns don't kill people. Attitudes of hatred and blatant disregard for the suffering families such as that blogged by this blogger http://tinyurl.com/c8dcxmx kill people. Just what the world needs after today, more sociopathy and hatred.


CNN has a timeline http://tinyurl.com/bsm7chs of the worst US mass gun shootings, do you recall any of these having a secure state and well regulated guns to go along with the shooters supposed inalienable birth right to massacre humans? The gun crazies, the NRA and the politicians cling to one of three parts of the second amendment; the bear arms part and totally tune out the secure state and well regulated part. Gun nuts croon about how precious this right is, but they are crooning only about one of the three parts of the second amendment. It is time to well regulate guns and have secure free state. Guns don't kill people, gun lobbiests, third-rate-actors and politicians do. Guns don't kill people, deep rooted soul sickness and hatred kills people. Ignoring "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" kills people.

What about the eighth amendment rights of the dead to not suffer cruel and unusual punishment? When these gun massacres occur, it seems that the bloggosphere becomes innundated with right wing gun nuts howling about their rights - what of the rights of the dead and their greiving relatives? What of the rights of the mothers of the dead children? The gun nuts hate terms like http://tinyurl.com/ce9mfvq batshit crazy gun nuts.


Joey Nova takes on the batshit crazy gun nuts http://tinyurl.com/ctpzjj9 here, by deconstructing their three most common arguments:

1) Guns don't kill people, people kill people

2) We have the right to defend ourselves

3) It's our right to own guns under the second amendment

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December 6, 2012

US Government Thieves Render Unto Seizure

By Tracy Turner


There are two ways government steals from property from people while simultaneously stealing Constitutional rights away -- civil forfeiture and criminal forfeiture -- this article is about both. Americans being ripped-off by government keeps escalating, and very few people are aware how many innocent, law-abiding people are being financially raped. Obama gave lip-service to the American Dream at election time - the Obama DoJ is an American Nightmare. The machine gun boys in the picture above, where do you think their moral compass will be when they are ordered to seize your house, car, bank account, etc.?


For anyone who think SWAT and FEMA Corp only raid "bad people" you need to http://tinyurl.com/abn4cwy re-think what living in a police state truly means. For those who think we have free speech (online or otherwise), why did Bush and Obama seize whitehouse.com (not .gov), a satire of the Presidency?


Every summer the crime rate goes up across America. Law enforcement personnel log thousands of hours flying overhead, by day looking for marijuana in backyards, greenhouses and flyovers at night using infrared to look for houses growing pot with telltale sodium lamp infrared heat signatures. Preventing murders and stopping violent crime in summer does not pay one thin dime. But seizing houses to sell at auction -- even for just one marijuana plant -- ka-ching! Every summer, thousands and thousands of law enforcement hours go to seizing houses, the revenues of which at auction runs well into the billions. People not growing pot (especially greenhouse owners) have plainclothes cops show up posing as Edison employees, telephone company employees (each with two hidden guns) -- they trespass on your private property with lies because they have no warrant. More than 80% of those whose houses are seized are not charged with a crime.


Others feel similarly, read http://tinyurl.com/yw548h Property Seizures: Stealing Our Property and Constitution.


Imagine yourself in Twelfth-century Europe, your Sow kills my best hunting dog; I extract justice by either slaughtering your Sow for meat or confiscating your Sow to breed with my pigs. Your property is http://tinyurl.com/brkbso4 guilty, therefore it is mine dates way back in time and has nothing to do with 2012 USA. If we are to go down this road, your blood and the blood of all your heirs and offspring is guilty and tainted for a http://tinyurl.com/abk56ds Sow "crime".


Guilty until bribes paid up in full - highway robbery? Texas police seize black motorists' cash, cars lawsuit says cops force motorists, largely black, to forfeit cash and cars--or be charged with trumped-up crimes, full story http://tinyurl.com/dyjqe9.


22-year-old college student named Anthony Smelley was pulled over on Interstate 70 in Putnam County, Indiana. He was carrying $17,500 in cash to buy his aunt a car, money from an insurance settlement. Putnam County Sheriff's Department assumed his cash was guilty. http://tinyurl.com/yc365as


The owner of a Texas trucking company essentially had the Drug Enforcement Agency steal http://tinyurl.com/crvcd6c his big rig truck (an extremely serious offense under Texas law). A DEA snitch as shot and killed in the cab and the truck heavily damaged, the DEA refused to pay for the damages, a lawsuit was filed.


How do you get your reputation back if you are one of the 84,000 domain names (websites) seized and falsely http://tinyurl.com/4k5d8ld accused of child pornography by a seizure-prone, you are guilty until proven innocent government?


If you ask them for a warrant, they may just shoot you or a http://www.fedcops.org/ family member.


You can go to Indian Gaming Casinos or Vegas and gamble, but if you gamble online or put up one single link to a gambling website, Immigration Customs Enforcement and DHS http://tinyurl.com/aumxkya will seize your website domain, laptop, cell phone, iPad, all the cash in your pockets and your bank account.


DHS can seize any laptop of any person at any border or airport, train station, bus station, etc., and keep it indefinitely while they copy the hard drive http://tinyurl.com/ad9fzyr data. Often, the computers are never returned to the owners. DHS seems to have a warped, misguided or even just plain ignorant and naive http://tinyurl.com/atrvtyu view of being the Internet's Nanny.


The US judiciary has traditionally held that the presumption of innocence, referred to in Latin by the expression Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof lies with who declares, not who denies), is the principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. The text of the Fourth Amendment reads: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized".


DEA, DHS, DoJ, ICE, State Police, Marshals, Obama's new FEMA Troops, Sheriffs and Police are all too happy to find your valuables guilty as charged and take everything; you basically have no recourse except to spend a lot on legal fees. In Europe the governments held retirement money "in safe escrow" for the retiree; they are now stealing people's retirements. Seizures of houses, cars, cash, gold, laptops, phones, and businesses are doing so well, retirement accounts are certain to be "taxed" even though you already paid payroll taxes, etc.

European nations begin seizing private pensions - CSMonitor.com

People's retirement savings are a convenient source of revenue for governments that don't want to reduce ... 05.02.11 State privatizations could save the euro. 04.28.11 Intellectual property ... The Polish government is more generous than the Hungarian one, but only because it wants to seize just 1/3 of...

How the US government will seize your retirement account

11 May 2011 ...unrealistic, ridiculously unpopular austerity measures, the government has announced that it will now tax private pension savings in order to raise 470 million euros (roughly $675 million) per year" a ... Its brilliant topic guys that HOW THE US GOVERNMENT WILL SEIZE YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT.

Will the US Government Seize Your 401k or IRA? | Cash Money Life

Can the government seize your 401k, IRA, or other retirement plan and replace it with US Treasury Bonds or an annuity? ... Is Your 401k or IRA in Danger of Government Seizure? Will the government scramble your nest egg?


James Bovard who wrote "Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights" http://tinyurl.com/aplhyh2 uses an extremely apropos term, "Mass confiscation has become politically fashionable". The term "private property" and "public property" beg to be given new definitions in Webster's. Public property is something for government to barter, a big bribe for Uranium mining rights, fracking above a freshwater public water source, oil drilling on bureau of land management land, etc. The definition of government must change as well; seize the pay, boys, and carpe dime.


Allison Kilkenny of trueslant.com http://tinyurl.com/ylakhu4 wrote a piece called Asset Seizures: An Industry of Stealing.   Ms. Kilkenny's article title is understated; this is a huge growth industry -- government officials (of both parties, get off the one party does this to the other party non-sense). What could this industry possibly do to one http://tinyurl.com/anw78mn family?


Fiscal Year 2011, the US Government seized $6,869.6 million from we whom they serve, an increase of 71.7 percent from $3,999.8 million in FY 2010. Our government taking care of us by stealing half-a-billion dollars per of our homes, cars, insurance settlements, etc. Meanwhile, nobody is seizing the Obama Whitehouse and the Pentagon, while the US military grows record numbers of tons of opium in Afghanistan with their partners, the Taliban. There is no war on drugs or terror; there is only corruption, a police state and high profits.


The assumption of guilt and the sentence carried out is seizure, confiscation, and grand theft by government. You are charged with proving the preponderance of your innocence; meanwhile, your cash, cars, houses and belongings are no longer yours.


The US Inspector General's Asset Forfeiture report reveals that the DoJ is now just robbing ordinary, innocent Americans of their homes, cars, cash, personal effects and bank accounts. The I.G.'s audit of the DEA reveals a disturbing shift away from due process of law into massive http://tinyurl.com/cev3l9b thuggery. The government has taken to stealing houses and bank accounts, with less than 20% of those affected charged with any crime.


The following is from Peter Gorman article: FORFEITURE: THE SEIZING OF AMERICA - Part 1: "On May 27, 1988, Port Orange, FL, police arrived at the home of 58-year-old Marjorie Crawford armed with a search warrant and discovered 17 marijuana plants growing in pots along the back fence of her property. Though the property had been hers for nearly 30 years, Crawford was estranged from her abusive second husband and alcoholic sons and was not living in the house at the time. When she was later told of the raid she assumed that her sons, who had a history of trouble with the law, were responsible. But to her surprise neither they nor anyone else was ever arrested in connection with the marijuana.
Nonetheless, almost a year later the Port Orange police, accompanied by two Federal Marshall's, returned to the Crawford home and seized the property on the grounds that it had been used to facilitate the felony cultivation of marijuana. After a two year legal battle, the deed to Marjorie Crawford's home was signed over to the government". -- Read the rest of his documentary here: http://tinyurl.com/bxdzddp


Marjorie Crawford in the paragraph above is a middle-aged, middle-class woman whose two thoughtless sons got her house confiscated. The Confiscation Storm Troopers are fighting a war on ordinary Americans, with cowardly goons using unjust laws to bully the innocent into homelessness, loss of a car that usually means job loss. The DEA confiscates Marjorie Crawford's house, but does not confiscate the Obama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSxj-mqS3f8 Whitehouse or the Army's Hummers. This is an unjust war on the American people; the so-called War http://tinyurl.com/a6k8owp On Drugs is meaningless. Illegally taking the Crawford home is the antithesis of the American Dream.


Some articles on forfeiture seek to blame one or another political party for police and government greed and theft. These articles miss the most important points that this is an issue of crime, corrupt government, greed and theft. This must read http://tinyurl.com/asl7bc4 Asset Forfeiture: Unconstitutional Property Theft By Our Governments article contains this quote: "We believe the government's conduct in forfeiture cases leaves much to be desired. We are certainly not the first to be enormously troubled by the government's increasing and virtually unchecked use of the civil forfeiture statutes and the disregard for due process that is buried in those statutes" (Quoting Judge George Pratt in US v. All Assets of Statewide Auto Parts, Inc.).


Rudy Ramirez, his car and cash were guilty http://tinyurl.com/243rd8 until proven innocent. Andrew K. Dart has dozens upon dozens of examples on this website of government, police, city officials profiting by stealing from people with various half-baked laws.


Absolutely do not miss Andrew K. Dart's excellent expose on Government abuse http://www.akdart.com/abuse.html of power.


Mr. Dart has done more research on this subject than most television shows, newspaper articles, etc. Be sure to see Mr. Dart's page on abuse of power by ordinary http://www.akdart.com/cops.html cops.


Andrew Dart's page on http://www.akdart.com/abu4.html Property Rights and Property Seizures is a must see. The common theme is suppressed rights and property seizure. Nationally, the term private property is being undermined. Andrew Dart's assertion we need severe term limits to help curtail entrenched corruption probably hits the nail on the head; but we have lifers rather than term limits.


Bush was doing this, for the last four years the Obama DEA has been raiding medical marijuana dispensaries.


What most American's do not know is that the DEA raids take huge amounts of cash, cash safes, computers, stereos, big screen TV's and literally (collectively, no pun intended) tons of marijuana. New reporters filing Freedom of Information Act requests to determine * where did all that pot, cash and valuables go * are rebuffed. Both the Bush and Obama DEA will not say where all the marijuana and cash is going.   "I'm going to have the most transparent administration in US history" -- Barack H. Obama.


For many people, that dream is owning a home. The amount of property stolen by the government from the American people without any trial or due process of law in 2011 represents 1,946 houses that cost $350,000 each or a total of $6,869.6 million. This is * not * the grand total for America, this is only for the DoJ in 2011.   If you add in all the civil seizures from corrupt city councils and bribable mayors, the aggregate American Nightmare government is stealing many, many billions of dollars from the American people while running a spiritual steamroller over the rights of the people.



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December 1, 2012

Freedom of Speech - Google / CIA / Ford Foundation Style

By Tracy Turner


Kim Dot Com and the RIAA had a dispute that should have been addressed in a court of civil law; instead, police with helicopters, riot gear and guns put Kim Dot Com in prison and seized his house and financial assets. Due process of law was abandoned in favor of police state tactics. The RIAA has put measures in place that block the download of pirated music and movies -- simultaneously; search engine giants like Google have blacklisted (censored) websites like prisonplanet.com and http://tinyurl.com/22p6o6m infowars.com. Although a fan of neither, the CIA and Google are taking us off the edge of a no-free-speech-online cliff.

Kim Schmitz is going to be extradited to the US and tried in the US for having a music download site in New Zealand. The RIAA will probably see to it that he does life, more years than somebody who murders one person. Life for illegal music downloads fits the police state US mentality; after all Kim Schmitz bit into Hollywood's profits.The US government is taking an RIAA civil matter and turning it into an international crime.

The CIA's Ford Foundation has decided to play McCarthyism with alternative news websites, via Google, Bing and Yahoo. Big brother does not want you reading anymore 9/11 conspiracy theories and has blacked out the alternative news sites that publish such content. As for Kim Dot Com, he made the mainstream media uncomfortable, a large, busy download site they could not control. Imagine if his site was up and had evidence of CIA breaking the laws within the US for download? The CIA Ford Foundation has no problem getting Google and their spin-off Youtube to remove anything the oligarchy objects to, but Kim Dot Com would be the last to agree to remove this video http://tinyurl.com/cctp4gr . No, Schmitz is no humanitarian, he is an illegal music profiteer; but he is also someone with an internationally famous website not under CIA control. His prison sentence shall reflect this.

Theory, anti-theory, idea, anti-idea -- imagine the ten most populist countries in the world their theories about what can and cannot be available in a Google search. Google dutifully feeds this back to the Ford Foundation (CIA) who then decides what theories and anti-theories are suitable for mass public brainwashing (not only here but also in said populous countries). Google, you can list huffingtonpost.com and washingtonpost.com, but you must blacklist infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.

When Congress conducted their faux anti-free-speech war with PIPA, ACTA, SOPA, et al, the public received the disinformation that the evil government was attacking Google, Bing and Yahoo -- the public did not see these faux info wars as smokescreens covering up an already censored Internet semi-accessed by a censored Google and censored Google DNS that is becoming increasingly more censored. Stirring up PIPA, ACTA, and SOPA, et al was a brilliant way to hide the Ford Foundation CIA Google censoring of five-eighths of the global Internet.

One of the main reasons to blacklist the alternative news is that the alternative news is the only news not following the Western Mainstream Media filthy habit of ignoring genocide. America's ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX allows 880,000 Rwandan Tutsis, 400,000 Darfurians, 300,000 Guatemalans, 60,000 Nicaraguans, 75,000 El Salvadorians and 20,000 Myanmar Muslims to die of genocide by ignoring them. Alternative news does not ignore them. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX ignore the 2 million plus dead civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, the alternative news writes and/or speaks about it.

The Western Mainstream media's ignoring the Muslim Holocaust, Muslim Genocide and Palestinian Holocaust, Palestinian Genocide is now going to be enforced via the US CIA and Google.  The CIA is a neocon-liberal, neocon-progressive and a neo-con conservative think tank, depending on which entity that takes Ford Foundation-CIA money are being blacked-out, speech sanctioned and McCarthyized. Google has proven itself to be a people pleaser of the worst kind, please do not stop using Google and shopping financial partner Amazon; we support anti-SOPA while working closely with the CIA to brainwash all you dumb zits. So Google * appears to support free speech * while blacklisting free speech online at the behest of the CIA. Infowars.com gets more traffic than any of the big mainstream media websites; contained no porn, hate speech, etc. Some would argue that Infowars is filled with race-baiting. But if we take away one group after another's free speech, soon nobody has any free speech.

How much more "humane" and "racially-politically-correct" of America's ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX to ignore the genocide of 880,000 Rwandan Tutsis, 400,000 Darfurians, 300,000 Guatemalans, 60,000 Nicaraguans, 75,000 El Salvadorians and 20,000 Myanmar Muslims, 1,700,000 Afghans and Iraqis and 3,000,000 Palestinians. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX in the US can ignore Six million genocide deaths and America blacklists Infowars for "race-baiting".

Infowars criticized both the government and the lamestream media for ignoring six million genocides. The government took down Infowars, as well as having Youtube remove thousands of videos critical of the US government and CIA. The CIA using the Ford foundation to control Google and Youtube is illegal as hell; it is the CIA conducing field operations on American soil.

The "philanthropic" Ford Foundation "offers" grants to individuals and institutions around the world that work to meet its goals of strengthening democratic values, reducing poverty and injustice, promoting international cooperation, and advancing human achievement". Another way to put it, is the Ford Foundation funnels CIA-soft-money to left-wing think tanks, TV shows and news websites it "approves of" that follow its "guidelines". In plain English, Democracy Now can broadcast its denouncements of Israel that follow said guidelines, but cannot broadcast 3 million dead Palestinians since 1948, which do not follow the CIA guidelines and the genocide denials of the lamestream media. The MSM are the greater Not See's and the Indie media are the lesser Not See's. The lesser Not See's talk about the awfulness of the war, but not about the cancer count from the NATO WMD's. In doing so, the lesser Not See's are not an alternative from the MSM; they are a distraction from real issues -- an infiltrated pseudo-liberal organization.

If Hannity and Rachel Maddow are both brought to you by Big Oil and Big Frack, is either a true alternative to the other? If Uncle Sam and the CIA Ford Foundation bring you "Democracy" Now, what is it the show is * not * talking about?

Alternative Media Outlets Funded by the Ford (CIA) Foundation: Democracy Now!, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) and their radio program Counterspin, Working Assets Radio, The Progressive, Mother Jones, South End Press (Z Magazine), Alternative Radio, Ms. Magazine and Political Research Associates.

As Feldman points out, each of these outlets has Systematically marginalized independent researchers who have Systematically studied 9-11 and the JFK and other political assassinations. Feldman currently blogs at "Where's the Change?" http://wherechangeobama.blogspot.com/

Google is, in fact, is a key participant in U. S. military and CIA intelligence operations involving torture; subversion of foreign governments; illegal wars of aggression; and military occupations of countries which have never attacked the U. S. and which have cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

Intellipedia, a highly secured online system where 37,000 U. S. spies and related personnel share information and collaborate on their devious errands. The Militocracy have also purchased servers using Google-supplied search technology which processes information gathered by U. S. spies operating all over the planet.

U. S. military and intelligence systems in their quest, in their own words, for "full-spectrum dominance" of the planet, currently employ the same base technology. Connection with the CIA and its venture capital firms extends to sharing at least one key member of personnel at Google.

As Robert Steele, a former CIA case officer has put it: Google is "in bed with" the CIA on monitoring social media. This technology can automatically examine more than a million discussions and posts on blogs, online forums, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and so forth each day. Each online item, assigning it a positive, negative or mixed or neutral status, based on parameters and terms set by the technology operators.

Whether the attacks on Google email originated from the Chinese government, or from elsewhere, one thing is clear: A company that supplies the CIA with key intelligence technology; supplies mapping software which can be used for barbarous wars of aggression and drone attacks which kill huge numbers of innocent civilians; and which in general is deeply intertwined with the CIA and the U. S. military machines, which spy on millions, the company cannot be motivated by real concern for the human rights and lives of the people in America, China or elsewhere.

Obama brings up Internet Censorship with China at the precise same time the Google-CIA is delisting hundreds, thousands of alternative news webpages out of Google and out of DNS servers. Google listed (with Wikileaks) and as "uncensored public DNS servers," but these are actually CIA-monitored and CIA-censored DNS servers. and are heavily censored. Google listing these, as "free speech" on Wikileaks is not much different than Google denying its heavy, heavy involvement with CIA and the Pentagon.

The CIA has been and is by nature a fundamentalist right-wing bastion of deceit. How many left-wing "news" shows on TV, web videos and alternative news websites has it funded through dummy organizations, grants, staffed with duplicitous employees, etc.? Just do a CIA-monitored and CIA-censored Google search to find out.

Now, to the heart of matters, the [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] is what you really needed to know.


http://tinyurl.com/cjgtjn7 Don Feldman

http://tinyurl.com/brz8s8t Stuart Bramhall

http://tinyurl.com/2veeyz9 Eric Sommer





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November 30, 2012

Global Warming May Threaten Ozone Layer Over the US

By Tracy Turner


One of the initial global-warming predictions was larger sized, more violent storms (rain occurring in more deluges), etc. Dr. James Anderson has recently discovered a link between climate change and ozone destruction in the US.

The trouble with superstorms is updraft blown water 9 to 12 miles up into the stratosphere, part of the atmosphere that is ordinarily bone dry (but filled with chlorofluorocarbons from the 1970s-1980s). This storm-blown water, coupled with CFCs, is blowing holes in the ozone layer as much as 60-miles wide for weeks after each of these massive storms occurs.

Scientist Dr. James Anderson has been studying the atmosphere above supercell thunderstorms in the US. It would seem that the extra-large, extra-violent storms predicted as part of global warming are eating a hole in the US ozone layer that could raise skin cancers in the US by 30% in areas frequented by large, violent thunderstorms.

Harvard scientists hit us with some bad news: It looks as if climate change could actually cause the depletion of the ozone layer to resume on a wide scale, with grim implications for the United States. "If you were to ask me where this fits into the spectrum of things I worry about, right now it's at the top of the list," said professor James Anderson in a press release, discussing his team's paper, published online in Science. "What this research does is connect, for the first time, climate change with ozone depletion, and ozone loss is directly tied to increases in skin cancer incidence, because more ultraviolet radiation is penetrating the atmosphere."  

The particularly troubling aspect of this discovery is that it puts highly populated areas at risk, as compared to the polar regions previously observed. "There has been a major effort by the medical community to define the relationship between decreases in ozone and the subsequent increases in skin cancer," Anderson said. "The answer is quite clear--if you multiply the fractional decrease in ozone protection by about three, you get the increase in skin-cancer incidence."  

But as long as greenhouse-gas emissions rise, the trend will likely continue. "In my mind, this is not just a broad public-health issue," Anderson added. "This is about actually being able to step out into the sunlight. Powerful storms will take formerly 'harmless' pollution and convert it to stuff that breaks down ozone."  

For three decades, scientists have shouted themselves hoarse insisting the two planetary threats were separate and unrelated. "What Anderson did is piece together all of the complicated parts--how you can inject water in higher and higher amounts into the upper atmosphere and how that causes ozone destruction--and come up with this alarming possibility," says atmospheric scientist Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, who has done pioneering work on the ozone layer. "He's identified a really important mechanism."  

The region the storm-tossed water reaches, 9 to 12 miles up, contains about 20 percent of the ozone column in the summer over the US. "The system reacts much more quickly than we expected," says Anderson. "We don't know how long that lasts, but it may be many days or weeks. " If the intensity and frequency of powerful summertime thunderstorms increased as a result of climate change, he and his colleagues wrote, then "decreases in ozone and associated increases in UV dosage would also be irreversible"--at least until there are no more man-made chlorine or other ozone-eating chemicals in the atmosphere.

Jim Anderson showed that something much more common--the thunderstorms that characterize American summers as reliably as watermelon and hot dogs--could provide the ozone-destroying water. "We thought we'd solved the problem of ozone depletion," says Anderson, "but we haven't."  

James Anderson's preliminary findings show that the large superstorms over the US (thought to be the result of global warming from burning fossil fuels) are hurtling water vapor into the normally dry stratosphere, where temperatures, moisture, and chlorine is destroying ozone. Since this new finding represents loss of ozone over the populous United States, the potential to cause massive quantities of skin cancer in US citizens represents a potential or even probably new wrinkle in fossil-fuel use. The plans to burn massive amounts of coal, gas, and oil in the US could very well kill people who contract skin cancer in an ozone-depleted US.

Additional studies are already underway.  Anderson is the scientist who proved that CFCs blew the original 1970's hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica. Dr. James Anderson invented many of the measurement devices used to monitor CFCs in the stratosphere.  

A thinning of the ozone layer over the United States during summers could mean an increase in ultraviolet exposure for millions of people and a rise in the incidence of skin cancer, the researchers said.

The findings were based on sound science, Dr. Anderson and other experts said, but much more research is needed, including direct measurements in the stratosphere in areas where water vapor was present after storms.

"This problem now is of deep concern to me," Dr. Anderson said. "I never would have suspected this."

While there is conclusive evidence that strong warm-weather storms have sent water vapor as high as 12 miles -- through a process called convective injection -- and while climate scientists say one effect of global warming is an increase in the intensity and frequency of storms, it is not yet clear whether the number of such injection events will rise.

"Nobody understands why this convection can penetrate as deeply as it does," said Dr. Anderson, who has studied the atmosphere for four decades.

Mario J. Molina, a co-recipient of a Nobel Prize for research in the 1970s that uncovered the link between CFCs and damage to the ozone layer, said the study added "one more worry to add to the changes that society's making to the chemical composition of the atmosphere." Dr. Molina, who was not involved in the work, said the concern was "significant ozone depletion at latitudes where there is a lot of population, in contrast to over the poles."

Global-warming-related articles:

World's bellwether amphibians dying from climate change: http://tinyurl.com/cyyuzla

Globalissues.org (Climate Change website) http://tinyurl.com/mogbxm

Aljazeira.com Ocean Acidification http://tinyurl.com/cbpeq32

















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November 28, 2012

United Nations -- Worse Than a Lipsticked Pig

By Tracy Turner



The four main goals of the United Nations can be summed up into one concise sentence: To maintain international peace and security via international co-operation. The United Nations Security Council is comprised of the five nations best poised to engage in thermonuclear war: France, US, UK, Russia and China. The hegemonius war prone US pays 25% of the UN's financial bills, creating a built-in conflict of interest. If the UN gets too condemning of US hegemony and excuses for war, the UN could lose its single largest financier. Although an extremely unlikely scenario, if the US took the advice mantra chanted by Conservatives, US out of the UN" A UN devoid of the US could challenge each and every feeble excuse the US concocts for war. The US out of the UN could benefit the cause of world peace and stability. http://tinyurl.com/c47lzla.


The nation of the UK has 61 million inhabitants, China has 1.3 billion inhabitants, but both have equal veto power in the UN. The UK has more power in the UN than the Middle East and South America combined, via its veto vote.


The five nuclear powers that comprise the UN Security Council are always at odds with one another, the US vetoes any meaningful action to stop Israel from killing Palestinians, the Russians and Chinese veto anything meaningful to save lives in Darfur and Myanmar. Five nations always at odds with each other and competing with each other for natural resources are always at odds with each other while thousands, even millions die of genocide. When George W. Bush prepared to invade Iraq the United Nations lacked the will to stop Bush's killing of 1.5 million Iraqis, the vast majority of whom were non-military. A united Nation dominated by the US is nearly worthless "to maintain international peace and security via international co-operation".


Any issues that come before the UN involving Korea will be vetoed by China, issues involving many Middle East and Eastern Europe countries would be vetoed by Russia. In the same way, voting members of the UN do not want to vote for anything that is not in their own interests. Many of the members are only there to put a humanitarian face on their selfish endeavors and a civilized face on their war mongering. Much of what is actually accomplished at the UN is political debate with no actual power to enact the debated policies.


The UN has glaring failures in the Ivory Coast (including slavery in the Cacao fields of West Africa), the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The UN lacked (with Bush) and lacks (with Obama) the gumption to challenge a sitting President about kill lists, women and children collateral damage or labeling depleted uranium a WMD. This article also lists other failures and UN organization http://tinyurl.com/ctr5ev7 that often defeat their stated purposes.


The UN takes in its annual budget, pretends most of the genocide it does nothing to stop did not happen. But it has the World Food Project and World Health Organization -- two places where the UN can burn obscene amounts of money on even bigger failures http://tinyurl.com/c5hqc5g. The World Food Project in many cases has used its funds to create worse agricultural crises than those to third world countries started with. In some cases WFP money is buying arms for radical militias and WHO food is feeding heavily armed armies.


The United Nations is portrayed as "peacekeeper" and many people forget that IMF and World Bank are the Pit Bull under the UN lipstick http://tinyurl.com/bsz6rhz. The UN's World Bank has a new pending President http://tinyurl.com/csqafnb but is so rife with dysfunction and corruption he is not likely to fix anything meaningful.


The UN allows 880,000 Rwandan Tutsis, 400,000 Darfurians, 300,000 Guatemalans, 60,000 Nicaraguans, 75,000 El Salvadorians and 20,000 Myanmar Muslims to die of genocide. The totals ad up to 1.7 million dead, none of whom were defended verbally or in any other way by an organization with the World Bank as one of its financial assets. Add in the Bush Obama dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and the totals are 3 million plus human beings extinguished with not even a peep out of the United Nations. No press release stating their opposition to 3 million murders, but the UN is very busy in starving Africa. UN Complicit In Murder In Ethiopia And Ogaden http://tinyurl.com/bvnhw38.


The UN has failed the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza for 67 years, the age of the UN http://tinyurl.com/bq64vjs. 2 million Palestinians died as well as 1 million have died from neighboring Arab countries since the Arab- Israeli War in 1948. This 3 million and the previously mentioned 3 million makes for over 6 million human fatalities that the UN does not even acknowledge as having occurred. In essence, 6 million deaths have occurred because the world's premier peacekeeping organization is afraid to embarrass a US President and have their funds cut off. Calling the United Nations "peacekeepers" is tantamount to putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a beautiful woman. A pig with lipstick is still a pig; a UN that eats up billions of dollars and lets 6 million people die of genocide is also a pig, but of another sort.





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November 27, 2012

US CIA Drug Dealing, Torture, Milgram Experimentation on Humans

By Tracy Turner


Each US President has several phases they always go though on "rights": Jimmy Carter and China Human rights. Barrack Obama wanting China to stop censoring the Internet the way the US is and has been censoring the Internet. Will Obama speak up for children's rights in the US? Perhaps Bush and Obama themselves are Milgram experiments on the populace?


Is our totalitarian government trying to see exactly how much abuse a populace takes before anybody questions authority? How much more voltage does Obama have to apply before someone questions his authority to electrocute the populace? How about when it is nothing but ads, a place to pay taxes and has no political truth beyond See Dick Run, see Spot run stories, will you then ask who had the authority to censor free speech online?


Uncle Sam, LSD and human experimentation has not only been documented, but also admitted to by Bill Clinton. Operations MK ULTRA and MK DELTA do indeed belong blamed on someone, but to place Uncle Sam's guilt on the Jews could not be more wrong. Admirals, Generals and CIA goons, clerks and wannabe spies created, ran and in some form no doubt still run MK ULTRA.


The CIA and other US Government agencies use drugs to torture Guantanamo detainees. Congress engaged in a witch-hunt that found no witches. Congress found no drugs, no fault in how the US Navy runs Guantanamo, but the Interrogation of suspected Al Qaeda members would fall to the US CIA, who is not even mentioned most of the time in regards to Guantanamo.


This short article CIA: BASTION OF INTEGRITY uses these 10 sources: Acid Dreams, Martin Lee and Bruce Schlain, Grove Press. CIA Home Page on the Internet for CIA Vision, Mission and Values. Helter Skelter, Vincent Bugliosi, New York. Inside the Company, Philip Agee, Bantam Books. Journey Into Madness, Gordon Thomas, Bantam Books. Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman, Merle Miller, New York. Spying for America, Nathan Miller, Dell Publishing. The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen, Citadel Press. The Big Book of Conspiracies, Doug Moench, Paradox Press. The Mind Manipulators, Alan W. Scheflin & Edward M. Opton Jr. Paddington Press.


One of the best researchers of this subject was a woman named Mae Brussell who died in October 1988 from cancer. One of this writers favorite radio broadcasts of Mae Brussell is Henry Kissinger, Narcotics Emperor.


The question of Guantanamo drugging was asked and answered by the US Congress according to the Huffington Post, but Huff Post says the investigation brought up additional questions the government has no interest in answering. Truthout.org calls the drugging of Gitmo political prisoners "pharmacological waterboarding". David Hicks claims of drug torture in Guantanamo are backed up by witnesses, prominent attornies, independent investigations and previously secret reports.


America is a war on drugs country, nobody is going to believe in googling lsd-quaeda, because nobody is going to pay the slightest attention to an apology from Bill Clinton for the CIA doing mind control experiments on children. If American children are given drugs and experimented upon, imagine the plight of inmates at Abu Gharaib being experimented on with LSD to glean confessions or torture-duress false-confessions?


Jose Padilla claims he was given LSD and possibly PCP, the Department of Defense says it was a flu shot. It is refreshing that DoD, an organization that kills millions of people, is so concerned with Padilla avoiding influenza, but not with him having permanent brain damage and/or mental illness.


Destroying the brains of inmates at Abu Gharaib and Guantanamo is nothing new for USA; read A Brief History of Human Experimentation, Human Experimentation Programs Conducted by the Department of Defense (MK Delta) and Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965) . Also read Secret US Human Biological Experimentation and watch this video of former President Clinton admitting to drug and radiation experiments on US citizens. Many people deny even the remote possibility of chemtrails coming out of military planes, but these same deniers have never read about the human poison experiments our government now admits to.


One can read the full-declassified text of Projects MK Ultra and MK Delta. One of the goals of these experiments was to use drugs and mind programming to turn ordinary people into political assassins.


Digressing back, if even children in America are not exempt from CIA drug mind-control experiments, who is exempt?


The Human Radiation Experiments, how scientists secretly used US citizens as guinea pigs during the Cold War By Alan R Cantwell Jr., M.D. covers some of the gut-wrenching poisoning behavior concocted by the Department of the Army, post WWII .



The US has a long, long history of experimenting on humans; including obliquely. Plutonium trigger fabricators who work in gravel gerties assemble Plutonium triggers for thermonuclear bombs. Workers wear badges, so they do not exceed an "allowable" amount of radiation exposure. When a worker gets cancer, leukemia or a tumor it is logged into a database carefully.


Two of the Vietnam/Iran Contra-era researchers of US-tax-payer government sponsored poisonings were Johnny O'Donnell and Mae Brussell, both shunned by the MSM of yesteryear. O'Donnell wrote one of the First Vietnam-Agent Orange and Agent Blue stories ever to appear in print, published in Playboy. Mae Brussell archives are here.


Circa 2012, one can find items not worth reading on infowars (this writer questions the "science" of everything on infowars) to this scholarly study of Tuskegee Syphilis human experiments on blacks in the South. The US has a long, long history of abusing its own with cruel, unusual human experiments that violate the eight amendment. Dr. Mercola's website has an article on US human experiment crimes.


What kind of people love a government that does this to its own people, an Atomic Bomb Test on human subjects? From Eisenhower to Obama, the Pentagon and CIA have and continue to human experiment, to torture.



The government criteria for who to experiment on is equal opportunity long term, one time it is pregnant women, children, then blacks, then Army recruits, then white postal workers, imprisoned Arabs, etc., and other federal workers (Operation Midnight Climax). Those experimented on might get LSD, radioactive iron for their babies, syphilis, etc.


Was the guy who shot John Lennon a CIA MK ULTRA stooge?


Here is Mae Brussell's spin on what is now known as "the War on Drugs". Mae's viewpoint is admittedly "out there". But if you attempt to look at the world as she did, the War on the Taliban would become the War With the Taliban, the War on Drugs would become the War With Drugs. In Afghanistan NATO troops guard the Talibans' opium poppies in three shifts.


MK Ultra 2012 -- Cops Caught Mass Drugging Teens And Dropping Them At Occupy Minnesota could not happen, not here in America, where sworn law enforcement put the law before http://tinyurl.com/cy6ld3eOccupier politics. The CIA stopped dealing drugs during the Reagan Iran Contra Scandal days. How much poor neighborhood drug money is going from America to the Taliban, circa 2008-2012? So, how much of your retirement is vested in US / Taliban Opium, propping up Lehman Brothers and Citibank, et al?


CIA/DRUGS/BANKS -- From the days of Mae until now, nothing much has changed, except people do not look at Geitner and see Taliban Drug money and CIA. Listen to Mae, substitute the names of the Bush Obama Secretaries/Cabinets and America will make more sense to you than it ever will from watching NBC News.


Mae knew who was corrupt and how, including CIA-Reuters. Wanna know about the CIA Mormon Mafia Romney would rather you had not heard of? The immediate preceding link predicts bankers taking retirement and social security (bitter pills, austerity) from us as a conspiracy, predicted in 1977!


Sit back, take your government mandated drugs, feed the mandated amount of daily taxes into your terminal and Big Brother will read you a story about Dick, Jane and Spot. Smoke a bowl of Geithner's best smoking opium or squirt your veins full of Lehman Brother's Afghan Black heroin, which you blew the last of your paycheck on. You, the hopelessly drug addicted, a lifeboat to the big banks and the Taliban in a down economy. The Taliban are a lifeline to the military industrial complex, with nobody to fight work and weapons orders stop.


Since the very beginning of the Manhattan Project people were injected with plutonium or uranium. Total body irradiation experiments at the University of Cincinnati recorded eight deaths. Radiation doses were given to fetuses and hundreds of women at the Vanderbilt University. Prisoners' testicles were irradiated in Washington state and Oregon. Orphans at a school in Boston were fed plutonium-laced milk. Johns Hopkins University invented the radium nasal irradiation procedure given to schoolchildren nationwide and to military personnel. At a state school in Massachusetts, institutionalized mentally retarded children were lured into experiments by special treats like extra milk, occasional outings, and membership in a "Science Club."

How much violence will "law enforcement" dish out to First Amendment Protestors before questioning authorities? How much human hunger and freezing cold will enforcers of austerity dish out before anybody questions the authority of Washington. Obama is ten-twenty times as Milgram as Bush, who was thousands of times more Milgram than Jack Kennedy. Nobody wants to question the authority of the Milgram Experiment government.


MK ULTRA hearings had victim-survivor testimony in front of Congress, who was so moved they let Bush and Obama torture some more. There is wrong, and then there is Army wrong, Swine flu and LSD experiments. The US Gov will take care of you with the broken social safety net, Operation Big City.


How much government abuse will a populace take before questioning authority? The main role of the CIA is to push drugs, cause death and to torture. Obama sidesteps the public outcry of torture by killing bystanders of his drone targeted persons. Obama has pledged no torturers shall be prosecuted, even those who tortured people to death. Congress main role is to whitewash torture, whitewash collateral drone deaths, whitewash drug pushing and drug torture. How much human death and human abuse, including drug and chemical experiments on American dupes will Congress tolerate before questioning Bush or Obama's "authority"? Maybe when they start drugging Senators and Congressmen, or your children, someone will fight back.


Keywords: human experiments, obama, government drugs torture, CIA taliban, congress, America, milgram experiments, lsd, opium, heroin, banks, Abu Gharaib, Guantanamo



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November 18, 2012

Obama and Feinstein Executive Order ~ Internet Censorship / Big Brother 2012 ~ SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, CISPA & TPP

By Tracy Turner

Obama and Feinstein Executive Order ~ Internet Censorship / Big Brother 2012 ~ COICA, SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, CISPA & TPP


So, do you want a TPP censored Internet? Brainwashing? Lies? Advertising? A censored Google search? The smart phone crowd, who consider themselves wired, are behind the learning curve of Raging Grannies Action League on Feinstein and Leahy's Protect IP Act (PIPA). Feinstein and Obama wish to do Internet Censorship as an Obama Executive Order and will not rest until America is a Totalitarian Regime http://personalliberty.com/2012/08/31/internet-censorship-via-executive-order/.What do any and all the acronyms in the title have in common? They all threaten lawful speech online.

Millions of people spend weekends drooling over computers, pads and smart phones to "be informed", out of 313 million people few Google   "Obama Feinstein censorship". Google recently released a "transparency" report, US Government Spying upon and Censorship of Google users (you, the public) is up 103% over last year. This means the US Government has been spying on you and censoring the Internet (lawful free speech) for at least two years. So what are all the sham battles over censoring the web about, it is already being censored by Uncle Sam and Google http://tinyurl.com/b3vl9q8. The other US search engines are mute about the spying and censoring. What is the government censoring, web pages about government corruption, waste, abuse of power, etc.?

Who owns the Internet? Does Obama or Feinstein? The Indian government or US? Who has oversight duties to see that it is not censored, looking over Google, Bing, Yahoo, et al's shoulder as they do take downs and fork over user data? Feinstein, Obama, the US military? Who is watching the government and the search portals, a few dozen people who hold most of the world's free speech in their keyboards?

Where is one homepage about censored TV? Find me one family home page about censored television. Find me one home page written by a person with their face on the page that criticizes drug companies, the military, Monsanto Agent Orange Cornand Soy? Sure, some blogs exist, heavily monitored by government and the articles within them extensively blacklisted by government and corporation. Just enough is left online to make a cursory appearance of free speech. In other words, censorship is televisionizing the web, creating a Monsanto/Amazon world where you can order your agent-orange soy-latte but where you will no longer see how many Brazilans, homeless Russians, poor in India that Big Pharma has killed. More people google birther blogs than Pharma Russian homeless dead guinea pigs.

Find one website criticizing anything (homeowners with foreclosed houses, pictures of the homeowner, a disgruntled veteran with his face and name on * his own homepage *, etc.). All you find mostly is MSM pages and Ministry of Truth-approved half-truths. The truth is not out there, but the Ministry of Truth is up and running and becoming more censored by the hour and day.

The American public is no longer online in the sense of having web pages of those injured by drug companies, irradiated in war by military Uranium, etc., those screwed by banks or Wall Street. Try searching for the most controversial subjects corrupt government and criminal multinationals would not want you to see:


US -- http://ask.com/  

US -- http://google.com/

US -- http://blekko.com/  

US -- http://bing.com/  

US --   http://yahoo.com/  

US -- http://aolsearch.com  

US - http://www.hotbot.com  

US - http://www.gigablast.com/

 US - http://www.gibiru.com/


Iranian (Farsi) - http://www.parseek.ir

Czechoslovakian Czech -- http://seznam.cz/

Russian Cyrillic -- http://www.yandex.by

Sweden http://search.lycos.se

Use Google adword tool and find censored subjects to search on the assorted search engines above, find new search engines with those above.   The average web user does a search for X on one search engine, with X being one phrase.

They forget that online, corporate or government entity X is also known as Y and Z. That phrase1, prase2 that describe a government department or multinationaland/or their malfesance can also be described with phrase 3 and phrase 4, which give different search engine results. That the differing phrases give different results in each of the search engines above. Overall, the results of doing many searches on many criminal government / corporate behaviors are returning potentially light, moderate or even heavy censorship results. Free speech online is going the way of boiling frogs. Only   the most naive and ignorant think uncensored free speech still exists, online or on TV.   Stay vigilant, you will see both quantity and quality of news going the way TV has become.

Mix and match your own situations, key words, phrases, use Google keyword tool, do dozens of searches in all the search engines above using mix and match terms.

Who are you going to believe, Google: http://tinyurl.com/b3vl9q8. Google and Amazon are not advocates for your free speech, while you ignore it evaporating from the web as it evaporated from TV long ago. The best thing you can do is boycott Google and Amazon, et al, use alternative search engines, protest to Obama and Feinstein that the Air Force Cyber Wing has already hidden far too much free speech from the public view. Having the free speech, lawful online content of 3/4 of the planet owned by two companies and one corrupt, Citizens United Government is spooky.

 Boycott Bill Gate's latest attempt (bing.com) at a monopoly (along with AGRA), quit yahoo, Google and ask.com. Use the foreign and third-party search engines above to dig what little truth there is out of the Internet (which is like pulling your own tooth out to find). The most used search engines in America are the blind eyes of liberty, the muffled ears, the speechless voice of the American people. Once there were hundreds of search spiders, and the government censored the web some. Boycott all US Search engines and demand free speech online, no Big Brother shutting off the parts of the Internet Washington sees as unfit for adults. Obama and Feinstein as our net-nannies?

The many PIPA and SOPA melodramas are the Corporatocracy-owned government bluffing during poker to up the ante. They have already won; censored speech online is already reality. The battle between a few activists and the government was a sham battle, designed to make the populace believe the Internet is still free speech. The censored populace having a charade war with their corporate-owned (voted-in-totalitarian-regime) over free speech that was wiped off of the web years ago sells a lot of pads and smart phones. Step over to your nearest Frye's or Best Buy, ask for smart analytical skills, the soul of an activist and truth online and see what you get.

Nobody analyzes anything, anymore. Google is so transparent the names and IP addresses of those spied upon are published in what opaque world? Google's claimed transparency kept copies of the take down pages in Google cache? Waybackmachine shows those pages the government confiscated where? This is cloudy, murky transparency to avoid losing market share back to hotbot.com, to avoid losing Amazon sales of smart phones for people who never analyze the lies in their smart phone.

Whatever you search for (Internet Censorship America and derivitives, Free Speech rights online, web news blackouts, etc., come back to your computer at random times and see what you find next week, next month, the month after that, next year.

Go to google, bing and yahoo, find MSM articles instructing you to no worry, be happy. We are not protecting Big Gov from civilian oversight. We are not protecting banks, Wall Street and large multinations from informed, savvy, angry consumers. We are just spreading fascism totalinairanism brutal oppressive regime protection of powerplants onto the Internet. It is necessary, it is for your own good. That is what TPP IP laws and Feinstein Obama IP laws do, spread the warmth and love, the protectionism of government corruption and multinational criminal enterprises for your own good. Big http://tiny.cc/yrrxnw brother has to cover up corporate murder, pollution, monopolizing and racketeering is watching. Yes, by all means go to best buy and buy a trinket toy privacy software that the CIA and Air Force Cyber Wing cannot penetrate. Turn on your obsolete computer or TV and beware of government lies, deceit, purposeful disinformation and cover ups too many commercials during the news, too many Amazon ads on google and bing. Google will give your search user data to Big Brother.

The internet is a dyamic force, web pages come and go, statistics change, slowly or rapidly. Entities like yandex.com and google change, daily. But the overall trend is more propaganda, less truth; more Government Censorship and multinational blacklistings.

One cannot surf the web on one day and "see" Internet censorship. Computer and web gurus, people gifted in spatial relations will smell rats the soonest.

Free Speech not only in America, but pretty much worldwide, is in the hands of Google, Obama, and Feinstein. Buy Feinstein Obama freedom of speech boobleheads at huge discounts from Google-Amazon. When some of the smartest computer geeks on the planet say the Internet is censored, http://tinyurl.com/av29ngz it makes it more believable. To those who are not web and computer geeks (facebook and twitter users are * not * computer geeks), go here for same subject, written in tutorial fashion. (Big Brother banning free speech online) http://tinyurl.com/b8qumxc here. This link will make sense to both women and the I.T. challenged http://tinyurl.com/b8qumxc. Said tutorial article and my opednews.com writers profile go into my web-IT background more than this article. In a private email to Rob Kall, I referrred to the web as Disinformation Technology. Opednews.com is one of the few honest places left. How many times per month does google and bing not serve up opednews.com's "taboo subject pages"? There are too many ways for corporate criminals and corrupt government to shut down lawful free speech dissidence online.

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November 17, 2012

Kern River Preserve, Audubon Saviors of Birds and Riparian Ecosystems

By Tracy Turner




Riparian habitats are stream, creek and river habitats, and the ecosystems along freshwater streams. North America has destroyed slightly over 99% of its former, pristine riparian ecosystems. The less than one percent of riparian habitat that remains is an oasis for rare, endangered or on the virtual brink of extinction wildlife, plants, insects and fish. Often this very riparian sanctuary that is all that remains to prevent the total extirpation of a tree species, types of fish, particular bird species, butterfly or rare, endangered animal.


The word Audubon http://www.kernaudubonsociety.org/KASprograms.html is a reasonably popular (450,000 times monthly) search in Google, the word bird searched for over 45.5 million times per month. The word riparian is searched for 60,500 times monthly, littoral 823,000 times per month. Google users search for birds, but not where to search for actual physical, living birds in the outdoors.


This article is about those who valiantly find habitat to save, acquire a foothold, negotiate with neighbors to buy more land and convert it back into natural habitat. Sometimes the work is as difficult as cleaning up a farm or ranch trash dump and re-planting native plants in the former dumpsite.


Wikipedia's first paragraph on riparian zones: A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream. Plant habitats and communities along the river margins and banks are called riparian vegetation, characterized by hydrophilic plants. Riparian zones are significant in ecology, environmental management, and civil engineering because of their role in soil conservation, their habitat biodiversity, and the influence they have on fauna and aquatic ecosystems, including grassland, woodland, wetland or even non-vegetative. In some regions the terms riparian woodland, riparian forest, riparian buffer zone, or riparian strip are used to characterize a riparian zone. The word "riparian" is derived from Latin ripa, meaning riverbank. End wiki.


Both Nature Conservancy and Audubon are examples of organizations that have developed relationships with landowners (farmers, ranchers, those who have inherited large tracts of fallow land) and buy the property at a fair price with an agreement not to put tract houses and McDonalds on the land.


The KRP http://kern.audubon.org (Kern River Preserve) in California is one such project.


People like Bob Barnes, Reed Tollefson, Allison http://www.natureali.org/ Sheehey and Jeff King have given the best years of their lives to the Kern River Preserve. There are two national treasures in America that have been overlooked by many people: 1) Nature Sanctuaries, Ecological Preserves of various organizations, Audubon Preserves and Nature Conservancy projects. 2) The people who staff, fundraise, donate to, go to work for and endeavor to care for these projects and parcels of land. Audubon exists on public donations.


Imagine working as hard as a farmer, rancher, etc. for low pay but for a cause. Imagine having a PhD and working for one-quarter the pay because you love the work and organization's mission. There are riparian ecosystem projects all over America, and people with similar desires, work ethics and beliefs as Barnes, Tollefson and Sheehey all over America. Many work for Audubon, others for Nature Conservancy. Nature Conservancy who entrusted it to Audubon California founded the Kern River Preserve.


 Nature Conservancy tends to find and grow embryos sanctuaries, Audubon tends to expand, reforest and manage long term. One way or another, the donations of the generous help preserve or hopefully restore bird species like Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and Tricolor Blackbird live.


Audubon Kern River Preserve The Kern River Preserve is managed by Audubon -California for the preservation of one of California's finest remaining riparian forests ...

18747 California 178 Weldon, California 93283
(760) 378-2531

Plants from all 6 surrounding bioregions dot and crowd the natural Kern River Preserve landscape. All the preserves and nature sanctuaries from coast to coast are a national treasure. KRP is the crown jewel, but how and why it is the crown jewel take patience and observation and pockets full of plant finder, bird finder, pocket guides to wildlife, etc. Bring food, bottled water, insect spray in spring and summer, sunscreen; there are the deluxe model porta-potties on site. Dress in layers with a raincoat or poncho, late fall through mid spring.

Supporting Audubon and Nature Conservancy allows their staff to educate visitors, work graciously with volunteers and run programs for school children and high school. These student programs can encourage a route from school to wildlife biologist, field engineer or research analyst assistant.


The first two people this writer ever met on the preserve were a husband and wife planting trees during their summer vacation.


The Sierra Club gave Allison Sheehey a lifetime achievement award for her work, expertise, website, etc. Allison's bioregions and geography http://tinyurl.com/avzhkwd   page is as good a place as any to become initially acquainted with this amazing lady. Jeff King works with volunteers, working with Jeff one learns quickly, the day goes by fast. Reed Tollefson has spent a great portion of his life reforesting and healing the natural environment and expanding the land holdings of the preserve. His expertise includes what is kept as Audubon, what may potentially become Nation Wilderness (Domeland Wilderness, through which the South Fork Kern River runs if you traveled upstream). Reed Tollefson is like a juggler with many balls in the air, donations, and long range plans, the day's chores, answering visitor questions, etc. Somehow, he never drops a ball.


About one year out of a dozen the perfect amounts of snow, rain, snowmelt and warmth produce breathtaking wildflowers, higher than normal amounts of birds and wildlife visiting as they migrate in spring, etc. Places like Kern River Preserve are best seen repeatedly. One anonymous donor bought an entire ranch, larger than those already acquired by KRP and donated it to the preserve.


When visiting any Audubon, Nature Conservancy or other nature preserve, check the local weather long-range before planning an adventure http://tinyurl.com/byvpppn . Kern River Preserve has a distinct hot and cold cycle and separate but related dry wet cycle.


  Watch for the water flow of the South Fork to be between median and max http://tinyurl.com/be9rmh9 . (Do not approach dangerous whitewater at flood stage and drown). Call ahead.


KRP is located at: N 35.66399 W 118.34455, visible in this Acme Mapper overhead http://tinyurl.com/asf4uk2 .


One of the most important aspects of riparian conservation is water quality issues, what neighboring properties both upstream and downstream do with water in regards to plant/animal habitat. Nature conservation is complicated, restoration more complicated. Reed, Allison, Birdie, Jeff King and the other staff and volunteers have many years of naturalist knowledge and experience amongst them. These small bands of people are responsible for huge parcels of land. One can mentally extrapolate similar people in similar facilities coast to coast.




Allison Sheehey's checklist of flora and fauna of the KRP and surrounding area is here: http://www.natureali.org/checklists.htm.

Wallace School learns about Audubon: http://kern.audubon.org/2011-June-Wallace-School.htm  

Southern Pacific Turtle Pond Project: http://kern.audubon.org/turtlephotos2.htm Jeff King is holding the post hole digger, one of the smartest, kindest humans ever encountered, as are all of the staff and volunteers.

Keywords and concepts to search for online, mix and match: Birds, Avian, riparian, littoral, riparian wildlife habitat, littoral ecosystem, riparian ecosystem, Audubon sanctuary, Audubon preserve, nature conservancy ecological preservation, Audubon ecological preservation. Do not forget to add the name of your state.


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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Women-s-Rights-Online--De-by-Tracy-Turner-121111-810.html

November 12, 2012

Censored & Oppressed; Women's Rights Online ~ Deaf Mute Blind Barefoot In Kitchen-- Check Foreign Search Engines to See

By Tracy Turner


Blacklisted Uncensored Alternative Alternative News Articles - Breaking News, Opinion & OpEds - opednews.com Tracy Turner


Expose -- Internet Censorship Women's Rights Oppression -- Shut That Thing Down


If women have all their rights taken away, who is next? That would probably be me, so what you have is a male computer and web geek writing about women's rights. Internet pioneer Jon Postel would cry if he could see what financial opportunists monopolists, politicians and criminally crooked corporations are doing and not doing on the Internet with our all of our rights. This article uses women's and human rights to show a distinct pattern. Women gifted in pattern recognition (spatial relations gifted, computer programmers, etc.) will pick this up the quickest. Do not use the web to do McMartin preschool goes viral because of this article. By the end of the article, most of you should know how to research who censors the internet and covers up rights oppression, who is gentically mutating ovaries, etc.


Sky Dayton (Sky hired every female computer geek he could find) of EarthLink Network saw the World Wide Web as a new form of communication to bring people together and a medium wherein people would communicate better. Many women see the social media of twitter and Facebook as a means of saving their rights, a vast majority unaware how the rich and powerful crush women's rights covertly online. Internet Pioneer Jon Postel lived long enough to see people of all faiths, religions and nationalities emailing each other after meeting online. Professional paid web character assassins would not have pleased him.


Does Putin have a Mistress? Do not search for the answer where you normally do, step outside your comfort zone and use Czechoslovakian Search Engine -- http://seznam.cz/ and Russian Search Engine -- http://www.yandex.com/ to find out if Putin has a mistress. Putin and his government stifle the free speech of seznam and yandex and all who do searches in seznam and yandex. Again out of your normal routine, use http://seznam.cz/ and http://yandex.com/ but this time try using less is more, not the full question, just search for "Putin mistress' (capitalization is irrelevant here).


Now use American http://www.Google.com and http://www.Bing.com see the difference in the information on Putin's mistress. Now some bad news, what Putin does with seznam and yandex is what virtually all US Politicians and large, rich, fat men (big Multinational corporations) do with US-based http://ask.com/ and http://google.com/ and http://bing.com/US and http://yahoo.com/ and http://aolsearch.com. It is called Blacklisting, anything that offends the Citizens United crowd, including lamestream media, gets blacklisted -- censored, free speech stomped into nothing.


What if Putin was the Pentagon here in the US? What if Putin having a Mistress was instead the military allowing female rape victims to be raped by their male military co-workers and doing absolutely nothing (to hush it up). Women in military service get raped, the military and Pentagon cover it up. The woman tries many avenues, puts it all on her Facebook wall, tweets it, has her nephew put it on a web page and submit the web page to all the us search engines. The average nephew who builds a web page builds something buried 2,374 in Google results.


All large US government departments and all large corporations have anywhere from a few people to many who find military rape victims lady's page buried 2,374 deep (webpage SEO issues,) and the military includes the web page or site on that weeks or months blacklist letter to bing, google, yahoo, twitter, facebook, etc.


George W. Bush had a debacle trying to have hobby rockets nearly outlawed. The people the BATFE went after were primarily families launching hobby rockets with kids on weekends. It is a licensed, serious hobby with rockets built in garages hitting 50,000 feet. I was one of the licensed rocket flyers, the case went to federal court, Bush lost and this was and is extremely embarrassing to Bush.


"George W. Bush BATFE ACPC" searched at any of these; results are sparse and there is noting too scathing on pages found. Free Speech, you can express anything and government and big business blacklists it. Try it yourself: http://ask.com/ and http://google.com/ and http://bing.com/US and http://yahoo.com/ and http://aolsearch.com. Bush's most embarrassing debacle besides Pepsi Grand Canyon and it just vanishes. Barely a hiccup left, online.


Now here is a real kicker, go to foreign nations and search for "George W. Bush BATFE ACPC" Iranian (Farsi) - http://www.parseek.com/ Czechoslovakian Czech -- http://seznam.cz/ Russian Cyrillic -- http://www.yandex.com/ Sweden http://search.lycos.com/.


1998 the Internet was the wild, Wild West where you could send an email bomb and ruin someone's email. Jonathan Postel was alive. The average web user could ftp; build web pages without any software widgets the way I still do pages. It has crept, like the tide creeping in during a nice picnic. Everybody in Facebook and Google thinks they have free speech and millions of people seeing their free speech.


What does Uranium have to do with Women's rights? Do you have a right to know how many deformed babies are born near AeroJet's depleted uranium bullet testing and manufacturing plant in Chino, California?


  Are deformed Chino baby numbers a national secret keeping us all safe? How about deformed Oak Ridge, Paducah, and Portsmouth and Fernald babies? All that Uranium in all the mentioned sites and not one deformed baby anywhere online in our free, open democracy.   This is probably one of the most carefully blacklisted subjects online, women, babies, uranium along with uranium metal workers fabricators and cancer.


Go to just seznam and yandex engines above and do a search for depleted uranium babies. Look at depleted uranium babies WebPages, as well as go to images (note images in seznam Czech language are Obrazky ) or videos and look around. Use search engines to find new search engines. Blacklists and censorship online is rampant in our free and open democracy. Write Google and Bing, Facebook and twitter snail mail letters and demand free, open, unfettered access to your issues.


Men are messing with your reproductive rights. Going to http://Yandex.com, searching in Yandex images and yandex web for depleted uranium babies shows you how the same people who want to outlaw birth control and * really messing with women's reproductive rights *. Depleted Uranium babies and outlawing the pill are a dark black and a light gray of the same issue and the same politicians.


Go to http://seznam.com and http://yandex.com/ and look at the regular web and images.   Example, search for "depleted uranium birth defects Fallujah". Read and look at the painful, gut wrenching articles of fat, rich, bald powerful American men messing with the reproductive rights of poor, defenseless foreign women.  

Women for the most part would not send their daughter to be raped in a Uranium hotspot overseas so she could give birth to a Depleted Uranium baby. But some men would, because men and war and America are "honorable" traditions.


Major Doug Rokke tried and still tries to "shut that thing down", meaning shutting down depleted uranium. Google Doug Rokke Rational Wiki and look what the Pentagon and Nuclear Power Plant Industry (General Electric, Rachel Maddow's boss) did to Doug Rokke. Every Doug Rokke expose is challenged with paid DU shills who make Doug and his friends Arnie Gunderson, Helen Caldicott and Leuren Moret look like the fools they are not.  


  Use any and all search engines on this page to check out the disinfo campaign, your tax dollars at work smearing Leuren Moret and Helen Caldicott. You pay taxes to have Uncle Sam malicious gossip against Leuren and Helen, while you financially support the advertisers on bing and google who blacklist Leuren Moret and Helen Caldicotts best web pages, photos and videos. There are ongoing campaigns online of paid government and or corporate apologists at work, just like before the collapse of the former Soviet Union.


You should now be empowered with some research skills to research any issue online, but not take Google, Facebook or twitter's word for anything. Find some friends who speak French and use http://voila.fr to read about US trashing of women's reproductive rights overseas with Depleted Uranium.


Search for women's suffrage Colorado on http://yandex.com. Do not sleep with politicians who support DU, which is the house, the Senate and the President. Colorado suffrage got Colorado women their vote. My wife is big on Colorado woman's suffrage to gain or keep rights. Advertisers say women spend 2/3 of everything spent in America. Shut that thing down. You all have far more power than you imagine, organize it.


If Jonathan Postel were here, what would he recommend? My best friend is an IT Guru, he said we will have the kind of internet people tolerate. If every woman in America boycotted google and boycotted googles biggest advertisers, and dug in like Jack's wife playing scrabble, google would be forced to unveil all the personal web pages of lady Gulf Wars who were a) raped in the military and it was covered up; b) exposed to Depleted Uranium, tainted vaccines, military HAZMAT wastes burn pits on base then had miscarriages, aborted premature birth and/or a baby with birth defects; and c) was exposed to DU and military HAZMAT and now has cancer and gets marginal health care at a VA hospital. It is literally impossible for hundreds of personal health pages of women vets to not be hosted on godaddy.com, fatcow.com, etc. Do not blame godaddy and fatcow, it is business, government and big search engines like google, bing, yahoo, askjeeves and aolsearch hiding the truth from you.


GE/Westinghouse, FOXNEWS, the military-nuclear-complex justified sending women to war to "work" in depleted uranium zones and have their ovaries bombarded with Alpha emitters that cause birth defects, while their potential male suitors (or rapists) were having their testes irradiated with uranium inhaled, drank in water or injested with food. Apologists galore will argue routes of exposure, etc. to draw attention away from what it is, war crimes against humanity and American troops reproductive systems irradiated. It is beyond increduluous that there is not a single Veteran with a deformed child in google and bing.


Use the search engines below to look for (Take each sentence fragment and search it alone, what is between qutoes is the search) these kinds of searches: "Obama drone attacks". "Obama drone children". "Obama drone women". "Obama drone kids". "Drone strikes children". "Drone attacks children". "Israeli drone strikes gaza". "Palestinian drone strikes Israel". Here are the seach engines to use:


Iranian (Farsi) - http://www.parseek.com/  

Czechoslovakian Czech -- http://seznam.cz/  

Russian Cyrillic -- http://www.yandex.com/  

Sweden http://search.lycos.com/

France French - http://www.voila.fr/


Anybody who searches one phrase on one web portal is missing a bigger picture.   Feel free to improvise and search keywords from your interests, whether they are National Weather Services billion bullets or Obama being punitive to whistle blowers.


Painful. But using cake recipes to prove how TV and internet portals shield the truth from us as example does not work, cake recipes are not censored non-free speech. This writer strongly suspects French women would be appalled at the censorship, find French English bilingual friends to help you use http://www.voila.fr/ to uncover more truth.


Go back to the Iranian, Czechoslovakian, Russian, Sweden and French dynamic web spiders (as opposed to static manual directories like dmoz) and search for these topics. But his time, think of your own related keywords and you may even use google trends or google keyword tool to find keywords you did not think of.


  "US military rape victims" is an excellent example to search the foreign search engines. But thinking slightly out of the box would be "navy rape victims" and "US navy rape victims". Sometimes all the searches above do not find the specific type of webpage or story you want to use for an article, etc. But other times when you do not find what you expected, it is better. Using seznam or parseek and looking for depleted uranium netted me videos of millions of dead seashells on Pakistani beaches. For the last two years I have looked for evidence online of Uranium used as oxidizer (Uranium perchlorate) and Uranium metal used as fuel. Could the seashells be evidence of a massive plume of Uranium oxide killing sea life? It deserves to be investigated. The millions of dead seashells may be a much more important find than what I hoped to find.


How about the obvious counterpart, so obvious one can miss them? "American Air Force rape", etc., keep improvising until you are an expert at research online. If you want to see how much censorship power the pentagon has, use the foreign search engines and the thinking out of the box tools and compare.


Many wives and girlfriends read Lady's home journal and graciously do the salads and vegetables for the family. But Lady's home journal does not do Exposes on "Obama's Hillary Clinton, Michael Taylor and Monsanto and Agent Orange Corn and Soy". A search of that whole last sentence should be done on the Iranian, Czechoslovakian, Russian, Sweden and French Dynamic web spiders. More out of the box, related keywords to search for can be found at http://www.google.com/trends/ and https://adwords.google.com/.


Now to learn to think how the real world works on a closed, no-free-speech, hide the truth internet. Let us go back to "Obama's Hillary Clinton, Michael Taylor and Monsanto and Agent Orange Corn and Soy". Do you really think Obama and his staff left a smoking gun lying around online linking Obama to the most hated multinational on Earth, hated by a world-wide audience? So drop the Obama off, but never forget he is Hillary and Michael Taylor and Monsanto's enabler.


Do searches of "Hillary Clinton, Michael Taylor and Monsanto and Agent Orange Corn and Soy". More results by dropping the self-evident enable or Clinton and Taylor. Now do three successive searches at the following search engines:


Iranian (Farsi) - http://www.parseek.com/


Czechoslovakian Czech -- http://seznam.cz/


Russian Cyrillic -- http://www.yandex.com/


Sweden http://search.lycos.com/


Search for these as three separate searches in all four web portals above, one: "Monsanto Agent Orange Corn and Soy". Two: "Hillary Clinton, Michael Taylor and Monsanto".   Three "Hillary Clinton, Michael Taylor, Obama, Monsanto.


Every last one of us is letting free speech online boil slowly like a frog. Find out what it means here http://www.opednews.com/articles/FROG-BOIL-by-boomerang-090803-878.html. The smartest Internet Guru I know told me "we will have the Internet of the future that people allow us to have, the one they settle for". Unix Adminstrators, female -- 1, male-99. Here's the thing about going from a mere Facebook user to some flavor of computer geek, there is every level imaginable to strive for and to arrive at.


Learn html online instead of or while you watch TV. Hit mute and learn what an anchor and a mailto: during commercials. Learn to build your own website rather than post on blogs.


Anyone who actually looks out what is happening in here, this is womens rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, the reproductive right of you and women overseas, etc. Learn how to find US War crimes videos. Do not bother posting them to vimeo or youtube, Uncle Sam will make vimeo and youtube remove them within 24-36 hours, usually. Learn how to download war crimes videos, teach friends and family how to download war crimes videos of US and Israeli (marines, troops, soldiers, contractors, Blackwater personell). Host the videos on your own website because they disappear never to return on youtube.

Search for drug company experiements women third world countries. Look up the names of Phizer et al. If you got the knack of this quickly, you would do well with C++, Unix, XHTML, DHTML. There is a shortage of smart, have a knack for it computer geeks. Jon Postel is passed, my guess is he would have urged women to become Jonatha's, web geeks versed in several languages. The US Air Force has a Cyber Wing of Super-Computer Geeks. It is certain women's rights activist worldwide could strive at being sudo, super user in Unix, etc., and exposing the drug company atrocites, the Agent Orange birth defects, the du babies, etc.


The Air Force Cyber Wing cannot possibly control the entire Internet, covertly. Neither can Aerojet, Monsanto or Pfizer.


Many women would say DU and Fallujah congential heart defects are not a women's issue here, Batshit Crazy Ann Coulter, Sara Palin and Michele Bachmann would trivialize this war crime atrocity with some trite these people had this coming. All of us, men and women, can turn our back on an American made outdoor, free-range Auschwitz. AeroJet, the Pentagon, Air Force Cyber Wing, GE/Westinghouse, Hillary and Obama will spread this evil into Iran and http://parseek.com will go off-line and you will be that much more blind to any truth that still may temporaily exist online.


Rob Kall asked me to state what search engines I used to make this article. Everyone of those within the article. Parseek and Lycos are, as of 11 Novemer 2012, excellent search portals at this time.


Look at http://tinyurl.com/azdm2zq this seashell die off, which * should be * in google and youtube, as an easily found item. Numerous people would take still phots and videos of seashells dying by the millions in Pakistan. Why would the military-government complex of the US try so hard to hide a bi-valve die-off? Environmentalist could search for the by-products of depleted uranium warheads, the by-products of the military burning uranium as fuel and using uranium perchlorate as oxidizer.


The new thermobaric Hellfire missile probably weighs more, has more Uranium in it (fuel, oxidizer, shaped charge). Someone needs to atomically and chemically do an autopsy on the dead shellfish in Pakistan, expect many future deformed kids in Pakistan, keeping America safe. Biologists should be looking for Uranium perchlorate, Strontium nitrate, Barium nitrate and Uranium oxides in much larger amounts than from Iraq and Fallujah.


Ladies, many of you have husbands, boyfriends, parents, children. These issues affect all of us, which in no way downplays women-specific issues. There is a pattern that affect us all, that pattern needed exposure to public sentiment. How much money will you spend on corporations, cable TV and politicians who form a covert dictatorship that censors your free expression and censors what you can see, hear or read?


There is probably a correlation between this video tinyurl.com/azdm2zq and Hellfire thermobaric warhead missiles. Therefore, these dead shellfish videos are sure to disappear, courtesy of Homeland Security.


If each woman reading this taught two or three friends to search the internet like this, taught their kids, husbands or boyfriends this rudimentary lesson it would open a lot of eyes. Why use google or aol search to be lied to and censored, to have your free speech rights taken away by Bill Gates and bing?


Download or have friends and family download videos and pictures, post them all over the internet * but self-hosted, not on a vimeo or youtube portal *. The issues in this article should not be McMartin pre-school goes viral for 24 hours and you know this. These issues are a one-million woman March on Washington-worthy.


There are examples too numerous to mention here of free speech oppresion and censorship online. Other examples for you to research for your own edification, where did all the Navajo websites on Uranium cancer, birth defects on the Navajo reservation go? Are the Navajo drones armed? How many Navajo women have birth defect kids and why are their websites being erased out of google, bing, yahoo and aolsearch?


There is a money-making symbiosis between all of government and the huge, rich, fat, old men and corporations that is engaged in media control, social media control, etc. There is a revolving door between Bill and Hillary and Uranium WMD and Boeing, Monsanto, et al. Try using these new search tools again and search for FEMA Camps. Vary it around, search for camps where we fight wars, as in refugee camps (present or past?). Search for concentration camps in the US, do you find things that may be blacklisted in US search engines?  

I'd be remiss not to mention SEO, web page/site search engine optimization. It is how you end up in top ten organic results in search engines.


Watch for Uranium perchlorate pollution online, it is only a matter of time. Watch for those blogs and websites to be blacklisted and replaced with paid shill disinfo rhetoric that a Rhesus monkey could type and ads seeking to get deep into your pocket or purse. Watch for the US GovernCommerce to shut down or bomb the hell out of your new foreign search portals.


Watch the US search engines for evidence they disappear native American web pages about Uranium mining cancer, native peoples issues, native women veterans, etc. on reservations and Obama drones flying over the reservations, even doing infrared surveilance at night (four corners states where uranium cancer is part of native American life. Reservation womenare exposed to DU at home and in military. To not find a birth defect in US search engines is a lie.   Use every foreign search spider you can find. See if Steve Wozniak will help all of you with DMOZ. In plain English, all activist boycott the US search portals and both register political websites, research projects and do searches in ODP - Open Directory Project.


Between now and when that happens, a group of well funded women could setup webserver on a broadband pipeline in locations like Norway, Grand Cayman and France to host evesearch.com or jonatha.com. Something like google, but not subject to US Government Authoritarianism   censorship, Greed and WarMongering Blacklist Profiteers. Whether we ever did or not, when Obama bombs the Iranian Parseek.com there will need to be somewhere else to go to search for woman raped in American military. We have had too many women that do war and politics as poorly as the men.The homepage should say Naomi Wolfe for President.


Do some searches on Olive Biodiesel on all the search engines, look for this website (the description will vary, but not the URL)*. In yandex, google etc. searching olive biodiesel and related keywords you should sometimes see results: Olive Biodiesel Biofuel Bioenergy

olivebiodiesel .com/

Longevity of olive trees makes olive biodiesel more practical, economical than other biofuel crops. When President Naomi Wolfe makes me Agriculture Secretary, we will build the infrastructure to run on olive oil biodiesel.


Digressing, my olive site is SEO'd, Search Engine Optimized pretty well. Not everything you cannot find is censorhip, blacklisted, etc. But when all the activist websites online are missing from all the US Search engines, it is Obama's Watergate and afraid to say it is also Michelle Obama's watergate. Call it the Obama Webgate Debacle. This is our free speech, men's too. But I wanted the biggest voting block to not ignore this, to learn SEO, spiders, open directories, etc.



*Always look up what you do not know as you have time, like url.











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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Sig-Heil-Fuhrer-Obama-by-Tracy-Turner-121107-340.html

November 7, 2012

Sig Heil Fuhrer Obama

By Tracy Turner


Do you need to be abducted, interned against your will, drugged and reprogrammed to appreciate those who slither for the Military-Security-Complex? Then NDAA and FM-3-39 PSYOPS may just be the PSYOPS brainwashing you need during your stay in a foreign prison. All American's today, pre and post-election, are in the position of the German people in 1933. Including chanting and waving at the Fuhrer.


For those of Latin persusion, go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kopRTfWeNo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0xJNXFuHP4 here. The immigrant "camps are concentration camps.


As millions of Americans drift towards the ranks of Tea Partiers, Greens, Independents, Socialists and apolitical, the Republicans and Democrats have election-tampered, used Citizen United advertising gimmicks and the star-power of the celebrities to vainly try to keep their power and relevance. Numerous blogs, websites and social media venues expose the dark underpinnings of a duopoly obsessed with nationalizing car makers, privatizing wars, nationalizing banks, manipulating currencies and trying to artificially inflate housing, food, energy costs and even the cost of water. The duopoly has plans to privatize water, with Monsanto as first in line to ration water to the future thirsty masses.

If the US Government cannot make you eat your GMO's and salute the flag and one or both political parties, they have laws and infrastructure in place to brainwash loyalty into you. The duopoly has spent $5.8 billion on the 2012 elections and government's popularity has never been lower.

The American people observe with palpable paranoia that is not paranoia, as the worst Democratic administration in US history plays musical chairs with the worst Republican administration in US history. Does it poll well with most Americans? Then it must be de-funded. Inversely, simultaneous war and physical austerity that polls poorly is argued as necessary and put into law. The Duopoly twins blame each other while behaving ever more despicably.

With the United States Central Intelligence Agency drug sales vastly exceeding those of the former Colombian Drug Cartel, there is new meaning to both the war on drugs and the war on the http://tinyurl.com/akdc5a7 Taliban.

Industries that have created large, dangerous, ill-thought-out business strategies such as Monsanto and Dow are being kept afloat by newspapers owned by Republican hedge funds and by Republicans and Democrats who are now relying on lamestream media and celebrity for sparse votes in low voter turnouts.

All three debates made it clear the Duopoly and Wallstreet intend to dominate wealth, give the public physical austerity and fight wars. The Occupy debacle makes clear that the Duopoly will ramp up torture, chemical weapons, LRAD sound cannons -- whatever it takes to physically beat any ideas or concerns not originated by duopolists.


American Department of Fuhrerland Security and TSA VIPR -- Adolph Hitler's Brownshirts




In a previous article http://tinyurl.com/b4x78hu nearly a year ago I compared Obama's behavior by signing NDAA to Hitler's per-World War II behavior and February 28, 1933 Hitler coercing President Hindenburg to sign article 48, an "emergency" decree authorizing Hitler to suspend all civil rights, arrest (and execute) any suspicious person. The Bush administration and the Patriot Act and Obama administration NDAA are eerily similar. NDAA's section 1021's legalization of the government being able to murder or permanently incarcerate anyone the President dislikes is tantamount to Hitler's article 48.


TSA's Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response -- have run more than 17,000 unannounced checkpoints and other search operations in the two last years. Uniformed Jack booted storm troopers show up and scan, search, detain people in subway, bus or train stations or at impromptu checkpoints on interstate highways. "Show me your papers, old man""


TSA VIPR and other intrusions into American life are touted as necessary to fighting terrorism and keeping us safe from Al Quada. Section 802 of the US Patriot Act expands the meaning of terrorism. Thousands of Americans have been put in prisons for terrorist threat. Many of those imprisoned and permanently labeled terrorist would prior to 9/11 have been sent to an anger management class or a drug and alcohol rehab. These same people, post Patriot act Section 802 have or will continue to be in prison and have lifetime records as terrorists.


Other provisions of the Patriot Act allow government to request student university records, what clubs a student belonged to, grades, health issues or anything in a students record.


At the crossroads of this election, most Americans have bought into the mindless ideology of the two inhumane camps that plunged us into a totalitarian nightmare. It is as if the Mussolini Fascists are in one camp, the German Nazis in the other, with voters picking the "good" side and blaming the "bad side". Both the Republicans and Democrats are defending themselves against Green, Independent, Occupy, etc. with the Patriot Act and NDAA, TSA and Fuhrerland Security. How much torture, false imprisonment, violence via police brutality, lies, disinformation, natural resource grabs dressed up in WMD clothing will be rammed down our throats this time? With no election ahead, why not just call out the National Guard, declare martial law and shoot Occupiers on sight?


People want to know why Occupy failed, blame the fact that it started in a park. As if the baton blows knocking Occupiers teeth out did not happen, the female Occupiers having their breasts grabbed never happened.


Occupy was a sleeping, snoring America having one short gasp for breath, rolling over and going back to snoring. Any true change will not come of voting, but of realizing Mussolini's posse lost and Hitler's posse just one, again.



The average American is consumed with being a good, loyal consumer and owning more. Ask them what they think of NDAA. Ask ten people in public what they think of NDAA, not one of the ten will have a clue. The same ten can tell you the price of a Droid or iPhone. Yes, the disinformation age, where those who could do life in prison or be murdered legally by Obama do not know that, but can price quote a device that keeps them misinformed.


Adult Americans (most of them) eat, sleep, drink, have a sex life and learn how to be more loyal consumers by getting deeply brainwashed from the Ministry of Cable TV Truth. Certainly if Pat Act section 802, NDAA 1021 and TSA VIPR were exactly like Hitler's Nazis in 1933 my TV would say so?


TSA VIPR is one of our enemies, but the iPhones and Droids falsely claim it is the abortionists who are the enemy. It is big oil. The biggest enemy in America is the disinformation-filled ordinary people. Apathy, indifference - those sent to prison under Patriot Act Section 802 were not I, therefore I do not care. Those who do care are in prison. At some point, more and more people will be imprisoned for re-programming, having their patriotism to the US Nazi party tuned up.


Everyone needs a culprit to blame, someone to punish. 90% of America willingly let America become a Nazi regime, so some imaginary "them" did not gobble up all of "us". But us are peons, pawns, gullible who never once protested the Patriot Act, NDAA or PSYOPS FM-3-39. We listened to talking heads talk about Todd Akens stupid words while preparations by profiteers to enact NDAA and PSYOPS FM-3-39 were underway.



Where else should we manipulate currency? Our captors are currency manipulators with a poverty draft. Part of their penchant is converting Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran to the US dollar. When new US pre-emptive wars start in 2013, think foreign currency converted to US dollars, among other motives. If you complain, we have a secret prison near Budapest and an IV line to plunge into your vein. Why would we make it legal to do this and then never use such a law? NDAA 1021 and 1022 are very detailed and are so important to Obama he sent his lawyers to court numerous times fighting having the law enjoined. Obama's lawyers have appealed the Judges enjoinment, said lawyers could not say if anyone has been locked up, tortured and killed under Obama's NDAA.

Watch for two kinds of false flags: Type 1) Attack at Benghazi was probably a false flag, look for more of them. 2) The government to manufacture a completely fictitious but believable to the dull masses domestic terrorist and blame it on Occupy, the Green and Indie parties, etc.

Watch for Paramilitary Police to dislocate the shoulders of anyone publicly disagreeing with Obama and the duopoly. Watch for anyone who looks like they could challenge the status quo of the duopoly to be beaten senseless or killed as an example to all that the duopoly rules us all with an iron fist. Heil Hitler, my President!


Bring me your income taxes, your poverty draftees and I will wage genocidal wars, pollute the Earth with military waste, steal possessions of others, make it legal to torture and imprison and murder my own people" When the amount of police brutality of Occupiers on Youtube quintuples, do not be surprised. The beatings of people by the police under Obama are Hitler's Liberty.

Obama signed NDAA and pledged never to use the law against us. If you believe him, ask yourself why he has and continues to criminalize politcal dissent in America? Obama claimed he would close Guntanamo, but drug and violent torture in Guantanamo continue. What part of he is just like Hitler is it that people do not get?

Google drone strikes in yandex.com images. You will see the women and children he killed.

I need this new law, but you can trust me with it, I will never use it against you - Obama paraphrased. http://youtu.be/nmfzDHyN9G0


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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Los-Angeles-Times-Uses-Bi-by-Tracy-Turner-121105-540.html

November 5, 2012

Los Angeles Times Uses "Birtherism' As Pro GMO Science -- Yes On California Prop 37

By Tracy Turner


Los Angeles Times, which has taken the position of a Shill for Monsanto, BASF, DuPont, Dow, Bayer and Syngenta has offered up this Prop. 37: A better idea than labeling GMO's http://tinyurl.com/ack529j article by Alexandra Le Tellier. Writer Le Tellier has taken the same position as her employer, her main qualification for GMO debate is that she is a self-described "healthy foodie" who likes eating GMO's.


Though not self-described as such, would a healthy foodie who likes GMO's tend to "act naturally" most of the time? I would never want to butt heads with this woman or be alone together with her for a briefly long time. Le Tellier's GMO-gobbling healthy foodie qualifications to advise us on the science of food and health are omnipresent at FDA and Health and Human Services; these types of individuals approve All Natural GMO Agent Orange Corn Syrup. 38 Newspapers approve All Natural GMO Agent Orange Corn Syrup and most TV stations made a lot of money from Monsanto's pro-GMO Agent Orange Corn Syrup ads.


Perhaps I have "clearly misunderstood" her, as after reading her no on Prop 37 GMO labels essay, I want to vote yes more than ever. I do not think she intended the obvious healthy foodie gmo oxymoron,   but it made me ravenously nauseated for an Agent Orange GMO nut and corn-syrup health candy bar and a GMO Agent Orange soy health energy drink.


Now, then" healthy foodie who likes GMO, is there a small crowd of you healthy foodie GMO eaters, or just a few petite large ones?


Alexandra Le Tellier quotes people who wrote in and responds to them, making an extremely science-oriented case for voting Monsanto-health-conscious: Quote "CR, you frame perfectly why our nation is a mess. "I demand it, I want it now, and I don't care what science says."   We can't set a precedent on making scientific decisions based on your feelings. Anti-GMO = climate denial = anti vaccine = anti-stem cells = creationists = birthers, etc.   All want changes in policy because they think they are smarter than science." end quote. So, birthers? The science proving GMO's is safe is a quote about birthers? In LA Times?


The science behind voting Pro-Monsanto "healthy" has something to do with a scientist Le Tellier quotes, and said scientists goes into birthers as why we have to vote Pro-GMO-healthy-foodie? This is everything wrong with LA Times, all 37-38 other major California Newspapers putting similar dribble on the web and printed on paper. My wife and I stopped all the papers and buying out of news racks 12-15 years ago.


Alexandra Le Tellier, representing Los Angeles Times goes on in this and other similar articles with weak, pithy, poorly worded arguments that all reflect Monsanto stall tactics, Monsanto lies and a blatant disregard of the Study Showing Rat Tumors from GMO Corn Shakes up Officials http://tinyurl.com/ah9k4b6 . Le Tellier ignores the Showa Denko L-Tryptophan GMO disaster and the dead 37 and crippled for life 1,500 by omitting obvious evidence of GMO danger.


Which is more egregious, 38 California newspapers using their obvious pulpit to misinform and mislead the public, newspaper editors who allow their Le Tellier's to quote scientific "facts" containing the word "birthers" and equal sign symbols or the newspapers having the unmitigated gall to think they are now Faux Non-news?


Which is worse, 38 California newspapers being owned by a Republican hedge fund posing as Astroturf-roots health-foodie-gmo-gobblers or several generations of registered voters deciding issues based on vague hormonal influences, the physical attractiveness of the Monsanto shills and notions that how they feel on election day is empirical scientific evidence. It may not be obvious, but Le Tellier and the editors of Los Angeles Times have a right to believe anything and to vote any way that they please, for any candidate or on any issue. But do Los Angeles Times and its cohorts have the right to present Monsanto's greed and dangerous responsibility as "scientific fact'?


We will apparently all have to do as LA Times, Le Tellier and Monsanto have always urged us to do, just keep eating increasing amounts of Agent Orange Corn & Soy and wait and see if there is a human health danger. Le Tellier makes an even weaker and pithier implied case in her article that waiting to see if you die from Agent Orange GMO Soy and Corn cancer is scientific method and avoids "everything wrong with the country". The sad thing is that thousands of young women of child-bearing years are going to feed themselves Agent Orange GMO Soy and Corn while bottle-feeding their babies Agent Orange GMO Soy baby formula while they wait and see if there is a health hazard. This is the same approach used with DDT insecticide and Thalidomide. The young women reading Le Tellier's hubris think LA Times editors vetted and fact-checked her misinformation posed as fact.


It is obvious Le Tellier has never sprayed a golf course with Agent Orange with a pesticide license, grown 170 acres of corn and watermelon at an agricultural school, etc. But she is giving the public the green light to consume a diet of genetically engineered food routinely soaked with a powerful mutating hormone. The chances that the gene splices will mutate and cause harm is very high but Le Tellier herself is to uninformed to understand the potential consequences of soaking corn and soy gene splices in agent orange one generation of crop seed after another.


Le Tellier's, LA Times and Monsanto's position seems to be "lets just wait until something goes wrong". The Showa Denko L-Tryptophan GMO disaster already did go wrong.


Truththeory.com has this photo of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims on their website about Agent Orange: http://tinyurl.com/bjarxtd

Theecosocialist.com has this photo of a Vietnamese Agent Orange victim on their website about Agent Orange: http://tinyurl.com/betlgrn

Vietnam Agent Orange victims again http://tinyurl.com/bfl9s3m

Le Tellier did what the 38 Newspapers did; let's ignore the GMO part of our diet, because the pesticides are probably worse. But the six big pesticide/biotech GMO firms grow the food as a package deal, GMO soaked in pesticides. Articles like Le Tellier's ask us to ignore Monsanto altering our intestinal bacteria into genetically altered GMO Roundup-ready intestinal bacteria. Many of us do not want our intestinal bacteria to be genetically modified by Agent Orange GMO Soy and Corn. Ironically, newspapers are going bankrupt or constantly being bought out and restructured because they do what LA Times is doing. They cater to their Tea Partier or Birthers owners and totally disenfranchise the 65% of Californians who are Democrat, Green, Indie or apolitical. It is so odd, LA Times calls our home desperate to sell newspaper subscriptions but carries no Democrat, Green, Indie or apolitical viewpoint. Numerous articles and opinions in the Times offend those who are not Tea Partiers, much of this writers LA Times angst has built up from years of similar Fox News type misinformation presented as "news".

Le Tellier could have phones a USDA Pesticide inspector who follows this issue closely and written something with facts in it rather than quoting an anonymous scientist who used the word birthers to promote GMO.

Please Vote Yes On California Prop 37.


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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Stratocratic-Venom-Stings-by-Tracy-Turner-121105-190.html

November 5, 2012

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - V

By Tracy Turner


Most Americans go through their lives, assuming a nuclear power plant nearby will not melt down or assuming military nerve gas on a train will not derail and leak. Assuming the water they drink, bathe in is not exposing them to Strontium 90 or Air Force electroplating Chrome 6. America has a strong military by virtue of every single one of us eating, drinking and bathing in trace amounts of military pollution. There is not a single man, woman or child in America who has not been exposed to some amount of military toxin.


This is the fifth (and probably final) article in this series, articles one, two, three and four respectively are here: http://tiny.cc/fskimw and http://tiny.cc/lukimw and http://tiny.cc/lvkimw and http://tinyurl.com/8kaf5qy.


Trains derail frequently in the US, imagine one of these trains derailing near your home or work:

Nuclear spent fuel dry cask (probably containing spent fuel)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y93riMwoa6M . Concrete dry casks (empty in this case) for nuclear spent fuel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBaEXiQajw8. This train video contains two DODX (Dept of Defense) nuclear casks being moved: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TPod_0l7bY. This last one has four nuclear dry casks from a military nuke reactor, be patient as it is the last of four trains: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IqfB_wXe94. The more I read about America's dependence on nuclear military might and nuclear electricity (began as Atoms For Peace as a front for the Nuke Bomb industry), the more I believe we will be the first humans to go extinct. In Europe, people protest against trains full of radioactivity. Here, we just passively await our own extinction.


Imagine this train derailing near your home http://youtu.be/7IqfB_wXe94. Go to time frame 2:30, that is four Uranium fuel rod dry casks filled with military nuke reactor fuel rods. I have links to four different trains in my last of the five articles.


I wrote these articles figuring that people searching for military pollution and their state would run across opednews, as well as to draw attention to the Navajo and Uranium mining, the Hawaiians and Depleted Uranium target practice, etc.


Researching these five articles changed my outlook a lot, because of knowledge of military pollution in America such as this: http://tinyurl.com/92d65pp "Seven nuclear bombs' worth of plutonium escaped into air ducts at the Rocky Flats weapons plant near Denver over the 38 years of the plant's operation, Federal officials said yesterday."


Tennessee Arnold Engineering Development Center (USAF) Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) is located in Coffee and Franklin Counties in south-central Tennessee near the cities of Manchester and Tullahoma.


In 1950 and 1951, AEDC purchased approximately 7,000 acres of additional land that created the 4,000-acre Woods Reservoir, which provides cooling water for AEDC's test facilities. AEDC also includes a 3,000-foot airstrip. Approximately 30,000 acres of AEDC property is heavily forested and covered under a management plan allowing the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to operate and manage a wildlife program.  


AEDC is a test organization of the Air Force Material Command and its primary mission is to simulate actual flight conditions in aerodynamic, propulsion, and space ground-test facilities. In addition, AEDC conducts research and applies new technology to improve environmental facilities and associated testing techniques and instrumentation.   Several potentially contaminated source areas are located at AEDC, including Landfill No.2, Leaching Pit No.2, Retention Reservoir, and the Main Testing Area. Landfill No. 2 is a 15-acre landfill used for disposal of hazardous wastes. Leaching Pit No. 2 was used for disposal of chrome plating solutions and other acidic wastes. The Retention Reservoir is a 175-acre impoundment which is used as a retention basin for wastewaters and surface water runoff. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), trichloroethane, methylene chloride, and toluene are reported to have entered the Retention Reservoir.


The Main Testing Area, situated on developed lands in the central portion of AEDC, has been the site of a wide variety of waste handling activities and spills involving jet and rocket fuels, chlorofluorocarbon solvents, nitric acid, and other shop wastes. PCBs have been detected in soil samples collected at the Main Testing Area.   Surface water runoff from the Main Testing Area enters Woods Reservoir via several streams. The AEDC drinking water intake, which serves 3,800 workers, is located at the confluence of Brumalow Creek and Woods Reservoir.




Memphis Defense Depot (DLA) The Memphis Defense Depot is comprised of 642 acres in south central Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. It is located in a mixed residential/commercial/industrial area. The site consists of two contiguous sections: Dunn Field, an open storage and burial area of about 60 acres; and the main installation.


The depot has conducted numerous operations dealing with hazardous substances.   A total of 75 waste disposal areas and other areas of concern have been identified at the facility, most of them in Dunn Field. Among the wastes disposed of, according to the Department of Defense (DOD), are oil, grease, paints, paint thinners, methyl bromide, and pesticides. In addition, stored materials have reportedly spilled and leaked at the main installation, as well as at Dunn Field, contaminating soil with volatile organic compounds, metals, PCBs, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and pesticides.   Shallow ground water is contaminated with arsenic, lead, chromium, nickel, tetrachloroethene, and trichloroethene, according to tests conducted in 1989 by DOD. An estimated 154,300 people obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 4 miles of the site. The nearest well, within 0.5 mile of hazardous substances at the depot, also provides water for commercial food production. These wells draw from deeper ground water, which is not now contaminated.  


There was recreational fishing on Lake Danielson, a 4-acre man-made lake on the facility, until 1986, when DOD tests found pesticides (DDD, DDE, dieldrin, and chlordane) and PCBs in lake sediment and fish tissue. The tests also found cadmium, chromium, lead, and zinc in lake sediments.


Milan Army Ammunition Plant The Milan Army Ammunition Plant (AAP) in Milan, Gibson County, Tennessee, produces munitions for the U.S. Army. The "O" Line at Milan, a conventional munition demobilization facility, operated from 1942 until December 1978. The major function of the "O" Line was to remove explosives (TNT and TNT-RDX mixtures) from munitions by injecting a high-pressure stream of hot water and steam into the open cavity of the munitions. Effluent from the "O" Line operation was discharged into 11 unlined settling ponds with an estimated capacity of 5.5 million gallons. Between 1971 and 1981, sediments were routinely dredged from the ponds and stored on the ground.


In 1981, the ponds were lined, and the accumulated sediments placed into the ponds.   Analyses of samples collected in March 1979 from on-site water supply and monitoring wells indicated the presence of explosives and heavy metals. Three water supply wells serving the City of Milan and numerous private wells are located less than 3 miles from the area of known ground water contamination. The direction of ground water flow has not been completely determined. AAP supply wells are located on-site. More than 13,000 people within 3 miles of the site depend on ground water as a source of drinking water.




Oak Ridge Reservation (USDOE) The Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR), operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE), covers about 58,000 acres in Oak Ridge, in Anderson and Roane Counties, Tennessee. The area around the reservation is predominately rural except for the City of Oak Ridge (population 28,000).


ORR consists of three major operating facilities: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a research lab that includes nuclear reactors, chemical plants, and radiosotope production labs; Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, a production complex previously engaged primarily in the enrichment of uranium-235; and the Y-12 Plant, located immediately adjacent to the City of Oak Ridge, which produces nuclear weapon components, processes nuclear materials, and performs other related functions.  


ORR operations generate a variety of radioactive, nonradioactive, and mixed (radioactive and nonradioactive) hazardous wastes, many of which in the past were disposed of or stored on-site. Leakage from inactive disposal and storage facilities, coupled with spills and other accidental releases, has contaminated many areas in and around ORR.   Metals, organics, and radionuclides have been detected in ORR soil, ground water, and surface water. At present, ground water contamination appears confined to ORR.   A 1983 study by USDOE estimates that 733,000 pounds of elemental mercury were released to the environment in the 1950s and 1960s around the Y-12 Plant. Additional studies revealed that some 170,000 pounds of mercury are contained in the sediments and floodplain of about a 15-mile length of East Fork Poplar Creek (EFPC), which has its headwaters at Y-12, and that some 500 pounds of mercury annually leave this watershed.

Mercury and cesium-137 have been detected at higher than background levels in sediments of the Clinch River and the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, some 118 miles downstream of ORR. Seven water intakes in this 118-mile stretch provide drinking water to an estimated 43,200 people. Wetlands in the Blyth Ferry Water Fowl Management Area are also near the 118-mile stretch of the river.   EFPC flows through the City of Oak Ridge, exposing people to mercury-contaminated soils in the easily accessible areas of the floodplains of the creek. USDOE has removed soil at several locations along the creek where mercury concentrations were particularly high.



Texas Air Force Plant #4 occupies approximately 650 acres in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. General Dynamics operates the plant, which manufactures aircraft for the Air Force. In November 1982, the Air Force and General Dynamics notified EPA that hazardous substances were found in a storm water outfall that drains into a creek on the west side of the plant.

Under Air Force supervision, General Dynamics constructed a french drain and a collection basin at the outfall. Since that time, leachate from the drain and outfall has been collected, stored, and disposed of in an EPA-regulated disposal facility. In 1983, the Air Force removed 21,300 cubic yards of contaminated soil from closed waste pits and disposed of the soil at a regulated disposal facility.

The Air Force has drilled numerous test holes and 97 monitoring wells in and around 20 areas, which cover a total of about 8 acres. Many of the areas have contained hazardous substances. Analyses of the wells indicate that ground water in the upper zone under the site is contaminated with organic chemicals and heavy metals. Several deeper wells were drilled at the site into the Paluxy Aquifer, the source of drinking water for nearby residents, including White Settlement (population 13,420). Two wells have been found to be contaminated by trans-1,2-dichloroethylene and trichloroethylene.

Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant, located in Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas, produces a variety of explosives and munitions. During World War II, explosives were disposed of by detonation above- and below-ground in an area covering about 5 acres. Tests conducted by the Army indicate that heavy metals (lead and chromium) contaminate monitoring wells south of the disposal site along the border of the facility.   About 1,200 people use private wells within 3 miles of the site as a source of drinking water.

Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Under IRP, the Army has identified 11 contaminated or potentially contaminated areas. Among them are the Active Burning Grounds, where flammable wastes have been burned since the early 1950s; the Unlined Evaporation Pond (in the Active Burning Grounds), into which an estimated 16,000 gallons per day of waste containing arsenic, barium, chromium, lead, zinc, and organic nitrogen compounds were discharged during 1972-84; the Old Landfill, where trinitrotoluene (TNT) wastes were disposed of during 1942-44; the Former TNT Production Area; and the Ground Signal Test Area and South Test Area, where various rocket motors and ammunition are tested.

A 1984 IRP study reports barium, chromium, and lead in sediments from the Unlined Evaporation Pond, and barium in soil from the Old Landfill. The study also found that arsenic, barium, chromium, lead, zinc, 1,3-dinitrobenzene, and 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene are present in on-site monitoring wells near the Active Burning Grounds. An estimated 1,900 people obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on LAAP. The nearest well is 500 feet from LAAP's northern boundary.

Dinitrobenzene, 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, nitrobenzene, 2,4-dinitrobenzene, and 2,6-dinitrotoluene are present in surface waters, according to the 1984 IRP study. The contaminants originate from at least two areas in LAAP: the Old Landfill and the Former TNT Production Area. Harrison Bayou flows east of the Old Landfill; the Production Area is drained by Goose Prairie Creek and Central Creek. Goose Prairie Creek, Central Creek, and Harrison Bayou drain into Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake, a part of the Big Cypress Bayou, which flows into the Red River, is used for recreational activities.

Pantex Plant (USDOE) The Pantex Plant is in Pantex Village, Carson County, Texas, approximately 17 miles northeast of Amarillo. The area is primarily agricultural. The plant is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) and operated under contract by Mason and Hangar-Siles Mason Co. The plant itself covers 9,100 acres. In addition, there is a buffer zone consisting of a 1,077-acre portion of Pantex Lake owned by USDOE and 3,170 acres of land leased by USDOE from Texas Technological University.  


The plant began in 1942 as an Army Ordnance Corps facility. Nuclear operations began in 1950. Current operations -- which include fabrication of nuclear weapon ammunition and assembly, testing, and disassembly of nuclear weapons -- involve 141 solid waste management units. Past and present waste practices include burning of chemical wastes in unlined pits, burial of wastes in unlined landfills, and discharging of plant waste waters into on-site surface waters. More than 150 potential contamination sources have resulted from these practices, of which 15 are being evaluated initially.  


In 1988, a USDOE contractor detected acetone, toluene, tetrahydrofuran, trichloroethylene (TCE), bromoform, 1,2-dichloroethane, arsenic, barium, chromium, lead, mercury, and silver in waste waters discharged to unlined ditches and surface impoundments on the site. USDOE also detected acetone, TCE, tetrahydrofuran, toluene, 1,2-dichloroethane, 2-butanone, tetrachloroethylene, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane in soil underlying a chemical burn pit used for evaporation and percolation of solvents contaminated with high explosives, and uranium in soil underlying firing grounds FS-4, FS-5, and FS-10.   This makes Pantex Plant one of the most toxic places in America. Carson County (Pantex) is in the North Panhandle of Texas, more http://www.txpeer.org/toxictour/pantex.html.


Toluene is present at 329 feet below the surface in soils underlying the pit. The Ogallala Aquifer occurs at a depth of 390 to 420 feet beneath the site. A zone of low permeability occurs beneath the site at a depth of 350 feet; the thickness varies from 25 to 100 feet. Contamination is documented in this zone. The aquifer serves as the primary source of domestic and municipal water supply. Amarillo has a blended system that provides water to 160,000 customers, approximately 36% of them from a well field within 4 miles of Pantex; 20 domestic wells have been identified within 1 mile. Pumping by the city has created a cone of depression, causing ground water underlying Pantex to flow toward the municipal well field.


Utah Hill Air Force Base There are 10 areas of known hazardous waste disposal at Hill AFB. The 10, which cover a total of 54 acres, are: 3 landfills, 3 chemical disposal pits, 1 evaporation pond, 1 area of unlined beds for drying sludge from waste water treatment plants, and 2 fire training areas. Landfill #1 operated as a solid waste dump and may have received waste oils and solvents, many hazardous. The largest accumulation of hazardous waste is believed to be at Landfill #3, which accepted drums of chemicals, industrial sludges, solvent cleaning bottoms, and waste solvents. Landfill #4 received small quantities of sulfuric acid, chromic acid, methyl ethyl ketone, and treatment plant sludges, along with municipal wastes. Chemical Disposal Pits #1 and #2 received liquid chemicals. Pit #3 received trichloroethylene and associated sludges. Berman Pond was used for evaporation of waste from electroplating and other industrial operations.   In addition, Hill AFB deposited heavy metals and various solutions at Landfill #5 on the Utah Test and Training Range. The State detected hazardous organic substances in seepage water on the slope adjacent to the northwestern perimeter of Hill AFB Landfills #3 and 4.



Monticello Mill Tailings (DOE) The Monticello Mill Tailings Site covers 78 acres at the southern edge of Monticello in San Juan County, Utah. The U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) now owns the site.

The mill opened in 1942, recovering vanadium from the uranium/vanadium ores of the Colorado Plateau. The Atomic Energy Commission, predecessor of USDOE, bought the site in 1948, recovering uranium until the mill closed permanently in January 1960. In subsequent years, the two agencies took various actions to dismantle the mill, stabilize the piles of tailings, clean up the ore-stock pile areas, and demolish and bury the mill foundation.

Ore processing activities at the mill generated large quantities of mill tailings that now cover approximately 68 acres. These tailings were segregated into four discrete piles on the basis of content and mill process: the carbonate pile, vanadium pile, acid pile, and east pile. The potentially radioactive contaminated materials (mill tailings and contaminated soils) total approximately 1.6 million tons, according to a 1984 USDOE report. In 1961, the tailings piles were covered with soil and revegetated. At least two piles have no liners.

The site is underlain by a shallow alluvial aquifer, which is contaminated with arsenic (0.19 mg/l), selenium (0.16 mg/l), uranium (12.8 mg/l), and vanadium (4.7 mg/l), according to a 1988 USDOE report. Within 3 miles of the site, municipal and private wells tapping a deeper aquifer provide drinking water to an estimated 1,900 people. A municipal well is less than 1,200 feet from the tailings piles. Montezuma Creek, which flows through the middle of the tailings piles, is also contaminated with arsenic, selenium, uranium, and vanadium, according to the 1988 USDOE report. The levels of some contaminants exceed water quality standards. The creek is used for irrigation within 3 miles downstream of the site.

Radon was present in the air near the piles in tests conducted in 1983-84 by a USDOE contractor. The nearest residential area is approximately 1,000 feet from the tailings piles, and agricultural land starts at 1,700 feet.


Monticello Radioactive Contaminated Properties The Town of Monticello (population about 2,000) in San Juan County in southeastern Utah is the site of a mill that processed vanadium and uranium ore from 1942 to 1960. Contractors operated the mill for the Federal government. Prior to the mid-1970s, radioactive tailings were widely dispersed throughout the town. Some appear to have been used as fill material and as aggregate for mortar and concrete, while others appear to have been carried from the mill by wind and water.

Various agencies, including EPA, the State Health Department, and the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE), have conducted radiological surveys of town properties. Above-background levels of radioactivity were detected during each survey. USDOE has authorized cleanup of 15 properties and is studying several more for inclusion in its Site Restoration Program. However, USDOE may lack the authority to clean up properties contaminated by materials brought in from the mill in Dry Valley.

Ogden Defense Depot (DLA) (a part of the Defense Logistics Agency) covers 1,139 acres 0.5 mile west of Ogden, Weber County, Utah. Since 1941, the facility has maintained and repaired vehicles and equipment. Its operations include plating, degreasing, and painting of metals. The depot also recontainerizes chemicals for storage on-site and for shipment off-site. Various highly toxic chemical warfare agents are buried on the site. The exact location and quantities are unknown.

Since 1981, the State and the Defense Logistics Agency have investigated disposal activities at the depot.

Tooele Army Depot (North Area) The Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) is in Tooele, Tooele County, Utah, 35 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. The North Area covers about 25,000 acres in Tooele Valley south and west of Tooele.   Since 1943, TEAD has had a fourfold mission: store ammunition, demilitarize ammunition, rebuild military equipment, and store military equipment. In fulfilling its mission, TEAD decommissions munitions by cutting the casings and removing and recycling the explosive material. The casings are then rinsed with water to remove residual explosives. Between 1948 and 1965, rinse waters were discharged into the "TNT Washout Area," which covers less than 1 acre in the North Area. The Army has detected trinitrotoluene (TNT) and cyclomethylenetriamine (RDX), an experimental explosive, in soil near the TNT Washout Area, threatening ground water. About 2,500 people depend on wells within 3 miles of the site as a source of drinking water.


Washington McChord Air Force Base (Wash Rack/Treatment Area) McChord Air Force Base covers about 6,000 acres just south of Tacoma in Pierce County, Washington. It is on an upland plain, 5 miles east-southeast of Puget Sound. Since 1940, almost 500,000 gallons of hazardous substances have been used and disposed of on the base. The Air Force has detected chloroform, benzene, arsenic, chromium, and mercury in test wells on the base, as well as in surface drainage (Clover Creek) leaving the base.  


This NPL site consists of two areas: the liquid waste spill and disposal area adjacent to the wash rack and the industrial waste treatment system. The wash rack has been active since the 1940s. A wide variety of solvents, detergents, paints, and corrosion-removing compounds have been used there. Industrial wastes from other sources also were directed to the wash rack. The industrial waste treatment system includes an oil skimmer with two leach pits. McChord Air Force Base, the Lakewood Water District, and American Lake Gardens (a private development) get their drinking water from the aquifer partially underlying McChord. Well over 10,000 people within 3 miles of the base depend on the aquifer for their drinking water.


Bangor Naval Submarine Base (US Navy) The Bangor Naval Submarine Base covers 7,000 acres on Hood Canal near Silverdale, Kitsap County, Washington. The area around the base is primarily residential. Established in 1946, it now has the primary mission of basing Trident submarines.

In July 1987, a 6-acre hazardous waste site on the base known as Site A was placed on the NPL under the name "Bangor Ordnance Disposal."

The Bangor Naval Submarine Base is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. As part of IRP, the Navy has identified 19 additional waste areas within 1.5 miles of each other where industrial wastes and waste water containing explosives were mishandled. The areas include ordnance burn and disposal pits, pesticide storage and disposal areas, a PCB spill area, a portion of Hood Canal with contaminated sediments, and Clear Creek.

Cyclonite (RDX), trinitrotoluene (TNT), ammonium picrate, ammonium picramate, and propylene glycol dinitrate are present in numerous wells on the base, according to IRP tests conducted in 1983. An estimated 18,000 people, including base employees and local residents, obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the base. Ground water is also used for irrigation.

The 1983 tests identified most of the same explosives, as well as copper and lead, in surface waters and shellfish in three locations on the base. The waters drain into Hood Canal and Clear Creek. Waste waters containing explosives were routinely discharged to surface waters, and ships in Hood Canal were painted with paints containing heavy metals. The Navy also has found these contaminants in shellfish in Hood Canal, which is used for recreational activities and contains commercially valuable fish and shellfish.

Bangor Ordnance Disposal (USNAVY) The Bangor Naval Submarine Base is near Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington. Site A is a 6-acre hazardous waste site on the base used by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team as a test range. Between 1965 and 1973, the U.S. Navy demilitarized over 2 million pounds of explosive ordnance at this base. Surface water and shallow ground water are contaminated with cyclonite (RDX) and trinitrotoluene (TNT). The site is 0.5 mile from Hood Canal, a sensitive marine environment. A small residential community lies 0.5 mile to the north in one possible direction of ground water flow.


Bonneville Power Administration Ross Complex (USDOE) According to a preliminary assessment made in 1986 by BPA, a number of storage and disposal areas pose a potential threat, including: DOB-1 Drainfield, where laboratory wastes were deposited; the Cold Creek Fill Area, where soil potentially contaminated with oil, PCBs, and heavy metals was disposed of; and the Fog Chamber Disposal Area, where capacitors containing PCBs were buried in trenches.   In 1987 and 1988, BPA sampled an on-site well; analyses detected chloroform, 1,1-dichloroethane, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane. An estimated 105,000 people in Vancouver obtain drinking water from public wells within 3 miles of the site.   Cold Creek is 450 feet downslope of the site. It is fed by shallow ground water that flows under the Ross Complex. Vancouver Lake, 1.5 miles from Cold Creek, is used for fishing and other recreational activities.


Fairchild Air Force Base (4 Waste Areas) Fairchild Air Force Base (AFB) occupies approximately 4,300 acres 12 miles west of Spokane, Spokane County, Washington. The base opened in 1942 as the Spokane Army Air Depot. Four waste areas covering 85 acres comprise the NPL site: Building 1034 French drain and dry well system; two landfills, one northeast of Taxiway 8 and one at Craig Road; and the industrial waste lagoons.


During past base activities, more than 4,000 drum equivalents of carbon tetrachloride and other solvents, paint wastes, plating sludges containing cadmium and lead, and related industrial wastes were disposed of in the four areas. The aquifer, which consists of Columbia River Flood Basalt, is highly fractured. These conditions facilitate movement of contaminants into ground water, as well as movement of contaminated ground water. A well within base boundaries serves as a standby water supply for the base's 5,200 employees. In addition, approximately 400 private wells serving about 20,000 people are within 3 miles of the facility.   West Medical Lake, Medical Lake, and Silver Lake are within 3 miles downstream of Fairchild AFB. These lakes support wildlife and are used for recreational activities.


Fort Lewis Logistics Center (USARMY) has operated on about 650 acres southeast of Tillicum, Pierce County, Washington, since 1942. The area around the center is military and residential. Its primary mission is to maintain, repair, and store military supplies.   Trichloroethylene (TCE) and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (trans) are used as solvents at several locations and stored inside or adjacent to buildings. Until the 1970s, waste TCE and sludge containing TCE and petroleum were disposed of directly into the ground at three known areas in or adjacent to the center, which is in the northeast portion of the 86,500 acres occupied by Fort Lewis. Fort Lewis (Landfill No. 5) was placed on the NPL in July 1987.


n 1986, IRP studies detected TCE and trans, as well as low levels of 1,1-dichloroethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and 1,1-dichloroethane, in monitoring wells at the center. A plume of ground water in the shallow unconfined aquifer is contaminated with TCE. The plume extends toward Tillicum approximately 2 miles downgradient of the southern edge of the center, measures 2,500 feet wide, and reaches at least 80 feet below the water table, which is at 5-20 feet below the surface. The TCE plume passes within 100 feet of a public well serving Tillicum. The lower aquifer is also contaminated with TCE, according to tests conducted in 1988 by the Army. An estimated 46,000 people obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances at the center.


Industrial operations at Fort Lewis have included maintenance of aircraft and vehicles, repair and refurbishing of weapons, and neutralization of caustic paint-stripping waste and battery acids. Prior to the mid-1970s, wastes were disposed of in on-site landfills covering 225 acres. These disposal sites may have received hazardous wastes such as spent solvents, plating wastes, pesticides, and PCBs. The State has detected hazardous chemicals, including iron and manganese, in ground water on and off Landfill No. 5, which covers 104 acres. The Army has installed 11 monitoring wells near the landfill.


Hanford 100-Area (USDOE) Benton    Soils contaminated by radiological and chemical waste from plutonium manufacture for the Manhattan Project and subsequent activities. Groundwater contaminated by strontium-90, carbon-14, tritium and hexavalent chromium and discharges into the Columbia River, which is the water supply for over 170,000 people.


Hanford 200-Area (USDOE) Groundwater and soil contamination by tritium, uranium, cyanide, carbon tetrachloride, technetium-99 and other substances from processing, finishing and managing nuclear materials including plutonium for nuclear weapons.


Hanford 300-Area (USDOE) Groundwater contamination by uranium, VOCs, strontium-90 and tritium from nuclear fuel fabrication. Soil contamination by uranium, cobalt-60, copper, PCBs, chromium and possibly other substances. Uranium and TCE have been detected in groundwater adjacent to the Columbia River, which is used for drinking water for over 170,000 people.


Hanford 1100-Area (USDOE) Wells contaminated by VOCs including TCE and soil by asbestos, heavy metals and PCBs from maintenance activities.


McChord Air Force Base (Wash Rack/Treat) A layer of benzene-contaminated fuel emulsion is sitting on top of the water table. Benzene levels in the groundwater have now fallen below EPA safe drinking water levels.




Midnite Mine Surface water, groundwater, soil and sediments contamination by metals and radionuclides from former uranium ore mining.


Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Ault) Ault Field groundwater is contaminated by VOCs including TCE and TCA. Soils and sediments are contaminated by PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, PAHs and dioxins.


Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Seaplane) Soil in areas of the seaplane base was contaminated by heavy metals including lead and arsenic, pesticides and PAHs. Contaminated soil has been removed; possible remaining groundwater, surface water and sediment contamination is not thought to pose a risk to human health or the environment.


Naval Undersea Warfare Station (4 Areas) Soil, sediments and groundwater contamination by PCBs, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals and VOCs from base operations. Chemical contamination of local shellfish is no longer at levels that cause health concern but the area is closed to shellfishing because of sewage contamination from other sources.


Old Navy Dump/Manchester Lab (USEPA/NOAA) Former US Navy site. Firefighting training contaminated soil with dioxins and petroleum hydrocarbons. Hydraulic erosion of a landfill area contaminated sediments and shellfish in Clam Bay with PCBs, copper, lead and zinc. Seeps from the landfill contained elevated levels of copper, nickel, zinc and PCBs.


Port Hadlock Detachment (US Navy) Shellfish next to a former landfill contain elevated levels of heavy metals and pesticides.


Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Complex Soil, sediment and groundwater contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, VOCs and PCBs. Groundwater flows into the Sinclair Inlet where it is a hazard to tribal fishermen, marine life and recreational users.


West Virginia Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (USNAVY) Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (ABL) is located in Mineral County, West Virginia, approximately 2 miles south of Cresaptown, Maryland. ABL occupies 1,628 acres and is situated on the flood plain of the North Branch of the Potomac River, along the West Virginia-Maryland state border. Surrounding land use is primarily agricultural with some forestry. The facility has been in operation since 1942, primarily for the research, development, and testing of solid propellants and motors for rockets, ammunition, and armaments for the Navy. ABL houses two operating plants. Plant 1 is owned by the Navy and occupies 1,572 acres of the ABL facility. The remaining 56 acres are owned and operated by Hercules, Inc. Operations at ABL have generated a variety of explosive and solvent wastes.


Until 1978, the majority of these wastes were disposed of in onsite disposal areas. Waste disposal and handling practices at the facility have resulted in several source areas of concern. Seven of these areas were aggregated into one source known as the Northern Riverside Waste Disposal Area (NRWDA). Other contamination sources include two previous burning ground areas; an inert non-ordnance landfill; a spent photographic developing solutions disposal areas; a sensitivity test area/surface water impoundment; and a beryllium landfill. Other sources of potential contamination exist at the site including a waste burning operation for the disposal of contaminated material.  


  The seven sites that make up NRWDA are an ordnance burning ground; an inert burning ground; a former solvent waste disposal pit; three acid disposal pits; a hazardous waste drum storage area; and an incinerator landfill.


Contaminants associated with these sources and detected in ground water and soil samples include explosives, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acids, bases, laboratory and industrial wastes, bottom sludge from solvent recovery, metal plating pretreatment sludge, paints, and thinners. Some contaminants have moved offsite and were detected in the North Branch of the Potomac River, adjacent to the site.   Two ABL water supply wells were temporarily taken out of service in 1981 because they were found to contain VOCs. Recent testing of these wells, as well as numerous monitoring wells in the developed area, shows consistent contamination of the ground water with VOCs.


Wyoming F. E. Warren Air Force Base Gasoline, solvents, oil, lubricating oils, hydraulic fluid, ethylene glycol, batteries, battery acid, coal ash, fly ash, paint, and trichloroethylene were formerly disposed of on the base. TCE and chloroform (a degradation product of carbon tetrachloride) are present in monitoring wells on the base.




Plutonium and Uranium Legacy Today


During the Cold War, the Rocky Flats Plant was the primary facility for processing and machining the plutonium used in nuclear weapons. During the cold war, the

United States built and ran a massive industrial complex that produced tens of thousands of nuclear weapons.


Politicians and news pundits speak in terms of the cold war being "over". Much of the Plutonium, Technitium, Strontium, Uranium and Americium poisoning left behind by the cold war will be with us for twice or thrice the age of the Solar System we live in and even longer. During this "new age" of "terrorism" that poison is not only pollution, but much of it is potential weapons material that must be guarded.


"Calutrons" (California University Cyclotron) enriched Uranium into Plutonium for triggers to make thermonuclear bombs. Everywhere that Plutonium was enriched, smelted, machined, fabricated and assembled is a death zone, an area where sickness grabs the local population. The government claims some of these areas are now cleaned up. The water table under the city of Cincinatti will never, ever be cleaned up. One of the other elements of thermonuclear bombs is Tritium gas. Everywhere Tritium gas is manufactured is a community that has far more tumors and cancer than a pristine place far from nuclear bomb and depleted uranium bomb and bullet manufacturing.


The Pantex Plant in Texas, Fernald near Cincinnati Ohio, Savannah River Georgia, and Rocky Flats are all Plutonium polluted. This AlterNet excerpt puts Plutonium pollution into some context (the human mind cannot comprehend this type of poison): "From 1952 to 1989, the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant smelt, purified and shaped over 70,000 plutonium triggers --each with a $4 million price tag and each with enough breathable particles of plutonium to kill every man, woman and child on the planet. Under the direction of the Atomic Energy Commission (later the Department of Energy), Dow Chemical, the notorious manufacturer of napalm and Agent Orange, operated the facility until 1975 with government-sanctioned environmental impunity. Rockwell International followed, with astonishing criminal environmental negligence that led to an unprecedented joint FBI and EPA raid in 1989 and the permanent halting of production."




Uranium Mining

Most of the uranium for the Manhattan Project came from rich deposits in Africa and Canada, but more than 400 mines eventually opened in the United States, primarily in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. After World

War II, uranium mining expanded dramatically, from 38,000 tons of ore in 1948 to 5.2 million tons in 1958 -- nearly all of it for nuclear weapons production.


The United States mined about 60 million tons of ore to produce this uranium.   Many

tons of natural uranium were needed to produce the several kilograms of enriched uranium used in the Hiroshima bomb.   For each kilogram of plutonium made for the U.S. arsenal, miners took roughly 1,000 tons of uranium ore from the ground.


Uranium Milling

A ton of uranium ore yields only a few pounds of uranium metal. The result is a dry purified concentrate called "yellowcake."   The milling produces large volumes of a sandlike byproduct called "mill tailings." These tailings contain both toxic heavy metals and radioactive radium and thorium. Uranium -- mill tailings account for a small fraction of the radioactivity in the byproducts of weapons production, but they constitute 96 percent of the total volume of radioactive byproducts that pollute the environment.  


Because uranium mills typically piled tailings without covers or containment, some

material was spread by wind and water. The primary hazard of these tailings is the emission of the radioactive gas radon.


Plutonium triggers: Rocky Flats secretly produced plutonium triggers or  "pits" for nuclear bombs--some 70,000 plutonium triggers over the course of more than 30 years (see timeline). By the late 1970s, as the truth began to spread, people protested at the bomb plant and worried about radioactive and toxic  waste in surrounding neighborhoods. Plutonium-trigger production ended in 1989 after the FBI and EPA raided the plant, leading to a grand jury investigation (which was eventually thwarted) -- excerpted from Kristen Iversens book, Full Body Burden.


As stated several times in previous articles, both the cold war and the depleted uranium war(s) have led to environmental racism (of the Navajo People), see the link after each state:


Arizona http://tinyurl.com/9rbhk4t

Colorado http://tinyurl.com/94xknl8

New Mexico http://tinyurl.com/94f3gqc

Utah http://tinyurl.com/8dpujj3

Wyoming http://tinyurl.com/8mxjjc5


See also Navajos and Uranium Mining



The biggest lie you read in print or see on TV is that the military-security-corporatacracy is keeping you safe. You, and everyone in America you have ever or will ever know, has been exposed to military industrial toxins. Look at articles 1-5 of this series of articles, there is almost nowhere to move to that does not have chemical, biological and/or atomic poison from the military and their contractors. Television does not tell you the truth, your learn the truth from researching many sources. There are a couple of states that currently lack Superfund sites, but will not remain that way with the US economy having reverted entirely back to war based commerce.


More people of color and Native Americans live near military/contractor Superfund sites than white people. In the Hollywood movie "The Dirty Dozen", Lee Marvin's cahracter and 11 other men are offered a deal to "cleanse themselves of the filth of prison" by commiting war atrocities within the high-pollution military-industrial-mainstream-media-complex. Circa 1990's into the foreseeable future, a remake of "The Dirty Dozen" would entail marines with javeline bazookas with warheads that deform the babies and cause malignat tumors on the local villagers for 4.6 billion years. Just think, you can leave the despicable filth of the privatized prison industrial complex, violate the Geneva Convention and spread US nuclear power plant and thermonuclear bomb filth in poor, third world nations. This makes the future remake "The Even Dirtier Dirty Dozen". Heroes, all, redeemed in the eyes of God and man. For each one of the dozen, there are easily 12 Navajo's with Leukemia and other Uranium diseases in the four corners states. For every soldier we supply, we poison 12 of us" understand chronic poisoning is often mistook for a lot of off-days, depression, etc. that is actually a body going hypo or hyperthyroid from Ammonium Perchlorate poisoning, etc.


Hollywood is so busy creating war boosterism to bring new life to the death industry they forgot how to do chronic poison documentaries on the Duponts and other war industries. Hollywood busies itself with the logisitcs of supporting Israel's next pre-emptive war and fails to count the bodies stacking up next to the superfund sites. Many of those who protest the pollution will be put in private prisons, but will not become Lee Marvin.




Wikipedia EPA pages and US EPA website


Alternet http://tinyurl.com/9qxo4wm


DOE Closing the Circle on the Splitting of the Atom


Wikipedia EPA pages, US EPA website, EPA NPL Narratives webpages.






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November 4, 2012

No Agent Orange Soy & Corn Deceptive Food - Yes On California Prop 37

By Tracy Turner


There are numerous articles all over the Internet, in University Libraries and Databases about Agent Orange, birth defects and cancer. This is actually much more current news now than it was during Viet Nam -- because of what the Pesticide (read that word as * poison *) lobby is doing with Agent Orange and your food supply.


Digressing to who is the Pesticide Lobby, those who petition government for carcinogenic poisons to be listed as non-carcinogenic poisons, etc. Think of Dow and Monsanto as the father of poison, BASF and Syngenta as the son of poison and Dupont and Bayer as the holy ghost of poison. Excuse the irreverence, but you cannot have the fathers, sons and holy ghosts of insecticides and weed killers without having the others. What one does, the others follow suit or similarly do. If one makes Agent Orange Corn, the others start working on Agent Orange Barley, Rice or possibly wheat.


Numerous articles online can fill the reader in on Dow, Monsanto and Agent Orange (when you finish this, Google "Agent Blue And The Business Of Killing Rice By Gerard Greenfield". One important detail many articles miss is what is Agent Orange in the sense of what does it do, how does it work. Dimethylamine salt of 2,4-D-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid are extremely omnipotent auxins (pronounced like oxens), plant growth stimulants not to help plants, but to make weeds, even trees grow so rapidly the cells of the plant grow themselves to death. These two Auxins are two of the most popular broadleaf weed killers ever invented. I am going to use a word the manufacturers of these chemicals do not like -- mutagen. 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T mutate the weed, tree or plant so that it grows itself to death.


Before we get into Agent Orange "All Natural Corn Tortilla Chips" and All Natural "Soy Veggie Burgers" in all 50 of the US States, there is something you need to know and see. Out of the world's six largest pesticide companies, two, Dow and Monsanto, supplied the 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T sprayed all over the Vietnamese people and their food in Vietnam. The results were deformed babies and people with cancer all over Viet Nam. As stated, this is new news, because Dow, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and BASF are flooding California TV stations with and ad ever 8-9 minutes saying to vote negatory on California Prop 37, GMO food labeling.


The big pesticide companies want to invent numerous new foods that are genetically modified to not die when showered with Agent Orange, 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T (to remove weeds from Corn and Soy with Agent Orange). Then the food industry will sell you the Agent Orange Corn as "all natural" corn syrup, Corn Tortilla chips, etc. and the soy as "all natural" Veggie Burgers, filler in soups, etc., etc. The six pesticide giants plan to make all kinds of new foods that can be de-weeded with a powerful mutagen auxins and those foods will also be sold to you as "all natural" when in fact they are GMO/Agent Orange you name it they want to feed it to you.


This is current news on other levels, those rice fields, taro paddies, etc. the were Sprayed with Dow Monsanto Agent Orange in the 1960's are still giving people cancer and deformed babies and women having miscarriages now, in 2012 and to the best of my knowledge women will be having deformed kids in Vietnam for quite some time into the future. Men, women and children, cows and pigs, chickens in Vietnam get tumors and cancer all the time from the same Agent Orange that they want to spray all over the Corn and Soy that ends up in your Corn Oil, Fritos, Corn tortillas, etc. Look at food labels in the store carefully, look at all the corn and soy and ask yourself if Agent Orange Corn and Soy is for you.


Buyer Beware, these photos will give you nightmares! The graphics that follow, the hyperlinks link to what many would call war crimes against humanity, of which Dow and Monsanto were involved. The photos are of people whose human cells encountered powerful growth auxins, Agent Orange herbicide:


Truththeory.com has this photo of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims on their website about Agent Orange: http://tinyurl.com/bjarxtd


Theecosocialist.com has this photo of a Vietnamese Agent Orange victim on their website about Agent Orange: http://tinyurl.com/betlgrn


Vietnam Agent Orange victims again http://tinyurl.com/bfl9s3m


The pesticide poison industry is running TV ads saying that they are the victims of some bizarre lawyers scheme (they are implying yes on Prop 37 California GMO labels are a scheme to make lawyers rich). Yes on 37 is to at least give you, a person who eats food, a clue that GMO Corn or GMO Soy is in something you can buy or put back on the shelf at the grocery store. If you know it is GMO Corn or Soy, you have a good clue it is Agent Orange Corn or Soy. Look at what Agent Orange in rice and taro did to the Vietnamese people in the links above.


The blatant deception of Monsanto, BASF, DuPont, Syngenta (Atrazine well water poison) Bayer (Honeybee extinction, CCD) and Dow Chemicals is despicable. So are the 289,000 people who die horrible pesticide deaths annually. Follow the money, grassroots on Yes on Prop 37 and big pesticide on no http://tinyurl.com/d2xm8vp.

Guide to Toxins - Common Dyes and their Effects - Dangerous Ingredients in ... Products That Contain Genetically Modified Corn Oil and Corn Products, Soy, ...
Sep 16, 2007 ... The many serious health hazards from consuming soy have not been told. ..... pancake mixes, frozen desserts, and many other common foods.

Last two links courtesy of ask.com.

Please Vote Yes On California Prop 37.



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November 4, 2012

I Vote 4 Oil Mafia Kleptocrats

By Tracy Turner



Astroturf vote4oil advertisements sometimes seem to air one every 4-5 minutes during prime time. The Kelsie Astroturf ad is obviously targeting under-30 women, one of her quips is in the under-30 woman vernacular, "we gotta do it". Knowing the ad was concocted by the Petroleum Dons and their Consigliores, what is it (in Kelsie's vernacular) "that we gotta do"? The oil Don's ( Bob Dudley - BP, Marvin Odum - Royal Dutch Shell, Rex W. Tillerson -- Exxon Mobile, John S. Watson -- Chevron and Ryan M. Lance - Conocco Phillips) do not pay focus groups, consultants, Hollywood commercial production companies and the TV prime time ad spots without wanting to get something big back in return.


The oil mafia does not need a winner and a loser in the race for US President. The oil mafia was, is and will continue to be, rather like God. The oil mafia is about profits, not anything more, ever.   Vote 4 Big Oil Profits.


Now for some introductions: We are Ryan M. Lance, Richard L. Armitage, Richard H. Auchinleck, James E. Copeland, Jr., Jody Freeman, Robert A. Niblock, William K. Reilly, and William E. Wade Jr. of Conocco Phillips.


We are Michael J. Boskin, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Larry R. Faulkner, Jay S. Fishman, Henrietta H. Fore, Kenneth C. Frazier, William W. George, Samuel J. Palmisano, Steven S. Reinemund, Rex W. Tillerson and Edward E. Whiteacre, Jr of Exxon Mobile.


We are Jorma Ollila, Hans Wijers, Peter Voser and Simon Henry of Royal Dutch Shell.


We are Charles T. Hagel, Linnet F. Deily, Ronald D. Sugar, Kevin W. Sharer, Robert E. Denham and Carl Ware of Chevron.


We are Carl-Henric Svanberg, Robert Dudley, Iain Conn, Brian Gilvary and Byron Grote, the people at BP who brought you the Gulf Oil (Deepwater Horizon) poisonings that are still ongoing.



The oil mafia profits are being impacted by wind and solar energy and by biofuel. Some questions not asked or answered by the Astroturf ads and TV stations profiting from the Astroturf ads:


Past tense - How much did the oil mafia influence George W. Bush to launch his crusade into Iran? One (old, dated but nevertheless) analyst estimate figured that Iraq contains 1/7 of all the oil left on Earth. Regardless of the amount, Iraq has a lot of oil and it is now wide open to the oil mafia to drain Iraqi oil and profit from the sales. How much did the oil mafia influence George W. Bush to invade Afghanistan? When the US invades a foreign nation, the Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force become the nations largest gas, diesel, jet propulsion and fuel oil consumers. Oil is the black slave that drives navy ships, transport aircraft, Humvees and 5-ton trucks.


Present tense -- How much is the oil mafia pressuring both Obama and Romney to invade Syria and Iran. Both wars would consume vast amounts of diesel, gas, jet propulsion fuel and nautical fuel oil. Not only the US forces, but the Germans, Australians, Canadians all buy petroleum to do war. The oil company executives have to make due with less Lear Jets, Gulfstreams, Bentleys, Ferraris, and Luxury Flats in London, Paris and Amsterdam when NATO is not fighting a war.


Future tense -- The period of industry and government being on their best behavior (only in a few basic senses) and pouring billions in Citizens United PAC-money into the TV industry (who will never give up their pretense of being impartial, highly moral journalists) is near an end. Post election, oil wants a return on its TV AstroTurf campaign. The subliminal message is in the public dull mind that attacking Iran will make gasoline cheap and spur economic recovery (create jobs). Do you believe the oil mafia are job creators?


There are two other reasons for the actors and actresses telling us to be energy voters. All five of the big oil mafia companies are trying to repaint their image after the Deepwater Horizon debacle and the accurate picture in the public mind of former BP CEO Tony Hayward anxious to get back to his life. Gulf of Mexico residents will be getting various forms of chronic and terminal cancers and illnesses from long-term exposure to petrol-chemicals. Chronic exposure to petroleum and Corexit will shorten many, many lives in the Gulf area, where predominant amounts of people live on or near the coast.


The five richest companies on Earth need more Mansions, more private jets; more fleets of exotic cars and war are a sure means to increase profits. If America goes to war shortly after 11/6/2012, we can only guess what the real reason is.




The oil mafia are mostly foreign nationals and are some of the richest war profiteers on the planet. They profit during peace, but profit so much more during war. Under Citizens United law, their "votes" count more than yours or mine ever will. If most of us want peace and they want war as war sells more oil, then we will have war. America has no economy save a depression/war economy.


The oil mafia men and a couple of women have spent billions to circumvent American democracy. Someone in US politics, presumably Romney, "owes" the oil mafia for running vote4oil ads. Are the many ads expected to deliver a Republican House, Senate and President who owe big oil what?


After the new US President is sworn in, do they get to use any legal or illegal means to wipe out the green movement? The Kelsie "we gotta do it" Astroturf campaign is in large part an expensive attempt to wipe out green in America.

No matter who wins the election, the Bush/Cheney/Halliburton oil/gas fracking chemicals/coal mountaintop removal agenda will continue seamlessly both now and in 2016.


Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum cannot legally vote in America. Most of their executive boards cannot vote in America. What kind of Democracy is Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum shoving down our collective American throats?


 Political activist Woodie Guthrie used to sing, this land is your land, this land is my land" If Romney wins the election, probably every square inch of BLM (Bureau of Land Management), National Forest in America will have an oil rig or a gas drilling aparatus on it. Anything profitable underground will be strip-mined. The same maybe or probably will be true of Obama in a second term. It is certain the next President will acquiesce every impulse the oil and gas crows has. If they want to drill on a ranch and the owner does not agree, the Romney or Obama government will grant the drilling company an exemption, no owner agreement needed drill anyway. What Bush and Cheney set up will only get worse after the election. Global warming and human extinction, in the vernacular of Kelsie the Republican energizer Princess, "we gotta do it".


I read several articles today, names of authors withheld, as this is not about attacking the authors. Said articles and some of the commenters expressed how futile it is to vote green for Jill Stein, one or more expressed that it is a wasted vote.


There is a Starfish analogy http://tinyurl.com/6lrruzj that is a good partial argument against those who feel they must follow the Obama herd just to not "waste" their vote. In New York, many would say get over yourself already. Some of the articles and comments made me look at it another way. If I don't vote for Hitler, Mussolini might win and do such and such. If I do not vote for Hiro Hito, I am just throwing my vote away so I am voting Hiro Hito. If I vote for Winston Churchill, I am throwing my vote away because all of Japan is voting Hiro Hito. Is this not similar to what was once called a lynch mob? A mindless hoard doing wrong because everyone did wrong last time around? Not a perfect analogy but I can look my kid straight in the eye after I vote Green Jill Stein.


One last try. It is 1770, a very few of the Philly and Massachusetts friends, neighbors and family are talking about cutting King George loose, not being allegiant to England anymore. The majority are still supporting England and King George, but a tiny minority are disenchanted. Are you going to stick with the big crowd because you are an insecure and unthoughtful type, or are you independent minded and fearless? Bush and Romney, the Republicans and Democrats are England, are the French Aristocracy. They no longer are very American. People who put dollars and foreign national corporations in front of the country are mercenaries, crony capitalists for hire. Consider Bush, Obama and Romney as traitors to the ideals of America. What is so difficult about that? Or go to work for Fox News and pontificate about useless drivel.


We will never know anything better than a suck a$$ kleptocratic duopoly if people think their "unwasted" duopoly votes are doing anything other than being the core of the problem.



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October 31, 2012

Torturer In Chief 2012; Mitt Caligula or Barack Nero?

By Tracy Turner





Numerous articles have been written about modern America as a Duopoly, Corporatocracy, Oligarchy, Fascist State, Surveillance State and/or full-blown Police State. Perhaps a simpler mental concept is big game hunters, aka trophy hunters. People who are driven to needing the bragging rights: I killed Saddam. Look at the video clips of Hillary talking about the death of Muammar Gaddafi. It is easy to imagine the Presidents of Exxon Mobile talking about which oil fields they are pumping oil out of in Iraq as if they just shot a Kodiak Bear. Washington is trophy hunter territory.


It may be too late now, but maybe starting early in 2016, we all need to adopt Red and Blue bumper stickers starting Jan. 1, red "Nero" and blue "Caligula" bumper stickers to wake people up? To wake up a few people, maybe also some red "Hitler" and blue "Hiro Hito" bumper stickers might get the point across, the US has become one of those hollow, armed to the teeth, torture dissidents Empires intent on empire building and oppressing all who speak ill of the empire. Who are the most outspoken vocal critics of our empire? Julian Assad, Ahmadinejad and Bradley Manning http://rt.com/usa/news/whistle-kiriakou-torture-case-818/ .


Occupy vocally criticized Nero Caligula Mussolini Hitler Stalin Bush and Obama, the Police State retaliated by torturing http://tinyurl.com/9zp3ccu Occupy. The torturers, police states that rule by threat, fear and intimidation to maintain a status quo of empire building are all the shortest lived of all so-called empires. Warlike cultures that paraded their conquests into the amphitheater (or plasma TV) to egotistically preen and crow (Nero, Caesar, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Bush, Cheney, Obama) had empires that crumbled to dust. Hiro Hito's people were in denial. Nero and Caesar's people did not speak out against torture and empire building, or they would be crucified.


The past few weeks MSNBC have been running ads touting MSNBC as the face of "Democracy", with still photos of Ed and Rachel as the faces of "Democracy". If this is so, then the corporate logos of Bill Gates' monopoly, Microsoft and the General Electric logo are the faces of human torture and empire building. Ezra Klein is the new torture and empire building and war spokesperson. Ezra Klein is apparently the face of the seamless transition from Bush torture to Obama torture, possibly the seamless transition of Obama torture into Romney torture. MSNBC is the face of http://tinyurl.com/9a2dh99 something other than democracy, perhaps the face" or rather the enabler of Oligarchy.


The case of David Hicks http://tinyurl.com/94llwk2 brings up the complicity of the CIA, the military, the Presidency (Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden), the Psychiatric "profession" and Big Pharma as co-conspirators in human torture. Both David Hicks and the witnesses http://tinyurl.com/9sft4fl who back Hick's claims of being drug-tortured in Guantanamo contradict the Congressional whitewash that said drug torture is not happening in Guantanamo. Congress determining that drug torturing is not happening in Guantanamo is just more propaganda for Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, the face of torture-democracy. The US has other clandestine torture chambers in Turkey and elsewhere, it is easy to extrapolate that David Hicks drug-tortures occur in these classified concentration camps.


The US torture-based empire, via Citizens United, is a bought dictatorship. Rather than seizing Washington DC's highest office with guns, multinationals seize the oval office with the blood money of war via Citizens United. Propagandists like GE/Microsoft now tout their info-propaganda networks as the "face of democracy" while ignoring the secret gulags with drug torture.   This article on Guantanamo drug torture references the military-torture complex referencing project MK-Ultra http://tinyurl.com/9co727g .


The face of Democracy is not corrupt commerce-news, bribed, concubinal government fixtures and Citizens United filth. Democracy is not http://www.ask.com/wiki/Project_ARTICHOKE project Artichoke and Kathleen Sullivan's torture under Project MK Ultra http://tinyurl.com/9yaj2zz . If you want to know why Occupy went from gaining strength to losing strength, study the CIA http://www.ask.com/wiki/Operation_CHAOS Operation Chaos.


Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan seek to create great with the small, insignificant, deceiving minds they have surrounded themselves with and with continuous martial law.


Perhaps we can have a third world war and enact our next Operation http://www.ask.com/wiki/Operation_Paperclip Paperclip? Brand-name recognition brand Obama vs brand Romney, you cannot buy that, unless you are a large multinational. If Barack is a one term President, it lowers Michele's and his daughter's chances of running for President.


The Internet is filled with web pages on torture, Duopoly, corporate corruption, Citizens United, Oligarchy, Plutarchy, empire building, Police State and the like. Bush, Cheney, Rove and Obama, Hillary et al are all compared to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini all over the Internet.


Every 14-15 months, Congress re-visits Internet censorship under acronyms like PIPA, SOPA, CISPA and now the corporations are bypassing Congress with TPP intellectual property and Internet IP addressing laws.


In downtown Los Angeles in the financial district, the skyscraper banks are all-glass on the ground floor. All the big brokerages are built to look open, spacious and with bright light inside -- facades that hide the built in armament to keep rioters and looters out of the buildings. Post 9/11, the private security companies of the banks, stock exchange buildings and brokerages have gone para-military. Electronic steel trap doors in the bank ceilings and walls and black jack booted storm troopers are the face of democracy in America, Ezra Klein.


Are Ed, Rachel, and Ezra et al part of the Obama re-election campaign? Whenever Obama is not around to defend his torture empire, they act as his surrogates. The faces of torture empire democracy, the cheerleaders of the torturer in chief and his pseudo-competition. Each is a Caesar ready to perpetuate any and all barbarism to maintain power: kidnappings, wars, depleted uranium war/DIME, secret gulags, water boarding, taserings, drug tortures, etc.


To show how corrupt NATO/OTAN is, why hasn't the Australian government has not spoken out about David Hick's drug torture? www.youtube.com/watch?v=hakgWVE8n9I Circa 2012, which violator of the Geneva Convention are you voting for as the face of democracy? Rachel, Ed and Ezra all love Barack Dope-Torturer Obama. If he loses, there will be a seamless transfer of the Bush/Obama dope-torture under the new Torturer in Chief, Mitt Caligula.


Many are trying to figure out which candidate will support Israel's gulags, Israel's use of DIME in Gaza, Mitt Caligula or Barack Nero?


US Torture nicknamed Democracy? Freedom, aka Secret Gulags filled with drug torture victims? Liberty and Justice for those with Citizens United funds, Brutal Paramilitary police oppression for Veterans, Occupiers, etc.? Maddow and Klein damn near rah-rahing like cheerleaders with pompoms for Obama, our Secret Gulag-warden and torturer-in-chief?


Mitt and Barack are as big of weevils as Rove, Hillary, Cheney, Bush, Condi Rice, the CEO's of Monsanto, Boeing, Blackwater, etc. Nero and Caligula would have admired the billion hollowpoint bullets and drug torture as means to freedom and democracy.


The 2012 version of Caligula and Nero act like they took some of the pharmaceutical torture dope. A vote for either is a vote for Torture Empire. How does that work for you, a democracy with secret torture gulags (unlike Israel with their free-range semi-cageless gulags)?


Potus - the guy who's staff screams about Putin's incarceration of three girls while Guantanamo's sibling secret gulags are filled with the dissidents of the world, all drug-tortured in the name of freedom, democracy, liberty.

David Hicks http://tinyurl.com/94llwk2 justice, rewiring the dissidents brain with drugs in America's national interest. POTUS is the guy who hypocritically talks human rights with China and Russia while the CIA does Artichoke, CHAOS, MK ULTRA, etc. POTUS is the guy who vocalizes the word democracy while setting up puppet governments with nation-destroyer depleted uranium weapons.


Caligula and Nero spending $4-5 Trillion per year on surveillance cameras, secret police, kidnap and torture, NDAA, etc. and treating America as if it were Guantanamo Camp XRAY is going to implode.


Ed, Rachel and Ezra on MSNBC keep giving lip service to how wonderful empire democracy is" But none of them has the freedom and democracy to do exposes on Guantanamo, on torture drugs, on lung cancer in Navajo Uranium miners (there goes the Romney Obama clean nuclear lie), etc. Ed, Rachel and Ezra are pseudo-democrats. They give lip service to democracy while multinationals bankroll Obama and Romney and bankroll MSNBC. They, the bought nd paid for news media, are the face of democracy? Bill Gates, the software monopoly and thermonuclear war, toxic waste General Electric are the face of democracy? Caligula and Nero in a 49%-49% election are the face of democracy?


Washington was and is the era of the Big Game Hunters who mounted Tiger, Elephant and Rhino heads over the fireplace mantle, aka trophy hunters. The Romans liked to parade captured, conquested rulers as trophies to show off to their public. Clinton had Slobodan Milosevic as his Water buffalo head mounted over the fireplace. George HW and George W. Bush both had Saddam Hussein as their big game trophy. Obama has Bin Laden's head mounted above his fireplace and even speaks of Bin Laden as if he was a particularly difficult shot in wind at 1000 yd with an old Sharpe's Buffalo gun.


Even the sycophants, Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, Karl Rove, Madeline Albright, Ashcroft and Dick Cheney, etc., talk as if they narrowly averted their own death on safari but through luck, skill, cunning and bravery added another oil sheikdom to the empire, the wall of big taxidermy heads where once were other sovereign nations. Washington are all trophy hunters for the Corporatocracy, delivering the severed heads of militarily thrashed countries whose natural resources are in America's national interest. The leaders are held up like the severed head from a lion while the corporations financially occupy one more liberated country. Nero and Caligula showing off their most recent conquered King reduced to a slave in rags. The news will call it nation building, delivering freedom and democracy. What kind of drugs did they inject into Saddam?











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October 28, 2012

Clean Nuke Austerity Obama vs. Clean Nuke Austerity Romney

By Tracy Turner





Some people believe Bush was anti-environment and therefore Obama is "green". That voting democrat makes you "green". In place of Obama or Romney as the magic bullet of economic recovery, America will simply have a few more billionaires and much more toxic waste. Each new Romney or Obama billionaire will represent a stockpile of nuclear, chemical, gas fracking, industrial chemical and petroleum HAZMAT sites. Just four years of either Romney or Obama will curse most of the country with super-pollution and swell the ranks of the poverty class with newcomers.


Millions of American's stew over jobs and dollars. Some stew over government and taxes. Others over homes, mortgages, the stock market and retirement or savings dwindlings. The news media popularizes these distractions.


The popular myth of picking the least evil Presidential contender or party misses the boat entirely. Our Declaration of Independence stated, "all men are created equal and there are certain unalienable rights that governments should never violate". But the military-corporate complex and politicians do not recognize the rights of those they stop-loss, those they kill with military-industrial pollution. The multinational corporations claim the US Constitution gives them rights that are now denied to all regular citizens.


Congress and Obama put NDAA into place, denying due process of law. Americans made several near fatal mistakes: Bush is only denying the rights of Muslim Americans; I do not care, as I am Christian. Obama and the Frackers are poisoning Ohio and Pennsylvania people's water, I do not care I am from New York. Bush and Obama gave uranium-mining permits to companies poisoning the Navajo, I do not care, and I am Californian. What Americans fail to understand is when Congress, the President and Multinationals violate some of our rights, they are violating * All American's Rights *. You, the reader" when Navajo people in the four-corner states die from uranium-tainted drinking water, your right to clean drinking water went into the sewer with the right to clean drinking water of the Navajo. If the right is violated for them, it is also your right that will be or even already is being violated. As the military-corporate complex poisons the water wells of the Navajo-Americans, what are they also doing or planning to do to your water?

Google: Ohio Strontium 90. Google Ohio Uranium Piketon. Google Fernald Ohio. Too bad everybody in Ohio does not vote Green and ask the Green party for Superfund Cleanup money to get rid of the pollution. Too bad Ohio does not kick the water-polluting frackers out of the state. If you still think ghost town Ohio is far fetched, read http://freepress.org/Backup/UnixBackup/pubhtml/c-pro/wassvill.html here.


It is too bad swing states were not states that abandoned Republican and Democrat alike (vote Green or Libertarian). Duopoly votes lead to New Jersey having 109 hazardous waste sites, followed by California with 96 sites. Republicans and Democrats alike are environmental anarchists.


The bottom line is both Democrats and Republics use the following buzzwords to justify any and all pollution: National Security Energy Policy and Stable Economic Structure. Long term it will create cancer clustes, areas in the US rich in tumors.



Google the name of your state and one word or term at a time: plutonium pollution, uranium pollution, petroleum well pollution, oil spill, fracking chemicals pollution, overloaded with nuclear waste, fracking water pollution, uranium tailings, Atrazine ground water, PCB pollution, etc., etc. If you Google your state and the words or terms above, one term or word per search, you will see a pattern. If you live near a state border with another state, Google the state next to yours.


A pattern quickly emerges; corporate profit comes before human health and the long-term best interest of America. Voting Romney or Obama will result in 596 fracking fluid chemicals ending up in your drinking water for the short-term benefits of corporations that will turn Pennsylvaina and Ohio long term into a ghost towns.  Homeowners who lease to gas frackers will devalue their homes and neighborhoods into the toxic sludge under a junkyard.


In Huntington Beach, California, they built houses on top of capped oil wells. People have crude oil tar oozing from the walls of their houses and garages. In Bakersfield, people drink traces of pollution plume from the Kern River, which had 3-4 Uranium mines operating in the late 1950's   - early 1960's. The people who drink the water from the Uranium mine plumes do not even know Uranium was mined upstream from them.


Romney and Obama are criss-crossing Ohio seeking votes. Both will have administrations that approve of any and all fracking fluids injected below the water table. Ohio with it's 500+ gas wells and new gas wells going in every week will one day be the most toxic state in the union, with no farms, no water, no fish and few residents. Ohio is today a swing state, and tomorrow one of the most polluted toxic wastes dumps worldwide.


This map of Appalachia http://tinyurl.com/9nxtwrt courtesy of http://ilovemountains.org/ shows how much of Appalachia has been turned from a place of nature and clean water into a place of nickel, lead, mercury and cadmium poisoning. Clean coal is actually nickel, lead, mercury, selenium and cadmium-rich.


The politicians dance from one swing state to the next, the whole time ignoring the poisoning deaths of the voters they wish to swoon.


  These are the environmental swing states, the states which are reaching or have gone way past an environmental tipping point: Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia are turning into areas that water pollution is going to overwhelm any and all water filters. This six-state area was a source of clean water for other states downstream. In the future, this 10-12 state area will be devoid of water for drinking, bathing and farming, via "clean coal".


This photobucket map http://tinyurl.com/8zw3g9v shows how much of the US has been injected with the 596-chemical witches brew of the fracking industry. What America does not have is the infrastructure resources and energy reserves to filter all of the tainted water from fracking. The fracking map http://tinyurl.com/8zw3g9v shows an area that supplies drinking water too much of the country.


Most of the blogs talk about how valuable to gas is to the economy, but fail to point out you cannot drink gas when thirsty, or bath in gas when you want to take a shower. You cannot boil a pot of rice in gas or 596 fracking chemicals; the rice requires clean, fresh water.


According to http://tinyurl.com/8oak5tl, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina are the ten most polluted states, with Ohio the most polluted of the ten. These ten states are polluted from power plants burning "clean coal', fuel oil and natural gas. The incidences of heart disease, heart attacks, emphysemas, etc., are higher in these ten states than in the rest of the country based on burning fossil fuels for electricity. Americans have been brainwashed into thinking they can live without a heart and lungs, that the country's electricity somehow trumps the heart beating in your chest. The National economy is more important than the air in your lungs, just ask any Fracking Democrat or Fracking Republican.

National security comes first, electricity is national security, electricity is jobs, electricity is more important than drinking water in Appalachia or elsewhere. How can people in the ten most polluted states in America vote Republican or Democrat? It is like New Yorkers voting for Mayor Mike Fracking Bloomberg and expecting clean water in the future.

Neither Presidential candidate has a clue what to do with nuclear waste, uranium tailings or depleted uranium casks (all 56,000 DU casks nationwide). Obama's home state, Illinois has enough nuclear waste to make the Fukushima disaster look like a party-popper. Both Romney and Obama say the words clean nuclear, clear lies that deny the 56,000 rusting casks of DUF6.

There are other less known "swing states", swing in the sense that they should vote green or libertarian, stop voting fro Fracking, Nuking, Mountaintop Removal Mining Democrats and Republicans.

Colorado is supposedly a Romney State. If I lived in Colorado, I would vote green, simply because: Google Colorado Uranium tailings, then Google Colorado Uranium mining plumes, then do the same in Google images. To this writer's way of thinking, the four-corners states are the swing states: Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

39 states have both high and low level radioactive waste sites; it is these states that should be abandoning the DemoPublican duopoly in droves of voters.

The coal industry has promised us 200 years of clean coal on TV, delivered us the ten most polluted states in the country * plus * the six states with the most water pollution from the mining, aka mountaintop removals.

ANGA keeps promising us 100 years of clean gas and has pumped 596 chemicals into the ground of more than half the states in the lower 48. There are numerous analysts saying the shale gas is less than predicted, that the predictions were to generate excitement and justify using the 596-fracking chemicals.

This article is about Uranium miners and lung cancer http://journal.publications.chestnet.org/article.aspx?articleid=1053870. This David Bradbury video is about Australian uranium miners and cancer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=774sqs34VCM. One of the biggest hazards for anyone around uranium is exposure to radon gas and potential lung cancer.

50% or more of America is now using natural gas inside of buildings with a risk of being exposed to radon. The government, the gas companies, the oil companies keep downplaying the risks as new billionaire after new billionaire is crated selling natural gas. Gas is a fossil fuel that creates the same greenhouse gases associated with global warming as oil. The big push to burn huge quantities of shale gas and the lack of radon safety studies is typical of the rights of the corporate class coming before our rights.

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". But what we have is every form of corporate poison known to modern humans being stockpiled, dumped, irradiated, injected, sprayed on crops, etc. The GMO foods deal in California, in America is GMO shoved down our collective throats. You have the right to not eat GMO, just stop eating?

When Veterans for Peace were beaten in Chicago at the NATO summit, everyone in America, every last man, woman and child, was loosing their right to Peaceful Assembly and redress of grievances with the government. Those who think only the Veterans had their rights abused do not realize the event did not happen in a foreign country to a Zimbabwean" When the rights of one American, anywhere are violated, all of us are having our rights violated.

American's seem to have developed Stockholm Syndrome, where they have bonded to their government, news media and corporate captors. When the rights of one of us are violated" A cadre of police use Rubber Bullets, Batons, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray and overly tightened (for torture) plastic manacles on a group of Occupiers. I do not care, I am a Tea Partier. I do not care, I am black. I do not care, I am a Republican. Although the logic is barely discernible, the violated rights of the Occupiers supposedly once belonged to the Tea Partier, the Black and the Republican. They do not get that by being mute about the * perceived * rights of * others *, they actually have forfeited their very own rights, which their inaction have turned into * imaginary rights that no longer exist in reality*. Silence is the key to having imaginary rights you cannot claim in reality.

For the many who have forgotten, a summary of the bill of rights:


Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.


Right to keep and bear arms in order to maintain a well regulated militia.


No quartering of soldiers.


Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.


Right to due process of law, freedom from self-incrimination, double jeopardy.


Rights of accused persons, e.g., right to a speedy and public trial.


Right of trial by jury in civil cases.


Freedom from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishments.


Other rights of the people.


Powers reserved to the states.


Link to the text of the US Declaration of Independence (which by the way contains a right of revolution):


In a democracy, people would have turned their dogs on the police beating the Occupiers. But instead, the populace at large quartered the King's Redcoats.

Unchallenged by us, the corporation's politicians (they are not our politicians, they are bought and paid for by the multinationals) parrot what they are told to say, like both Obama and Romney parroting the meaningless dribble clean nuclear.

Google X-749A, X-735, X-120/PK Landfill Areas plumes. Google Paducah plume, Oak Ridge Plume, Rocky Mountain plume, Piketon, Ohio plume. The government won the cold war by adding Tritium, Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium 90, Technetium 99, etc. to groundwater and rivers. What Romney and Obama refer to as clean nuclear are Cesium 137 and other isotopes in domestic water supplies. The energy companies hide and deny their pollution and pay the Obama's and Romney's of this world to deny the cancers as well. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness do not exist in Piketon Ohio as it exists in a Banana Plantation in Honduras. The Honduran farmers are not eating and drinking Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 like people from Ohio do. But Romney and Obama are criss-crossing Ohio, letting Ohioans know how valuable they all are. But underneath the facade Ohioans can damn well glow in the dark and drink radionuclides, the nuke energy industry gives more to both party's campaigns.

Obama and Romney's proposed clean nuclear energy equals more radionuclides in all the usual places. 39 states are buried up to their collective necks in nuclear waste. Much of the $16 trillion deficit is war on terror, meanwhile we are chocking on nuke waste. This Huntington News article is but the small tip of a very large iceberg: http://www.huntingtonnews.net/38765.


Please join me in voting for Jill Stein for Green Party President.









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October 24, 2012

What Are GMO? What Is A GMO? What Foods Are Genetically Modified? California Prop 37 Decoded

By Tracy Turner


What Are GMO? What Is A GMO? A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered... 

If you are Californian, did you see the Big Pesticide Companies run their anti-prop-37 ads on TV? Some truth, now:

Henry Miller (former shill for DDT Insecticide and Big Tobacco), Sherry Franklin and Ted Sheely: Paid Shills for Monsanto (Dioxin, PCB's & Agent Orange), Dow (Agent Orange and Agent Blue - Arsenic), Bayer (CCD - Colony Collapse Disorder of Bees), BASF (GMO Potatoes), DuPont (Dupont basically has poisoned all continents worldwide with pesticide residues) and Syngenta (google Atrazine poison in well water and the name of your state, territory or province). As Doctors who went through med school (and a farmer), can you spell LD50? This is following the money behind the TV ads, Six- Big Pesticide spewers, Brothers in Poisons and their paid shills"

What Foods (or Fibers) Are Most Commonly Genetically Modified? rBGH Milk, Tomatoes, Papaya, Rice, Potatoes, Corn, Soy, Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Radicchio, Squash and Salmon. That is correct; Aquabounty sells Salmon and Eel that is Genetically Engineered, aka Frankenfish. Most cooking oils (including those used in freezer entrees, canned food, etc.) are GMO cooking oils.

Another example of a very common GMO is Corn, Corn Starch, Corn Meal, Corn Oil, etc., where the Corn has had foreign bacteria DNA spliced into the Corn (aka Monsanto BT Corn). Every time you eat this corn or the derivative Modified Corn Starch, you are also eating Bacteria that produce insecticide in your stomach. Some brands of Yogurt, Chili Beans, PowerBars, etc. have GMO Corn Syrup and/or GMO Corn Starch.

This law would change one simple thing -- if a label now says Soy Oil on a freezer entrée, for example, after Prop 37 takes effect that label would say GMO Soy Oil. It gives you a chance at avoiding GMO foods and having better health. The no on 37 TV ads are scare tactics paid for by pesticide companies who also Genetically Engineer Franken Corn, Franken Milk and Franken Salmon.

Other examples are Soy and soy derivative products with weed-killer resistant algae spliced to the soy. Yogurt made out of Milk with rBGH bacteria injected into the cow, when you eat said yogurt you are also eating a man-made bacteria.

rBGH Milk and GMO corn contributes to obesity and diabetes. This biotech article http://tinyurl.com/cth6rou explains the use of pesticide addiction to make farming cost more for the farmer and to make the farmer reliant upon Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont & Syngenta pesticides and GMO crop seeds.

Roundup is thought to destroy testosterone and lead to male infertility; farmers in conjunction with Monsanto's Roundup Ready food and fiber crop seeds use Roundup.

Many companies financing No on Prop 37 are pesticide companies and Genetically Modified crop seed companies. MONSANTO COMPANY $7,100,500.00.   Monsanto was and still is a pesticide company, which also sells BT crop seeds; Monsanto foods you end up eating contain pesticides and man-made genetics.

E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO. $4,900,000.00 is also a pesticide company who genetically alters foods. BASF PLANT SCIENCE $2,000,000.00 BASF's pesticide division supplies agricultural products and chemicals. DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC $2,000,000.00 Dow is another pesticide company that makes genetically modified frankenfoods. CONAGRA FOODS -- $1,076,700.00.   SYNGENTA CORPORATION $1,000,000.00, Syngenta is another biotech/pesticide company. Bayer Crop Science $381,602 Bayer is killing the Earth's bees. These companies are pesticide GMO crop companies who do not want you to know what is in your food. Does that sound right to you?

  Rats eating Monsanto GMO corn died, had tumors, went sterile and had stillborn babies from said corn. Monsanto, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences LLC, DuPont & Syngenta all produce pesticide-laced crops that end up in your pantry and on your plate. These pesticide companies are paying for the prop 37 no ads on TV, which is why we all need to vote yes.

Learn about Monsanto plant AIDS http://www.naturalnews.com/032441_pesticide_AIDS.html here.

The genetically modified bacteria that Monsanto put into your stomach, you read correctly, the digestive bacteria in your stomach has Monsanto Roundup Ready patented genes manufacturing Bacillus thuringensis toxin http://tinyurl.com/7fkxn6q. After Monsanto's genetically modified corn pollen blows as far as 15 miles in the wind and infects some poor organic corn farmers field, Monsanto will send its gene http://tinyurl.com/6a67ccf police by to see if the organic corn tests positive for Monsanto patented genes. Diametrically opposed opposite here: Monsanto BASF et al create GMO food crops which are pesticide junkies, 100% addicted to weed killer, insecticide and fungicide.

There is an excellent Greenpeace France article on BASF's GMO potatoes http://tinyurl.com/26erwy4 here. Monsanto, BASF, et al make tremendous short-term profits from selling pesticide-junkie GMO food seed, replete with the larger than normal amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizer required to grow less food. Bayer scientists are not stupid, they know that no bees means no food, no food means mass human starvation. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta sell soil death, global http://tinyurl.com/cbv8hcm desertification.

Follow the http://www.osgata.org/organic-farmers-file-appeal-against-monsanto OSGATA court case carefully.

The big six pesticide and GM seed companies are both human rights violators and http://tinyurl.com/c2dd3v7 natural born killers, 355,000 people a year die directly from their pesticides alone.

  • Monsanto's genetically engineered genes are famous for polluting the crops and seeds of Organic Farmers. Monsanto has engineered a technology called terminator seed; this technology has the potential to make entire strains of food go extinct http://occupy-monsanto.com/.
  • Recently, Brazilian Farmers won a $2.2 billion lawsuit against the monopoly Monsanto (15 June 2012).


  • 37 people died and more than 1,500 were permanently crippled in the United States after ingesting GMO L-Tryptophan diet supplement pills.


  • In a 2011 published study of human consumption of GM foods, scientists found that the genetic material inserted into GM soybeans transferred into bacteria living inside human intestines, stayed there, and continued to function.  
  • Farmers are filing lawsuits against Monsanto, lots of farmers: 5 million farmers sue Monsanto for 7. 7 billion Euros, Indian Government Files Biopiracy Lawsuit Against Monsanto, Brazilian Farmers Win $2 Billion Lawsuit Against Monsanto and US Organic Farmers File Appeal Against Monsanto 6 July 2012.


Genetically engineered food has been linked to stomach and digestive problems: http://www.anh-usa.org/genetically-engineered-food-alters-our-digestive-systems/.


Vote Yes On California Prop 37.

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GMO






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October 24, 2012

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution IV

By Tracy Turner

(Article changed on October 24, 2012 at 13:47)



There are several videos that give a sense of environmental racism at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYc5vR-plYg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34xDvxl2cSQ. Uranium is not mined in Palm Beach, Florida or Beverly Hills, California. It is mined in Africa, in the Aboriginal lands of Australia and in the four-corners area (Navajo Nation) area of the US. Making atom bombs mostly pollutes and cancers people of color and said pollution will be with them for infinity. For every one or ten atom bombs created in the US, a corresponding number of US, African and Australian water wells ends up with Uranium, Technitium, Americium and Strontium levels. Each Uranium fabrication or Plutonium trigger metalurgical laboratory ends up as an infinity room, so polluted the radioactivity levels are off of the scale and only robots may enter that room.


The military mostly recruits poorer people. Some find that statement offensive, but you do not see too many sons and daughters of Wallstreet Tycoons joining the Army. We do indeed have a poverty draft of military personnel who use Uranium weapons that were mined from the lands of poorer people of color. Our poverty draft then contaminates the poverty draftees with every nasty toxin known to humankind. Viet Nam veterans with agent-orange-syndrome or Gulf War Syndrome veterans are known as "strong military". But Leukemia victims are not "strong military". Poverty Draftees are not warned in advance about Uranium, PCB's and TCE's in drinking and bathwater.


This is the forth article in a series, articles one, two and three respectively are here: http://tiny.cc/fskimw and http://tiny.cc/lukimw and http://tiny.cc/lvkimw.


North Carolina pollution Camp Lejeune water contamination. From at least 1957 through 1987, Marines and their families at Lejeune drank and bathed in water contaminated with toxins at concentrations 240 to 3400 times permitted by safety standards, and at least 850 former residents filed claims for nearly $4 billion from the military. The main chemicals involved were trichloroethylene (TCE), a degreaser, perchloroethylene (PCE), a dry cleaning solvent, and benzene; however, more than 70 chemicals have been identified as contaminants at Lejeune.

A 1974 base order required safe disposal of solvents and warned that improper handling could cause drinking water contamination. Yet solvents were dumped or buried near base wells for years.


The base's wells were shut off in the mid-1980s, but were placed back online in violation of the law. In 1982, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were found to be in Camp Lejeune's drinking water supply. VOC contamination of groundwater can cause birth defects and other ill health effects in pregnant and nursing mothers. This information was not made public for nearly two decades when the government attempted to identify those who may have been exposed.


An advocacy group called The Few, The Proud, and The Forgotten was created to inform possible victims of the contamination at Lejeune. The group's website includes an introduction with some basic information about the contamination at Lejeune, including that many health problems various types of cancer, leukemia, miscarriages and birth defects, have been noted in people who drank the contaminated water. According to the site, numerous base housing areas were affected by the contamination, including Tarawa Terrace, Midway Park, Berkeley Manor, Paradise Point, Hadnot Point, Hospital Point, and Watkins Village.


On March 8, 2010, Paul Buckley of Hanover, Massachusetts, received a 100%, service connected disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs for cancer (Multiple Myeloma), which was linked to toxic water exposure on Camp Lejeune. This is believed to be the first time the government has admitted the link between the contamination and illnesses.


In 2007, Jerry Ensminger, a retired Marine master sergeant, found a document dated 1981 that described a radioactive dumpsite near a rifle range at the camp. According to the report, the waste was laced with strontium-90, an isotope known to cause cancer and leukemia. According to Camp Lejeune's installation restoration program manager, base officials learned in 2004 about the 1981 document. Ensminger served in the Marine Corps for 24 and a half years, and lived for part of that time at Camp Lejeune. In 1985 his 9-year-old daughter, Janey, died of cancer.


On July 6, 2009, Laura Jones filed suit against the US government over the contaminated water at the base. Jones previously lived at the base where her husband, a Marine, was stationed. Jones has lymphoma and now lives in Iowa.


Twenty former residents of Camp Lejeune--all men who lived there during the 1960s and the 1980s--have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the relatively low rate of male breast cancer in the United States, pollution at Camp Lejeune is presumed to be a major contributor to these illnesses.


In April 2009, the United States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry withdrew a 1997 public health assessment at Camp Lejeune that denied any connection between the toxins and illness.

As many as 500,000 people may have been exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune over a period of 30 years. Although no official studies have definitively connected the contamination with illness, former residents of Camp Lejeune suffer from a high rate of cancer and other diseases. Children from the Marines have also shown signs of brain cancer and leukemia.


Janey Ensminger Act


On 18 July 2012 the US Senate passed a bill, called the Janey Ensminger Act in honor of Jerry Ensminger and his daughter Janey who died of cancer at age 9, authorizing medical care to military and family members who had resided at the base between 1957 and 1987 and developed conditions linked to the water contamination. The measure applies to up to 750,000 people. The House approved the bill on 31 July 2012. President Obama signed the bill into law on 6 August 2012.


The bill applies to 15 specific ailments believed to be linked to the contamination, including cancer of the esophagus, lung, breast, bladder or kidney; leukemia; multiple myeloma; myleodysplasic syndromes; renal toxicity; hepatic steatosis; female infertility; miscarriage; scleroderma; and/or neurobehavioral effects or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The Department of Veterans Affairs is assigned by the bill to provide the medical care. To fund the medical care, the bill extends higher fees for VA home loan guarantees to 1 October 2017.


Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point


Commissioned in 1942 as Cunningham Field, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point is located in southeastern Craven County, North Carolina. The installation covers approximately 13,164 acres on a peninsula north of the Core and Bogue Sounds and south of the Neuse River. The Air Station's primary mission is to maintain and operate support facilities and services to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, Naval Aviation Depot, and Naval Hospital.


Environmental impacts at the site stem from past waste disposal and storage practices of industrial chemicals, waste, and fuels. These past practices at MCAS Cherry Point have resulted in several contaminated ground water plumes and soil contamination from numerous smaller waste disposal units.


Threats and Contaminants:


Soil, sediment, ground water, and surface water have been contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and metals have been detected in both surface and subsurface soil.


Ohio Feed Materials Production Center (USDOE) Since the early 1950s, FMPC has manufactured metallic uranium fuel elements, target cores, and other uranium products for use in production reactors originally operated for the Atomic Energy Commission and now for USDOE. These processes have generated large quantities of wastes, including low-level radioactive wastes, mixed hazardous and radioactive wastes, waste oils, waste solvents, and significant amounts of fly ash. Among the materials on-site are uranium, mercury, barium, thorium, tetrachloroethylene, arsenic, and PCBs.

Disposal practices and operational deficiencies have resulted in contamination of soil, ground water, surface water, and air. Major sources of contaminants include the Production Area, six waste pits, three waste storage silos, a storm sewer outfall to Paddy's Run (an intermittent stream), and an effluent line discharging into the Great Miami River. Uranium contaminates the Buried Valley Aquifer, the sole source of drinking water for FMPC workers and most area residents, according to routine monitoring conducted in 1984 by FMPC. The contamination has resulted in closing of a downgradient private well. An estimated 1,100 FMPC employees obtain drinking water and 750 acres of land are irrigated by wells within 3 miles of FMPC.

In 1985, FMPC detected high concentrations of uranium, technetium-99, and hexavalent chromium in the effluent line discharging to the Great Miami River, which is used for recreational activities within 3 miles downstream. (italics mine - Uranium, Technetium-99 and Hexavalent Chromium are a witches brew of carcinogens).

Radon gas was detected in the atmosphere by on-site monitoring equipment in April 1986.

Mound Plant (USDOE) The Mound Plant encompasses 306 acres within the southern city limits of Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio. Mound is bounded by an urbanized area to the north and east, rural/farmland to the south, and a railroad right-of-way to the west. Mound has operated since 1948 in support of U.S. weapons and energy programs, with an emphasis on small explosive components and nuclear technology. First operated by the Atomic Energy Commission, it is operated now by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE). The facility employs 2,200 people, most of whom reside in the nearby Miamisburg and Dayton areas.

Mound consists of two elevated areas divided by a small valley which runs in a northeast-southwest direction through the site. The major waste areas are on the south slope and valley of the northwest elevated area and include a landfill in which solvents, paints, and photoprocessing and plating bath solutions were deposited; several leach beds used to dispose of solutions containing radionuclides and/or explosive/pyrotechnic materials; and an area in which a solution contaminated with plutonium was spilled. The operating life and the quantity of wastes deposited are unknown for the majority of the other waste areas.

The Buried Valley Aquifer (BVA) underlies a portion of the valley area of the plant and is made up of relatively permeable outwash sand and gravel deposits. Miamisburg municipal wells are within 3 miles of the site and serve an estimated 17,000 people. There is some evidence indicating that tritium, plutonium, and volatile organic compounds contaminate ground water, and that plutonium contaminates surface water. A system of ditches, canals, and ponds carries surface water from the facility to the Great Miami River approximately 1 mile downstream. The river is used for recreational activities.

Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base occupies about 2,100 acres in an agricultural area in central Ohio. The facility is located 9 miles southeast of the city of Columbus and 0.5 mile east of the community of Lockbourne, in southern Franklin County and northern Pickaway County. Approximately 1,100 people are employed by the base. Beginning in 1942, the site was used for refueling operations by the U.S. Air Force. Base operations were transferred to the Ohio Air National Guard (OANG) in 1980. In 1984, approximately 1,600 acres were transferred to Rickenbacker Port Authority.

The current mission of the base is to provide airfield support for OANG and the Air Force Reserve. Activities include operation, maintenance, and repair of aircraft, vehicles, equipment, and utility systems. Also, the Aerial Spray Branch is responsible for pesticide spraying at other bases in the U.S.

The aquifer underlying the site supplies water to homes in the area, 150,000 people residing in the City of Columbus, and to nearby communities. In 1988, the City of Columbus proposed a Wellhead Protection Area to prevent the contamination of this major water source. Sampling at the site in 1988 and 1989,   found heavy metals and trichloroethylene (TCE) in the onsite monitoring wells. In addition, soils were found to contain significant levels of organics and pesticides that may migrate into the drinking water supply. An Installation Restoration Program (IRP) report, conducted by the Department of Defense (DOD), identified more than 20 sources of hazardous materials at the site. Eight sources have been evaluated.

The Drum Storage Area was used from 1984 to 1986 to store drums containing spent solvents, waste paint, sludge from oil-water separators, and spent batteries. TCE, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, and nickel were detected in ground water below this source, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were found in soils.

The Salvage Yard has been used since the 1950s for storage of scrap materials and pesticides. Lindane, 4.4'-DDD, and PAHs were found in soils.

The area near the Old Entomology Laboratory was used for cleaning pesticide spraying equipment and pesticide drum storage. In 1979, the laboratory was damaged by fire and pesticides were spilled. Subsequent sampling revealed 2,4,5- TP (Silvex) in ground water and 4,4'-DDD and 4,4'-DDE in soils. Although some pesticides were stored at the Old Entomology Laboratory, most were stored at the Pesticide Storage Building No. 412. A 1987 IRP report stated that approximately 855 gallons of pesticides were stored there.

Coal soaked in fuel oil was stored at the North and South Coal Piles, which had a total storage capacity of 10,000 tons. For 36 years, coal was used to fire the heating plant. Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, and nickel were detected in the ground water underneath the source, and PAHs were found in the soil. The Underground Hazardous Waste Storage Area was used as a repository for waste oils, waste solvents, and other unspecified chemical substances generated at the site. No sampling data is available.

The Active Hazardous Waste Storage Area was used as a repository for waste oils, waste solvents, oil-water separator sludge, spent batteries, and waste oil. No analytical data for this source is available.

Wright-Patterson Airfield (Air Force) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) is in southwestern Ohio northeast of Dayton in Greene and Montgomery Counties. The installation is composed of two air fields, Wright Field and Patterson Field, covering 8,174 acres. The base employs approximately 33,000 people, of whom about 8,000 presently live on the base.   Past Air Force activities in support of operational missions have resulted in creation of several unlined waste disposal areas throughout the base, including landfills, fire training areas, and coal storage piles.

From 1941 to at least 1973, the Industrial Shops and the Research and Development Laboratories disposed of more than 791 tons of waste on the base, including solvents, contaminated thinners, degreasing sludges, tetraethyllead sludge, and miscellaneous hazardous chemicals.   In 1985, the base, with the assistance of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), found 1,1,1-trichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, 1,2-dichloroethane, and manganese in on-base wells. The Miami River Valley Aquifer System, which is the predominant water source in the Dayton and WPAFB area, provides water to three municipal well fields within 3 miles that serve more than 375,000 people. The people working and living on the base are served by 16 base wells. Local surface waters are also potentially threatened by inactive waste sites on the base.

Oklahoma Tinker Air Force Base covers 4,277 acres adjacent to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. The base is within the North Canadian River drainage basin and drains into Crutcho and Soldier Creeks.

Building 3001 is used for aircraft maintenance and jet engine rebuilding. Organic solvents, including trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene, and 1,2-dichloroethylene, were used for degreasing and aircraft maintenance. In the past, waste oils, solvents, paint sludges, and plating waste generated from maintenance activities were disposed in Industrial Waste Pits Numbers 1 and 2, located about 1 mile south of Soldier Creek and Building 3001.

Tests conducted by a contractor to the Air Force detected TCE in a water supply well located within Building 3001. The Air Force has taken this well out of service. The municipal water system serving 55,400 customers in Midwest City draws water from the contaminated aquifer within 3 miles of the base. The Air Force has detected heavy metals (Hexavalent Chromium, nickel, cadmium) in Soldier Creek at Douglas Boulevard.

Oregon Fremont National Forest/White King and Lucky Lass Uranium Mines (USDA, was AEC) The Fremont National Forest/White King and Lucky Lass Uranium Mines site is located approximately 18 miles northwest of Lakeview, Oregon. The White King Mine is located on U.S. Forest Service and private land and the Lucky Lass Mine is located entirely on Forest Service land.   The mines were operated from 1958 through 1961 and intermittently through 1964. The Atomic Energy Commission oversaw ore production from the mines. A total of 140 acres were disturbed by mining: 120 acres at White King Mine and 20 acres at Lucky Lass Mine.


Contaminant areas include stockpiled ore, overburden mixed with ore, and acid drainage waste water that has filled the pits created by the mining activities.   The primary hazards posed by the mine waste include gamma radiation exposure from radioactive constituents, emanation of radon gas, and environmental contamination by heavy metals and the radioactive constituents in surface and ground water. Surface water and sediments in Auger Creek and nearby wetlands have been contaminated by mining activities. The creek and surface water bodies downstream of the site are used as a source of recreational fishing.


Umatilla Army Depot (Lagoons)


Since 1941, Umatilla Army Depot Activity has occupied about 20,000 acres in northeastern Oregon 6 miles south of the Columbia River in Hermiston, Umatilla County. This NPL site consists of lagoons covering about 0.5 acre. They are contaminated with wastes from explosives as a result of past demilitarization and disposal operations. The major contaminants identified on the base include explosive-derived wastes (RDX, TNT, and nitrate), pesticides (DDT and lindane), organic solvents (tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene), and caustic brine. RDX and nitrates are present in ground water beneath the lagoons. This ground water contamination might affect public water supplies serving about 24 people.


Pennsylvania Naval Air Development Center (8 Waste Areas) The Naval Air Development Center (NADC) covers 734 acres in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The center also conducts studies in antisubmarine warfare systems and software development.  


Waste-generating activities include aircraft maintenance and repair, pest control, fire-fighting training, machine and plating shop operations, spray painting, and various materials research and testing activities in NADC laboratories. Wastes generated include paints, solvents, industrial waste water treatment sludge, and waste oils. Eight waste areas covering more than 2 acres are included in this NPL site.   Navy contractors detected 1,1-dichloroethane, chromium, and nickel in ground water on the base. No significant contamination was detected in nearby surface water. The waste areas potentially affect the Stockton Formation aquifer, which provides water for over 100,000 persons within 3 miles of the site. Local surface water bodies are used for recreational and industrial purposes.

Middletown Air Field The Middletown Air Field covers 36 acres in Middletown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The site is adjacent to the Susquehanna River, and the Swatara Creek is located nearby. Until 1966, the Federal Government owned the site and operated it as Olmsted Air Force Base. Various Air Force operations resulted in solvents and other wastes being disposed of on the site. The current owner, the State of Pennsylvania, operates the site as Harrisburg International Airport. The site includes the airport properties, the Mead Heights area, and several industrial properties.   Dichlorobenzene, trichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene are present in ground water at the site, according to analyses conducted by the State and EPA. The State, EPA, and the Air Force are currently studying the site. As part of its effort, the Air Force has completed a search of records for information on past disposal activities at Olmsted Air Force Base. In 1984, the State removed all sludge and liquids in Building 267, closed the fire training pits, and removed all materials from the location.


Letterkenny Army Depot (PDO Area) The Letterkenny Army Depot is located 2 miles north of Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1942 as an ammunition storage facility. From 1947 to the present, operations have included the maintenance, overhaul, and rebuilding of wheeled and tracked vehicles and missiles. These operations have employed large quantities of chlorinated organic solvents and cleaning agents. Some wastes from these operations have been stored and disposed of in the Property Disposal Office (PDO) Area by landfilling and spreading on the ground. This NPL site consists of the PDO Area, which covers approximately 250 acres.  


Ground water beneath the PDO Area and the surface waters draining the area are contaminated with chlorinated organic chemicals, including chloroform, 1,1-dichloroethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and trichloroethylene, according to tests conducted by the Army. Letterkenny Army Depot is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. The Army has completed studies to determine sources of on-depot ground water contamination.


Letterkenny Army Depot (Southeast Area) The Letterkenny Army Depot is located 2 miles north of Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1942 as an ammunition storage facility. The operations have employed large quantities of chlorinated organic solvents and cleaning agents.


Ground water beneath the Southeast Industrial Area of the depot, as well as beneath an off-depot area of approximately 4,000 acres extending 2.5 miles to the east of the depot, is contaminated with chlorinated organic chemicals, including trichloroethylene and 1,1-dichloroethylene. Approximately 40 residential water wells have been contaminated.   Letterkenny Army Depot is participating in the Installation Restoration Program, established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. The U.S. Army has completed studies to determine sources of on-depot ground water contamination, as well as a remedial investigation/feasibility study. The Army is currently supplying 16 residences with bottled water to replace contaminated wells.


Tobyhanna Army Depot Tobyhanna Army Depot covers 1,293 acres in Tobyhanna, Monroe County, in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Military operations started on the site in 1913. The facility assumed its present name in August 1962. The depot's primary mission is to provide maintenance and supply support to the Army. Metal refinishing, electronic fabrication, electroplating, and degreasing operations are conducted on-site.


All types of depot wastes, including plating wastes, paints, solvents, sewage treatment sludge, and solid wastes, were disposed of on-site prior to 1975. IRP investigations conducted in the southeastern section in 1981 and 1986 found trichloroethylene (TCE) in on-site monitoring wells, and 1,2-dichloroethylene, TCE, and tetrachloroethylene in on-site and off-site water supply wells. An estimated 4,300 people obtain drinking water from depot and private wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the depot.

Puerto Rico Naval Security Group Activity Naval Security Group Activity is a communications station on the north coast of Puerto Rico approximately 11 miles west of San Juan, adjacent to the Village of Sabana Seca, Municipality of Toa Baja. The station encompasses over 2,200 acres divided into the North and South Tracts. The San Pedro Marsh, a large coastal wetland, is within 1,000 feet of both tracts.   From the early 1950s through 1970, the station's Public Works Department deposited all waste generated at the station in various areas on the South Tract. Materials disposed of included paints, solvents, waste oil, and battery acid. In addition, part of the South Tract served as the Pest Control Shop from the mid-1950s through 1979. During this time, various pesticides, including DDT, lindane, chlordane, 2,4-D, and sevin, were spilled in and around the shop building. Pesticides were mixed and application equipment cleaned in a sink outside the shop. The sink discharged directly to the ground.   Soil samples taken near the shop had elevated concentrations of arsenic, lead, and chlordane in tests conducted in 1984. Soil contaminants could migrate via surface water through a drainage ditch to the marsh during periods of rainfall. The contaminants could migrate to ground water through the fractured limestone bedrock, then to the marshy areas to the northwest and eventually into the sea. An estimated 47,000 persons living in and around the station use public wells within 3 miles of the site as a partial source of drinking water.   The Puerto Rican boa, designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as an endangered species, has been sighted in numerous locations on the station. The boa is known to feed in the subtropical environment offered by the station. Surface water within 3 miles downstream of the shop is used for recreational fishing.


Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Area - Vieques, Puerto Rico The Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Area - Vieques, in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, includes certain areas of the island of Vieques, and nearby waters, that have become contaminated primarily by United States Department of Defense (DoD) activities.


Since World War II, portions of the island of Vieques have been used by the U.S. Navy, primarily, to conduct activities related to military training. The eastern end of Vieques was used for all aspects of naval gunfire training, including air-to-ground ordnance delivery and amphibious landings, as well as housing the main base of operations for these activities, Camp Garcia. Live ordnance was used for certain exercises. Site operations on the western end of Vieques consisted mainly of ammunition loading and storage, and vehicle and facility maintenance, though some training occurred there as well.


Extensive amounts of unexploded ordnance and remnants of exploded ordnance have been identified in the range areas of Vieques, and in the surrounding waters. Hazardous substances associated with ordnance use may include mercury, lead, copper, magnesium, lithium, perchlorate, TNT, napalm, and depleted uranium among others. At Camp Garcia, and in the NASD, the hazardous substances present may also include a range of chemicals such as PCBs, solvents, and pesticides.

Vieques is home to approximately 9,300 residents. In addition, Vieques has an active and growing tourism industry. Both visitors and residents access beaches, fisheries, and recreational waters that may be impacted by past military training. Upon cessation of Navy activities, large portions of the impacted areas were set aside as a wildlife refuge, which is home to at least 25 endangered species (federal and Puerto Rican), and other sensitive environments.




Rhode Island Newport Naval Education/Training Center The Navy has used Aquidneck Island as a refueling depot since 1900. Additional fuel facilities were built during World War II, as were a supply station, barracks, farms, and a fire fighting training school. NETC is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. IRP studies identified numerous potentially contaminated areas, including the following. The 6-acre McAllister Point Landfill, along the shore of Narragansett Bay, from 1955 to the mid-1970s accepted wastes consisting primarily of domestic refuse, spent acids, solvents, paint, waste oil, and PCB-contaminated oil.


Similar wastes were deposited at the 10-acre Melville North Landfill, located in a low-lying, wetland area along the shore of the bay. Also in the Melville North area are two waste oil disposal areas: a sludge bed at an old sewage treatment plant, where oil was disposed of for 6 months, and two buried fuel tank farms.


The disposal area is in the southwest portion of the island within 100 feet of Narragansett Bay. The Gould Island Electroplating Shop produced wastes similar to those deposited at the disposal area. The wastes probably were dumped into the bay. The shop is not accessible to the public.   Lead and copper are present in monitoring wells in McAllister Point Landfill, according to a 1986 IRP report. An estimated 4,800 people obtain drinking water and 220 acres of land are irrigated from private wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances at NETC.   Sediments collected from Narragansett Bay just off the shoreline of McAllister Point Landfill contain lead, copper, and nickel, according to the 1986 report.


South Carolina Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center NCBC consists of four areas: the Main Center located on Narragansett Bay; West Davisville Storage area located 3 miles west of the Main Center; Camp Fogarty, a former training center located 4 miles west of the Main Center; and the decommissioned Naval Air Station Quonset Point to the south of the Main Center, which was given to the Rhode Island Port Authority in 1974. The Navy has disposed of wastes in all four areas.   NCBC is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. Under IRP, the Navy has identified at least 24 areas potentially containing hazardous substances. The Navy's investigations are focusing primarily on two areas: the Allen Harbor Landfill in the Main Center, which received solvents, paint thinners, degreasers, PCBs from transformers, sewage sludge, and contaminated fuel oil during 1946-72; and the Calf Pasture Landfill, which received "decontaminating agents" and various other contaminants.  


The primary area the Corps is investigating is the Camp Avenue Landfill, which is part of the decommissioned Naval Air Station Quonset Point. During 1943-53, the landfill accepted drums of wastes, battery casings, and other wastes.   Ground water is shallow (2-4 feet in some areas) and soils permeable, conditions that facilitate movement of contaminants into ground water. An estimated 27,000 people obtain drinking water from public wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on NCBC.   IRP studies conducted in 1986 identified lead, cadmium, silver, mercury, and chromium in soil from the shoreline and sediments of Allen Harbor, which is a small inlet from Narragansett Bay.


South Dakota Savannah River Site (USDOE) The Savannah River Site (SRS), formerly known as the Savannah River Plant, has produced nuclear materials for national defense on a 192,000-acre site near Aiken in Aiken, Allendale, and Barnwell Counties, South Carolina, since 1951. First operated by the Atomic Energy Commission, it is now operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE). SRS operations generate a variety of radioactive, nonradioactive, and mixed (radioactive and nonradioactive) hazardous wastes.


Past and present disposal practices include seepage basins for liquids, pits and piles for solids, and landfills for low-level radioactive wastes.   According to a 1987 USDOE report, shallow ground water on various parts of the site has been contaminated with volatile organic compounds (degreasing solvents), heavy metals (lead, chromium, mercury, and cadmium), radionuclides (tritium, uranium, fission products, and plutonium), and other miscellaneous chemicals (e.g., nitrates). In 1985, trichloroethylene (TCE) was detected in nearby monitoring wells. Soil in the A-Area Miscellaneous Chemical Basin, which reportedly received drums of waste solvents, also contains TCE.


The 3,200 residents of Jackson, South Carolina, receive drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on SRS. The creek and all other surface water from SRS flow into the Savannah River, which is a major navigable river and forms the southern border between South Carolina and Georgia. Along the banks of the river is a 10,000-acre wetland known as the Savannah River Swamp. A March 1987 USDOE report indicates the swamp is contaminated with chromium, mercury, radium, thorium, and uranium, which overflowed from an old seepage basin.




Iowa Army Ammunition Plant is a Group Technology Center for missile warheads, tank ammunition, artillery rounds and demolition charges. The plant is a one-of-a-kind national resource that provides "total munitions solutions" for the Defense industrial base, which includes research, development, production, inspection, testing, assembly, packing and demilitarization. The Iowa AAP's 1,500 building facility is built on 19,300 acres in southeast Iowa. Less than a third of the IAAAP's 19,015-acre (30-square-mile) property is occupied by active or formerly-active production or storage facilities. The remaining land is evenly divided between leased agricultural acreage and woodlands.


The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), a public health agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released on 05 January 2004 the final version of a public health consultation concerning the health effects from environmental releases of beryllium and depleted uranium at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP) in Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa. The health consultation found that the environmental releases of beryllium and depleted uranium (DU) from the plant and from the Burlington Atomic Energy Commission Plant in Burlington, Iowa, are not at levels that would result in adverse human health effects to facility residents or to those living nearby.


Websites that discuss US uranium miners cancer, DU weapons factory metal fabricators cancer seem to be rapidly getting de-listed in bing, yahoo and google. Sources still searchable include: http://www.apfn.org/apfn/DU.htm and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6279361 and http://www.wise-uranium.org/uhm.html. The Internet is being censored by the Obama Administration, the three sites above once had dozens more that have been de-listed in the major search engines. The same goes with youtube, the government is blocking access to many depleted uranium videos in youtube and vimeo.


Whether it is 1950, or 2012, the United States Government wishes for you to know that Uranium and Plutonium are perfectly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3py6ahw2TMA safe. If you live within 150-200 miles of a nuclear power plant, then you need to see this important http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA8z94MXo9M information on what to do. If Fukushima Daihatsu happens in your neighborhood, or if you are Iranian or Syrian, you need to view and heed this succinct US Government http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8SK28htqbg advanced training. But do not worry, the US Government will take good care http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz9g_rl2JnU of you!


The US Government has a long and profound history of making sound, rational decisions in your best interest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46GBjlUOROY.


In the 1950's and through early 1970's, the Pentagon told US military personnel   it was safe to fire nuclear cannon, it was safe to march to ground zero where an atom bomb had just exploded. The public was told that the public would survive an atomic war.


In the 1990's through 2012 and beyond, military personnel   are told Depleted Uranium munitions are safe to handle and "use properly'. The public are told that the Uranium bomb and bullet munitions plants are safe and non-polluting. All of us, military or civilans, are being lied to by the US Government, again. Those who work in Uranium mines, atom bomb fabricating plants, Uranium bomb and bullet munitions plants and military personnel are all 40% more likely to die of cancer than the general public. America's military might is dependent on the cancer of disposable minions. The Generals, Admirals, Secretaries of State and Presidents are the Lords of the Flies; the Plutonium and Uranium cancer victims are America's slaughtered pig. Politicians talk about our way of life but leave out the entire communities in Texas, Kentucky, Tennesse, Iowa and Loisiana where cancer is just part of the neighborhood. Those who serve in the military inhale, skin absorb and swallow all sorts of toxic molecules that are known threats to human life. This video gives you an idea of what is really going on with "clean nuclear power', aka nuclear warfare/depleted uranium warfare.




Fernald Feed Materials Production Center (commonly referred to simply as Fernald or later NLO) is a Superfund site located within Crosby Township in Hamilton County, Ohio, as well as Ross Township in Butler County, Ohio. It was a uranium processing facility located near the rural town of Fernald, about 20 miles (32 km) northwest of Cincinnati, which fabricated uranium fuel cores for the U.S. nuclear weapons production complex from 1951 to 1989. During that time, the plant produced 170,000 metric tons uranium (MTU) metal products and 35,000 MTU of intermediate compounds, such as uranium trioxide and uranium tetrafluoride.

Fernald would gain notoriety by 1984 when it was learned that the plant was releasing millions of pounds of uranium dust into the atmosphere, causing major radioactive contamination of the surrounding areas. That same year, employee Dave Bocks, a 39 year old pipefitter, disappeared during the facility's graveyard shift and was later reported missing. Eventually, his remains were discovered inside a uranium processing furnace located in Plant 6; a sudden 28-degree drop in furnace temperature (which was kept at a constant 1300 degrees F) had been recorded at 5:15 AM during the night of Bocks' disappearance.After the investigations, insufficient evidence was found relating to the death and the official ruling was that no foul play was involved. Some, however, including Bocks' family, have believed that he was murdered by one or more coworkers who suspected him of being a whistleblower in the 1984 nuclear emissions scandal. Other theories included an industrial accident or suicide. it is believed that Bocks was alive when he entered the furnace. The case was profiled on the Unsolved Mysteries television show during the early 1990s.

A report by the General Accounting Office, released March 19, confirmed Enquirer reports that the cleanup of Fernald has wasted millions of dollars through mismanagement by the contractor and a lack of oversight by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The report prompted members of Congress to say the contract of Fluor Daniel Fernald should not be renewed or extended unless major problems at the nuclear cleanup site can be fixed.

Two days later, the U.S. Energy Department, reacting to the report, said it would strip Fluor Daniel of the most critical cleanup project at the site and replace the company with a new contractor. Story

The Enquirer broke the story of mismanagement in the Fernald cleanup with a four day series entitled Danger & Deceit on Feb. 11-14, 1996. The initial series and more than 60 subsequent stories, detailed financial irregularities, safety problems and a lack of government oversight in the massive cleanup project.

Fernald Uranium Metallurgy Uranium is converted into metal before it is used in nuclear weapons production. Workers at the Fernald uranium foundry in Ohio converted hundreds of tons of uranium hexafluoride gas (the "tails" from the enrichment process) into uranium"green-salt" crystals. These crystals were blended with magnesium granules and cooked in a furnace. The mixture ignites (the resultant fumes travelled all over Ohio), converting the green-salt crystals into uranium metal. Some of this metal was made into reactor fuel or target elements for plutonium production reactors at Hanford and Savannah River. The Rocky Flats Plant in Colorado (site of numerous accidental Plutonium fire) sand the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, formed depleted and enriched uranium metal into components for nuclear weapons. Releases of uranium dust and leaking landfills of nuclear chemicals were the primary environmental impacts of these operations.

INVISIBLE http://synapseartscience.wordpress.com/eve-andree-laramee/ FIRE visualizes water in the Great Miami Aquifer beneath the former Fernald uranium processing plant and foundry near Cincinatti, Ohio, contaminated with radioactive isotopes of plutonium, uranium, radium, thorium and technitium.


Hanford and Savannah River The Savannah River Site (SRS) is a nuclear reservation in the United States in the state of South Carolina, located on land in Aiken, Allendale and Barnwell Counties adjacent to the Savannah River, 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Augusta, Georgia. The site was built during the 1950s to refine nuclear materials for deployment in nuclear weapons. It covers 310 square miles (800 km2) and employs more than 10,000 people.

It is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The management and operating contract is held by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC (SRNS), and the Liquid Waste Operations contract is held by Savannah River Remediation, which is a team of companies led by URS Corporation.

A major focus is cleanup activities related to work done in the past for the nation's nuclear buildup. Currently none of the reactors on-site are operating (see list of nuclear reactors), although two of the reactor buildings are being used to consolidate and store nuclear materials. SRS is also home to the Savannah River National Laboratory and the nation's only operating radiochemical separations facility. Its tritium facilities are also the United States' only source of tritium, an essential component in nuclear weapons. And, the nation's only mixed oxide fuel (MOX) manufacturing plant is being constructed at SRS. When operational, the MOX facility will convert legacy weapons-grade plutonium into fuel suitable for commercial power reactors. MOX fuel accidents have the potential to kill thousands and cause cancer in potentially millions of people (generationally).

The Hanford Site is a mostly decommissioned nuclear production complex on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington, operated by the United States federal government. The site has been known by many names, including Hanford Works, Hanford Engineer Works or HEW, Hanford Nuclear Reservation or HNR, and the Hanford Project. Established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project in the town of Hanford in south-central Washington, the site was home to the B Reactor, the first full-scale plutonium production reactor in the world. Plutonium manufactured at the site was used in the first nuclear bomb, tested at the Trinity site, and in Fat Man, the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan.


During the Cold War, the project was expanded to include nine nuclear reactors and five large plutonium processing complexes, which produced plutonium for most of the 60,000 weapons in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Nuclear technology developed rapidly during this period, and Hanford scientists produced many notable technological achievements. Many of the early safety procedures and waste disposal practices were inadequate, and government documents have since confirmed that Hanford's operations released significant amounts of radioactive materials into the air and the Columbia River, which threatened the health of residents and ecosystems.


The weapons production reactors were decommissioned at the end of the Cold War, but the decades of manufacturing left behind 53 million US gallons (200,000 m3) of high-level radioactive waste, an additional 25 million cubic feet (710,000 m3) of solid radioactive waste, 200 square miles (520 km2) of contaminated groundwater beneath the site and occasional discoveries of undocumented contaminations that slow the pace and raise the cost of cleanup.


The Hanford site represents two-thirds of the nation's high-level radioactive waste by volume. Today, Hanford is the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States and is the focus of the nation's largest environmental cleanup.




Oak Ridge, Paducah, Hanford, Fernald all contain Infinity Rooms (rooms that can only be entered by a robot). All fifty US states are covered with strong pollution from our "strong" military. Military personnel, their families and civilians are getting cancers, Lou Gehrigs disease, alzheimers, etc. from military-industrial pollution. Idiots like Romney spewing about "strong military" ignore the weak, sick and dying here at home from military pollution. Our military bases overseas are even more polluted than those here. When people's kids overseas get cancer from the military base pollution, that makes us safer, how?


Sources: Wikipedia EPA pages, US EPA website.






















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October 20, 2012

The Lords of the Flies - Romney Obama

By Tracy Turner



The Lords of all whom they surveil, the Lords of the Flies. In the first Presidential debate, Romney spent 5.5% of his talking time discussing poverty related issues, the other 94.5% of his time discussing matters more important to him than the damn pesky littluns. Incumbent Obama spent 4.5% of his longer talk time discussing poverty related matters, 95.5% of his time not bothering with those pesky littluns.


The Lords of the flies prefer Lordly matters on a ratio of 19 Lordly matters for every 1 fly matter. War, bankers, Wallstreet 19, lowly flies 1. The matters of the lowly flies are irksome, troublesome, unprofitable, and not glamorous on camera. But there is a social safety net in place...


Between 1999 and 2002, 4,600 homeless were reported as dying of hypothermia. Homelessness has gone up drastically since 2002. The government does not bother keeping statistics of the frozen corpses of homeless; the lamestream media of ill repute are too engrossed in running TV ads for natural gas fracking to bother running statistics on frozen http://tinyurl.com/8sznzly homeless corpses.


Remember the heat wave, election summer of 2012? Every day of summer, one was told by the lamestream media of ill repute what was up with Romney's taxes and what jokes were quipped by Obama at numerous fundraisers. The Lords of the Flies and their Lordly mannerisms were reported in great detail. How many of America's homeless died of heat prostation in the summer of 2012? The news is too busy kow-towing to Wallstreet, Banks, politicians with Citizens United money and dirty energy titans to bother with the mundane deaths http://tinyurl.com/9b56k8q of the summer heat wave homeless.




How many Americans are going hungry? The Oligarchs, the Lords of the Flies, do not care. Ryan washed clean pots and pans as a publicity stunt at a food bank kitchen. It was a mere publicity stunt, the sort of thing that makes some of us literally hate his guts.




When Romney and Obama failed to talk about the unemployed, the foreclosed upon homeowners, the homeless, the poor, the hungry, the people who freeze to death each winter and those who die in the summer heat waves" both candidates lost this writers vote. One could argue that Dr. Jill Stein is just as elitist, just as out of touch with the poor, hungry, homeless, baked and starved" But this writer shall vote for her anyway. However many days and nights of this life this writer has to live, my vote will not be a duopoly-oligarch lord-of-the-flies vote.




America's dirty little secret, the armpit of http://tinyurl.com/9r8wvmk the nation is police going paramilitary on the homeless. After the Bakersfield, California police chased one of the homeless men out of his camp, he froze to death last winter. Does this not make you feel safe from terror? This does not merit the Presidents attention, Wallstreet is much more profound on TV camera. All of these m@#^%#$%^@&er's have been reading too much Ayn Rand. Have you looked at your portfolio, lately, Mr. Lord of the Flies? I wish they would both wake up one morning and find their entire portfolio filled with fly-feces...


Does it make any difference if it is Bush, Obama or Romney para-military cops slashing the tents of the homeless with knives and razor-cutters? We spent trillions of dollars on anti-terrorism training for police and we use that training and payroll hours to destroy homeless camps!




Do not be mislead by the Jezebel/Attila the Hun non-news media. The Lords of the Flies are done discussing the flies, they know have the important matter of which culture to dump nuke industry toxic waste on, who will be the next concocted enemy of state to pour out our nuclear waste nightmare upon. Time to teach the world about human rights...


The news pundits and their safe, canned, stale debate questions will spend hundreds pf hours pontification Ralph Piggy Jack Simon Sam Eric Roger and Robert Maurice Percival. The country is evenly divided on which is the Lord of the Flies. The only thing certain is America's signal fire will go out repeatedly and neither rescue ship, hungry, poor, heat stroked, nor freezing shall find help.


Americans have heard enough of the 4-5% poverty related in the Presidential debates" Time for the War on Terror, who will make the superior war President to keep us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j4eiNNvSF0 all safe. The mainstream media and the politicians wish to put the fear of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrPdZmPB36U terror into all of us and to let us know who it is that keeps us all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44OlSgUF9EE safe from terror.


The Romney Obama foreign policy debates are partly to teach our youth what it means to be of service http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUz9FuTIO-s to America. The debates between Obama and Romney remind us of the importance of supporting America's great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoB0VKMXedQ allies.


As we all know, sometimes it is necessary to go to war to support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ai96UUZGaA out allies in their http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LfbqKtwieg righteous endeavors.   This election, we will need to decide whether Romney or Obama pays overtime to keep us safe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fmsPDERJ8g domestically and spread freedom and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGQrC0p_2-s democracy along with our allies. The next President and our allies must spread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbv7IiOUJ3U democracy globally. The war on terror must continue, both overseas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpIHci84ipw and domestically http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_D1aZJ6RzQ. As the very last video goes to show, new laws and measures need to be enacted to keep all of us safe.


As far as the poor, the safety net we have in place for them is the all volunteer poverty draft. America is a special place, where any able bodied young person who applies themselves can volunteer to go to war for a paycheck. America has a way of showing its gratitude http://tinyurl.com/8ge32es for veteran's military service. Those who defend our http://tinyurl.com/9mrgspm freedoms and liberty.


I pledge obedience to the Plutarchs, and to the Oligarchs for which we regime stomp, one Empire under Wallstreet, indispensable, with liberty and justice for Wealthy Oligarchs. In the names of Guantanamo and Abu Gharaib I torture, I deny due process, I give life sentence and I rejoice in our savageness ~ Amen.





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October 19, 2012

Yes On Prop 37 Yes On California GMO Food Labeling

By Tracy Turner



Those of us living in California have been inundated with No on Prop 37 TV ads, with narrators moaning about how unfair and unreasonable it is for us to know exactly what we are eating. This writer urges you to vote yes on Prop 37.


There is a short article on the biology of why we should all have GMO food labeling in California and elsewhere http://tinyurl.com/96lv2bl here. There is a much longer article on the farming, ecology and human rights (legal) aspects of this complicated issue http://tinyurl.com/cth6rou here.


In California, many TV ads are urging us to take the sides of "farmers" and "doctors"" But farmers and doctors are not buying expensive prime time TV ad spots. Who exactly is buying the TV time for prop 37? The top 6-7 companies financing No on Prop 37 are pesticide companies and Genetically Modified crop seed companies. Unlike the "doctors' and "farmers' in the deceptive prop 37 ads, these pesticide/GMO companies literally poison 289,000 people per year with pesticides. Their deceptive ads are written as if they are helping you; actually these six big agrotechs cause far in excess of 289,000 cancer cases per year (chronic exposure to pesticides). These companies expect to be able to do literally anything at all to food, and have you buy and eat food with no labeling telling you what they did to your food.


Each year, around 2.5 million tons (2,500,000 tons = 5 billion pounds) of pesticide is dumped on the planet's crops. In 2002, an estimated 69,000 children were poisoned by pesticides in the US The World Health Organization reports 220,000 people die every year worldwide because of pesticide poisoning. Are you surprised pesticide companies do not want you to know what is in your food?


No on Prop 37 Financiers:


MONSANTO COMPANY $7,100,500.00. Monsanto was and still is a pesticide company, which also sells BT crop seeds; foods you end up eating that contain pesticides and man-made genetics. So, it is not farmers or doctors telling you the GMO food labels are unfair and unreasonable, the main financier of the ads is a pesticide-Franken foods company.


Monsanto earns billions of dollars from Asgrow, Genuity, Ready 2 Yield, Roundup Ready and BT crop seeds. France and Poland outlawed these seeds, Poland recently and France years ago. French people have far less diabetes and obesity, largely because they do not eat frankenfoods.


E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO. $4,900,000.00 is also a pesticide company who genetically alters foods. Like Monsanto, DuPont does there own "safety testing' and the American public just takes their word for it that the bacteria and algae genes spliced into food genes are "safe'. These so-called biotech companies http://tinyurl.com/clrr8va have checkered pasts.


BASF PLANT SCIENCE $2,000,000.00 BASF's pesticide division supplies agricultural products and chemicals. The company produces fungicides, herbicides and insecticides including F500 (pyraclostrobin), epoxiconazole, pendimethalin, boscalid, fipronil, and seed treatment products.   The company also researches Nutrigenomics. BASF is neither poor California family farmer nor a woman pediatric doctor; this is a poison company that does not want you to know what you are eating.


BAYER CROPSCIENCE $2,000,000.00 Bayer's Gaucho insecticide is killing the world's bees, which could cause about 1/3 of the Earth's people to starve. Profits before bees or humans.


DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC $2,000,000.00 Dow is another pesticide company that makes genetically modified frankenfoods.


PEPSICO, INC. $1,716,300.00 Quaker Oats states that it is an "all-natural" product. But Quaker Oats (a unit of PepsiCo) manages a processing plant that emits roughly 19,000 pounds of sulfuryl fluoride yearly. Sulfuryl fluoride is a toxic greenhouse gas used to treat crops like oats in storage.


GMO Sodas (GMO corn syrup)



Wild Cherry Pepsi

Mug Root Beer

Mountain Dew

Learn more: http://tinyurl.com/9fs5bd4

NESTLE USA, INC. $1,169,400.00 http://tinyurl.com/9y2hj7u




GMO Sodas


Every one of these soft drinks includes high fructose corn syrup -- one of the most common GMO ingredients:


Coca Cola Company


Coca Cola


Cherry Coke

Barq's Root Beer

Minute Maid Orange

Minute Maid Grape




CONAGRA FOODS $1,076,700.00 ConAgra Sued Over GMO '100% Natural' Cooking Oils http://tinyurl.com/9h45a62


SYNGENTA CORPORATION $1,000,000.00 Syngenta is a global agribusiness, agrochemical and biotechnology corporation based in Basel, Switzerland. It has substantial interests in the seed industry and genetically modified (GMO) crops. The company produces insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, field crop seeds (soybeans), vegetable seeds (corn, beans, tomatoes), and flowers.


GENERAL MILLS, INC. $908,200.00 common foods like breakfast cereals Kix, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, etc. are chock full of GMO corn meal. Sweetened cereals are sweetened with GMO corn syrup. Any of the grains in the cereals is usually GMO.


DEL MONTE FOODS COMPANY $674,100.00 Read more here http://tinyurl.com/cnnxqsp


KELLOGG COMPANY $632,500.00 Another GMO food pushing company that tries to hide behind the word natural on their labels. http://www.organicconsumers.org/kelloggs.cfm



" Kraft has been recognized for progress in areas such as supporting diversity in the workplace and signing an agreement to improve environmental and labor standards in the coffee industry.  

" Kraft foods contain unlabeled GMO's and the company has fought to prevent the passing of labeling requirements.  

" Kraft's coffees, including Maxwell House, are not Fair Trade.  

" Trade unions in South Africa have called for a boycott of Kraft for refusing to recognize or negotiate with the Food and Allied Workers Union. http://tinyurl.com/9phot94


H.J. HEINZ COMPANY $500,000.00 GMO Ketchup Backlash Goes Viral After Heinz Joins Fight Against Proposition 37 http://tinyurl.com/8b83jdn


Cargill is the largest supplier of grains in the world. It is the world's second largest supplier of animal feed and the second largest supplier for food and industrial starches. The company is also the second largest meat packer in the U.S., after Tyson Foods. Excel was bought by Cargill in 1979 and has divisions in Australia and Canada. The company also owns Caprock, a large beef feed lot operation. Cargill is the second largest turkey processor in the U.S. It also owns Sunny Fresh egg products and Empack Foods, a meat processing company. Cargill owns Wisepack Transport, a refrigerated trucking company which transports Empack Foods and Wisconsin products across the U.S.


Cargills' interest in this has much to do with feeding their farm animals GMO's; it is possible that farm animals fed vast quantities of GMO's have displayed bizarre, unexpected results.


Others Involved:

Sunny Delight, Kellogg's, Bumble Bee Foods, Bimbo Bakeries, Campbell Soup, Land O'Lakes, Hormel Foods, Dole Packaged Foods, Del Monte Foods and Ocean Spray Cranberries, to name a few, have all joined the anti-labeling coalition to defeat Prop. 37, as well as little-known companies like Knouse Foods, who makes applesauce and apple juice under the Musselman's, Lucky Leaf, Apple Time, Lincoln and Speas Farm brand names.

As many companies have done, PepsiCo not only refuses to reveal its GMO ingredients, but in packaging products from its five divisions, Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Tropicana, and Quaker , it uses purposely misleading language such as "natural" or "all natural" to entice the health-conscious buyer. Read more here http://tinyurl.com/cnnxqsp


More on who is bankrolling the No on Prop 37 TV ads: http://tinyurl.com/9n6rwzz


Mercenary Farmers and Doctors and Lady Pediatricians on TV telling you how to vote on Prop 37? Actually it is the multinational corporations above telling you how to vote. Monsanto, the most hated company worldwide, has paid millions for TV ads telling you how to vote. Rats eating Monsanto corn died, had tumors, went sterile and had stillborn babies from GMO corn. All Prop 37 does is label that corn as GMO corn, so you can avoid eating it if you so choose. Sounds pretty fair and reasonable, doesn't it? You have a right to know what you are putting into your mouth, your body.


Vote YES! On Prop 37!













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October 18, 2012

Obama and Romney - How Many Steel Beams Will Fall On Us?

By Tracy Turner



The next debate will focus on foreign policy. But more than a few questions are missing. Just a few examples: Is official US foreign policy to dump nuclear waste on whoever is the current concocted enemy? If so, how does a policy of blatant US policy make us "safe' from reprisals? And what of our nuclear-illness troops and civilians? Is recruiting a poor person who is simply looking for a paycheck then having them handle depleted uranium a breach of the contract between the military and a recruit? Should our young people be told they would encounter battlefield uranium before they sign on?


The TV talking heads avoid these sticky wickets as it would interfere with access journalism and a fat slice of Citizens United money going to the TV stations owners.


There is a point the TV talking heads miss that is far more serious than who said what in which tone and context. That point is that all involved expect campaign promises to be lies. The US public expects Obama and Romney to lie. The public knows there is no plan, other than to enrich the rich including the war industries. Even the Grover Norquist Pledge will someday be negotiated around to: win a war; lose a war, save businesses too big to fail, save the military, etc.


Does it matter if the mendacity is intentional or accidental? Mitt Romney told a whooper, Mitt is going to teach the 10,000-year-old Chinese culture a thing or two about business. Mitt, a bully from a 200-year-old bully country is going to teach the ancient Chinese some manners. China is Mitt's credit card company and Mitt is the credit card holder; what lesson is he going to teach his lender? All China has to do is ratchet up the monthly interest rate and declare all debts payable immediately and Mitt's grand vision will be his demise.


The lies of the Presidency have a way of becoming the new truth. George Bush's self-proclaimed powers are now the powers of Obama and may become the powers of Romney. Nixon once said when the President does it, it is not illegal. When Bush, Obama or potentially Romney bombs another country with White Phosphorus and Uranium, it is not illegal. When their campaign contributors manipulate the LIBOR, the stock market and the American dollar, it is no longer illegal because those individuals are the Presidents' personal financiers.


The outcome of the debate and the talking heads are not the issue. The creep of illegality into the status quo is the issue. The creep of the US Constitution into torture, then life incarceration without due process of law is the new legal. Murder by executive order is also the new legal, along with Citizens United and NDAA. Each new behavior, each new law is a bit more Fascist than the last, each creep from one old standard under the Constitution into a new standard under right-wing totalitarianism.


The Flitcraft Parable is a story within a story from the Dashiell Hammett novel, "Maltese Falcon". Detective Sam Spade tells Bridget how a man named Flitcraft was nearly killed by a falling beam when he left his office to go golfing. The falling beam so upsets Flitcraft, he leaves his wife, job ad family behind to go live his life more fully. Once relocated, his new wife, kids, house and job resemble his former. This is overly simplified; the full parable http://www.fallingbeam.org/beam.htm is here.


One can easily equate the Flitcraft Parable to life in America. 9/11 was a falling beam; many people joined the military after the 9/11 falling beam. At some point, the more fortunate come home and try to resume life. The failure of the banks, Wallstreet and the Big 3 automakers were falling beams. The Flitcraft Parable is an adept parable to explain questions asked of Obama and Romney, "candidate, when is America going to stop having falling beams"? The answers are all mendacious, all lies. Even the question, "when is America going to stop having falling beams" is a tremendous lie, a most mendacious of all break from reality.


If you go to this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_United_States_military_operations and follow the wars from 1775 to the present, it is obvious that America rains steel beams down upon its own citizenry and the people of the world. The wars have been about tobacco, sugar, etc., but there is always some company or multinational corporation using the US military to get its way. Exxon Mobile and British Petroleum now own Iraq. But asking politicians who profit from war when we will have peace is naive. All the questions asked pertained to an economy stripped of cash to fight numerous, simultaneous wars. The answer is business shall drop steel beams on Americans and foreigners alike. The military and America's new Secret Police, DHS, shall drop steel beams down upon us all.


An honest question would be why not spend just 2-3x what China spends on military and save college grants, social security and Medicare? But we shall end up spending 70-80x what China does on military and the elderly and poor and college-aged will suffer most from it. Steel beams upon your head, it is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_United_States_military_operations American way...


The peace people imagine never existed here for long. The justice for all, the gender and racial equality people seek has never existed here before. But there is something that has changed, using the US Constitution to give corporations rights that people no longer have. The suspension of personal liberties for some "greater good" that only benefits an oligarchy. Bain Capital has more rights than we do. DHS contractors have rights you do not enjoy anymore. It is these last changes that the corrupt media will not ask any candidate. The debates themselves are null, void and meaningless. Idiots might be impressed with style, but most of us would rather have our denied Constitutional rights.


Both candidates should have been asked about the police torturing Occupiers for sanitation violations. Will your administration use secret police to intimidate people away from free speech? Such a question is not a lie, but we all know the answer to it. America no longer exists; in its place is the Police State of Oligarchs.



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October 16, 2012

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution III

By Tracy Turner

(Article changed on October 16, 2012 at 14:27)


 If a civilian working with pesticides, hazardous materials or biohazard materials put themselves, their co-workers and the general public as at risk as the military does our own people, the civilian would go to jail or prison  But when the military's pollution harms our troops and US civilians, it is just considered standard operating procedure. It appears that around 1999-2000, the US EPA gave up on hazmat cleanup and chemical cleanup with the US military. It also appears the US military gave up on itself and stopped hazmat cleanup efforts. Apparently the war on terror renewed the military's license to poison itself and others radiologically, chemically and biologically. Military bases are an open sewer in which to pour drums of TCE, depleted uranium waste, etc.

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution article I was http://tinyurl.com/92wlnew here, article II was http://tinyurl.com/9mhtgpv here.

California Alameda Naval Air Station Alameda Naval Air Station's mission was to maintain and operate facilities and provide support services for fleet aviation activities of the U.S. Navy. Historically, the site was occupied by a borax processing plant, an oil refinery, and an airport for the city of Alameda. In 1930, the site was purchased by the U.S. Army. In 1936, the U.S. Navy acquired the site and in 1940, the site was officially commissioned. Currently, the site covers approximately 1,600 acres of dry land and 1,000 acres of submerged land on the island of Alameda, California.

The eastern portion of the site is devoted to office space, residential housing, and industrial facilities. Runways and support facilities occupy the western part of the site. The facility was closed by the Navy in 1997.   The U.S. Navy's Initial Assessment Study identified 12 potential hazardous waste sources at Alameda Naval Air Station (NAS), four of which were ultimately recommended for further investigation. However, the California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Toxic Substances Control (formerly known as the California Department of Health Services, Toxic Substances Control Division), identified 16 additional sources at the site in a Remedial Action Order to the U.S. Navy. Subsequently five more sources were also identified.

Consequently, remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) activities are being conducted at 25 areas on site, including the West Beach Landfill.   The West Beach Landfill occupies approximately 110 acres in the southwestern corner of the site. Approximately seventeen of these acres are now marshland. The West Beach Landfill is bordered to the west and south by the San Francisco Bay, and to the north and east by runways. Materials reportedly disposed of in the northeast portion of the West Beach Landfill include polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-contaminated transformer oils, PCB-contaminated TAC rags, and carbonless paper containing PCBs. The southwest portion of the landfill was used for the disposal of PCB-contaminated dredge spoils, which for the most part came from Alameda Naval Air Station's pier areas, turning basin, and entrance channel. Analytical results of samples collected from the southwest portion of the landfill indicated the presence of PCBs up to 483.9 micrograms per kilogram.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USDOE) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) (Site 300) covers approximately 11 square miles north of Corral Hollow Road near the City of Livermore, California, straddling the Alameda/San Joaquin County line. The area is rural. LLNL was first owned by the Atomic Energy Commission. It is now owned by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) and operated by the University of California. The main LLNL site, located 15 miles west of Site 300, was placed on the NPL in July 1987.   Site 300's primary mission since its inception in 1955 has been to test high explosives. It has also operated a number of solid waste landfills, accepting waste from the LLNL main site, Site 300, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Land disposal ceased at Site 300 in November 1988. Site 300 also formerly maintained a number of waste lagoons and dry wells for disposal of liquid wastes and waste waters. The dry wells have been removed from service, and the lagoons have been replaced by two double-lined surface impoundments. The lagoons are scheduled to be capped in the summer of 1989.   Tests conducted in 1983 by an LLNL contractor detected trichloroethylene (TCE), trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene in on-site monitoring wells. Soil is also contaminated. These chlorinated hydrocarbons are found in the vicinity of Buildings 834, 830, and 817 and Pit 5.

The highest concentrations are of TCE near Building 834. TCE is used as a cooling and heating agent to test the stability of various high explosive compounds and is stored near Building 834 for distribution through aboveground piping. A leak is suspected as the source of soil and ground water contamination. Approximately 350 people obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of Site 300, most of them on Site 300 itself.   During 1983 and 1984, LLL observed increases in tritium concentrations in shallow monitoring wells downgradient from experimental and waste disposal areas in the west firing area of Site 300. The shallow aquifer is not a present or potential source of drinking water.

Concord Naval Weapons Station The Navy's substantial investigations of the station have identified 19 sites to be investigated under the Installation Restoration (IR) program, of which 8 are located in the Tidal Area. In addition, 24 Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) will be investigated, pursuant to RCRA, 4 of which are located in the Tidal Area.   The Tidal Area Landfill, R-Area Disposal Site, and the Wood Hogger Site are wetlands in the western portion of the Tidal Area contaminated from on-base waste disposal. The 20 acre site was a major disposal area from 1944 to 1979 and received an estimated 33,000 tons of waste. Materials and waste generated during the segregation of conventional munitions were discarded in the R-Area Disposal Site. At the Wood Hogger Site, wood contaminated with pentachlorophenol (PCP) was chipped and placed in an adjacent wetland. Another potential wetland area of concern is the Froid and Taylor Road site.

Chemical analytical data identified hazardous substances including zinc, copper, cadmium, lead, arsenic, naphthalene, and methylene chloride, in soil, sediment, or surface water.   The Kiln Site and the K-2 Area are wetlands in the eastern portion of the Tidal Area. They were contaminated as a result of private sector industrial activities, and were subsequently purchased by the Navy to create a "buffer zone" for base operations. Soil sampling in these areas in 1986 detected zinc, copper, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. High tides inundated the sources, carrying contaminants to Suisun Bay. Elevated levels of copper, zinc, lead, and arsenic were detected in surface and composite soil samples in the K-2 Area.   The contaminated areas are critical habitats for the salt marsh harvest mouse, a Federally endangered species. The black California rail, a candidate Federally endangered species, and the California clapper rail, a Federally endangered species, inhabit adjacent wetlands. Suisun Bay supports extensive commercial and recreational fishing and is a habitat for the Winter-run Chinook Salmon, also a Federally endangered species.

Edwards Air Force Base EAFB is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. Under IRP, the Air Force has identified 21 waste areas at the facility.   The Main/South Base area, at the western edge of Rogers Dry Lake, is the primary area for maintenance and refueling of aircraft. On several occasions, large amounts of fuel have been spilled in the area, and poor disposal practices have released organic solvents to the ground. Also in the area are an abandoned sanitary landfill containing pesticides and heavy metals, an area where electroplating wastes were dumped, and the industrial waste pond, which contains sediments rich in heavy metals. Trichloroethylene, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, 1,2-dichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and methylene chloride are present in ground water underlying the Main/South Base area, according to a 1987 IRP report. EAFB's 13,800 employees obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of the Main/South Base area.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) covers 176 acres at 4800 Oak Grove Drive in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California. The area is primarily residential with some light commercial operations. It is bordered on the east by the Arroyo Seco Dry Wash, on the west by a residential neighborhood, on the north by the San Gabriel Mountains, and on the south by an equestrian club and a Los Angeles County Fire Station. Approximately 120,800 people live within 4 miles of the site.  

Among the sources of hazardous substances at the site are numerous seepage pits, where liquid and solid wastes were reportedly disposed of; a "settling" chamber in the JPL storm drain system; contaminated soil excavated from part of the system; and an area where waste solvents were dumped into three holes. The general types of hazardous substances at JPL, now and in the past, include waste solvents such as tetrachloroethene, solid rocket fuel propellants, cooling tower chemicals, sulfuric acid, Freon, mercury, and chemical laboratory wastes.  

In 1990, contractors for JPL detected significantly elevated levels of carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ground water both under and downgradient of the site. An estimated 68,000 people obtain drinking water from municipal wells within 4 miles of the site. Four City of Pasadena wells were shut down during 1989-90 due to VOCs attributable to JPL. The city has installed a treatment system, and the wells were returned to operation in October 1990. In addition, two Lincoln Avenue Water Co. wells were shut down in 1987 due to VOCs attributable to JPL; these wells are still closed.

Castle Air Force Base (6 Areas) Castle Air Force Base is in Merced, Merced County, California. The base consists of 2,777 acres of runways and airfield operations, industrial areas, and housing for base personnel. In the past, spent solvents (trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene , cyanide, cadmium, fuels, and waste oils have been disposed of into on-site chemical disposal pits and landfills.   The drinking water supply for the base is drawn from an aquifer underlying the base at a depth of approximately 300 feet. This has been contaminated by trichloroethylene. The Air Force has installed a new drinking water well for the base that will draw from a deeper, uncontaminated aquifer. The well is scheduled to be operational in the fall of 1984.

Fort Ord Fort Ord was established in 1917 as a maneuver area and field artillery target range for units then stationed at the Presidio of Monterey. Its primary mission now is training. Industrial operations at Fort Ord include vehicle maintenance areas, a battery charging/repair facility, photographic processing laboratories, spray painting operations, a plastics shop, laundry/dry cleaning facilities, vehicle wash racks, and a small arms repair shop. Chemicals and hazardous wastes were managed and disposed of at Fort Ord.   According to tests conducted by the Army in 1986, elevated levels of contaminants were detected in off-base ground water.

The contamination is emanating from the base and may be contaminating the drinking water supplies of the City of Marina; however, the exact location of the source has not yet been identified. The contaminants include carbon tetrachloride, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene. An estimated 38,600 people obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the fort. Ground water is also used for irrigation. In addition, soil and ground water are contaminated at the Fire Drill Area, where approximately 600 gallons of petroleum products have been spilled. Fort Ord has identified at least 18 other contamination problems.

El Toro Marine Corps Air Station The El Toro Marine Corps Air Station covers approximately 4,700 acres southeast of Santa Ana in El Toro, Orange County, California. Commissioned in 1943, it supports the Fleet Marine Forces in the Pacific Ocean. The surrounding area, once primarily agricultural, is urbanizing rapidly.   Station El Toro is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under the program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials.

As part of IRP, the Navy identified 21 problem areas at the station, including three landfills containing both hazardous and solid waste; buried drums of explosives and low-level radioactive waste; and areas where PCBs, battery acids, leaded fuels, and other hazardous substances were dumped or spilled.   In tests conducted early in 1987, the Orange County Water District found trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene in shallow irrigation wells on and downgradient of the site. An estimated 1,100 acres of land are irrigated by wells within 3 miles of the site.

March Air Force Base (MAFB) covers approximately 7,000 acres near Riverside in the Moreno Valley in Riverside County, California. MAFB is adjacent to light industrial, agricultural, and residential areas. Established in 1918 as the Alessandro Aviation Field, MAFB has served as a training base and refueling operations base. Industrial operations (including aircraft maintenance and repair) involved use of solvents and disposal of solvent wastes.

MAFB is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. As part of IRP, the Air Force investigated 28 potentially contaminated disposal areas. MAFB Well No. 1 on-base was found to be contaminated with trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, and cis-1,2-dichloroethylene at levels that exceed State drinking water standards. It was taken out of service. Soils on the base are contaminated with toluene and benzene. An estimated 11,600 people obtain drinking water from municipal wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on MAFB.

Aerojet General Corp. The Aerojet General Corp. Site covers 8,500 acres in the eastern portion of Sacramento County, California, adjacent to the Rancho Cordova area (population 40,000). The northeast edge of the site is approximately 0.5 mile from the American River. Underlying the site are extensive (50-foot deep) gold dredge tailings, a remnant of past mining operations. The upper aquifer is 80 feet below the surface. Ground water is used extensively throughout the Rancho Cordova area to supply municipal, domestic, and industrial water.  

Since 1953, Aerojet and its subsidiaries have disposed of, on-site, unknown quantities of hazardous waste, including trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, chloroform, Freon and other chemicals associated with rocket propellants, and various chemical processing wastes. Soil on-site is contaminated. Monitoring data show extensive ground water contamination on- and off-site, primarily with trichloroethylene. In April 1979, Aerojet and its subsidiaries started ground water studies to examine the impact of past disposal practices and to determine the requirements for cleanup.

Mather Air Force Base (Aircraft Control and Warning Disposal Site) is located near Sacramento, Sacramento County, California. Its mission as an air training command base is to train pilots and act as support for the Strategic Air Command.

A records search of base operations has located a disposal site in the Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) area of the base. This is the NPL site. A well near the site was used for drinking water until October 1979, when it was shut down due to TCE contamination. The well now provides water for fire protection.

Sacramento Army Depot The Sacramento Army Depot (SAAD) occupies 485 acres within the city limits of Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, approximately 7 miles to the southeast of the Sacramento business district. Morrison Creek enters the SAAD eastern boundary. The creek parallels the depot perimeter to the south and discharges on the western boundary.  

SAAD is a supply depot primarily responsible for the receipt, storage, issue, maintenance, and disposal of various electronic materials. The primary sources of contamination at SAAD derive from metal-plating operations and their associated waste waters and solid wastes. Generally, these wastes were discharged to unlined sewage lagoons or burned and/or buried on the facility.   Ground water on and off the site is contaminated with trichloroethylene. Heavy metals above background levels have been detected in on-site ground water and in sediment of Morrison Creek immediately downstream of SAAD. The California Regional Water Quality Control Board (CRWQCB) and SAAD have been discussing additional monitoring of ground water and further investigations to define contaminated areas.

The Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base is in San Bernardino County, California. It is in the Mojave Desert and adjacent to the Mojave River. A portion of the base, the 1,568-acre Nebo Area, is approximately 1 mile east of the City of Barstow. It has been used for maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of supplies and equipment for the Marine Corps since 1942. Solvent wastes, including trichloroethylene (TCE), were apparently generated in substantial quantities in the Nebo Area facility. Due to the lack of records, the quantities of solvents used, stored, and discharged on-site are unknown. The same activities were conducted at the 1,681-acre Yermo Area, 6 miles east of Nebo.

Monitoring wells at both Nebo and Yermo are contaminated with TCE, according to tests conducted in 1984-85 as part of IRP studies and by the U.S. Geological Survey. Public wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances at the base supply drinking water to an estimated 28,700 residents of the city of Barstow and outlying areas.

George Air Force Base (GAFB) occupies 5,347 acres in the Mojave Desert region near Victorville, San Bernardino County, California. It was established in 1941 to conduct tactical fighter operations and provide training for aircraft and maintenance personnel. Industrial operations, including maintenance of aircraft and ground support equipment, involved use and disposal of solvents.

GAFB is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. During IRP tests conducted between March and May 1986, the Air Force discovered trichloroethylene (TCE) in ground water on and off the base. The northeast section of GAFB, used for disposal of solvents, appears to be one source of the contamination, although several other areas on the base are also suspected of contributing to the contamination. 

In addition to TCE, benzene and 1,2-dichloroethane were detected in on-base monitoring wells at levels that exceed State and Federal drinking water standards. An estimated 11,000 people obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the base. The wells are upgradient of known contamination.

Norton Air Force Base (Landfill #2 ) Past hazardous waste management practices may have

contributed to existing contamination problems throughout the base. The practices include burial of drums and other unspecified materials; disposal of waste oils, solvents, and paint residues into landfills, unlined pits, ponds, and drying beds; storage in leaking underground tanks; and spills of AVGAS, oils, solvents, PCBs, and acidic plating solutions.

Industrial solvents have been used extensively on the base. Unknown quantities of spent solvents were disposed of in several base landfills. A well on the base has been contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE). The well water is currently being used in a blended system and is sampled quarterly to ensure that TCE is below the California State action level. The water is used by approximately 11,000 people who live and/or work on the base.

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base As part of IRP studies, the Navy identified a number of potentially contaminated areas, including eight areas where wastes containing DDT, heptachlor, 2,4-T, lindane, zinc, lead, trichloroethylene, methyl ethyl ketone, benzene, and xylene had been deposited.   Ground water is shallow, averaging 7-14 feet deep, and soils are permeable, conditions that facilitate movement of contaminants into ground water. The 40,000 people living and working on the base obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the base.

The nearest well is within 1,320 feet of one of the disposal areas. To date, no contaminants have been detected in the camp's water supply.   San Margarita River, Las Flores Creek, and San Mateo Creek empty into coastal wetlands within 2 miles of Camp Pendleton. Surface waters within 3 miles downstream are used for recreational activities. Critical habitats for three birds designated as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are within 1 mile of the camp.

Treasure Island Naval Station-Hunters Point Annex Hunters Point Annex of   Treasure Island Naval Station, formerly the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard , encompasses 936 acres (522 acres dry land and 414 acres submerged in San Francisco Bay) in the southeast corner of San Francisco, California. Established in 1869, the shipyard was the first privately owned dry dock on the Pacific Coast. The Navy first used the installation in 1919 to construct, maintain, and repair ships, and in 1939 purchased it from California Dry Dock Co. Triple A Machine Shop leased the facility from the Navy during 1976-87, subleasing numerous buildings to private tenants. The Navy regained possession of the shipyard from Triple A in 1987, but continues the subleasing. Operations of the facility over many decades generated a wide variety of solid and liquid wastes, including paints, solvents, fuels, acids, bases, metals, PCBs, and asbestos.

The Navy has identified a number of potentially contaminated areas, including Industrial Landfill, Bay Fill Area, Pickling and Plating Yard, Battery and Electroplating Shop, Old Transformer Storage Yard, Power Plant, Oil Reclamation Ponds, Tank Farm, numerous spill areas, and areas leased by Triple A. These areas are potential sources of contaminant migration into ground water and into San Francisco Bay. In the past, wastes and waste water were directly discharged into San Francisco Bay.

Benzene, PCBs, toluene, and phenols have been detected in on-site ground water in IRP tests conducted in 1987. A bottling company draws ground water from springs within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the annex. The company serves 19,000 people.

Sediments contain elevated levels of heavy metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Area surface waters are used for recreational activities, commercial navigation, and fishing.

Sharpe Army Depot covers 724 acres in a primarily rural area of San Joaquin County in north-central California, approximately 60 miles east of San Francisco, 2 miles east of the San Joaquin River, and 1.5 miles northeast of Lathrop.

The site is a former U.S. Army maintenance facility. Wastes produced on-site were disposed of in multiple locations, including the South Balloon Area, the Burning Pits Area, and the North Balloon Area. These areas cover about 0.5 square mile. The wastes disposed of at the depot include sludge containing phenols and polychlorinated hydrocarbons (trans-dichloroethylene, trichloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride), and used paints and solvents. The total amounts and types are unknown. The wastes have contaminated both soil and ground water, but not surface water to date. All maintenance activities have ceased, and the waste areas are no longer used.

The site is located in the large plain on the valley floor, which carries several aquifers, at least one artesian. Most of the surrounding land is used for agriculture, primarily for raising row crops.

Tracy Defense Depot (USARMY) covers 448 acres 1.5 miles southwest of Tracy, San Joaquin County, California. Special operations include repacking leaking chemical containers, fumigation of shipping materials, vehicle maintenance, painting, storage of chemicals, derusting and preserving of metal parts, operation of chemical and photographic laboratories, storage and mixing of pesticides, and storage and treatment of liquid and solid wastes.

Liquid waste treatment/storage areas include two unlined sewage effluent ponds, two abandoned sewage lagoons, two lined industrial waste water ponds, an abandoned paint spraying/stripping rinse water pond, an abandoned trench where 150 drums of lubricating oil reportedly were buried, an unlined pond for holding storm water, an abandoned pesticide disposal trench, an abandoned area where substantial amounts of formaldehyde were buried, and aboveground and belowground waste tanks. Also, liquid wastes were formerly stored on-site in an unpaved area, and solvents, radiological commodities, medical supplies, and solid and liquid chemicals were disposed of in three burning pits.

Former solid waste treatment/storage areas include a fill area where food items were buried, a fill area where construction material was buried, and three impoundments where wastes containing mercury phosphate compounds were stored. Currently, all solid hazardous waste is hauled off-site to facilities regulated under Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Tracy Defense Depot is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. Under this program, the Department of Defense seeks to identify, investigate, and clean up contamination from hazardous materials. In 1985, IRP tests indicated the shallow aquifer below the site, which extends from 15 feet to 250 feet below the surface, is contaminated with trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene.

Municipal, private, and irrigation wells are within 3 miles of hazardous substances at the depot. Water from Tracy's municipal well, which is within 3 miles of the site, is blended with water from other wells and from Delta Mendota Canal to provide drinking water to an estimated 28,600 people.

Moffett Naval Air Station Moffett Naval Air Station covers 8,700 acres in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County, California. In the past, various solvents and sludges were disposed on-site into ponds and landfills and onto the ground. As a result, soil and ground water on-site are contaminated. The major contaminants in ground water are volatile organic compounds. About 272,000 people depend on wells within 3 miles of the station as a source of drinking water.

Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant In 1942, the Aluminum Co. of America constructed RBAAP as an aluminum reduction plant to supply the military.

As a result of industrial activities, RBAAP has generated varying quantities of corrosive wastes (phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and caustic cleaners), solvents, spent pickle liquids, and waste water containing metals.  

According to tests conducted by the Army, significant levels of contaminants, including chromium, cyanide, and 1,1-dichloroethylene, have migrated into ground water close to or beyond the installation boundary. About 13,700 people obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 3 miles of the site, and at least 3,500 acres of nut and fruit orchards are partially irrigated by ground water. The Army has also found that sediments in the waste treatment ponds contain chromium, lead, and zinc. Overflows from the ponds have dumped into the Stanislaus River, and the river has occasionally overflowed into the ponds during periods of flooding. The river is used for irrigation and recreational activities.

Travis Air Force Base As part of IRP, the Air Force has identified a number of potentially contaminated areas, including three landfills used during 1943-77, of which one (Landfill No. 3) was used for disposal of crushed and rinsed pesticide containers, as well as the rinsate; areas where combustible wastes were burned for fire fighting exercises from 1943 to the mid-1970s; a pit where about 250 pounds of cyanide were buried in about 1967; a solvent spill area where methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, and tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether may have been spilled during paint stripping operations; and the storm sewer system, one of the most contaminated portions of the base, where chemical wastes from the various shops were dumped throughout the history of the base.

The old decommissioned sewage treatment plant is also of concern because cracked oxidation ponds may have contaminated the ground water below with pesticides and industrial chemicals.   Endrin, benzene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and 1,1-dichloroethane were detected in monitoring wells in different parts of the base, according to a 1986 IRP report. An estimated 400 people obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the base; the nearest well is 3,400 feet from the base.   1,1,1-trichloroethane, benzene, chlorobenzene, 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane, and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene were detected in the storm sewers, according to the 1986 IRP report, and chlorobenzene was detected in Union Creek, which is routed through the base via the storm drain system.

A spill of jet fuel in 1978 killed all aquatic wildlife along 2 miles of Union Creek. The creek flows 1.1 miles to Hill Slough, which is a branch of Suisun Marsh, a major coastal wetland. Because Hill Slough is tidally influenced, any contamination can reach San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Suisun Marsh is widely used for various recreational activities and is a major stop for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway.



Accident, News Blackout ordered

Submitted by greatscott on Sun, 06/19/2011 - 11:42

 It definitely is a fact our Government is doing everything in their power to destroy the Country from top to bottom, forwards and backwards. This is awful news and not a peep about this in the state run news media anywhere. This is Treason at the Highest Level.

The Nation Newspaper Sunday, June 19, 2011

US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report Submitted 1 day 9 hrs ago

A shocking report prepared by Russia's Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a "total and complete" news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska.

According to this report, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a "catastrophic loss of cooling" to one of its idle spent fuel rod pools on 7 June after this plant was deluged with water caused by the historic flooding of the Missouri River which resulted in a fire causing the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to issue a "no-fly ban" over the area.

Located about 20 minutes outside downtown Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant is owned by Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) who on their website denies their plant is at a "Level 4" emergency by stating: "This terminology is not accurate, and is not how emergencies at nuclear power plants are classified."

Russian atomic scientists in this FAAE report, however, say that this OPPD statement is an "outright falsehood" as all nuclear plants in the world operate under the guidelines of the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) which clearly states the "events" occurring at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant do, indeed, put it in the "Level 4" emergency category of an "accident with local consequences" thus making this one of the worst nuclear accidents in US history.

Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant Groundwater contamination by explosives, soil contamination by explosives and heavy metals: Cadmium, Copper, Cobalt, Lead, Mercury, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Zinc.

Former Nebraska Ordnance Plant Groundwater contamination by VOCs and explosives; some soil contamination and possible unexploded ordnance.

New Hampshire Pease Air Force Base has 13 disposal areas include 7 landfills, 2 areas where waste oil and solvents were burned for fire fighting exercises, and 4 areas where solvents and other liquid wastes were discharged on the ground. At present, all hazardous wastes generated on the base are disposed of off-site at EPA-regulated facilities.

In 1977, a well supplying drinking water to 8,700 people on the base was found to be contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE) in tests conducted by an Air Force contractor. In 1984, the Air Force installed an aeration system to remove TCE from all base water supply wells. An estimated 30,000 people obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 3 miles of hazardous substances on the base.

According to a 1988 IRP report, heptachlor and lindane are contaminating surface water along the surface run-off pathway from one of the landfills, and lead and zinc are in sediments of three major drainage ditches on the base. Shellfish are harvested from Great Bay and Little Bay, which are within 3 miles downstream of the base.

The base abuts Great Bay, which is a tidal estuary. Both coastal and fresh water wetlands are along surface water migration pathways from the disposal areas.

New Jersey McGuire Air Force Base #1 The McGuire Air Force Base site (MAFB) is an active facility that occupies more than 3,500 acres in a rural area of Burlington County, New Jersey.

The primary source for both community and private drinking water supplies in the vicinity of the site is groundwater obtained from the various aquifers comprising the Atlantic Coastal Plain system. There are two major drainage surface water divides on site, and several streams to which surface runoff is directed. An extensive system of wetlands is found along both major surface water drainage pathways. Hazardous substances detected by analysis of surface soil, subsurface soil, waste, leachate, groundwater, surface water/sediment samples collected from the site include volatile organic compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, and inorganic hazardous substances. A release to surface water of nickel and mercury is documented. Sediment samples collected from wetlands immediately downstream of Landfill No. 2 contained high concentrations of nickel and mercury.

Naval Weapons Station Earle Wastes generated from weapons maintenance activities include: grit and paint chips from sandblasting; paint scrapings;

solvent and paint sludges; lead bullets from small arms ranges; and metals including lead, zinc, and chromium. NWSE lies over an important drinking water aquifer. Approximately 1,900 residents live within a 3-mile radius of the station, and there are 500 homes on the base. An estimated 320 private and municipal wells serve 1,200 people within a 3-mile radius, and groundwater also is used for irrigation. Local surface water is used for recreation and crop irrigation.

Groundwater contaminants: Iron, Arsenic, Barium, Vinyl Chloride, Tetrachloroethan, Carbon Tetrachloride, Benzine, Cadmium, 1,1-Dichloroethene, Trichloroethene, PCE, Chromium, Aluminum, Iron and Manganese

Soil Contaminants: Aluminum (metal), Mercury, Chromium, Copper, Vanadium metal or alloy, Arsenic and Cadmium

Monitoring wells and soils adjacent to unlined lagoons, which, until 1981, held waste water from metal plating and etching facilities, are contaminated with trichloroethylene, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and tetrachloroethylene, according to tests reported to EPA in 1986. Some of these same wells have elevated concentrations of cadmium, lead, and copper. The arsenal's 5,500 employees obtain their drinking water from two wells upgradient from an area of confirmed ground water contamination.


New Mexico Homestake Mining Company Groundwater contamination by radium-226, selenium, uranium and radon from alkaline tailings from uranium ore milling.

United Nuclear Corp. Church Rock Groundwater contamination by acidic mill tailings, sulfate, thorium, radium, aluminum, ammonia and iron from former uranium ore milling operations.



By Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining ENDAUM
Photos by Leona Morgan, Navajo http://tinyurl.com/8w5ps4v

CHURCHROCK, N.M. -- On July 19, 2012, the uranium mining company Hydro Resources Inc. signed an agreement with the Navajo Nation giving the mining company limited access across Navajo Indian Country to its Churchrock Section 8 mine site. The agreement specifically states that Hydro Resources (a subsidiary of Uranium Resources Inc.) cannot begin mining uranium until legacy waste at Section 8 and adjacent Section 17 has been cleaned up.

Hydro Resources announced its intention to mine uranium on Section 8 and Section 17 in 1994. Community members organized themselves as the Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining (ENDAUM) and sought the help of the nonprofit law firm New Mexico Environmental Law Center to keep irresponsible uranium mining from returning to Navajo lands. ENDAUM has kept the fight going for over a decade and Hydro Resources has yet to break ground.

The Uranium mining, milling, spills and tailings that the Navajo are forced to contend with on their reservation would never occur in the Hamptons or Beverly Hills. People hear the term environmental racism and do not comprehend it. Imagine Uranium tailings and a huge Uranium hexafluoride spill in the exact center of the Hamptons. Lawsuits, Senators and Congressmen losing their seats, the Governor de-throned and an endless flap in the media. But when these types of life-threatening pollution happen on a Navajo reservation, people take it for granted and it is not in the main stream news. What if a huge Uranium spill occurred in Chicago's South Shore middle-class Jewish neighborhood? Now that would make the news. This is what is known as Environmental Racism, the essence of articles about Shell and the Ogoni Nine or Cancer Alley (Chemical Corridor), Louisiana. The pollutants kill everyone equally, but the chemical plants are generally constructed in poorer neighborhoods.


New York Griffiss Air Force Base While in operation, various wastes were generated, including solvents and lead from battery acids.  These wastes were disposed in landfills and dry wells located throughout the base.  Ground water beneath portions of the base was found to be contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially harmful substances that easily evaporate in the air.  Soils were contaminated with heavy metals and PCBs.  PCBs and semi-volatile organic compounds were also found in two nearby bodies of water, Three Mile Creek and Six Mile Creek.

Seneca Army Depot The groundwater is contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including trichloroethylene (TCE),

1,2-Dichloroethene, vinyl chloride, and metals. Soils are contaminated with heavy metals, VOCs and SVOCs.

Brookhaven National Laboratory (USDOE) When the site was listed, on-site soil was contaminated with heavy metals, hydrocarbons, radioactive materials, oils, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially harmful contaminants that can easily evaporate into the air.   Sediments in the on-site portion of the Peconic River were contaminated with metals and low levels of radionuclides.   On-site and off-site groundwater was contaminated with VOCs, radionuclides, and pesticides.   DOE connected neighboring properties to the public water supply as a protective measure.

Malta Rocket Fuel Area DOH and DEC detected significant concentrations of carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene, chloroform, and dibromochloromethane in the three drinking water wells at the Test Station. One of the wells serves as a backup but is rarely used. DOH has advised the tenants not to drink the water. About 1,900 people are served by wells within 3 miles of the site.

Plattsburgh Air Force Base Activities at the Fire Training Area have contaminated groundwater that caused a ground water plume consisting fuel-related compounds and potentially harmful odorless solutions. This plume extends thousands of feet and comes within 2000 feet of Lake Champlain. Four landfills were used during different periods for disposal of household wastes and construction debris which could have contained hazardous wastes. Water flowing from these landfills was found to be contaminated with pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially harmful contaminants that easily evaporate into the air. Soils near a storage area were found to be contaminated with pesticides as a result of leaking drums. A separate failed underground storage tank resulted in soil and groundwater contamination with potentially harmful, odorless solutions.


Oak Ridge K-25 Tennessee, Portsmouth ( Piketon, Ohio) and Paducah Kentucky Gaseous Diffusion Plants

During the Dwight Eisenhower era of the Coldwar, the public was criticizing the Eisenhower administration for building so many atom bombs at such a high financial cost. The bomb companies (General Electric) scientists came up with a ploy to get the public off of Eisenhower's back: "Atoms for Peace -- electricty almost too cheap to meter from Uranium". Duck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_1jkLxhh20 and cover" Go to your nearest civil defense shelter if your nearest nuclear power plant melts down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsHUIxt1iMw.

Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR), operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE), covers about 58,000 acres in Oak Ridge, in Anderson and Roane Counties, Tennessee. The area around the reservation is predominately rural except for the City of Oak Ridge (population 28,000). ORR consists of three major operating facilities: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a research lab that includes nuclear reactors, chemical plants, and radiosotope production labs; Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, a production complex previously engaged primarily in the enrichment of uranium-235; and the Y-12 Plant, located immediately adjacent to the City of Oak Ridge, which produces nuclear weapon components, processes nuclear materials, and performs other related functions.

ORR operations generate a variety of radioactive, nonradioactive, and mixed (radioactive and nonradioactive) hazardous wastes, many of which in the past were disposed of or stored on-site. Leakage from inactive disposal and storage facilities, coupled with spills and other accidental releases, has contaminated many areas in and around ORR.

Metals, organics, and radionuclides have been detected in ORR soil, ground water, and surface water. At present, ground water contamination appears confined to ORR.

A 1983 study by USDOE estimates that 733,000 pounds of elemental mercury were released to the environment in the 1950s and 1960s around the Y-12 Plant. Most of the contamination around Y-12 is confined to the upper 10 feet of soils and fill. Additional studies revealed that some 170,000 pounds of mercury are contained in the sediments and floodplain of about a 15-mile length of East Fork Poplar Creek (EFPC), which has its headwaters at Y-12, and that some 500 pounds of mercury annually leave this watershed. Mercury and cesium-137 have been detected at higher than background levels in sediments of the Clinch River and the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, some 118 miles downstream of ORR. Seven water intakes in this 118-mile stretch provide drinking water to an estimated 43,200 people. Wetlands in the Blyth Ferry Water Fowl Management Area are also near the 118-mile stretch of the river.

EFPC flows through the City of Oak Ridge, exposing people to mercury-contaminated soils in the easily accessible areas of the floodplains of the creek. USDOE has removed soil at several locations along the creek where mercury concentrations were particularly high.


EPA dialogue on Paducah: The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) is a uranium enrichment facility covering approximately 1,350 acres in western McCracken County approximately 10 miles west of Paducah, Kentucky, and about 3 miles south of the Ohio River.

Approximately 740 acres of the plant are located within a fenced security area.

PGDP performs the first step in the uranium enrichment process, enriching uranium-235 (U-235) in a physical separation process. Subsequent to processing at PGDP, the uranium is further enriched at another USDOE gaseous diffusion plant. Extensive support facilities are required to maintain the diffusion process, including a steam plant, four major electrical switchyards, four sets of cooling towers, a building for chemical cleaning and decontamination, a water treatment plant, maintenance facilities, and laboratory facilities.

Plant operations have generated hazardous, nonhazardous, and radioactive wastes, including PCBs, trichloroethene (TCE), uranium (multiple isotopes), and technetium-99 (Tc-99). In August 1988, USDOE found Tc-99 in an offsite drinking water well north of PGDP. TCE has also been detected in nearby private wells and onsite monitoring wells. Approximately 1,400 people obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 4 miles of PGDP.

USDOE has detected PCBs in onsite surface water and downstream of the plant in Big Bayou Creek and in Little Bayou Creek. These creeks are part of the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area located adjacent to the facility. In 1989, the State of Kentucky's Division of Water warned against consumption of fish caught from Little Bayou Creek.

Department of Energy dialogue on Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion site: The cleaning and changeout of process equipment at the Portsmouth Plant generated spent solvents and other contaminants that were disposed of in onsite landfills and surface impoundments. The contaminants include chlorinated solvents, such as trichloroethylene, chlorinated solvents mixed with radionuclides in low concentrations, metals, and polychlorinated biphenyls. Additional sources of contamination are uranium deposits in process equipment and radionuclides in buildings, cooling towers, burial grounds, and wastewater ponds. Trichloroethylene is the main contaminant of concern in the ground-water systems at the Portsmouth site. To date, no ground-water contamination has migrated offsite.

The areas adjacent to Portsmouth, Paducah and Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion plants have a higher cancer rates than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion site: Out of 8877 workers from 1954-1991,   all cancer deaths were 313, lung cancer deaths were 112.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee workers increases in all causes of death and mental disorders:

[[ cask3 ]]

Oak Ridge Reservation: Compendium of Public Health Activities at the US Department of Energy

Executive Summary of Completed Worker Studies 3.1.1-3.1.11


For all workers examined as a group, nonstatistically significant elevations were observed for cancer of the pancreas (SMR=1. 36, 34 recorded deaths), skin cancer (SMR=1. 07, 11 recorded deaths), breast cancer (females only, SMR=1. 21, 11 recorded deaths), prostate cancer (SMR=1. 31, 36 recorded deaths), kidney cancer (SMR=1. 30, 16 recorded deaths), brain cancer (SMR=1. 29, 20 recorded deaths), cancers of other lymphatic tissues (SMR=1. 32, 22 recorded deaths), and diseases of the blood-forming organs (SMR=1. 23, 6 recorded deaths). (2380)

Elevated mortality was statistically significant for all causes (SMR=1. 11, 11,671 recorded deaths); tuberculosis (SMR=1. 37, 108 recorded deaths); mental, psychoneurotic, and personality disorders (SMR=1. 60, 81 recorded deaths); cerebrovascular disease (SMR=1. 11, 833 recorded deaths); diseases of the respiratory system (SMR=1. 25, 792 recorded deaths); emphysema (SMR=1. 24, 209 recorded deaths); all accidents (SMR=1. 28, 694 recorded deaths); and motor vehicle accidents (SMR=1. 44, 339 recorded deaths). (1690). (abbreviated synopsis).

The Federal Government is still white-washing both Uranium workers deaths and the deaths of people who live within 100 miles of Oak Ridge, Paducah and Portsmouth Uranium processing and nuclear weapons fabricating facilities.


Abbreviated from: Oxford University Press http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/content/94/11/797.full and Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/daily/aug99/paducah22.htm


  • A draft study of workers at the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge shows unusually high death rates for former uranium workers, as well as sharply higher rates of lung and bone cancers. s posthumous tests, conducted as part of a lawsuit in 1983 but never published, offer the strongest corroboration to date of hazardous conditions inside the Paducah plantstrongest corroboration to date of hazardous conditions inside the uranium , where workers labored for decades in a haze of radioactive dust that was sometimes laced with deadly plutonium.
  • His bones were analyzed by a Canadian lab for uranium, but for reasons now unclear the results were never published. s claims of radiation exposure but also suggested hazards at the plant were far greater than previously believed: More than a dozen years after Harding left the plant, his body contained uranium at levels up to 133 times higher than is normally found in bones.
  • Department of Health and Human Services has issued final rules under which federal workers exposed to radiation will be compensated for job-related cancers.
  • Under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, workers from Paducah and similar facilities at Portsmouth, Ohio, and Oak Ridge, Tenn. , can receive $150,000 plus coverage for future cancer-related medical expenses.
  • Because the law includes workers employed from the early Cold War through the 21st century, the true number who may be eligible for compensation is impossible to calculate, said Larry Elliott, director of the Office of Compensation Analysis and Support at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Six hundred thousand is probably a low estimate," he said.
  • Given that roughly 25% of the population receives a diagnosis of cancer--a figure that could increase among nuclear weapons workers, said Elliott--150,000 or more cancer-burdened employees and their families could be eligible for compensation.
  • The process, though time-consuming, is engineered to shift statistical uncertainties to the claimant's advantage, said Elliott. "We are trying to be claimant friendly. " Despite this assurance, it could be a decade or longer before the final tally of radiation exposure-related malignancies becomes clear.


The estimates for people exposed to radiation from Oak Ridge Reservation is 600,000, the estimate for Camp Lejeune who drank TCE water is 750,000. The Military-Department of Energy-industrail complex is sloppy with people's lives.

The National Disease Cluster Alliance tries to investigate disease clusters. There is an interactive map on this http://clusteralliance.org/clusters/ webpage that shows areas of cluster cancers, etc. Efforts by the Federal Government to compensate Uranium workers and miners, care for their medical needs are underfunded. The mighty superpower USA derives its military might via the tumors, cancers, ALS, etc. of the US worker and average soldier drinking and bathing in TCE at Camp Lejeune or elsewhere.

Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Plant -- Insiders View http://www.doewatch.com/k25/

Sources (tiny url's used for brevity, sites pointed to were virii/Trojan free 10/3/2012):

Nebraska http://tinyurl.com/3v8vywk

New Hampshire EPA Superfund Website

New Jersey EPA Superfund Website

New Mexico http://tinyurl.com/8w5ps4v

New York EPA Superfund Website




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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Stratocratic-Venom-Stings-by-Tracy-Turner-121008-933.html

October 8, 2012

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution II

By Tracy Turner




Does the military need protecting from itself? America's military might is killing our own soldiers even here on our own soil; our Stratocratic venom is killing all of us in slow motion. The minuet between EPA and Defense is a meaningless dance; Chrome 6 in drinking, cooking and bathing water ends up in us, not in an EPA cleanup effort.


The first segment of this series is here: http://tinyurl.com/92wlnew Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution


Idaho Ask yourself this question:
Has there ever been a nuclear power plant meltdown that caused direct fatalities in the United States?



The SL-1 nuclear power plant in Idaho suffered a core meltdown and exploded on January 3rd, 1961, killing three members of the maintenance crew.

The Stationary Low Power Reactor, or SL-1, was a small nuclear reactor built by the U.S. Army to explore the possibility of using such reactors for generating power in the field.

In particular, the Army wanted to know if small reactors could work on very remote sites, like the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.

On January 3, 1961, it blew up, killing three people. It was the first time an accident in a nuclear reactor had resulted in fatalities, and the only time such an event has occurred at a DOE facility.

Idaho National Laboratory (DOE) Groundwater contamination by hexavalent chromium, iodine-129, strontium-90, technetium-99, tritium, carbon tetrachloride and TCE; soil contamination by heavy metals including lead and mercury, by VOCs, and by radionuclides, including cesium-137, strontium-90, and plutonium.

Mountain Home Air Force Base Groundwater contamination by TCE, aviation fuel and benzene from aircraft maintenance and industrial operations.


Illinois Savanna Army Depot Activity soils are contaminated with metals, pesticides, explosives, lead-based paint chips, and PAHs. Groundwater is contaminated with various pesticides, explosives, solvents, and petroleum-related contaminants. Sediments and surface water are contaminated with various explosives, PAHs, and metals. Multiple areas throughout the facility contain munitions and explosives of concern/unexploded ordnance (MEC/UXO).


Joliet Army Ammunition Plant Load-Assembly-Packing Area. Site of federal ammunitions plant polluted with base neutral acids, metals, nitroaromatics, PCBs, and petroleum hydrocarbon. Physical clean up has been completed, but site remains on the NPL list. Soil contaminated with explosives and metals, primarily TNT, tetryl, DNT, and lead. Groundwater plumes contaminated with explosives, VOCs, and metals.


Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (Des Moines) Surface water and groundwater contamination by explosives from munitions processing.


Kansas Fort Riley Military Reservation groundwater contaminated with vinyl chloride, solvents, perchloroethylene (PCE), and other volatile organic compounds. Landfill debris contains waste oils and degreasing solvents.



Kentucky Maxey Flat Low Level Radioactive Waste facility. From 1963 to 1977 the Maxey Flat Low Level Radioactive Waste facility served as a dump for 832 corporations and government agencies. The site covered 252 acres (1.02 km2) and consisted of a series of 52 unlined trenches that are an average of 360 feet (110 m) long, 70 feet (21 m) wide and 20 feet (6.1 m) deep. Approximately 4,750,000 cubic feet (135,000 m3) of Low Level Radioactive Waste was deposited on-site. These trenches were capped with dirt when they reached their capacity limit, but because of the heavy rainfall in the area the soil collapsed into the trenches and the trenches filled with water.


Under the direction of President and Chief Executive Officer James N. Neel, Nuclear Engineering Company (referred to in operational documentation as 'NECO'), now known as 'American Ecology' (Nasdaq: ECOL), installed an evaporator and disposed of the accumulated radioactive water as steam from 1973 to April 1986, nearly 9 years after the site had stopped accepting waste materials. The evaporator generally operated 24 hours a day. Approximately six million gallons of liquid were processed by the evaporator. In addition to the trenches for Low Level Radioactive Waste there were "Hot Wells" that were used to store Special nuclear material (plutonium and enriched uranium).


Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (USDOE) The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) is a uranium enrichment facility covering approximately 1,350 acres in western McCracken County approximately 10 miles west of Paducah, Kentucky, and about 3 miles south of the Ohio River. PGDP began operating in 1952 and is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE). The facility is currently managed by Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.   Approximately 740 acres of the plant are located within a fenced security area. An uninhabited buffer zone surrounds the fenced area. Beyond the USDOE-owned buffer zone is an extensive wildlife management area of 2,100 acres deeded or leased to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  


PGDP performs the first step in the uranium enrichment process, enriching uranium-235 (U-235) in a physical separation process. The separation process is based on the faster rate at which U-235 diffuses through a barrier, in comparison with the heavier uranium-238 (U-238). Subsequent to processing at PGDP, the uranium is further enriched at another USDOE gaseous diffusion plant. Extensive support facilities are required to maintain the diffusion process, including a steam plant, four major electrical switchyards, four sets of cooling towers, a building for chemical cleaning and decontamination, a water treatment plant, maintenance facilities, and laboratory facilities.  


Plant operations have generated hazardous, nonhazardous, and radioactive wastes, including PCBs, trichloroethene (TCE), uranium (multiple isotopes), and technetium-99 (Tc-99). In August 1988, USDOE found Tc-99 in an offsite drinking water well north of PGDP. TCE has also been detected in nearby private wells and onsite monitoring wells. Approximately 1,400 people obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 4 miles of PGDP.   USDOE has detected PCBs in onsite surface water and downstream of the plant in Big Bayou Creek and in Little Bayou Creek. These creeks are part of the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area located adjacent to the facility. Big Bayou Creek is currently used for fishing. In 1989, the State of Kentucky's Division of Water warned against consumption of fish caught from Little Bayou Creek.

Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant Groundwater is contaminated with RDX and TNT. Contaminated soils and sludges have been incinerated but there is the possibility of soil contamination by VOCs, explosives and metals in other areas of the plant.

Maine Loring Air Force Base groundwater on the base is contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trichloroethylene (TCE), and fuel-related compounds, including benzene and toluene. Soils in the Flightline and Nose Dock Areas contain significant amounts of fuel, oil, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), PCBs, and various VOCs. Surface water and sediment in the Flightline Drainage Ditch are contaminated with VOCs, PCBs, PAHs, and heavy metals.


Brunswick Naval Air Station The Brunswick Naval Air Station, in Brunswick, Sagadahoc County, Maine, encompasses seven areas that were used in the past (beginning in 1942) for the storage or disposal of hazardous wastes.


Pesticides, solvents, and waste oils present on the site threaten ground water (including a nearby public well field serving 18,000 people), surface water, and adjacent wetlands.water (including a nearby public well field serving 18,000 people), surface water, and adjacent wetlands.


Maryland Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard soil is contaminated in certain areas with semi-volatile organic compounds, metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides and dioxin.


Fort George G. Meade Tetrachloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), other volatile organic compounds, atrazine and certain pesticides.


Why We Should Stop the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Expansion

Constellation Energy has proposed expanding the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant in Maryland. Building a third reactor at Calvert Cliffs would be expensive, threaten public health, and damage the environment.

A third reactor at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant increases the risk of an accident or terrorist attack. An accident or attack at the plant could harm over a million residents in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

-   The new reactor at Calvert Cliffs could generate an estimated 1,250 metric tons of radioactive waste during its 40 years of operation. Much of this waste will be stored, at least temporarily, at the site of the reactor, where it would pose an attractive target for a potential terrorist attack.

-   The two existing reactors at Calvert Cliffs have been fined for safety lapses.

-   If the federal nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain is opened, waste from Calvert Cliffs will be transported by rail or truck to Nevada, passing within five miles of 3.1 million people in Maryland.

-   Radioactive Waste Management Associates, a consulting firm working for the state of Nevada, has estimated that 100 to 450 accidents will occur as nuclear waste is transported via train and truck to Yucca Mountain. A single serious accident could cause thousands of cancers and cost billions of dollars.

-   Nationally, 107,500 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel and 22,280 canisters of high-level radioactive waste will be moved to Yucca Mountain over the course of 38 years. The waste would be shipped in casks that would each contain as much as 240 times the amount of radioactive material released by the Hiroshima bomb.

No long-term solution exists to store the highly toxic radioactive waste that the plant generates.

-      The Unites Sates has never had a plan for safe disposal of spent fuel.

-      Radioactive waste generated at nuclear power plants must be guarded and kept from the environment for tens of thousands of years; what amounts to financial eternity. Already, the federal government has spent $58 billion trying to devise a storage solution for nuclear waste from across the country.

-      The Yucca Mountain site is too small and will run out of room before it can take the spent fuel from the power plants already operating around the country. Adding a third unit at Calvert Cliffs means that more waste will be stored, temporarily or permanently, in Maryland.

Massachusetts (Concord from rense.com) The waitress at the ice cream shop in Concord, Massachusetts, was surprised. "A Superfund site?" she asked incredulously. "On Main Street?" It's not just a Superfund site but one dubbed by a cleanup contractor as "near the tip of the peak in terms of [cleanup] difficulty." It's radioactive.


Concord, the crucible of the American Revolution, where the "shot heard 'round the world" rang out on April 19, 1775, is a Boston suburb filled with professionals and stately homes. Tourists still come to see the war sites and to visit the bucolic Walden Pond that Thoreau celebrated. Few know about the nuclear waste dump at 2229 Main Street.


But this shady burg of 15,000 residents quietly struggles with its legacy as the maker of depleted uranium slugs for the U.S. military's latest wars. The soil more than a mile from the nuclear dump is radioactive. A 1993 epidemiological study found the town's residents suffered higher rates of cancer than the state average.


Today, atop and buried beneath a low hill above a cranberry bog lie more than 3,800 barrels of radioactive and toxic waste, subject to a government-paid cleanup estimated to take 10 years and cost at least $50 million. (Continued" http://rense.com/general50/conc.htm).


Otis Air National Guard Base (USAF) The Otis Air National Guard Base/Camp Edwards site covers approximately 22,000 acres and is more commonly known as the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR). In 1984, the U.S. Geological Survey detected contaminants in monitoring wells downgradient of this former plant. In 1983 and 1984, the Air Force detected volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in on-site monitoring wells near the Base Landfill and a Fire Training Area. The EPA has designated the Sagamore Lens underlying MMR as a sole source aquifer under the Safe Drinking Water Act.


Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex (USARMY) Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, and inorganics above drinking water standards.


Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base (USAF) Groundwater and subsurface soil are contaminated with chlorinated solvents, jet fuel, and other petroleum compounds. People who come into direct contact with or ingest contaminated groundwater or soil may be at risk.

The U.S. Army Toxic and Hazardous Materials Agency (THAMA) had already initiated the first stage of the closure plan, the preliminary assessment/site inspection, which was conducted in 1987. The Army also conducted a soil, sediment, and ground water sampling program in 1988, from which a remedial investigation (RI) report was produced. Subsequently, the Army completed a Draft Phase 1 Remedial Investigation Report in April 1991 and a Phase 2 report in October 1992.

Sampling during these investigations indicated contamination of ground water, soil, surface water, and sediments at MTL. Contaminants detected above background concentrations at the site include volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, PCBs, pesticides, inorganic elements, and radioactive substances.

Natick Laboratory Army Research, Development, & Engineering Center (USARMY) Soil, groundwater, and surface water are contaminated with various VOCs, naphthalene, Freon 113, and a variety of heavy metals such as barium, mercury, arsenic, copper, chromium, lead, and zinc.


Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (USNAVY) NWIRP has generated or stored wastes at numerous locations throughout its operational history. Hazardous waste disposal was accomplished either through direct discharge to the septic system or through barrel storage and offsite disposal. Wastes generated at the NWIRP include trichlorethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, xylene, photographic fixer, waste oil and coolants, lacquer thinner, unspecified solvents and thinners, Stoddard solvent, waste paint, and chromic, sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.


South Weymouth Naval Air Station (USNAVY) A site investigation of SWNAS was completed by the Navy in February 1992, and included the installation of 21 ground water monitoring wells around six of nine identified source areas on the property. Soil samples were collected during the installation of these wells, and ground water, surface water, sediment, and soil samples were collected from the vicinity of source areas on the property. Soil samples were found contaminated with volatile organic compounds and heavy metals. Ground water samples collected down from the West Gate Landfill, the Rubble Disposal area, fire fighting training area, and the tile leachfield were contaminated primarily with heavy metals. Eighteen municipal drinking water wells are located within 4 miles of source areas at SWNAS. These wells provide drinking water to approximately 74,000 people. In addition, approximately 85 private drinking water wells located within 4 miles of SWNAS draw from the same aquifer.


Fort Devens (USARMY) Fort Devens is participating in the Installation Restoration Program (IRP), established in 1978. IRP studies have identified 46 potential hazardous waste areas including: the 15-acre Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) range, where explosives and unusable munitions have been detonated or burned in open unlined pits since 1979; the 50-acre sanitary landfill, where household wastes, military refuse, asbestos, construction debris, waste oil, and incinerator ash have been dumped since the 1930s; and Building 1650, where battery acids, PCBs, pesticides, and solvents have been stored.


Monitoring wells near the sanitary landfill contain cadmium, lead, mercury, iron, and arsenic, according to tests conducted in 1987 by an Army contractor. An estimated 21,700 fort employees and Ayer residents obtain drinking water from wells within 3 miles of the landfill; a Fort Devens well is 1,670 feet from the sanitary landfill.


Michigan 5 October 1966
A sodium cooling system malfunction caused a partial core meltdown at Detroit Edison's Enrico Fermi I demonstration breeder reactor near Detroit, Michigan. The incident is documented in John Fuller's http://www.amazon.com/Almost-Lost-Detroit-John-Fuller/dp/0345252667 We Almost Lost Detroit.


Rockwell International Corp. (Allegan) (Military Cotractor) Ground water on the site is contaminated with lead, arsenic, cyanide, and 4-methyl-2-pentanone. Private wells downgradient of the plant are contaminated with heavy metals and cyanide. Surface and subsurface soils, groundwater, and sediments in the lagoons and Kalamazoo River were contaminated with VOCs, semi-VOCs, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

Minnesota Minnesota has a nuclear waste storage problem. The problem is simply stated: We generate radioactive wastes at our nuclear power plants at Monticello and Prairie Island, but we have no viable plan for long-term storage of that waste. Until another geological repository can be developed, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's plan is to continue to store spent nuclear fuel at the plants where it is generated.

Naval Industrial Reserve Ordnance Plant Groundwater and soil are contaminated by solvents, including TCE and methylene dichloride and PAHs were found in surface soil. Groundwater flows into the Mississippi River, upstream of the Minneapolis drinking water treatment plant uptake.


New Brighton/Arden Hills/Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (US Army) Groundwater, soil, sediments, and surface water contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-VOCs, metals, PCBs, cyanide, pesticides, and explosives.


Twin Cities Air Force Reserve Base (Small Arms Range Landfill) Arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel, selenium and vanadium contamination of groundwater.


Missouri Lake City Army Ammunition Plant groundwater, soil, and surface water are contaminated with VOCs, various explosives, perchlorates, and heavy metals including lead, arsenic, and chromium.


Weldon Spring Former Army Ordnance Works TNT, DNT, and lead have been identified in soil at several areas on the site, and TNT was detected in 1987 in surface water downstream of the lagoons.


Weldon Spring Quarry/Plant/Pits (USDOE/USARMY) Wastewater containing sulfonate derivatives contaminated surface water and groundwater. Residues from uranium ore, thorium ore, radium, TNT, and DNT residues.

Forest Service approves Grand Canyon Uranium Mine     June 26, 2012 by gctrust

The U.S. Forest Service announced late Monday that it will allow Denison Mines Corp. to begin excavating the "Canyon Mine" this fall without first updating the 26-year-old environmental impact statement for the uranium mine, located due south of Grand Canyon National Park on the Kaibab National Forest. The Service claims no new public review or analysis is needed because there is no new information or circumstances relevant to its original analysis.

"This mine was and is hugely controversial as it threatens Native American cultural sites, groundwater and ultimately the springs of Grand Canyon, and numerous wildlife species. More http://tinyurl.com/8bh3aso here.

One of the worst radioactive spills in the U.S. history, on July 16, 1979 100 million gallons of radioactive water containing uranium tailings breached into the North Fork of the Puerco River from a tailing pond of a uranium mine owned by Kerr-McGee Company and United Nuclear Corporation. Approximately 1,100 tons of uranium mine waste contaminated 250 acres (1.0 km2) of land and up to 50 miles (80 km) of the Puerco River, traveling into the Little Colorado River as far as the Navajo Indian Reservation. Traces of the spill can still be found today.



Nevada Nevada National InSecurity Site -- Are you ready for this? 30 April 2012, the US government shows once again there is no depths to National hypocrisy.   The former Nevada Test Site gave itself accolades for Environmental Stewardship. The agencies and laboratorises who conducted far more than 1000 above and below ground atom bomb tests above and within $48 billion dollars worth of fresh drinking and farm irrigationwater gave themselves a self-made environmental-stewardship award.


Only the Federal Govermnent could permanetly destroy $48 billion dollars worth of water with 900+ billion years of Plutonium and Uranium, Americium and Cesium and give itself an environmental steward award. The depths of the Federal Hypocrisy are here in this propaganda page that obfuscates Las Vegas getting closer and closer to drilling atomically-tainted wells:


NNSA Recognizes Labs, Sites for Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Apr 30, 2012



WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) today congratulated its national laboratories and sites for achievements in environmental stewardship, awarding a total of 24 Pollution Prevention (P2) Awards for innovative initiatives across the enterprise.


The P2 Awards recognize performance in integrating environmental stewardship practices that helps to reduce risk, protect natural resources and enhance site operations.


"I applaud the work done at NNSA's sites in finding creative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our work," said NNSA's Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs Don Cook. "

The P2 Award recipients are selected by a panel of judges within NNSA from several NA-10 offices and NNSA Site representatives. End NNSA propaganda.


A sea of ancient water tainted by the Cold Waratom bomb tests is creeping deep under the volcanic peaks, dry lake beds and pinyon pine forests covering a vast tract of Nevada. Over 41 years, the federal government detonated 921 nuclear warheads underground at the Nevada Test Site, 75 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Each nuclear explosion deposited a toxic load of radioactivity into the ground and, in some cases, directly into aquifers. ""It is one of the largest resource losses in the country," said Thomas S. Buqo, a Nevada hydrogeologist. "Nobody thought to say, "You are destroying a natural resource.' " In a study for Nye County, where the nuclear test site lies, Buqo estimated that the underground tests polluted 1.6 trillion gallons of water. That is as much water as Nevada is allowed to withdraw from the Colorado River in 16 years -- enough to fill a lake 300 miles long, a mile wide and 25 feet deep." (LA Times, 2009). One hundred atmospheric nuclear tests were detonated at the Nevada Test Site (originally the Nevada Proving Grounds) between 1951 and 1963.


Over one trillion gallons of fresh water aquifers beneath the Nevada desert was poisoned with nuclear ash and fallout during atomic tests dating back to the 50 "- s, and now the fissure cracks are steaming that water from the increased heating of the core of this planet. As the steam moves upward, it will be released into the atmosphere and surrounding area. The Nevada desert will soon crack open with fissure openings atop the ground. The ocean of radiation that replaced the once precious drinking water beneath the Nevada desert  is just one of the many signs of this dying world.


Only the Federal Government could give itself an attaboy accolade for polluting 1 Trillion gallons of water. What was one of Nevadas greatest natural resources in now 1 trillion gallons of hazardous liquid waste. The former AEC left radioactive waste all over the US, including Nevada's groundwater.


Sources (tiny url's used for brevity, sites pointed to were virii/Trojan free 10/3/2012):


EPA Superfund Website, Wiki EPA pages


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Uranium milling, mine tailings, processing info:







Nevada http://www.nnsa.energy.gov/mediaroom/pressreleases/p243012 and http://endtimesrevelations.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/much-needed-water-in-nevada-is-radioactive-whats-next/


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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Stratocratic-Venom-Stings-by-Tracy-Turner-121004-545.html

October 6, 2012

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution

By Tracy Turner


The following locations and forms of pollution reflect environmental racism; the people living closest to these sites are predominantly people of color, Hispanics and/or Native Americans and/or poorer people.

Radionuclides and carcinogenic chemicals in drinking, cooking and bathing water do not recognize socio-economic boundaries; cancer is an equal opportunity killer. If you add in all the atomic toxic waste as belonging to the Department of Defense it is far more than 50% of all hazardous toxic waste in America; roughly 2/3 of all the toxins. War kills here at home, because even babies of the rich drink tainted water, bath in pollution, breath poisoned air and eat tainted food.

This is not a comprehensive list, many nuclear waste facilities, private defense corporations and medium or small pollution sites are not listed. Even when a site is de-listed from NPL Superfund status, it does not imply a clean, pristine condition. Groundwater radiation, Chrome 6, Dioxin, etc., can travel in underground rivers, through home water filters and kill the rich and unsuspecting.   Our family drinks poison (in our water) from a military superfund site 46.5 miles away. Rockets, missiles (JPL) and an DoE experimental nuclear reactor that went bad.

Alabama Aniston was labeled by 60-Minutes as the most toxic town in America. $3.2 billion has been spent trying to rid Aniston of Lead, Monsanto PCB's and TCE. Attempts to clean up toxic lagoons may have caused local groundwater to become more polluted with TCE then when cleanup efforts started. The main polluter culprits are Fort McClellan or Anniston Army Depot and the surrounding industries that supported them, including Anniston Defense Munitions Center (ADMC) located at Anniston Army Depot.

The CBS program 60 Minutes once called Fort Mac the most toxic place on the planet. It reportedly is the only chem/bio facility in the Army where live substances were manufactured, stored, and used in training. The McClellan Cocktail includes depleted Uranium, sarin gas, mustard gas, and various other bacterial, nerve and chemical agents. And let's not forget that old standby, Agent Orange.

Three nuclear power plants along the Tennessee River near Chattanooga are storing 3,013 metric tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste.   By mid-century, the waste volume stored in Soddy-Daisy and Spring City, Tenn., and Athens, Ala., could more than double if no permanent solution for storing or reducing spent nuclear fuel is found, government studies show. The nuclear plants and their waste are leftovers of the cold war" The cost of disposing of atomic waste makes Nuclear Power plants a dead financial loss; but the nuclear industry was accused of being weapons only so reactors were built all over the country.

Alaska has 520 toxic sites that have polluted groundwater, 2000 chemical contaminated sites statewide caused by the military-insecurity complex. 6 of the sites are NPL (National Priority List) or Superfund sites (Adak Naval Air Station, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Fort Richardson (USARMY), Eielson Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright). NPL Superfund sites are sites causing cancers, tumors, birth defects, liver and thyroid disorders, etc.

Alaska has been used as an experimental testing ground for the military's nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare programs. On the Aleutian Island of Amchitka, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission detonated three nuclear blasts between 1965 and 1971, including the world's largest underground nuclear test, the 5 megaton Cannikin test. At Fort Greely in Interior Alaska, the Army operated a nuclear reactor to make weapons-grade nuclear materials. The Army concealed radioactive contamination that affects workers, residents of nearby communities and the natural environment.

The U.S. Department of Defense is responsible for "one-third of all active toxic waste sites in Alaska," according to the report. In addition, there may be as many as 10,000 abandoned defense sites that are polluted. Complicating the problem further are the thousands of small landfills and industrial waste pits that Alaska does not inventory or monitor.

American Samoa has or had a NPL or Superfund site of pesticides, PCB's, persistent organic pollutants, and volatile organic compound. There was also a World War II era ship that sank in Pago Pago Harbor with fuel still in the tanks.

A government department in Samoa says data showing that banned depleted uranium was imported into the country needs to be investigated urgently.

A Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment report from last December shows that one of Samoa's key employers, Yazaki EDS Samoa Ltd, which makes wire harnessing for motor vehicles, imported batches of depleted uranium ten years ago.

Called Chemical Profile of Samoa, the report says closer cooperation between the Ministry and the Customs Department is critical if the importation of banned substances is to be avoided.

Arizona - Raytheon (via the US Air Force), from 1950 to 2000 regularly dumped Trichloroethane (TCE) into the soil in the Tucson Airport area.

The EPA in 1983 set a large south side area of Tucson as a NPL Superfund site.   The last settlements involving TCE lawsuits occurred in June 2006.

A ban is urgently needed now because public lands near the Grand Canyon are ground zero for a new uranium-mining boom. This mining would industrialize the landscape flanking the canyon, threatening to permanently pollute its aquifers and contaminate the biologically rich waters they feed -- including springs that harbor up to 500 times more species than adjacent lands.

Both Bush and Obama now have a Grand Canyon debacle under their belts. Bush wanted to give the Grand Canyon to Pepsi; Obama wants to give it to Uranium miners.

Arkansas ' Pine Bluff Chemical Warfare facility (established 1941) is getting new life as the Pine Bluff Chemical Activity facility. Rich in a history of that included the load and store war gases; and to fill smoke and white phosphorus munitions. The expansion included facilities to manufacture and store various types of chemical-filled weapons. Arsenal-produced conventional munitions were used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. During the war years, the arsenal produced millions of grenades, bombs, and shells as well as millions of pounds of mustard and Lewisite. The US military has gone back to using white Phosphorus munitions, outlawed under Geneva law. Load and store war gases; and to fill smoke and white phosphorus munitions. The expansion included facilities to manufacture and store various types of chemical-filled weapons. Arsenal-produced conventional munitions were used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. During the war years, the arsenal produced millions of grenades, bombs, and shells as well as millions of pounds of mustard and Lewisite.

California Rocketdyne Boeing melted down Santa Susana nuclear reactor's fuel contaminates all of the Los Angeles area's San Gabriel Valley and the eastern half of the San Fernando Valley groundwater. Jet Propulsion Lab's open burn pits of Ammonium Perchlorate are part of the local drinking water.

Here is what the EPA will admit on California's McClellan Air Force Base - The primary contaminants in groundwater are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Contaminants detected in soil include PCBs, heavy metals, and several non-VOCs. Radionuclides have also been identified in surface soil and in former disposal pits. People may face a health risk if they accidentally ingest or come into direct contact with contaminants. People also may be at risk if they eat foods containing accumulated contaminants or if they inhale contaminated dust or soil vapors.

What the EPA will not admit to is how far the poisons travel in underground aquifers" Radionuclides and Ammonium Perchlorate ride in underground rivers and poison people far from the native source. While the pollution is traveling from Santa Susana to Glendale, PCB's and TCE's join it from local industry.

A list of the NPL Superfund military-security-complex polluters: Alameda Naval Air Station, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USDOE), Concord Naval Weapons Station, Edwards Air Force Base, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA), Castle Air Force Base (6 Areas), Fort Ord, El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, March Air Force Base, Aerojet General Corp., Mather Air Force Base (Aircraft Control and Warning Disposal Site), McClellan Air Force Base (Groundwater Contamination), Sacramento Army Depot, Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base, George Air Force Base, Norton Air Force Base (Landfill #2), Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Treasure Island Naval Station-Hunters Point Annex, Sharpe Army Depot, Tracy Defense Depot (USARMY), Moffett Naval Air Station, Raytheon Corp. Santa Clara, Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant and Travis Air Force Base. The preceding list of polluters list of pollutants is overwhelming -- we prevail in wars but Southern California is a sewer of military toxins in the water table.

Colorado Air Force Plant PJKS is one of the "Superfund" hazardous waste sites in Colorado. Lockheed Martin operated the site, tested missile and rocket motors and polluted the soil and water. The primary ground-water contaminants of concern are solvents such as trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethane, chloroform and rocket fuel breakdown products such as N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).

Rocky Flats Plant (DOE) - Soil, surface water, groundwater and air contamination by plutonium, americium, uranium and VOCs from nearly forty years of nuclear weapons manufacturing.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal (US Army) used, abused and manufactured chemical weapons. Rocky Mountain Arsenal has soil, surface water and groundwater contamination by aldrin, dieldrin, DBCP and arsenic from chemical weapons and pesticide manufacture contamination.


Connecticut's New London Submarine Base is laced with PCBs, heavy metals and other remnants of ship-maintenance operations, is in Groton and Ledyard. The area is on the list of federal Superfund sites.

Delaware's Dover Air Force Base has been designated a NPL Superfund site due to Lead, Naphthalene and Ethyl benzene soil and groundwater pollution.

District of Columbia's Washington Navy Yard polluted with asbestos and Monsanto PCB's (Polychlorinated biphenyls).

Florida's Cecil Field Naval Air Station in Jacksonville had several landfills, lagoons, waste piles, burn areas, and spill areas contaminated with Chromium and Lead. General Dynamics Longwood Manufacturing activities contaminated superficial (upper-level) ground water and the portion of the Floridan Aquifer located beneath the site with trichloroethylene (TCE) and trichloroethane (TCA). If not properly addressed, ground water contamination at the site could threaten the nearby City of Winter Springs' public water supply well field .

Homestead Air Force Base high levels of phosphorus and mercury were discovered in the waterways in 1986. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers 464 facilities so problematic that they were placed on an internal "Watch List" created under the Bush Administration in 2004.

EPA has used the Watch List since 2004 to identify what it describes as "recidivist and chronically non-complying facilities." A site is added to the Watch List if nine months pass after a Clean Air Act violation occurs without any enforcement action.

Naval Air Station Jacksonville is not only on the Watch List, it's one of 1,600 sites that EPA says has committed "High Priority Violations" of the Clean Air Act, or violations that demand urgent action. NAS Jax is the only site in Northeast Florida on both lists, and one of just four sites in the entire state.

Georgia, some of the Superfund polluters: Marine Corps Logistics Base: Soil has been contaminated with chromium (Erin Brokovich), cadmium, lead, and PCBs, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Ground water has been contaminated with perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene (TCE), dichloroethylene, and carbon tetrachloride.


Robins Air Force Base (Landfill #4/Sludge lagoon): The water supplies for the base and the City of Warner Robins are derived from this aquifer. More than 10,000 people are potentially affected. Trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene have been detected in ground water near the site, and phenols have been detected in surface water on the site.


On the eve of Southern Company (NYSE: SO) holding its annual meeting of stockholders in Pine Mountain, GA., the nonprofit Green America released a report today ranking the major U.S. power producer as "the United States' most irresponsible utility."


Titled "Leadership We Can Live Without: The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for Southern Company," the Green America analysis assigns letter grades to seven major U.S. utilities on four fronts: reliance on coal; pollution; reliance on and expansion of nuclear power; and lobbying expenditures.

The rest of "The Dirty Seven" were ranked as follows: (1) Exelon; (2) Entergy; (3) Dominion; (4) TVA; (5) Duke and (6) AEP (Southern Company is 7th).


Guam Andersen Air Force Base: Groundwater and soil contaminated with dioxins/dibenzofurans, metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, polychlorinated biphenyls, persistent organic pollutants, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds including trichloroethylene, toluene, and tetrachloroethane.


Groundwater sampling indicates the presence of VOCs including TCE, toluene, and tetrachloroethane. Surface areas, including landfills and scattered dumpsites, are contaminated with VOCs, PCBs, fuels, metals, and pesticides.


Hawaii Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area (Oahu): Soil contamination in different areas by PCBs, volatile organics, semi-volatile organics and metals.


Pearl Harbor Naval Complex soil, groundwater and sediment are contaminated with metals, organic compounds and petroleum hydrocarbons. There is a potential human health and ecological risk with contact or accidental ingestion with the contaminated media.


Schofield Barracks Groundwater contains trichloroethylene (TCE). People who drink or come into direct contact with contaminated groundwater could be at risk.



DU (Depleted Uranium) munitions use at Pohakuloa Training Area, Big Island, Hawaii

On Nov. 9, 2011, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued the final environmental radiation-monitoring plan for the depleted uranium radiation control areas at Pohakuloa Training Area.
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Insanity Peak Oil ~ Peak Energy , 9 Nov. 2011 (1.6MB PDF)

On Aug. 31, 2010, the U.S. Army Garrison - Hawaii announced that the results of the Army's recent depleted uranium (DU) Basic Human Health Risk Assessment (BHHRA) for the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) impact area indicate no likely adverse impacts to current and potential future persons working on or living near PTA due to DU present at PTA.

By letters dated November 6, 2008, and July 8, 2009, the U.S. Army Installation Command submitted a Source Material License application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), for the Schofield Barracks and Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) sites in Oahu and the Island of Hawaii, Hawaii.

Army: Depleted Uranium Not a Public Risk: The military says a preliminary study has concluded the public isn't at risk from depleted uranium at the Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island. The Army conducted the study as part of its licensing application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a site-specific environmental radiation-monitoring plan. According to the report the Army also said soldiers training in Hawaii fired 714 spotting rounds containing depleted uranium in the 1960s.


Hawaii native people's protest against DU, protestors claim they are dropping DU ordnance from planes (links at bottom):

Report on July 15, 2012 Protest at Pohakuloa against RIMPAC Bombing

  "Aloha "Aina --Stop the Bombing!"

Aloha Kakou,

As expected, our peaceful protest at Pohakuloa on Sunday, July 15, 2012 against RIMPAC bombing and in support of aloha "aina encountered pro-military US flag waivers at the main gate area of the base.

We had people from Hilo, Kona, Waimea and even Na'alehu, that included old time Kaho'olawe "Stop the Bombing" activists, and some young Hawaiian activists picking up the torch of "Aloha "Aina."  We even had members of the Ka Pele family who some years back led a peace gathering to pule and build an ahu at Pu'u Ka Pele on Pohakuloa in opposition to the bombing. 


Naval Air Station Pensacola volatile organic compounds were detected in monitoring wells and heavy metals were detected in surface water and sediments. Contaminated soil was also identified. An estimated 15,000 people located on NAS and 30,000 customers of Peoples' Water Company obtain water from wells located within three miles of the hazardous substances on site.

Tyndall Air Force Base was cited for air pollution, soil and groundwater pollution. Citing the Air Force's own report: Perhaps the best indicator of the health hazard associated with electroplating effluents is found in federal drinking water standards. Cadmium is also used frequently in Air Force electroplating. Its high toxicity is well known, causing severe acute poisoning (Reference 2) as well as painful chronic disease   (Reference 3). Cadmium was recently detected in levels above the limit cited in Table I in the drinking water of 20 cities surveyed by the US Public Health Service.

Table 1 contained these pollutants: Arsenic (As) 0.05   Barium (Ba) 1.0   Cadmium (Cd)a 0.01   Chromium (Hexavalent) (Cr+6 a 0.05   Cyanide (CN)a 0.2   Fluoride (M)a 0.7 to 1.2b   Lead (Pb) 0.05   Selenium (Se) 0.01   Silver (Ag)a. Note that Chrome 6 (Hexavalent) is the chemical of Erin Brokovich fame. The Air Force has electroplating facilities all over America using the Hexavalent http://tinyurl.com/9p4xbnt Chromium, toxic acids, metals and heavy metals.

Whiting Field Naval Air Station Ground water has been contaminated with trichloroethylene. Soil and ground water have been contaminated with arsenic, petroleum constituents, and spent solvents.


Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pacific Trust Territories, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Utah, Washington and Wyoming are all places where the military-security-complex stores vast stockpiles of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride (aka Depleted UF6, depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6).

The word depleted is a misnomer, which makes DUF6 sound safe. People living in the DUF6 states and territories are at the mercy of rusting dry casks filled with radioactive liquid Fluorine and Uranium. Vast quantities of Uranium sit in rusting casks that will be what? Tended by armed guards and HAZMAT workers for 4.6 billion years? If you live in Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pacific Trust Territories, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Utah, Washington and Wyoming" you live next door to a rusting time bomb that Obama and Romney both wish to add more Uranium to, more nuclear plants and more hundreds, thousands of DUF6 caskets. Those caskets represent future dead Americans shoved into a mass grave.

The Department of Energy never lies about Depleted Uranium: http://web.ead.anl.gov/uranium/guide/ucompound/health/

The point of this article is that people are dying of cancer in record numbers in the USA. Meanwhile, right-wing zealots chant USA and wave their little Chinese plastic flags at the RNC. How far was the RNC event from leaking drums of Air Force Chrome 6 and DoE/Pentagon rusting casks of DUF6? The military-security complex is killing us right here at home where we live.   More war, more DUF6 caskets, more war, more DUF6 caskets. We need cheap electricity to make more war armaments, which creates more DUF6 caskets, which means more future dead Americans. This is the hidden cost of war and electricity the public hides from.

Idiots like Romney speak of a strong military. How many countries were invaded and conquered by military force in the past 100 years? We are losing a war of cash attrition to China, financing war and armaments with Chinese money. Meanwhile, the Department of Energy * brags *, yes * brags * about the DUF6 insurmountable, unaffordable problem. From the http://web.ead.anl.gov/uranium/guide/facts/ site:


DUF6 Cylinder Weight Comparisons

A Ticonderoga-class cruiser is about equal in weight to 706 cylinders of depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6). It would take over 70 cruisers to weigh more than the Nation's inventory of DUF6! The Navy owns only 27 Ticonderoga-class cruisers.

DUF6 Cylinder Weight Comparisons

7,142 cylinders of DUF6 weighs as much as a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The entire inventory of 57,634 cylinders weighs more than all eight of the Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carriers combined!

DUF6 Cylinders

Stacking 57,600 standard DUF6 cylinders end-to-end would make a tower 720,000 feet tall! That's over 136 miles high!

Who is going to maintain thee for how long into the future at what tax-burden cost to the public? All so Ronald Reagan could brag to his Alzheimer self, I beat the Soviets and America will go bankrupt dealing with 57,634 Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride cylinders weighing more than all eight of the Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carriers combined" We should all be so impressed.

  • "The three large gaseous diffusion plants that were operated by the department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessors produced enriched uranium, some for defense use and some for incorporation into nuclear fuel for civilian reactors in the United States and other countries. In the course of isotope separation, most of the uranium ended up as the part depleted in U-235, designated as 'tails' or tailings.' ... Most of all uranium ever mined in the United States or imported into the United States remains in tails at the gaseous diffusion plants."
  • "It was found that DOE has approximately 50,000 cylinders in outdoor storage at the three diffusion plants, containing more than 500,000 metric tons of UF6. Poor maintenance and storage conditions, combined with mechanical damage suffered during handling, have led to corrosion and subsequent breaching of several of these carbon steel cylinders."
  • "... 1,000 cylinders have a potential to breach before the year 2020 if no remedial actions are taken, with the result that their contents of more than 10,000 tons of uranium could become accessible to release to the environment."
  • "... the very size of that inventory means that no matter what actions may be taken, they will require a long time to consummate, with deterioration of the cylinders continuing all the while."


Sources (tiny url's used for brevity, sites pointed to were virii/trojan free 10/3/2012:

EPA Superfund Website

Alabama http://tinyurl.com/9bawk3g and http://tinyurl.com/99kbc53 and http://tinyurl.com/9ebo8gj

Alaska http://tinyurl.com/8we66q9 and http://tinyurl.com/8qvnyqz

American Samoa http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=52636 and http://www.rnzi.com/pages/news.php?op=read&id=58552

Arizona http://tinyurl.com/8vha59l and http://tinyurl.com/8e5wng3

Arkansas http://tinyurl.com/m6npv6

California http://tinyurl.com/8ajdk3s and http://tinyurl.com/8qfrqs3

Colorado http://tinyurl.com/8bfajpd

Connecticut http://tinyurl.com/9kdpeqq

Delaware http://tinyurl.com/9j9hpz4

District of Columbia http://tinyurl.com/9m3hvf4

Florida http://tinyurl.com/8kdruq9 and http://tinyurl.com/9slj2sq and http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a043266.pdf

Georgia http://tinyurl.com/3ksmwuf


Guam http://www.epa.gov/region9/cleanup/pacific.html


Hawaii http://www.epa.gov/region9/cleanup/pacific.html and http://www.wise-uranium.org/dissti.html#POHAKULOA and http://malu-aina.org/?p=1258




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October 4, 2012

California Prop 37 - Rebuttal to Annoying Pro-GMO TV Ads

By Tracy Turner



As of 2012, nearly 100% of all US food and fiber is unlabeled genetically engineered foods and food ingredients. The bulk of the items consumed now include soybeans, soy, soy oil, corn, potatoes, squash, canola oil, cottonseed oil, papaya, tomatoes, and dairy products. People grab cartons of yogurt or packages of Salmon not realizing the yogurt is made from Genetically Modified lactose enzymes and GMO corn derivatives and or GMO corn sweetener and the Salmon is farm raised on GMO corn and soy meal feed.


rBGH injected into cows to make them lactate may be part of what has supersized so many Americans (milk and dairy products in forms like powdered milk, whey, milk sugar, etc.) is an ingredient in so many foods. Instant cocoa products not only taste chocolaty, but the many rBGH milk by-products may be contributing to early puberty and premature breasts in girls. Everything from protein bars or power bars contains rBGH milk by-products that are linked to fat and breasts in men. The FDA's own scientists predicted new toxins causing new allergies and unknown health problems from GMO foods; they were ordered to change the science to make the new foods legal. rBGH and GMO corn contributes to obesity and diabetes. Countries where all GMO's are outlawed have far less diabetes and obesity.In France (which outlawed GMO's) people are slimmer and have less diabetes). A morning bowl of cereal and milk in France are minus GMO.


This biotech article http://tinyurl.com/cth6rou explains the use of pesticide addiction to make farming cost more for the farmer and to make the farmer reliant upon Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont & Syngenta pesticides and GMO crop seeds.

Genetic engineering of food is extremely dangerous and unpredictable on so many levels it is hard to qualify and quantify the danger. One good place to start is the Showa Denko Tryptophan Disaster. Showa Denko, Japanese Health Supplement company decided that using natural organic bacteria to "grow" the dietary supplement L-Tryptophan was too slow, too inefficient. They decided to go high tech and insert four gene-splices into the bacteria and grow more L-Tryptophan in less time. What could go wrong with four simple splicings of genetic material from four different species spliced in to the target bacteria?

The Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster killed 37 and permanently disabled 1,500 people in the US via a disease known as eosonophil myalgia syndrome (EMS) in circa 1989-1991. The Showa Denko managers and staff destroyed all the evidence, but modern scientific thought on this disaster is that the gene splices caused one or numerous toxins to form unexpectedly as the result of crossing genetic material from species A into the genes of species B. Doing what Monsanto does with food, which the USDA calls assumed safe for use, caused 37 deaths and over 1500 disabilities.

This article and others like it cannot predict which gene splices will or will not create more toxins. But the US FDA's assertion of assumed safe is ludicrous in light of the Showa Denko L-Tryptophan Disaster. Showa Denko destroyed the evidence, the genetically engineered bacterial stocks, along with any potentially surviving evidence from the walls or the equipment in their facilities. If a large number of deaths occur from Monsanto GMO, we can probably expect similar behavior that hides the truth. It is almost inconceivable that no grotesque food allergies have been discovered with Monsanto GMO, no Genetic accidents.

Monsanto Roundup Herbicide has been shown to cause male testicular cell death. Roundup herbicide is used so extensively in farming there is probably not a single human on Earth that has not had some exposure to this Roundup in food and fiber. Beeswax from beehives tests positive for Roundup whether the hive is in the city or out amongst farms.


Roundup has been shown in extensive testing to cause alterations in the testis and epididymal, testosterone and estradiol, and androgen receptors in the testis. Roundup is thought to destroy testosterone and lead to male infertility; farmers in conjunction with Monsanto's Roundup Ready food and fiber crop seeds use Roundup.

An Indian team of veterinarians documented that buffalo consuming Genetically Modified cottonseed suffer from infertility, frequent abortions, premature deliveries, and prolapsed uteruses. Many adult and young buffalo have also died mysteriously.

Hamsters fed for two years over three generations, those on the GM soy diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups.

Common among the third generation was hair growing inside their mouths; apparently common among hamsters eating GM soy.

Rats on a Genetically Modified diet developed mammary tumors, and severe liver and kidney damage.

Despite testing showing possible or likely sterility, tumors, birth defects, stillborns, organ damage and mutations, the USDA says that it is changing the rules so that GMO biotechs such as Monsanto will get "speedier regulatory reviews".   The Showa Denko tryptophan disaster was well known and believed to be gene-splices turned to new bio-poisons by scientists; this did not stop Monsanto and the FDA from forging ahead with "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) biotech crops for human and farm animal consumption.   Showa Denko made gene splices that killed 37 and permanently disabled 1,500 people. Those splices were "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS).

In April 2012 Monsanto purchased Beeologics to study and perhaps bio-engineer bees. Monsanto is considered, along with Bayer, to be the cause of Bee CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).

One of the best ways to fight Monsanto is where you buy you food. Every Sept 17, picket the store(s) you buy food in. Hand people printed flyers of Occupy Monsanto and articles like this. Breaking a worldwide food monopoly is not an easy task. Tell Congress rats with dead babies, liver damage and Monsanto playing God with bees is too much, you have had enough. If you live in California, vote yes on Prop. 37.

Look at the graphic at the top of this article, at the conflict of interest, at lawyers Michael Taylor and Hillary Clinton that re-wired and re-plumbed the US Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture to put GMO food and fiber on the market. This is what both Republicans and Democrats refer to as Free Market Capitalism. Monsanto and their biotech friends are Crony Monopoly Fascism, not Free Market Capitalism.

The US and much of the world's food supply has become a ticking time bomb that will kill, sterilize, cause abortions, stillborns, off-spring who are sterile, allergies, etc. At some point, a Showa Denko Tryptophan-type disaster will occur in the food supply. The six biotech companies use Escherichia coli or Bacillus subtilis to gene clone the foods they ultimately sell to us. Escherichia coli or Bacillus subtilis were and are used in germ warfare laboratories to make pathogens to kill humans.

One of the genetic splices common to designer GMO foods is using antibiotic resistant E. coli genes. The inherent danger in this practice is obvious, food in the populations supply contaminated with E. coli, Salmonella, etc., that picks up the antibiotic-resistant code from the host plant. What could possibly go wrong with the human food supply and the world's ancient strains of food the GMO culprits are making extinct?
















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October 2, 2012

Army That Poisons Together Metastasizes Together -- Cruelly and Unusually

By Tracy Turner


The United States Military, the Pentagon. Most fossil fuel burned, most greenhouse gases released, biggest source of Mercury released into the environment, biggest source of radiological (Uranium, Plutonium) releases and the biggest amount of HAZMAT materials released into rivers, lakes, oceans and the environment and the biggest discarder of medical waste pollution -- worldwide.

US Military pollution gets little notice, as the Pentagon is exempt from the US EPA-reporting criteria. Lead from firing ranges, Uranium from so-called "Depleted" Uranium munitions pollute land, lakes and streams and oceans both domestically and overseas; but the US military is exempt from US EPA Superfund regulations.

Excerpted from projectcensored.org: "Flounders identifies key examples: - Depleted uranium: Tens of thousands of pounds of microparticles of radioactive and highly toxic waste contaminate the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Balkans*. - US-made land mines and cluster bombs spread over wide areas of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East continue to spread death and destruction even after wars have ceased".

US military policies and wars in Iraq have created severe desertification of 90 percent of the land, changing Iraq from a food exporter into a country that imports 80 percent of its food. - In the US, military bases top the Superfund list of the most polluted places, as perchlorate and trichloroethylene seep into the drinking water, aquifers, and soil. - Nuclear weapons testing in the American Southwest and the South Pacific Islands have contaminated millions of acres of land and water with radiation, while uranium tailings defile Navajo reservations.


One of the top well-water (aquifer) polluters is Ammonium perchlorate, aka rocket fuel, propellant, Jet-Assisted Take-off, etc. AP as it is know in rocketry slang kills the Thyroid gland, causing people to become hyper or hypothyroid from drinking water. One of the telltale signs in a given community is men with Thyroid disease (this is considered a common women's disease, when men show up with Thyroid disease there is usually testable AP in the drinking water).

Military hazmat chemicals (Mercury, Ammonium Perchlorate, TCE, medical waste, Depleted Uranium, pesticides, defoliants (Agent Orange), 1-Fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene, etc., are the deadliest soldiers the Pentagon has. The people in countries like Iraq know we left our toxic legacy behind; they see it in each new tumor, each deformed or stillborn baby and each stomach cramp after drinking some well water. The well water under our home (Pasadena, California) contains radionuclides and Ammonium Perchlorate from JPL, Rocketdyne and Boeing.

More people of color and Native Americans live near military/contractor Superfund sites than white people.

All 50 states have military Superfund pollution sites as well as Guam, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc. The US military is in the habit of stonewalling and lying - for examples, both the Big Island of Hawaii and Puerto Rico have Depleted Uranium pollution causing health problems to local people. The military's way of handling their liability is two fold: there is no Depleted Uranium that we never used for target practice in tanks; even if there was, your illness has nothing to do with our non-admitted to Uranium. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines personnel affected by Uranium have similar issues getting health care and disability benefits. Those afflicted with DU poisoning are treated as if they are unpatriotic whistleblowers.

From truthout.org article: "In 1997, while citing experiments, by others, in which 84 percent of dogs exposed to inhaled uranium died of cancer of the lungs, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, then Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Georgetown University in Washington was quoted as saying, 'The [US government's] Veterans Administration asked me to lie about the risks of incorporating depleted uranium in the human body.' He concluded, 'uranium does cause cancer, uranium does cause mutation, and uranium does kill. If we continue with the irresponsible contamination of the biosphere, and denial of the fact that human life is endangered by the deadly isotope uranium, then we are doing disservice to ourselves, disservice to the truth, disservice to God and to all generations who follow.'

More than 2,000 nuclear tests have been conducted worldwide; the number of nuclear tests conducted by the US exceeds those tests of all other countries combined. Nuclear fallout from atomic bombs and Uranium oxide ceramic glass dust from DU warfare is becoming widely dispersed globally. The Marshall Islands (Pacific Nuclear Proving Grounds) remain contaminated by nuclear fallout, and many who were living on the Marshall's at the time of detonations have suffered highly increased incidences of several types of cancers and birth defects.

The primary long-term health hazard associated with exposure to ionizing radiation as a result of nuclear fallout is an increased risk for cancers of the thyroid, other solid tumor cancers, and leukemia, according to the National Cancer Institute.


By the way, the 9/11 WTC aircraft had Depleted Uranium under the floor as ballast. Deny, deny, deny... It is cheaper to deny Depleted Uranium liability than to pay our medical and damages claims.

Much of the Military Hazardous Waste is dumped in the ocean or just left behind in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., illegally. The best chemical soldiers keep killing for 4.6 billion years like Uranium does.

Open Salon had a recent http://tinyurl.com/9qqhtrv article about the Soviet Union using Chemical Warfare against the Mujahedin in Afghanistan, beginning in 1979.   The Mujahedin considered the Soviets inhuman cowards who killed women and children with chemicals in well water. The US is indiscriminately killing women and children with toxic chemicals (including Depleted Uranium) in well water. General Stanley McChrystal is struggling with US troops indiscriminately shooting civilians.

Insider attacks (murders by Afghan police and troops upon US troops) are getting http://tinyurl.com/8gbncwv worse. The mercenaries (Blackwater Xe Mercs will financially occupy long after our troops come home) and Afghans will not coexist amidst abandoned used motor oil, Depleted Uranium hotspots, wells polluted with PCB's, etc. Newscasters complain that the Afghans do not fight fairly; but the Taliban is fighting a second giant coward who put poison in the air, sea, land, food and water. Meanwhile, the amount of 55-gallon drums of toxic sludge keeps growing larger.

Winning hearts and http://tinyurl.com/8d3x8av minds, one HAZMAT toxin at a time. Both the "enemy" and our own troops are metastasizing. Our citizens at home get Leukemia from military nuclear toxic legacy waste. Diane, my wife is one of them, our drinking water has Santa Susana Rocketdyne Uranium in it. Our citizens get Thyroid disease from JATO/Rocket fuel toxic dumps... My thyroid disease is from the JPL Ammonium Perchlorate dumps, again, from drinking water. Military toxic waste is not so anonymous, does not just maim or kill "the enemy"...

       The United States of Guantanamo -- Humane Kidnap, Radionuclear Torture and Murder

Eighth Amendment to US Constitution: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted -- except in cases of extreme rendition under Bush, Obama and potentially Romney.

Except in cases of Drone attacks that kill children, women. Except CIA assassination of Julian Assange and other enemies of state. Except in cases of accidental drowning during water boarding. The military-corporate-government entity reserves the right to add individuals and groups to the above list, marked for kidnapping, torture and murder "at will". The Eight Amendment is revocable "at will" by the military-corporate-government complex.

By decree of his majesty, Lord Obama, the above acts are now decreed "humane acts" that do not fall under Eighth Amendment parameters; these acts now fall under NDAA section 1021 (2)(b). I, Lord Obama, am due process of law; judge, jury and executioner. My Drone Hellfire missiles contain Uranium, but that is not an Eighth Amendment Cruel and Unusual death sentence, it is humane, NDAA Uranium.

Jean Theoharis wrote "My Student the Terrorist" one year ago April http://tinyurl.com/3ugjaz2 . Chris Hedges wrote this essay on Muslims held in solitary confinement as torture http://tinyurl.com/9eb2lqz today (1 October 2012), later the same day. Words like solitary confinement sound so clean, much nicer on the tongue than torture.

Writing about Bush, Obama and Romney without writing about kidnap, torture and murder misses the essence of the Bush doctrine carried forward by Obama. Ignoring kneeling in the sun Muslims, chained and shackled and hooded in the hot, Cuban sun ignores torture. Ignoring the drone strikes worldwide ignores mass-murder. Ignoring threats of Syrian and Iranian war ignores threats of murder.

Eighth Amendment to US Constitution: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted -- except, except, except, we have gone so far down a very slippery slope we need a Black and Blue two-tone flag to express who we have become. Half black, half blue with red spatter across the entire banner is whom we are, bruises, broken bones and fresh blood spilled.

Remember when Ronnie Reagan was having conniptions over the Soviets using well-water poisons to kill Afghan people? Those Russian killer demons are not human"


Depleted Uranium as a means of cruel and unusual punishment, cruel and unusual execution, cruel and unusual maiming one member of "the enemy" in a manner where 4-5 members of the enemy need to attend to their atomically inflicted wounds. If someone made our troops swallow lead and cadmium tablets as torture, we would be crying foul, Geneva Convention.

Anyone can see it is how we leave an occupying army of atomic "tin" soldiers, killing generation after generation of "our adversaries".

This is cruel and unusual punishment, cruel and unusual torture, and cruel and unusual murder. Slow painful illness, chronic bad health, and birth defect and slow lingering death upon you and your family based on your being an ethnic other with a government unfriendly to McDonalds. How do the Magna Carta and Eighth Amendment fit in with Depleted Uranium toxic waste dumped abroad via politics?

Army Recruiters sign young people up who do not know about their future DU exposure -- is that cruel and unusual punishment? Obama and Netanyahu threatening Iran and Syria with Depleted Uranium warfare -- cruel and unusual punishment? Abu Gharaib, Guantanamo and Colorado SuperMax Prison isolation -- cruel and unusual punishment. Our troops and sometimes their wives and/or kids, exposed to Depleted Uranium -- is their lingering illness and slow death cruel and unusual punishment? Leaving a 4.6 billion-year Depleted Uranium death, illness and deformed baby legacy in each country we bomb and/or invade -- is that atomic soldier killing the enemy even after there is no more United States -- is that cruel and unusual punishment.

The last four Presidents made me ashamed to be an American. All four engaged in cruel and unusual punishment. Firing squad by Alpha and Gamma radiation, slowly cancering people whose biggest crime was being Muslim. We are the Turks. We are the Soviets. We are now everything we used to say we were fighting against. George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama" go to sleep tonight and dream of mutating red blood cells, babies born with two heads.





*Locales Depleted Uranium polluted by Israel: Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Romallah. Locales Depleted Uranium polluted by US/NATO: Iraq (1991), Balkans, Iraq (GW Bush's shock and awe was Depleted Uranium), Afghanistan, Libya (Obama) and potentially Iran and Syria.







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October 1, 2012

Obama (Again)? Jill Stein? Or More False-Promiser-In-Chief?

By Tracy Turner



Repeal the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 (couples) or $200,000 (single), allow Medicare to negotiate for cheaper drug prices, repeal the Bush tax cuts for higher incomes, create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners, end no-bid contracts above $25,000, end income tax for seniors making less than $50,000 and create a $10 billion fund to help homeowners refinance or sell their homes... The broken Obama promises list is too long to put the entirety of it in one article. But the pattern is promising people, groups of people one thing and then selling them out to the multinational corporations for campaign money. The talk about how he cares flows out of him like talk out of a drunkard but his actual decisions and results never match.


Many Americans correctly believe the two-party system is a one party duopoly of government run by corporations. There is a growing movement by dyed-in-the-wool Democrats to vote Green, to vote for Dr. Jill Stein this fall as a protest message to Democrats. The message sent by voting green would be to go back to the grass roots of the Democrat party; to not run lawyers groomed to cater to special interests.


Many democrats, minorities, etc., are still enamored with Obama's star-power and oratorical skills. Others are firmly committed to voting for Jill Stein (or Rocky Anderson), anyone but Obama and Thurston Howell III on mean pills. Google Obama lies, Obama NDAA, Obama murder, Obama broken promises and Obama military lies about DU.


Writer Glenn Ford, editor of the Black Agenda Report, wrote prior to the 2008 elections that Obama would break his campaign promises and his cabinet would cater to corporate interests.


During 2008 Obama promised a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to spend $60 billion in federal money over a decade, thereby creating two million new jobs. Obama now claims to have created 4.5 million (via his surrogate San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro). CNN's fact checking tabulated 300,000 new jobs, minus 700,000 cut government jobs for a net loss of 400,000 jobs under Obama. Where is the beef; where is the National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank?


Economic recovery? Food banks see increases in new clientele every week...

Many people cannot bring themselves to let go of hope despite the redundant facts and evidences of a corporate brown-nose lawyer who is no http://tinyurl.com/9sssrol Rockstar. People have difficulty letting go of their own inner Rockstar legend and seeing the coward underneath http://tinyurl.com/9qrbbqn the legend. What kind of guru leader sends boys off to fight in war and when they return coughing up blood with an uneven gait (Uranium poisoning from the war) has the Pentagon deliver the official Democratic party lie: You have to prove the war caused your illness, you have to prove our Uranium caused your disability and you are not eligible for disability or unemployment. We think you are fit to work and you are a malingerer. The coughing, stumbling man (or woman) dies before any lawsuit or legal action can be perfected. This happens http://www.federaljack.com/?tag=du under the direct supervision of "the Rockstar".


Writer Glenn Ford wrote the single best editorial ever written about Obama, citing repeatedly that his intentions do not count, his actions count.


Obama intended to slow the rise of the oceans. On 17 October 2009, President Mohamed Nasheed was so enthused about stopping the rise of the oceans he held a cabinet meeting under the ocean in scuba http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8311838.stm gear to draw media attention to global warming and the rise of the ocean. Quote from democracy now, "He had become an internationally recognized leader on climate issues, urging the world to do more to save small island states from rising sea waters". Nasheed criticizes the Obama administration's quick recognition of the coup government, calling it "shocking and deeply disturbing." He also discusses his commitment to environmental activism, saying, "Climate change is a real issue, and it is happening now". So, Obama having Hillary befriend the new gun-toting coup de tat "President" means Obama does not have to meet with ex-President Nasheed underwater?

Five million new jobs was intended, 400,000 net jobs lost was delivered. A $2,500 medical insurance savings per family was promised, medical costs are rising 14% per year. Stop home foreclosures, home foreclosures are up sharply over 2009 levels. But his speech at the DNC was so emotional and moving, the choreography so planned, expensive and rehearsed.


2009 was supposed to be the year the national deficit was halved, two million poverty families were supposed to become middle class. What will he promise between now and November? Jolting the economy back to life, again? Ending recession? That was intended for 2009 - 46 million Americans live below the poverty threshold.   Those living just above that threshold are not well off. Promises in the dark, like a teenaged boy trying to "get lucky".


Obama promised us a one term Presidency if he did not keep his word. The best justification for giving him a one term Presidency is this: that the Democratic party must learn that victories with Carter and Obama-types on the ticket set the Democratic party back for decades. Democrats must learn to not put such social climbers with no heart-types in the Oval office that it is party-defeating. McCain would be a better President in the sense that he would actually attempt to keep his word, occasionally. McCain is more of a Democrat than Obama.


Where is the beef? Obama economic recovery is between Obama's (no joke implied) ears. Dept. of Labor skews numbers to please Obama, any volunteer at a food bank see's clientele growing and food giveaways shrinking. Hunger is recovering to larger than ever numbers...

Obama promised to rein in Wall Street tycoons and their shady practices. Obama started in that direction, but has since knuckled under to Wall Street and Republicans (those opposed to his proposed watchdog group). In essence, the intention was a power ploy, a poker chip to get more poker chips. Obama promised a law that would make bank, Wall Street, Monsanto and other lobbyists wait a two year waiting period before going to Fed Reserve, Food and Drug, etc. Obama has since signed an abundance of waivers which contrary to his law put corporate lobbyists in key government and cabinet positions.


Wall street has embraced Change and Forward as its own mantra and has pumped the Obama campaign full of Wall Street cash. Obama is now deeply indebted to Wall Street. In order for Occupy to actually Occupy Wall street, Occupy must first Occupy Obama into retirement.


John Corzine, the scandal-riddled corpse formerly CEO of MF Global has raised $897,232 for camp re-elect Obama. Opensecrets.org has a page up on Obama's http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/bundlers.php bundlers. Obama talks of Romney as some corporate enjoined at the hip wheeler-dealer with a garbage dumpster of thousand-dollar bills behind him. Bain capital gave re-elect Barack $1,107,100. Here http://tinyurl.com/8lyl7oj are 14 reasons not to elect Romney, 14 traitors to America set him up to win at the cost of the nation itself.


But Obama intends to crack down on banks and Wall street; he intends to stop home foreclosures. But first, Goldman Sachs needs a few favors it paid $1,013,091 for to Obama's campaign. JP Morgan Chase $808,799, Citigroup $736,771 and Morgan Stanley $512,232 all want Iran bombed and invaded. General Electric has a boatload of Depleted Uranium to get rid of $529,855 and Iran is well demonized by the media MSNBC (Microsoft) $852,167. Thanks to the news media (Time Warner $624,618) Iranians are now the most hated populaces on Earth. Some are sending Obama emails that say "Nuke Them" and doing Google searches for "evidence" that we should "Nuke" Iran (Google $814,540). All of these special interests come before Obama's empty promises to non-donors. How can Obama fairly, impartially regulate banks that are his biggest campaign donors? Or broker a peace deal with Iran while taking money from war profiteers?

Obama now wants to drop Depleted Uranium bombs on Iran. General Electric, who benefits financially from war with Iran, owns half of MSNBC news. The warmonger corporation has their news talking heads demonize Iranians regularly. Do not worry; anyone can win a Nobel Peace http://tinyurl.com/9feqgmj Prize"


What is so refreshing about Dr. Jill stein is she took a Hippocratic oath and there is no evidence she ever broke her promise. November 2012 is an easy choice to make; the agonization has been from being duped by a real jackass. Emotional oratorical speeches by a jackass are worthless. A "B-" Hollywood actor can pull that off in a rehearsal.


Dr. Stein's Hippocratic oath does not allow for Depleted Uranium warfare. Obama used it in Iran, Afghanistan and Libya; the first President to use DU in three countries. Dr. Stein would treat the living soldiers for Uranium poisoning under the GI Bill. Obama lies to the sick and leaves the burden of proof on the dying to prove DU caused their illness. Jill Stein's oath would have none of that. Who would you pick? Which course would most heal an Angry, depressed America?

Obama donors: University of California $1,648,685, Goldman Sachs $1,013,091, Harvard University $878,164, Microsoft Corp $852,167, Google Inc $814,540, JPMorgan Chase & Co $808,799, Citigroup Inc $736,771, Time Warner $624,618, Sidley Austin LLP $600,298, Stanford University $595,716, National Amusements Inc $563,798, WilmerHale LLP $550,668, Columbia University $547,852, Skadden, Arps et al $543,539, UBS AG $532,674, IBM Corp $532,372, General Electric $529,855, US Government $513,308, Morgan Stanley $512,232 and Latham & Watkins $503,295.

Your vote for the ethical, principled humanitarian between your ears will only elect the Obama bribed by the donors above. The Obama between your ears will not keep the promises of the flesh and blood corporatist taking bribe money from his cronies. The Obama between your ears cares about people, does not take bribes, keeps his promises, etc. If you vote Obama, the reality is you are putting a corporate lawyer who never or rarely ever keeps his word into the White House for four more years.

The Obama in your brain is his idle promises appealing to your humanity. Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein have endorsed the Occupy ideals and agenda during the same time period Obama was letting the bankers off of the legal hook and putting Occupiers in jail. The real Obama had the police nationwide beat Occupiers with batons and tear-gas them for sanitation violations, the pettiest of not-even-an-offense. Obama has cops beat people for sanitation-as-an-arrest-excuse.

The Obama in your head is honest and straightforward. The flesh and blood man is mendacious. Wrap your head all the way around that Obama then decide who to vote for. The man in your head would not lie to you. It is your own voice telling you that you are honest. The flesh and blood guy in the oval office is a sociopath who is lying to you about Ahmadinejad having WMD in Iran. Now where have we heard a lie like that, before?

Vote for Jill Stein.






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September 23, 2012

Yellowstone - More Boosterism and Bootlickery - Part II Animal Tormentors

By Tracy Turner



Did you miss part 1 http://tinyurl.com/9c9d65f on Yellowstone?

I have never seen a Ranger enforce the 25 and 75 yard distances between tourist and large animal with actual 25 and 75 yard distances. When a ranger is around (rare), 25 and 75 feet "will do". They say the words right, but it takes no measuring tape to see the extreme leniency; the Rangers send a mixed message they seem unaware they are sending. If there is no Ranger, 25 and 75 inches or millimeters will work for many tourists, iPhone close. If a Ranger shows up, tourists back up to the 25/50 feet mark. It is rare to see the Darwin-human-prey even 75 feet from bison or rutting elk. My first trip in Yellowstone I was afraid for the stupid tourists crowding the animals; now I mostly feel sorry for the animals they have to deal with 2.5 million morons per year.   It is like Vegas, 3 million gamblers crowd to within millimeters of the animals as per Ranger's mixed message; the bison is a slot machine that only pays out a goring occasionally.


Things I have heard those 4-10 feet from Bison say: "My family are horsemen, we work with Bison every day". So you are clicking pictures in Yellowstone because you see Bison daily? "It is just a cow, like on a dairy".   Actually, it was a 2,000 lb bison bull not on a dairy in a pen" Diane asked her in French where she was going to go if he charged, she looked around bewildered and told Diane it was her business, not ours. "as long as you mean them no harm they can sense that (bison have ESP?) and will not harm you".   "Black bears are very friendly". Too many cartoons. You get the idea, those millimeters from large wildlife are are nearly brainless. The Rangers coddling the brainless with 25 feet in lieu of yards causes 25 millimeter behavior behind coddling, mixed message Ranger's back. Please write and tell Congress Ranger needs a measuring tape, those cheap Congress people did not buy any measuring devices.


"Ranger Smith" will practically let you get away with actual murder so you will "owe" the National Park Service a hand-written letter of glowing praise asking Congress to give Ranger Toady more cash. About one tourist in a thousand knows better; knowing better means letting a 400mm focal length lense or even longer focal length lenses look the animal in the eye for you.   Zoom lenses, telephoto -- how to live to have many, many seasons at Yellowstone and Grand Teton. The best Zoom on the market is cheaper than being gored with a Bison horn covered with bacteria. Do you really want a Bison horn goring into your intestines because you are too cheap to buy a telephoto camera? Bare minimum, buy a little pocket camera with a 3x or 4x zoom. More money buys more zoom, it is far cheaper than surgery and intesinal infection from a bison goring.


At Terry Bison Ranch in Wyoming, a cowboy took us on a ride in a company van to see Bison up close. He told the story of a circus performer who "tamed" a Bison and rode on the Bison's hump as an act. This went on for years, and then the Bison gored the man to death unexpectedly.


The cowboy introduced me to a female beefalo (bison-cow hybrid) named Curley. The cowboy told me if she gets both horns in the window, she would rip the door off of the van and try to gore me. Cowboy told me she had ripped a pickup door right off and gored him a little as he hit the gas and drove off. We horseback rode, ate beefalo, etc., but the van ride was the best part of Terry Bison Ranch, followed by cowboys lighting skyrockets after rodeos.


How wild is an animal surrounded by Greater Yellowstone Area's four million+ human visitors -- annually? Wilder than people think; soft big brown Bambi eyes deceive hooves that can kill. A Bison who does thousands in auto paint and body damage repeatedly gets collared (for tracking and ID), and then is shipped to a zoo or perhaps a "wildlife" theme park (if they have room). If there is no room, the Bison is executed via lethal injection for the crime of growing weary from taps to his behind with car, truck and SUV bumpers. Bad Bison, shame, here's a little lethal injection for you; sorry the zoo and "wildlife" drive through park are full.


There are numerous articles about safety around wildlife. Many of these articles over-dramatize bear safety and list Bison in a list of much less dangerous animals. Statistically, more people are gored or trampled by Bison in Yellowstone and Grand Teton than are mauled by Bears. Female bears and cubs stick close to tourists to avoid the male Bears killing the cubs. Male Bears generally stay far away from people. A YNP "ranger" lady told a visitor Black bears are docile; yet a male Black bear killed four male Black bears defending his territory nearby, hardly docile. Are you tougher than a male Black bear in a fight?


People who have been gored or trampled by Bison and "lived" for a while in the hospital have later died from the infection from hooves and horns. Bison kill or injure more than all the other animals; that does not make the other animals "harmless". All large Yellowstone mammals, even deer, have more muscles with better leverage than humans have. If a deer kicks us in the midriff or head it is life threatening. The people in this article's photos look extremely stupid; it is easy to joke about Darwin and survival of the fittest. The pictured tourists are so domesticated and urbanized they cannot recognize the danger they are in. There is so little danger and adrenalin in sedentary urban life, it is as if their common-sense fear gene has gone dormant. Some of them laugh and grin when the animal gets upset.


Some of us have big heads, wear big hats; fining a freshly un-hibernated Bear footprint bigger than one's head yards from camp causes a healthy jolt of common sense fear. There is a Bison video that went viral (week of 9/15/12), the teenagers and children in the video are laughing while an animal that can put 1,400 pounds of muscle into a horn jab chases them. If gored badly, there would be no need to call 9-1-1. Bison is the most unpredictable and most dangerous animal in any park, zoo or drive-through theme park they live in.


Rangers blame tourists for most everything but do not say so for the reasons outlined above. But the Rangers do not take videos like this http://tinyurl.com/9py2jq7. This Bison was serious and trying to hurt the man. These three girls are being bluff-charged http://tinyurl.com/8npy83l, the Bison decided to stop the attack. At several parts of the park Emergency Medical Technicians told me stories of tourists who got too close to Bear, Elk and Bison. Both the EMT Ambulance and Ranger employees agreed Bison are the most dangerous animal in the Yellowstone / Grand Teton Parks. Many tourists get 12-20 feet or even closer to an animal that runs 30 mph and punctures it's opponent's guts with infection-carrying horns that are worse than being opened up with a dull knife.


The second most dangerous animals are Bears. Ironically, YNP has sent so many Grizzly Bears to zoos, theme parks and the lethal injection, that there are only 150 Grizzly left in the Park. 150 Grizzlies means inbreeding, but the ever positive patronizing rangers claim there are 450 Grizzlies in Grand Teton and the outlying National Parks. If humans were down to 600, do you think inbreeding would not occur? This means a future where Yellowstone's animals may or will go extinct. The National Park Service between 1933 and 1975 took 1,119 Bears and euthanized most of them, some were placed into zoos.


The correlation the masses and masses of tourists at YNP/ Grand Teton do not get is this: the Bison you tease today is next year's Bison Burger lunch at Yellowstone Bear World. There are no Bad Animals, there are no Bad Bison; there are only Bad Humans, Bad Tourists making species extinction happen exponentially faster.   Yellowstone Bear World claims to be promoting animal conservation, by instructing you to just nudge bear and bison out of your way with a car bumber and grill.


In the real wild, bear attacks, bear fatalities can often be prevented by simply having a hiking bell, a small "jingle" bell to warn bears a hiker is on the hiking trail. Bears hate surprises. The humans killed were seen as intruders upon the bear's meat supply. Inadvertently taking a hiking break near a bear kill carcass is extremely dangerous. If you find an animal carcass, get away from it immediately. YBW teaches nudging bears out of your way with a car. There is a psychology to this that makes the human erroneously think he/she is the bears predator. In the wild, all humans are the bears prey, even humans with guns are prey as long as the bear is alive. YBW sends the same mixed messages as Rangers enforcing 25 feet distances rather than 25 yards. So surprised they have not been arrested for animal cruelty, encouraging patrons to push bears and bison with automobiles.


But in any event, these czars of caged wildlife http://www.hcn.org/issues/134/4290 want to re-create the days when Yellowstone gave zoo placements and lethal injections to more than 1,119 Bears. What do you call such a Neanderthalian endeavor, which parodies upon the coattails of Yellowstone's 1,119+ Bear petting zoo placements and euthanasia? Yellowstone Bear World, of course, over a dozen Bears with an entire "world" of a couple acres split between them. No, they are free-range bears in a cage, not at all large by bear standards; I hope they do not euthanize bad bears into Furrier rugs. Yellowstone Bear World patron-apologists regurgitate claims (made by owners?). Yellowstone deer are just hopping the fence to get inside YBW, so they can be fondled and fawned over by we essential humans.


Another man claimed YBW and owner "only has bad animals that are being given a second chance at life". By this man's reasoning, Yellowstone Bear World is a sort of Corrective Wildlife Lockdown Penal Colony, where animaltarians (similar to humanitarians) help correct the evil ways of the truly wicked animals. YBW must surely be on the verge of winning some form of humanitarian award, ergo we should all stop supporting National Resource Defense Council and pay YBW to stuff 3x as many animals into their Wildlife Rehabilitation Lockdown. Which animals are suitable for hand feeding (in Yellowstone National Park, not in YBW): Marmot, Chipmunk, Bison, Mountain Lion, Elk, Deer, Grizzly Bear or Black Bear? Trick question, none of them has had a rabies shoot and rabies boosters like your dog or cat. Some people will read this and anthropomorphize Bear and Bison into Bear and Bison demons.   But possibly rabid chipmunks are cute.  They are just wildlife, not friendly cartoons, not demons. But YBW has lock-down "wild' life. The people who go to YBW do not see the conundrum of captive wild life.


Ranger Smith, why are there more Bearskin rugs in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado than there are living Bears? Why are there more Mountain Sheep-throw-rugs in these states than there are Mountain Sheep? Ask Congress... The most immediate threat to Greater Yellowstone Environs Grizzly bears is not connectivity between ecosystems, but human-caused mortality and habitat loss.


Some people are just excited tourists doing look, a Bison and so foolish they charge a bison head on and only stop ten feet away. But others stand ten feet away and either ignore or relish the animals torment. Wild animals do not "enjoy' humans, the rutting bison or elk is not rejoicing and telling his peers, "look, a human! If you go to any place that has wildlife, help them stay wild be photographing from afar with a zoom.


People enter the Yellowstone knowing more about their deodorant and car's horsepower than they know about what to do if attacked by http://tinyurl.com/9oot8jk wildlife. The bull bison charges kids' video that went viral http://tinyurl.com/9w4ja6l (12 Sept 2012) is unfortunate on so many levels. The bison is only bluff charging or 1-2 of the video kids would now be maimed or dead.


The numerous kids watching this video do not know a bluff charge from a disembowelment. The smile of ecstasy on the kids face as the bison bluff charges obfuscates real issues in law breaking and danger to self and others video documents. NPS could have, still could and should have charged the kids with tormenting an animal, made them appear in Gardiner or Billings for court in person, levied the maximum amount of charges and max dollars in fines allowed. Instead, these kids and others will make videos that include kids dying and euthanized "bad' bison" But NPS let's tourist do most anything and heaps adulation upon them, adulating for dollars" In all fairness to the kids, they did stay 25 inches from prey? Does that bison look like prey to you, or do the teenagers?


If these kids went to a Zoo and made a "viral video" of them poking a bear with a stick, they would be arrested for disturbing the peace and perhaps animal cruelty. But at Yellowstone, their video makes them National heroes. Give them a job at NASA doing rocket science, a Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Barack-Nobel Worthless Peace Prize for absolutely nothing at all. Is what they did with the Bison animal sadism, brainless mischief, both or neither? Do you think there should be law enforcement punishment for viral bison charge http://tinyurl.com/9w4ja6l video kids?

Most of the people observed and queried, who get feet or sometimes inches from wildlife seem extremely brainless, unable to answer most anything asked of them. Their blank faces when asked where are you going to go when the animal charges you evokes a black stare, a look of puzzled bewilderment and anger that you asked a trick question. It is my business. Are you too close to that bison bull? He cannot hop a 2.5 foot rail fence. Seconds later he clears said fence by an extra foot, gracefully as a sumo. But prior to all that there is usually a hideous orgasmic grin as the animal makes distress noises. The entire scenario is like catching a little kid pulling a cat's tail or tugging viciously on a dog's ear. Teenagers taunting bison goes viral video tells us how depraved the average Internet user is.


These tourists let off of the hook over and over for annoying the wildlife, are they or the animals being done any big favor by the National Park Service? We will let 25 yards slide down to 25 feet because you are such a special animal annoyer; you look like you need to be thrown 10-12 feet straight up by a horn. It is the bison who cut you a break, the most unpredicatable of all Yellowstone's large mammals. Is the bison's imagined good-will guaranteed?









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September 16, 2012

Yellowstone - More Boosterism and Bootlickery -- Part I

By Tracy Turner




Yellowstone is the Crown Jewel of the American National Park System; all other National Parks worldwide flatter Yellowstone via emulation.


Planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park in 2013 and looking forward to seeing wildlife? Imagine seeing 7 Wolves, 26 Bears, 22 Pronghorn, 19 Moose, 297 Bison, 152 Deer and 178 Elk? Now imagine cars, trucks, SUV's and large tour buses hitting all of these animals in 2012 and turning all of these large mammals into road kill.


These 701 animals are not all of the 2012 Yellowstone road kill produced by the species Idiotus behindthewheelensis; any unreported late at night road kill under (educated guess) 350-400 pounds is dragged away by Grizzlies, Wolves and Mountain Lions. Foxes and Coyotes take the smaller crumbs. 701 large mammals, perhaps another 701 unreported babies or tiny juveniles of the reported 701, plus smaller animals as road kill and voila! There are 1,400+ less animals for the tourists to see in Yellowstone, per year. An exact number is elusive, but a three-legged Elk or Bison that gets up and walks away will probably succumb to predators and infection. If you lie in the road bleeding at night, you may succumb to predators or animal-induced infection -- more on this in Part II of this series.


Wildlife author Alice Wondrak Biel writes about the National Park Service euthanizing more than 1,119 Bears via dysfunctionally telling people not to feed Bears while Rangers fed Bears in front of spectators. Numerous people were injured or maimed; Rangers sent the public the message to feed the Bears while simultaneously euthanizing more than 1,119 Bears. Rangers fed Bears in front of Senators, Congressman, President Woodrow Wilson, etc. Politicians including Woodrow Wilson fed Bears; these same Bears later often needed Euthanizing for being "problem animals". A portion of these animals were sent to Zoos (if they had room).


During the period in history when the National Park Service killed over 1,119 "bad" bears, the official policy was no bear feeds; but the defacto standard was feed the bears and we will look the other way; we want a 100% approval rating from you, the public. If you, the public will write Washington, our financial benefactors and tell them to expand out budget, we will not cite you for violating the No Feeding Bears policy. At that time, both the National Park Service and veritably all of its managers and employees found it okay to ignore all the dead and zoo-captive bears.


But the "new" National Park Service now has valuable scientific study animals that you must not feed. The "new" value of the animals is for you to come to the park and scientifically study. Gone are the days of friendly tame feeding pal Boosterism and dysfunctional dead and petting-zoo animals. NPS managers and officials and speed-limit-violating tourists give park animals less value than Disney-fiberglass "animals".


Pack the family bags, fly to Bozeman, Salt Lake City or Jackson Hole and rent an Animal Killer from Hertz, Avis, Dollar or Budget. Drive 60 mph where it says 45 mph because it is a covered wagon road very poorly converted for cars. Spend the day at Lamar Valley shooting Bison photos and looking at Wolves through a spotter-scope. You get in the car wondering if the teenage son is smoking dope on his numerous hikes; is the 15-year-old girl French-kissing when you cannot find her anywhere. You have dinner reservations in the dining room at Old Faithful Inn and you are nowhere near Mount Washburn. You start doing 70 mph in a 45 mph straightaway on a narrow wagon road (your rental SUV is a time machine). A Bison comes out of nowhere, a 1,200-pound male pushed into "your" lane by a 1,450-pound male Bison. You impact before your foot ever finds the brake pedal.


Each of the 701 people who killed a large mammal in Yellowstone in 2012 did not think it would happen to them. Literally all of them who reported the "accident" said they were not speeding, that it was the Bison's fault. Literally all of the Park employees who hear this many times per day (this all happens after Spring before Winter, June through October) blame the tourists. Distracted driver(s) who kill Bison and other extremely large animals sometimes die or are catastrophically injured, as are their family members.


7 Wolves, 26 Bears, 22 Pronghorn, 19 Moose, 297 Bison, 152 Deer and 178 Elk. A National Park Service employee gave me these numbers. He also blamed the tourists, who blame the "bad" animals. In essence, the National Park Service is killing bad animals, again. The past decade, the biodiversity of healthy large mammals in Yellowstone National Park shrank by about 600+ animals (this is an extremely conservative estimate, real numbers may be more than double) per year for the last 15 years; this increases the likelihood that Wolves, Bears, Pronghorn, Moose, Bison, Deer and Elk will become more First Cousins breeding, inbreeding.


A forklift shoves the dead Bison into a truck, which drives to one of two highly secret locations in Yellowstone that the public is never to know about and is dumped as fresh kill. Only Park employees, both concessionaires and NPS are allowed to watch two Grizzly Bears fight over 1,200 pounds of Bison. When they are gone, Mountain Lion and Black Bear eat what is left. Why would the NPS "sworn" employees arrest the guy for reckless endangerment of his kids, reckless driving and killing a Bison? The distracted driver(s) gave/give the Yellowstone insiders' meat for their two secret feeding stations.


From 1897 to 1975, most tourists did not see anything wrong with Yellowstone's policies; said policies where Boosteristic and fawning. The dead bears were blamed on the tourists; Congress flooded Yellowstone with money based on tourist attendance.


From 1975 to the present, most tourists see nothing from with 700+ dead large mammals (the actual numbers are probably much higher). As Yellowstone is a "world-class" destination, the world kills the park wildlife; the Rangers respond with adulation. The Earth's public writes Congress and says to give the Boosteristic, adulating rangers more money. The money is used to cram more public in with the Wildlife, creating more "bad animals" that need to be given to "petting zoos" and "wildlife theme parks" or better yet, slaughtered by automotive means.


From 1975 until the present, the National Park Service Boosterism has been "come educate yourself about conservations form conservation experts; come study valuable scientific animal specimens". The National Park Service reality has been, come break all the speed limits at Yellowstone, and kill a big game animal. How many of the drivers wish they could keep the horns, or the whole head and have it stuffed? Both the National Park Service and the tourists seem to think the Park will just grow a new large ungulate, large predator, prey, etc., to replace the fresh road kill.


Will the American public ever protest the slaughter of 700-1000-1400 animals per year on Yellowstone highways? There are lunch cafes (Canyon, Mammoth, Old Faithful, etc.) run by both Xanterra and the General Stores. The NPS dictates rules to the meal concessionaires; how about LED-news-feeds with the numbers of this weeks, this months and this years road kills. People could eat lunch and look at 7 Wolves, 26 Bears, 22 Pronghorn, 19 Moose, 297 Bison, 152 Deer and 178 Elk floating by in yellow LED lights.


Why did Congress set the speed limit at 45mph? 45 mph at night means you are not out-driving your headlights. People can seldom use high beams; the next car ahead and oncoming cars prohibit use of the brights. Posted limit 45, even those of use trying to follow the law can hit 52 mph going down hills at night with low-beam headlights. It is not the least bit safe.


What is safe: 35 mph at night, not any faster (these are covered wagon roads, widened slightly with asphalt that is always bumpy from freezing and thawing, extremely narrow). Never stay out sightseeing game, fishing, etc. and then rush to dinner because the dining hall is going to close. If you stay out late, your vehicle is not a time machine. Eat fruit; trail mix, jerky, summer-sausage and bottled water. Have the person in the shot-gun-seat next to you hand you water while you eyes are on the road, etc.


Will this ever change? The rank and file employees in the park are paid dirt wages. The big-shot money moves and Congress, Department of the Interior, National Park Service and the "persons with juice" in said entities. The same goes for the five concessionaire companies. Public outcry could drop the 45 mph speed limit to 35 mph at night, 40 mph day and get the café 7 Wolves, 26 Bears, 22 Pronghorn, 19 Moose, 297 Bison, 152 Deer and 178 Elk floating by in yellow LED lights. It would be a good start.


One of the adult junior rangers told me there are many dozens and dozens of the full-time, not-seasonal sworn Rangers. These guys are sworn cops who can ticket the speeders and tailgaters and arrest reckless drivers. These sworn rangers do not arrest parents who leave their kid locked in a black truck on a 90-degree-day; rather they apple-polish and bootlick. They tell you to write Congress so that someday they will have the money to do what they swore to do. The hundred thousand dollar question is why give Boosters and Brown-noses our hard-earned tax money?


Yellowstone is the Flagship of the American National Park System; all other National Parks worldwide pay homage to Yellowstone via imitation. Now that is a very scary thought.


Sworn rangers have the power to write tickets and even to make arrests; but this does not fit in with the "unofficial" defacto standards of Boosterism and people pleasing. Write and telephone Congress. Tell them you want $1,000 fines for speeding and tailgating on Yellowstone's highways by day, $1,500 fines for same at dawn, dusk and at night. Tell them you want sworn Rangers in Yellowstone to enforce all laws, such as child-endangerment laws. If the sworn Rangers break their oath when parents threaten a child's life, imagine the non-rights of an Elk or Bison. The aforementioned parents were having drinks at Old Faithful Inn Bar while their child sweated in a locked Black maxi-truck on a 90-degree day. The Rangers handcuffed the parents to "show their authority"; then Rangers un-hand-cuffed parents and let them take their child back to their room at the Inn. A citation or arrest does not fit in with the unwritten policy of Boosterism and people pleasing for more Congressional cash.


This article is a composite of interviewing three NPS Rangers and several concessionaires (7 August 2012 -- 14 August 2012) and experiences of the past 4-5 trips to Yellowstone. The main job of the Rangers is to keep the truth away from the public, the road kill hidden from the view of the public and away from iPhones cameras, etc. Excuse all wildlife deaths caused by public, but blame public. Do nothing to inhibit number of said deaths. If the predators do not dispose of the carcass, get kill out of public eye at lightspeed. Repeat and ask public and Congress for a pay-raise. Repeat, recycle; if you count foxes, marmots and coyotes, etc. repeat over 1,000 times per tourist season. It is the animal's fault they went in the road; tourists are good, animals are bad. But come visit them, they are scientific.




The public needs to make a point of documenting any and all road kill on a blog, perhaps Yellowstonerangerwatch.org? Congress needs to stop paying NPS per visitor and pay NPS based on their dystopic destruction of wildlife. Congress needs to light a fire under NPS's (Romneyism) backside" The public needs to understand that Yellowstone is not a Disney theme http://tinyurl.com/9yajadr park. All five concessionaires in Yellowstone publicize how green they are and turn a blind eye to the hundreds or thousands of scientific road kill study animals the park tosses on to the fork-lift. Mr. Ranger, what does loss of genetic diversity in the Park's animals mean?













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September 4, 2012

Benedict Mainstream Media Arnold MSM Covertly Pro TPP, Pro Police State; Overtly Anti-Occupy

By Tracy Turner



Next round of Occupy protests needs to include the MSM, Mainstream Media. Their news blackouts, cameras blind to police-state abuses of Occupiers, profiteering from Citizens United monies are intolerable.  MSM cannot see the dead children from drone strikes, are star-struck by politicians. Election 2012 is big money to MSM, so is ignoring fascism. The (partially-leaked) TPP Copyright / Intellectual Property document of TransPacific Partnership is here http://tinyurl.com/8zl7vqa. The planned implementation of these new laws will vastly curtail free speech online. Over a period of time, these laws will "creep' the way the Patriot Act has crept; the way NDAA 1021 is creeping. Good-bye freedom, hello Fascism!


Anyone who has ever worked in America has had at least one job from hell, at least one socio psychopath employer. A kind of sick brainwashing occurs in said scenario, the mass brainwashing of all concerned into a dystopic, dysfunctional workplace "family". One either quits, sticks it out and quits, etc. I was a "volunteer" helping a friend with his business; we bartered days of labor when I needed his help. Hollywood is media moguls are never 'reality checked', their egos inflate as bigber than is humanly healthy.


Petroleum companies, fracking companies, nuclear energy corporations pay for expensive ads; the 'news' will not do exposes on the media companies highest paying advertisers. Wallsteet and banks pay big ad money to the MSM, in return the MSM demonize the Occupy movement. There is no conflict of interest, say the media talking heads, as they impugn Occupy, Anonymous, Culture Jammer bands, etc.   Go turn on the TV; your lack of buying is slowing down the US economy.


Hi, I am what I am deceiving you to believe is me, this is what I want you to believe is happening today, and this is what you think I am distracting you with. Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, evil, devil, evil. Every time you hear Hamas, think "they" do not respect human life like "we do" http://tinyurl.com/8gb7sul.


Hi, I am Michael Eisner. I want you to think of me as Disney Cruise Director and your gracious Host at Disney Epcott Center. That is who I wish to deceive you as thinking of me as. Let me distract you with Mulan and family values, while I sell you this: http://tinyurl.com/9b6pv9u. Hi, I am Michael Bloomberg, I want you to think of me as a fracking polluter with a fat wallet, but I am really selling you this: http://tinyurl.com/8jahez3.


Hi, we are Peter Chernin and Rupert Murdoch. Our Media Cartel buddies and we wish to hide this from you at all costs: http://tinyurl.com/9nfd52m. Never forget the holocaust of 1940, but the holocaust of 2000-2012 in Myanmar is unimportant. Our media "news" cartel buddies and us made an agreement to ignore all holocausts except "ours". Have you paid your cable bill? Myanmar holocaust? You look like you are a size 8, go on a http://video.foxnews.com/v/1179649841001/does-the-hcg-diet-work/ diet.


Hi, I am Brad Grey, I want you to think of me as a Katie Holmes booster, of my media cartel friends and I as celeb boosters. I wish to use celebs to sell everything I can make money from, to distract you from this http://tinyurl.com/8de8er5. Please watch unreality TV, do not learn what DIME Munitions in Palestine is all about.    How about some red-sole high heel "news". I have this urgent need to indoctrinate your kid with my war and police state psyche, to infect as many Amerisraeli kids as possible. Will your kids lay down their life for Israel? Bring them over here near the screen, I have some brainwashing to do.


Robert Iger, Michael Lynton, Barry Meyer, Leslie Moonves, Harry Sloan, Jeff Zucker, and the Weinstein brothers, Robert and Harvey Weinstein's war. The war for your soul, for the souls of your kids. The AntiChrist is here; it is your TV set.


Hi, we are Robert Iger, Michael Lynton, Barry Meyer, Leslie Moonves, Harry Sloan, Jeff Zucker, and the Weinstein brothers, Robert and Harvey Weinstein. We wish to distract you from this (insert the Fortune 500 Polluters, the Access Journalists who will not ask a pointed question of anyone they want "access" to, Citizens United profound Media Profits affect (unlimited money for magazine, radio, TV and web ads for candidates).


The MSM cartel is corrupt from the top down. But these 13 men are into women's rights, look at all the big-bosomed weather nymphs they have hired to "boost" their sagging audience "ratings". People sense the news is BS, meant to maximize profits, makes big bucks for the news, plugging candidates with Citizens United money. The news is a conflict of interest. How can Rachel Maddow or Christ Matthews ask a tough question of any candidate paying CNN big bucks for Citizens United airtime?The same goes for Fox's talking heads. In return the government passes laws that sew up the Fox/CNN/Bloomberg/MSNBC monopoly and make the media wealthier.


Hi, we are the 13 patriarchal dinosaurs with our obsolete system of 1920's Hollywood, we are distracting you with Romney's chuckle about global http://tinyurl.com/922t4hq warming, Obama's rebranding http://tinyurl.com/8d3bkzg dilemma and hiding this: http://tinyurl.com/8dmono7.


In the past, this writer spent some time in the studios and on a few sets, our business there was detailing studio cars, moving 6 studio cars from location to location; getting wrecks repaired, putting new tires and brakes on cars destined for chase-scenes, etc. It was a good friend of mine's business. Driving Ferraris, BMW 750iL's, Mercedes 6.9, Chevrolet Carello's, etc. and not having to deal with the narcissistic egos of the studio people is the best job in Hollywood.


The stereotypical narcissistic, egomaniacal sociopath depicted in some scenes in some movies appeared to be the norm in Hollywood. Hollywood writers and the MSM Moguls live in a delicate, dysfunctional dystopia where nobody ever tells them they are screwing up.




Besides that, reporting the truth about government corruption would reduce the MSM's profits from Citizens United, as would stories about the unfairness to the public of Citizens United. Both Israel and the USA are both full-blown police states. MSM stories covering NDAA 1021 would reduce the status quo of the MSM (if people protest against the MSM outside of the studios, it will cut into magazine and record sales). So the MSM is quite content with being pro-police state and anti-occupy.


To have so much money and TV resources, staff, writers, etc., and to make abortion in the US and gays kissing the center of Earth's universe, and to blatantly ignore the 2012 Holocaust(s) in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Darfur, Somalia and Nigeria is beyond the pale.


We have our media overdose of: lite-media-phluff, disinfotainment, indoctrination into the soldier class, indoctrination into the security dweeb police state class, class-brainwashing, war-mongering, being told it is our fault Hollywood moronic bankers broke the law and stole, media cover-up of financial usury schemes promoted by big media, crimes covered up by big media, Hollywood winking at itself in the mirror, etc.


Do not blame ordinary Hollywood moronic rank and file set painters, working people for the Hollywood moronic Media Moguls Mafia corrupt-corporations. All 13 Media Dons and all their Consigliores are wondering what we are talking about here; sales of Diet Drops is way down in the Austerity Depression Economy.


Wow! Lose a whooping 110 pounds, according to "Celeb" talk show hosts. Celebs never lie, they teach your kids morals, as do Bloomberg, Murdoch, Eisner, et al. The Media Cartel want you to see this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSecvT2LUTE. Buy some now! We are the media cartel, we do not want you poking around here: http://tinyurl.com/9aab24b or here: http://tinyurl.com/8d8ger3 or here: http://tinyurl.com/8tvvgsa or here: http://tinyurl.com/9jokjvv.


The MSM failure to report on TPP, Transpacific Partnership is not an accident. The MSM, the 13 previously mentioned Ministers of Truth, have had their lawyers write the Copyright/Unfair-Un-Use Chapter of TPP. Basically, it works like this. Fox News wants Rob Kall's web traffic, so Fox News has opednews.com "blacklisted" at all the big search engines. Under TPP, Bing, Yahoo, yandex.com. Google, et al will have no choice but to de-list Rob. Rob's domain will stop resolving in DNS Servers. The site will be there; our access to free speech as it exists on Rob's site will be gone. All it takes is an accusation or suspicion that something copyrighted by fox is on Rob's site: an image, a video clip, a quoted text, etc.


It is important to realize the very silence on TPP from Apple, Bing/MSNBC, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Fox, CNN, etc. is because they will all profit from a closed, censored Internet. The few people who realize censorship has already began on the internet are the people following the very Yandex links in this article. Videos of US/Israeli war crimes and citizen killings disappear from Vimeo and Youtube almost as fast as one can watch them. This video http://tinyurl.com/8d3x8av on Depleted Uranium warfare in Fallujah has disappeared from youtube at least 10-12 times. Imagine a TPP-censored click-pay Internet...


Hi, we are Michael Eisner, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Chernin, Rupert Murdoch, Brad Grey, Robert Iger, Michael Lynton, Barry Meyer, Leslie Moonves, Harry Sloan, Jeff Zucker, and the Weinstein brothers, Robert and Harvey Weinstein. And we are using this: http://tinyurl.com/8daqjmn to distract you from this:


The Transpacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement: IP Chapter Discussion Draft Cover Letter to USTR http://tinyurl.com/9xxwt4f


How the TPP targets the Web

As with the contentious Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which was largely shut down by the European Parliament on July 4, the TPP negotiations are highly secretive, and the exact text of the treaty is all but unknown. There have, however, been some leaks -- most notably, that of the chapter on intellectual property ( pdf ) and its frightening article 16.


Read more: http://tinyurl.com/8dafvft



LEAKED! TPP: the Son of ACTA will oblige America and other countries to throw out privacy, free speech and due process for easier copyright enforcement






Let me off this planet (this has nothing to do with this article or TPP, but has everything to do with it, culture jamming: http://tinyurl.com/9tjk8kg



TPP secretly cracking down on Internet freedoms? - YouTube


They're scared of the power of the Internet and that's they want to crackdown social media... TPP : Secret trade agreement expanding drug monopolies ?by RTAmerica1,409 views.




http://tinyurl.com/8pb8rcu http://openmedia.ca/news/large-petition-against-tpp%E2%80%99s-internet-trap-hand-delivered-negotiations-san-diego

OpenMedia Executive Director Steve Anderson says: "We deserve to know what websites and content could be blocked, and what we and our families will be fined for if the TPP 's Internet trap goes through".


http://stoptpp.org/thefacts/ http://stoptpp.org/thefacts/

TPP will expand pharmaceutical monopoly protections and institute longer patents that will decrease access to affordable medications. TPP will limit food GMO labeling and allow the import of goods that do not meet US safe standards. TPP will institute SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA-like regulations and Internet ...



Media Hits 2012


http://www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=5488 http://www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=5488

July 2012 Media Hits. Some of the organization's documents have leaked and it seems that Internet freedom is something the TPP has on its radar.


(end of yandex.com search engine paste, search terms were: Mass Media TPP Internet Monopoly).


Can you imagine the 13 guys listed above with a monopoly on the entire English-language Internet?


Please sign the two petitions: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/358/059/651/


And: http://tinyurl.com/8k38xsm   



Think about how much these 13 men have turned America racist. So called Democrat talking heads like Rachel Maddow talks about "dog-whistle racism"; but makes no effort to teach you that unlike the US and Israel, in Norway, Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Your kid's and grandkids views are skewed via five media companies brainwashing. But as long as Americans are all good consumers, who cares?


Hi, we are the 13 men trying to buy out free speech online and sell you this: http://tinyurl.com/9eqapfm. You should not hate any of we 13, which is anti-Semitic. We must never http://tinyurl.com/8u5orbg forget. We are here to remind you what the Nazi's http://tinyurl.com/8qf6x4u were like; we will never let you forget how bad http://tinyurl.com/9pwqjrf the Nazi's were.


When was the last time you saw the MSM held anybody important accountable for http://tinyurl.com/9xgz7at anything? Everybody who is rich, famous or in politics is above the law. Any kind of atrocity or violence http://tinyurl.com/9feqgmj is excusable, is rationalized and marginalized if Washington or Tel Aviv does it. Most of the links in this article are to stories never mentioned by "professional journalists" of the MSM. The MSM is totally corrrupt, but pretend to just be inept.


Hamas, Intifada, Al Quada, Taliban, Terrorists, Weapons Mass Destruction, Palestinian, Gaza, Ramallah, Lebanon; we media gods want you to fear and feel rage at these words, to wish to vomit just from hearing these demon words. Good doggie, have some more TV commercials. Good doggie, Pavlov is proud.


Here America, here boy. Roll over. Good boy. They do not * value life * like http://tinyurl.com/8bdamur Americans do. They do not love "freedom" like http://tinyurl.com/676ys5v we do; we are an "open" http://tinyurl.com/8q7ksyv society, a http://tinyurl.com/8q7ksyv democracy.  


Please sign the two petitions: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/358/059/651/


And: https://www.eff.org/action  


Anyone who writes about the Hollywood moronic control of the 'news' media monopoly is labeled Anti-Semitic. Anybody who writes an article like Ralph Naders' World's Largest Open Air Gulag is not picked up by Reuters, AP, etc. But the media is not as harsh on itself when accused of being pro-Wallstreet and anti-Occupy. The media and Wallstreet are economically enmeshed; the Media reporting on Wallstreet corruption is a fox robbing a henhouse. Newscasters who refer to Occupiers will not say OWS, Occupy Wallstreet or Occupiers; instead routinely use words like protestors, lawbreakers and anarchists. Camera angles and video footage of Police blatantly beating Occupiers is not publicly broadcast; the media go mute when the Police break jaws or knock out teeth. Does Hollywood and the 6-8 companies that own 94% of the media think we do not notice? Hollywood and the MSM routinely blackout news beneficial to Occupy WallStreet. These Chicago NATO summit Veterans For Peace/Occupy videos are not 'publicly newsworthy' to the five media monopolizer corporations, it does not fit their agenda.


Bloomberg, Murdoch, Eisner, Grey, et al never have their employees ask tough questions of banks, Wallstreet, anyone is government, etc. In return they are paid billions in ad fees by Wallstreet and the candidates for government office. Obama and Bush are not asked about http://tinyurl.com/8hwd964   US / http://tinyurl.com/94ubgyz Israeli Military killing civilians. The MSM does not bring up Blackwater http://tinyurl.com/8am7uok Ops.


Romney is allowed to chuckle about global http://tinyurl.com/922t4hq warming. Cronyism jounalism meets cronyism capitalism dead in the center of Wall Street. The truth is out there, until TPP shuts off the open Internet; this will essentially mean that Michael Eisner, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Chernin, Rupert Murdoch, Brad Grey, Robert Iger, Michael Lynton, Barry Meyer, Leslie Moonves, Harry Sloan, Jeff Zucker, and the Weinstein brothers, Robert and Harvey Weinstein own the Internet. Never forget how the holocaust started, with Hitler's brownshirts stopping the newspaper presses and radio, http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e2d_1321994633 and beating and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjcJWyu3LVU arresting all those who were not pro-Hitler.



The first thing the Nazis did was shut of the radio commentators and stop the newspaper presses. TPP article 16 is worse than ACTA, SOPA PIPA and CISPA on Internetwork censorship on 'sports doping' steroids; say good-bye to free speech and indie jounalism http://tinyurl.com/d2dfujd online. Say good-bye to culture jammers and rap-music sampling.Not finding as much Anonymous TPP dissent, indie news TPP dissent , etc. about TPP and online censorship; fear this one goes through unchallenged. These things tend to go like cracks in a dam, until one day there is no dissent whatsoever online.


















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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Christian-Right-Terrorism-by-Tracy-Turner-120817-97.html

August 18, 2012

Christian-Right Terrorism Charlatans

By Tracy Turner


The US is now long overdue for either a NSA/CIA false-flag operation or a real honest-to-God act of terrorism to occur. You are unlikely to find this obscure quote hidden in a less traveled corner of the web, unless you looked for it; from http://charlatansandcynics.tumblr.com :


"Whether terrorism occurs in Manhattan, Madrid, London, Riyadh, or La Paz, it is essential that we understand that in the long-term these horrible acts will not be stopped by the military or by security guards in airports and along our borders. They will only be stopped when enough of us demand that our corporations, banks, and governments cease to exploit the majority of the world's population and resources and when we insist on dealing with the world from a place of compassion"" From John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".


The Church of England British Police and Troops had their own Right wing, Protestant "Terror Experts" that committed Bloody Sunday. How did that work out for them, long term? These Charlatan Terror Experts created the very terrorists they claimed to be "fighting and preventing". Their brutal oppression methods and the mounting toll of dead Catholics created a scenario that still is unfolding: http://www.u.tv/News/Bomb-factory-part-of-wider-plot/ddbd0ec8-0596-4488-8fe5-8fd85e18f1d6 .


Terror experts remind me of Salem witch burners. They can completely miss the events before 9/10/01, completely fail to predict 9/11/01, but on 9/12/01 they are first in line for a new pay raise and better benefits. The more they are attached to the American or British religious-right-wing, the more they are credited with expertise. But once in a while, out of the mouths of babes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br_70Kbdpow .


The economist recently carried a piece online, The Strong Demand for Charlatans http://tinyurl.com/8b2b7q8 .


One would think that in Salem Massachusetts that some indelible lesson would have been learned, like it is far easier for a Charlatan to accuse someone of witchcraft than it is to unburn a charred, smoking, dead "witch" or "warlock". But the Christian right even has China making witchcraft accusations in the War on Terror http://uyghuramerican.org/article/how-uyghur-threat-got-hyped.html . China sees the writing on the US/British occupy with troops wall; if those you occupy with troops fight back, label them terrorists in the tabloids. The mainstream media gobbles up "terror' stories like ice cream: Uyghers in China with 9mm pistols fighting Chinese troops with grenade launchers, Irish Catholics building bombs under a church cathedral as retribution for Bloody Sunday, terrorists. The Chinese troops killing Uygher women and children and British troops killing Irish women and children, "spreading democracy", or "keeping the rule of law".


50-years of US/British oil exploitation in the Middle East created the modern day Eastern Jihadist. The Taliban or Al Qaeda did not come out of some vacuum in outer space; they came out of Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobile and British Petroleum "territory'. The struggle between Eastern people and Western oil companies is now 60-some odd years old. What is surprising is how long it took Muslims to turn to guerilla warfare tactics; how tolerant the Uyghers and Irish Catholic have been in the long stretch of time as oppressed, occupied people.


The terrorism experts are always those drawing a fat paycheck from a Government that needs justification in oppressing some faction or entire country. The Israelis want settlers in Gaza, so an expert on Gazan "terrorists' appears to feed propaganda to the press. America wants to pump oil out of Iran; experts on Iranian terrorism appear, as well as Israeli false-flag "terrorism' events. The British want to keep occupying Armagh, so a coffee grinder with fingerprints on it is found under a cathedral. There are real bomb makers who sent real caskets with real dead British troops back to London in the past; none of them would have left fingerprints on a coffee grinder. They were ever so much more sophisticated than that; the bigger question is why does Britain need to re-occupy Armagh again?


Ask yourself this: If you had troops in your neighborhood, who opened fire like the Bloody Sunday British troops did, killing innocent men, women and children" killing those who tried to help the wounded" would you stand by idly and just take the abuse to self and community? Britain, America and Israel spawn terrorism by being terrorists. One of America's premier experts on terrorism is Eric Prince, who one can learn much about in the book "Blackwater, Rise of the World's Largest Private Army" by Jeremy Scahill. Here is a nice video collection of Eric Prince's "ambassadors of US/Arabic peace": http://tinyurl.com/8p96wvq and a collection of US soldiers killing civilians: http://tinyurl.com/9pjfp57 . The videos from the preceding two links often show court-admissible evidence of war crimes, but few of the participants are ever charged with any crime. US terrorism is not terrorism; the US experts on terrorism say it is not terrorism; only atrocities committed by "our enemies' are terrorism.


Salon.com just published a great article on the Sham Terrorism Expert industry: http://www.salon.com/2012/08/15/the_sham_terrorism_expert_industry/ . Colin Powell warned us much in advance about the rise of the Terror/Industrial Complex, mentioned in my previous article Even George Orwell Would Feel "Secure"... http://tinyurl.com/csjd4k9 .


How the www.eurasianet.org/node/65254 Uygher Threat Got Hyped, Walid Shoebat http://tinyurl.com/97r85sl give you an idea that it is lucrative to say what your terror-seeking bosses wish to hear. One must be a paid subscriber to read it, but Harpers' has an article on terror-expert charlatans to read: "The government's man: How to read the résumé of a terrorist expert By Ken Silverstein here: http://tinyurl.com/8s43qqa . Harpers: "Number of private U.S. citizens killed in terrorist attacks in 2010: 15. Number killed by falling televisions: 16." ("Harper's Index," August 2012, p. 9).


During Bush's eight years as President and Obama's nearly four years, America has dived into $15,952,240,865,502.39 in deficit. America is now (rounding up) $16 trillion dollars into "credit-card" debt, mostly from the "War on Terror". Harpers make a good point that more people died from falling televisions than from terrorists in 2010.


GW Bush, "Laura, I am scared for you, you could be killed by a falling TV set or a terrorist". Laura, "I know George, here's the Platinum Chinese Credit Card, you go fight your Crusade, just put it on the card"" Obama, "Michelle, I am scared for you, you could be killed by a falling TV set or a terrorist". Michelle, "I know Barrack, here's the Platinum Chinese Credit Card, you go fight your Crusade, just put it on the card and run it up to 16 trillion""


The human mind cannot comprehend what this means; graphs, analogies, etc., are useless. There are statistics here http://tinyurl.com/2c3b2po on the national deficit. Think of a really high-end car like a Lamborghini. Now imagine driving one into a tunnel and making it disappear down a bottomless black hole. Now imagine eight Lamborghinis per second, disappearing into a black hole in space, 480 Lamborghinis per minute. You have to keep going into hours, days, months and years, which boggles the mind. But this is only the interest on the debt we accrued fighting terror and exporting democracy to the Middle East. Fighting terror and exporting democracy are so important to Bush, Obama and Romney, that our great, great grandchildren are saddled with our fighting terror/not letting 16 TV's fall on somebody in 2010.


There are so many articles, both by and about Daveed Gartenstein - Ross. Rather than link to or reiterate them (many of both Daveed Gartenstein - Ross's articles and articles about him seem to miss one important point), there is something about this man and Eric Prince and Hal Lindsey in common. All have very different backgrounds, but all ended up making a profit off of the hatred of Arabic people by American/British/Israeli people. All are right-wing fundamentalist Christian; all believe it is "our" religious duty to fight a "holy war". All draw various sized but lucrative paychecks from their "religious beliefs". In essence, they get paid for telling others what they want to hear, to fight a 16 trillion dollar war on terror.


None of the charlatan terror experts and none of their counterparts, the charlatan economical experts explained what would happen to America once you put a $16 Trillion dollar holy war on the Platinum China card" your charlatan debt counselors then need to explain to your charlatan churches and religious leaders that the charlatan economy will not rebound for about 250-300 years, if it ever does rebound. Having a "strong' Obama (or Romney) economy with a $16 Trillion dollar millstone necklace tied around the country's neck is just never, ever going to happen. All of the religious right and their charlatan experts are going to just slip the Platinum China-debt card to the back of a stack of debt cards and pretend it does not exist. The US credit rating is about to go down, again; but no TV's will fall on anyone in 2011. The religious zealots will fight more wars; the Smithsonian museum and capital building in DC will soon have to be used as collateral for more Platinum card Chinese debt.


Even if Obama wins in 2012, Social Security and Medicare are toast; history; either Obama or Romney will give those programs cost the money to the Terror Industrial Complex. Both of these men will use the same kind of charlatan Terror experts as their predecessors. America has had four Presidents and their charlatan Terror advisors who all shave in the dark. How do we know they shave in the dark? Because they do not see the terrorist in the mirror with the lights off"


Dick Cheney (Sept. 28, 2011) told a Canadian audience that terrorists might wield a radiological strike, a "dirty bomb" against us. What Dick Cheney is describing is radiological material (Uranium) propelled by explosives as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Bush, Cheney, Condi Rice and Colin Powell have all taken turns warning us about terrorists with dirty bombs. The entire article about Dick Cheney's worrisome terrorists with a dirty bomb is here http://tinyurl.com/d99s653 .


This link http://tinyurl.com/c9cvohx is a US Government General Services request for US companies to make (more) radiological dirty bombs (Uranium propelled by explosives) the US military to use as terrorist dirty bombs paid for by US taxpayers. Part of our $16 Trillion in debt is buying and shooting M829A3 Depleted Uranium tank rounds. Hundreds of M829A3 Depleted Uranium tank rounds were used against Fallujah. The military uses up Depleted Uranium weapons so fast it is a logistical problem keeping well stocked. The manufacturers are having trouble making the weapons as their machinists keep dying of cancer. It is hard to find skilled machinists to replace the dead machinists who machine the Uranium metal. If America truly has skilled Terror experts, they would threat assess the US Government General Services as a terror threat to machinists.


The government Terror experts forget to look in the mirror, or at their bosses when charging big dollars for "threat assessments'. Four Presidents in a row have ordered US military forces to use Depleted Uranium weapons . America sold DU weapons to Israel, who used them in Gaza. He cannot say Armenians suffered genocide, because it is too close to the partially covered up baby-birth-defects and cancers in Gaza, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. It is too close to the cancers and birth defects still occurring in Vietnam from Dow Monsanto / Agent Orange. Obama denies the very US genocide he and three other Presidents are guilty of. President Obama intended the most open administration in US history; continues hiding General Electric's connection to US Depleted Uranium Genocide .

Obama said, "America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides ",' he said. "I intend to be that president". But he ordered US Troops to shower humans with Depleted Uranium , which fits any and all criteria of genocide by all accepted standards worldwide. Obama is gearing up to spray Depleted Uranium on Syria, Iran and anyone else who does not fatten up Goldman Sach's bottom-line.


The Christian Right has read 35 million copies of Hal Lindsey's Late Great Planet Earth and spent $16 Trillion, the majority of it on Middle East genocide. The remainder was spent groping crotches at airports and breaking up domestic protests. Depleted Uranium warfare/munitions are genocide http://tinyurl.com/coopwmu . Hal Lindsey won a lifetime acheivement Anaethema Award on http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/dov-anathema.htm . His book on why we should slaughter Arabs in God's name is an Anaethema, an Abomination of God, the bible, English literature, etc. Many high ranking government officials and military personell hang on every hate-filled word in his excuse of a book. It is very likely George W. Bush read this book and was moved towards lunacy by it.



"Whether terrorism occurs in Manhattan, Madrid, London, Riyadh, or La Paz, it is essential that we understand that in the long-term these horrible acts will not be stopped by the military or by security guards in airports and along our borders. They will only be stopped when enough of us demand that our corporations, banks, and governments cease to exploit the majority of the world's population and resources and when we insist on dealing with the world from a place of compassion"" From John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" .
















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August 15, 2012

The Intouchables -- Movie Review

By Tracy Turner



From the very first to the very last scene in the Intouchables, you pretty well forget you are at the movies. The Intouchables is one of those movies that mostly makes you forget how uncomfortable the seats are as you sit in rapt amazement at the art of French moviemakers.


The Intouchables is a story of an unlikely friendship that develops between an inner city black man and a rich socialite man in a wheel chair. It has none of the sappy, pathetic stereotypes Hollywood sickens and bombards us with. The Intouchables will make you cry and laugh many times then laugh many more times, but you will not think of it as a comedy.


Have you stopped going to the movies mostly because you are exhausted of seeing the same clichés woven into the same 13 or so generas? At the risk of spoiling the Intouchables ending, the Intouchables has a real ending, as it is based on a true story with real people living real lives. There is nothing cliché from the first frame until the last. When it was over, I did not want to leave my seat. This is the type of movie you go home from the theater and order on DVD. Not surprisingly, Hollywood had no hand in the writing and producing of The Intouchables -- which is much of what makes it such a special gem.


French with English subtitles.



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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Mark-of-the-Beast-is-6-by-Tracy-Turner-120728-316.html

July 29, 2012

The Mark of the Beast is 666 ~ Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont & Syngenta

By Tracy Turner


Imagine that you travel back in time to the Stone Age. You are walking down a river valley hunting for food and you have had no luck in your quest for meat. You see a woman with an animal skin bag slung by a strap over her shoulder; as she climbs the bank from the river, small drops of water fall from her skin-bag. She pours out the water onto the roots of a large berry bush covered with ripe red-berries, the soil is burmed so all the water goes into the berry bush roots. Even though it is early Stone Age, the first agriculturist is becoming skilled at collecting and growing food and medicine. Bringing the food-plant and water to the cave is more calorically advantageous than walking 15 miles for a few berries. In the fall, the woman and her mate dig up a fruit tree, wash the soil off of the roots in the river to lessen the trees weight, drag the tree home and re-bury the root system just before the rains come. Ancient Horticulture, Botany and Arboriculture are born.

Halfway around the world similar scenes are with food and medicine being grown in a planned, organized fashion, but with a strange twist. There are no caves, but there are bamboo and palm leaves. By experimentation, trial and error, waterproof lean-tos become a place to eat and sleep during monsoonal rains, a warm dry shelter at night.

All of the scenarios above were the original organic gardeners. Little permanent damage was being done to the Earth and its very complex ecosystems.

Access to clean fresh water and plants for food, fiber and medicine could easily be argued in a court of law as the first inalienable rights of humankind. No large Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal-Monsanto back then came along with a piece of paper stating all currant berries, all Sapote fruit trees, and all bamboo had a patent on it.

Monsanto, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences LLC, DuPont & Syngenta beg to differ with the right to collect and grow food, unimpeded. While they sometimes complain about one another's business ethics, all are interested in global monopolies on food, forests, medicine and animal feed. Both the advertising departments and the public relations (in house or outside contractors) use the words green, eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable often. A judge recently laughed at and ridiculed farmer's rights to collect and grow food without man-made impediments: http://tinyurl.com/74cst3e

Words such as desertification, ocean acidification are avoided; if those words do come up the subject is quickly changed and old press releases of bull-pukey awards and honors are pointed out. The chemical industries have an extremely powerful, high-dollar lobby and friends in high places. Monsanto and Hillary Clinton is the most recognizable example.

Although slightly off-topic, there are 147 corporations that pretty much rule the planet. The biggest complaint against Monsanto, BASF, et al is that they could easily end up patenting and owning all food on the planet and charging any price for your right to eat. As far out as this sounds, the more one understands plants, botany, horticulture and plant breeding (and patent law) the less this is science fiction and the more it becomes science fact. But there's a very, very strange twist. Remember years ago how they cloned a sheep? It was not born; they grew a sheep in a test-tube? Well, all six of these Agricultural Biotech companies clones plants * and * does genetic splicing, aka gene manipulation, aka genetic engineering aka Dr. Frankenplant.

Here's where it gets even weirder: the unintended consequences is plant AIDS, (yes, these companies have created their own version of AIDS for * food * crops. Do you see the possibilities? This is but one of the 7 Plagues. If there truly are 7 Plagues that will harm most of the planet, at least 3-dozen of them will come from these six biotechs. The others will be man-made by Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Gas, the banks, etc., the other 147 corporations that pretty much rule the planet. Learn about Monsanto plant AIDS http://www.naturalnews.com/032441_pesticide_AIDS.html here.

Absolutely hate calling the big biotechs, the big pesticide companies and the big chemical fertilizer outfits "agricultural"; mentally think of them as anti-agricultural. It is impossible to express all of the reasons why; the scope of this article is a tiny mini-course. OSGATA vs. Monsanto is one of the most important cases in US history, which is why Fox, MSNBC and CNN won't run it even at 3:00 am. http://tinyurl.com/7s4zvnj and http://www.osgata.org/?p=1136 will bring you up to speed on how all six Biotech companies are ruining the organic farming movement. It is so much more than what you put on your dinner table. The organic farmers are trying to preserve all of the Earth's food in a manner not polluted with man-made plant genes that cause plant aids, super-insects, super-diseases and plants with polluted genes that mutate.

It gets worse. Pregnant women and their baby's http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_22999.cfm are turning up with a genetically engineered poison designed by Monsanto. The poison in Monsanto's crops is finding its way into the organic farmers crops; when it does, Monsanto sues them for patent infringement. It reads like a b-movie script, but the Federal Government is Monsanto http://www.geke.us/MonsantoVenn.html The Federal Government is also Monsanto and friends; Biotech firms literally staff the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration with their own. http://tinyurl.com/3qtwzfk Obama, like Bush is surrounded by lobbyists, by his own choice.

There are also the Super Weeds and Agent Orange Corn http://tinyurl.com/cajuu8p

Then there is the Super Bugs http://tinyurl.com/3buxr9j

There is also the "foods of the bio-gods": Roundup-ready Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, Canola and Cotton. Just try to avoid eating or wearing any, even if you do manage to avoid all these, BASF Amflora (aka EH92-527-1) potatoes and many other GMO's will find their way into your kitchen and the restaraunts where you eat. If not, Dekalb Corn, Asgrow Soybeans, Sorghum or Alfalfa will find its way into your diet. All have one or multiple gene splices" similar to Showa Denko http://tinyurl.com/8xtm73y tryptophan.

The genetically modified bacteria that Monsanto put into your stomach, you read correctly, the digestive bacteria in your stomach has Monsanto Roundup Ready patented genes manufacturing Bacillus thuringensis toxin http://tinyurl.com/7fkxn6q. You probably have genetically engineered DNA strands inside your guts from the food you eat. You may be allergic to the insecticide toxin those DNA fragments are manufacturing inside your body. There is no detox, once Monsanto GMO corn, barley, soy, canola oil, etc. infects the digestive bacteria in your intestines with BT DNA, you are stuck with some man-made DNA in your body for life; those DNA strands will put some insecticide into your body for life. If you are a pregnant woman, your unborn baby will be affected by Monsanto's very bad b-movie human experiment.

After Monsanto's genetically modified corn pollen blows as far as 15 miles in the wind and infects some poor organic corn farmers field, Monsanto will send its gene http://tinyurl.com/6a67ccf police by to see if the organic corn tests positive for Monsanto patented genes. If they find their contamination in the organic corn, they will file a suit for tariffs owed and for punitive damages. It is beyond greed, they strive to put their competition out of business and have a monopoly on all food.

Digressing briefly back to our imagined Stone Age farmers, the Earth's soil was teeming with beneficial fungi, mycelium fungus (good fungus), mycorrhizae fungus, with its mycorrhizael hyphae that can grow into microscopic cracks in rock that a plant root hair cannot grow into. All plants in nature have symbiotic relationships with a living soil matrix full of fungi, bacteria, worms, compost mites, dung beetles, dead leaves, pine needles, twigs, rotten tree logs, etc. which all work together to produce a highly disease resistant, insect resistant plant. The original Stone Age farmers were primitive with no tractor and plow. Therefore they engaged in non-destructive organic gardening. Their plants and plantings resembled nature and relied on natural soil flora for support. The Earth could have been farmed in this manner for eternity without having a 1930's US dustbowl.

Diametrically opposed opposite here: Monsanto BASF et al create GMO food crops which are pesticide junkies, 100% addicted to weed killer, insecticide and fungicide. The genetic modifications can be one or multiple gene splices, i.e., one algae-gene splice in Monsanto barley to make the barley resistant to Monsanto Round-Up herbicide, another Bacillus thuringensis (Bacteria DNA) gene splice to make the barley produce its own insecticide while it grows. What is Charles Darwin famous for? Evolution, every time Monsanto BASF et al and a host of other companies makes one new fungicide, the diseases adapt, evolve and become Super-diseases resistant to that brand of fungicide. Corn Rust becomes Super Rust for Corn, eventually 100% resistant to said brand of fungicide.

Farmers who buy GMO crop seed, a bathroom sized locker full of pesticides and a large barn full of 80 pound bags of chemical fertilizer are raising heroin junkie plants and you are eating those heroin junkie plants and you are having some form of health issues: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, heart-burn, excessive gas, frequent colds and flu, migraines, etc.

There is an excellent Greenpeace France article on BASF's GMO potatoes http://tinyurl.com/26erwy4 here. There is an additional article out of Brussels http://tinyurl.com/crvc74k here. The European Union has the same conflicts of interest, corporate will exerted as cash and lobbying, etc. as the US. This article is from back in 2009 but well worth reading http://tinyurl.com/d68dhw7.

On 11 April 2012, the US EPA flatly denied a petition by the National Resources Defense Council to outlaw 2,4-D herbicide (Agent Orange). 2,4-D herbicide is found in more than 600 weed killers that are common to home weed 'n' feed lawn products, golf courses, cow and horse pastures, fruit and nut orchards and groves, sugar cane, rice, corn, wheat, soybeans and potatoes. The NRDC petition included an extremely large, well-documented amount of scientific data proving the dangers to both human and wildlife health. The EPA flatly denied that there was any health risk whatsoever. Dow AgroSciences (USA), Nufarm, Ltd. (Australia) and Agro-Gor Corporation (USA & ARGENTINA) manufacture 2,4-D. The EPA has known about the adverse http://tinyurl.com/c6o3nkp health effects of 2,4-D since the Viet Nam War and even before Viet Nam.

DuPont is as monstrous, reckless, cavalier and careless with the environment as the other five giant "biotech" companies. The term bio is used carelessly and often to imply environmental. DuPont was granted permission to release its new herbicide Imprellis to the public for public http://tinyurl.com/cxp2hts usage. People using Imprellis to kills lawn weeds are having their 100-year-old White Pines die. All six "Biotech" giants claim high-tech agriculture works like magic; there is far more evidence that low-tech, low-environmental-impact methods work best. No till farming, feeding the soil rather than feeding the monocrop, using crop rotation, interplanting multiple species of crops, the list of proven methods is very long. Proven methods of sustainable farming do not include Imprellis.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, The US Dept. of Health and Human Services and the US Dept. of Agriculture are full of well-paid, inept-careerists http://tinyurl.com/ceoqy4x rubber stamps. 94% of all well water in America is polluted with the weed killer Atrazine http://tinyurl.com/loc6pr and all any of the three agencies can do is "study how much Atrazine is a health risk". Most wells are at three times the EPA "safe" level, not one person in government can recommend to Congress a law banning Atrazine.

Atrazine is a common farm, golf course and home-landscape herbicide that has endocrine disruptor activity, interferes with reproduction and child development and may cause cancer. The same year (2003) that the US EPA approved continued Atrazine use in the US; the European Union outlawed Atrazine use. Syngenta, the manufacturer of Atrazine, used flawed scientific data to convince the EPA to allow continued use of Atrazine and Syngenta representatives have and continue to meet with EPA officials to negotiate behind closed door for Atrazine's continued usage. These Syngenta-EPA-Atrazine secret negotiations content and findings continue to be kept secret from the public, in spite of EPA and USDA laws that require public openness.

In 2011, Swiss-based Syngenta reported doubling its profits over 2010, with Atrazine sales in the US of its European-outlawed herbicide being a strong performer. There has been and continues to be a mountain of scientific data on Atrazine's harm to human health, pollution of wells and groundwater, pollution of aquatic ecosystems and pollution of farmland soil. The EPA promised in 2009 to re-review their previous decision to allow Atrazine usage in the US, as of July 28, 2012 that review is still pending. The US EPA, FDA and Health and Human Services departments under both Bush and Obama are hugely staffed with former chemical-company and biotech (Monsanto, Syngenta, etc.) insiders.

There is an excellent Aqua Farming article in the UK Guardian http://tinyurl.com/bwrbatp on fish farming as a lower environmental impact way to feed meat to the world. In order for fish farming to work and the meat to be fit for human consumption, the water for the fish needs to be free of Atrazine. 94% of the water in the US has Atrazine in it. The Bush and Obama administrations stuffed all the regulatory agencies in the US full of polluter-industries staff, including those from the oil industry. Those who engage in the practice of http://www.ask.com/wiki/Mariculture Mariculture are deeply threatened by oil spills. It takes clean, unpolluted seawater to raise fish, shellfish, seaweed and kelp successfully. The Bush/Obama "everything" energy policies are violating all of our previous clean water and ocean fisheries laws. When land freshwater and ocean saltwater become polluted, the fish either die or carry pollutant chemicals within their flesh. If fish are raised in water polluted with even a tiny amount of Atrazine, eating those fish will pollute us with Atrazine. Why is the public excluded from EPA hearings on Atrazine?

Showa Denko -- Proof that GMO, Genetically Modified Organism is dangerous, that Genetic Engineering has consequences being hidden from the public by both government and industry: http://www.dirtandseeds.com/the-showa-denko-tryptophan-disaster-your-government-is-killing-you/

From the Stone Age to modern times, two types of Darwinism, or natural selection plant breeding have occurred. Animals such as Parrots have selected the largest, sweetest, darkest red Aztec Cherries from the top of the Prunus salicifolia tree as their meal; these same Parrots then fly to another location where they defecate the very best seeds from the gene pool. The smaller, sourer fruit at the bottom of the tree with inferior seeds falls into the shade where it germinates and dies from lack of sunlight. The larger, sweeter fruit seeds, fertilized by Parrot guano, germinate in an ideal location where the larger, sweeter fruit will attract more Parrots, to naturally breed a genetically superior fruit tree.

Our imaginary Stone Age people did the same thing, they collected the bigger fruit, the larger squash or beans and moved them to their cave or bamboo lean-to. Over time, the quality of the fruits and vegetables became superior to the initial primitive foods.

In modern times, horticulturists and botanists have taken the science of plant breeding to new levels; people like Carl Linnaeus, Luther Burbank or George Washington Carver either created new improved plants and/or found new uses for plants via research. In the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, companies such as W. Atlee Burpee took male pollen from plant A and impregnated the female ovary of plant B to produce new seed varieties, i.e., sweeter corn, larger better-tasting tomatoes, longer stemmed cutting flowers with larger, more vibrantly colored flower heads, etc. The Genetic Engineering of Monsanto, BASF, et al is not even remotely the same as the 100,000 previous years of man and animal plant Darwinism.

Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organism can, for example, take Frog DNA and genetically splice it into Corn, Barley, Soy, Canola, Peaches, Broccoli or any other people food and/or animal feed. Monsanto, BASF, et al have so-staffed the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration with their own people as to make their industry/government relationship beyond incestuous; there is a revolving door between government and biotech companies where career insiders play musical chairs with industry and government agencies.

Monsanto, BASF, et al make tremendous short-term profits from selling pesticide-junkie GMO food seed, replete with the larger than normal amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizer required to grow less food. Farmers not only buy said products, they finance them at high interest rates. From the Stone Age until now, farmers saved some of the seeds from what they grew to plant next year. If that do that with Genetically Engineered seed, they owe the manufacturer tariff taxes -- and the GMO crops will infect their neighbors fields, rendering the neighbor into the position of having to pay tariff taxes on infected, ruined crops.

Short term profits for long-term global agony: Desertification - Ocean Acidification -- World Over-Population. There is a mathematical ration that keeps getting worse. In the New Years to July 13, 2012 period that the news media has repeatedly dismissed protestors in the streets as cranks, eccentrics, anarchists, window breakers, etc. -- 40 million new people more than those who died have been added to the Earth's population. We are currently adding 75 million new people to the Earth annually. From New Years to July, 7 million hectares of land has become desertified. That is about 13 million hectares of desertification. Due to erosion, a percentage of that land, much of it former GMO farmland, will erode and wash into the Ocean, causing Ocean Acidification. So the ratio looks something like this, mathematically:

Year 2012: New Humans, new mouths to feed 75 million. Land lost due to Desertification, 13 million hectares.

All plants in nature have symbiotic relationships with a living soil matrix full of fungi, bacteria, worms, compost mites, dung beetles, dead leaves, pine needles, twigs, rotten tree logs, etc. which all work together to produce a highly disease resistant, insect resistant plant. pH acidity of the Ocean equals X, which is complex. X stands for the amount of acidity in the Ocean, whose real number can be either an average of all oceans, or the specific number of the North Atlantic, Black Sea, Adriatic, South Pacific, etc. The pH number keeps going down, which is very, very bad. Part of ocean acidification is soil erosion, Calcium carbonate, part is industrial waste being dumped, part is CO2 greenhouse gas -- smoke and soot from burning diesel in farm tractors plowing, seeding * and * numerous "extra" diesel tractor passes to apply chemical fertilizers and pesticide passes to spray fussy GMO crops that cannot survive without numerous pesticide passes.

The ability of the Earth to feed people is going down due to desertification. Desertification makes global warming worse, not better. Ocean pH, a high number would be too alkaline, extremely low number too acidic for fish, whales, kelp, etc. The number keeps dropping, does desertification and ocean acidification spell mass extinction, humans going the way of the dinosaur?

Bayer-CropScience not only does not care if desertification and ocean acidification are going to destroy humankind with starvation, Bayer-CropScience is going to help you starve so much sooner rather than later. Bayer's "crop-protection" division is hell-bent on making crop-science profits, so they invented Gaucho, Imidacloprid insecticide and it is killing bees. Bayer scientists are not stupid, they know that no bees means no food, no food means mass human starvation. But a paycheck is a paycheck to the most lizard-brained of humans. The paycheck is today, the mass starvation of Earth some distant year in the future. America has lost about 30% of our bees from Gaucho, which is also sold as Bayer homeowner insecticides under various other names, but will always have the active ingredient Imidacloprid on the label. Spray Gaucho on GMO food crops, treat your roses at home with insecticide you bought at Wal-mart Garden Center and bees drop like flies from Colony Collapse Disorder - Imidacloprid. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120405224653.htm and http://farmprogress.com/story-nrdc-sues-epa-over-pesticide-threat-to-honeybees-0-18896 shed more light on Bayer Gaucho and bees.

The layer of topsoil that our ancestors farmed in takes about 10,000 years time to form one inch of topsoil. That same 10,000-year-old layer of topsoil can be eroded away at a rate of one inch per 10-20 years with poor farming practices. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta all sell poor farming practices that destroy the natural beneficial flora of the soil. Healthy soil is a living matrix of mycorrhizae, compost, earthworms, compost mites and beetles, beneficial bacteria. GMO Monocropping with chemical fertilizers, weed killers, fungicides, insecticides, miticides and extensive use of diesel-driven plows and disks is the antithesis of healthy soil management. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta sell soil death, global http://tinyurl.com/cbv8hcm desertification.

There are some who would proclaim that new technology would fix the destruction done by Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta, that terraforming or some new technology will soon displace GMO/ag-chemical farming. These apologists are not dissimilar to those that point to nitrogen powered cars to dismiss the oil still polluting the Gulf of Mexico, the waters off of Brazil and the North Sea. Somehow in 17 more years, Nitrogen powered cars will put all of those oil spills back into the ground where they came from.

This same erroneous logic will have us all believe that cold fusion technology will clean up the nuclear mess at Fukushima. The technologies, more often than not, have a sinister, evil, polluting downside that there is no invention to deal with now, no money to deal with later. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta are soil, groundwater and ocean polluters on a vast scale. Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta pollute the human psyche with subterfuge and disinformation. They pollute the world's Organic Farmers with chemical spray drift from crop-duster aircraft and pollen from their GMO monocrops.

Every day, "sewage scows" sail out of New York harbor, get a relatively few miles from shore, and dump the days sewage off of the coast of New York. Our ancient ancestors grew their vegetables and fruit trees in animal manure. There are human cultures that grow their food in human manure; there are sound scientific ways of growing food in human manure that has been aged and steam-treated to prevent harmful bacteria. Instead, New York and many other cities discharge human sewage into the sea. Less than 1% of the US population is now involved in raising food for the US. This disconnect from farming, groves, orchards, greenhouses is what people are referring to as the "green revolution", a "revolution" that has participants like Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont and Syngenta but no participation from 99.x% of the US population. Nobody is going to school majoring in farming, soil science, animal husbandry, greenhouse operations, etc., as it is not Barclay's Bank-lucrative.

All six major "Bio" tech companies are using algae genes, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to manipulate artificial plant growth, to "feed the world" as they put it. There is a dark underbelly they do not want the public to know about, farm soil micronutrient http://tinyurl.com/crk55pj depletion. That big huge, green head of Romaine Lettuce in your refrigerator has no micronutrients in it in a form usable by your body. Even the corn and soy being fed to chickens, cows and pigs is lacking in vital micronutrients required by those animals and by us.


In essence, food farmed in depleted soil provides the nutritional equivalent of a Snicker's bar of vitamins and minerals your body can actually use. This is the bragging right of the six big factory farm biotechs "feeding the World". What would we do without them? Prior to and during World War II, we did just fine without them. Food had more vitamins, more complex sugars; foods like beans had higher amounts of amino acids because the farm-soil was less depleted.

Prior to the rise of the six biggest biotech companies as the alpha and omega of farming, groundbreaking work was done by Dr. Ham Williams in the 1970's and 1980's found methods to grow farm fruits and vegetables using sewage biosolids. Dr. William's methods solved problems of heavy metals like Lead and Cadmium. Others have done similar studies http://tinyurl.com/crmohvc since, the findings show the promise of producing food that does more vitamin and mineral-wise than just take up space in one's stomach. Every day when the New York City Sewage Scows dump raw sewage into the ocean, all the plant macro and http://tinyurl.com/c5rd5jw micronutrients go to waste; this practice is the antithesis of recycling and organic gardening.

Most of what people eat is grown outside of the US, is not inspected by anyone, not tested by anyone. The FDA, HHS and USDA are too busy placating Monsanto and friends to bother with anything like inspections of imported pork or spinach. Most of us suffer at least one good dose of food poisoning a year, which we attribute to flu and colds.

There is one more link in America's food chain that relates. All of the big oil companies are pitching the Keystone Pipeline, which will run from the Canadian Tar Sands in Athabasca to the Gulf of Mexico. The tar sands oil will go to the world's highest bidder, China via Reagan-era Supertankers. Those tankers will return here with Saudi, Kuwaiti, Nigerian and etc., oil, which will be piped and trucked to farms all over America. Those farms will use that oil in the form of Diesel to plow, plant the crops of the six-big biotech companies, use their pesticides and chemical fertilizers to ruin ground water and depleted the soil. The harvested GMO will be shipped via trucks and trains to your local Wal-Mart. The overhead of moving all that oil around the world to the highest bidder uses oil. Shipping food uses oil. Pesticide spraying a crop four times in one growing season uses diesel in tractors or aviation fuel in aircraft. We have made the poor quality and high pricing of our food oil dependent.

There is something you can do. Shop as organic and small, local farmer as you can. In my area, the stores Trader Joes, Fresh and Easy and Sprouts claim to be avoiding GMO. There are also an increasing amount of farmers markets where you are not buying from ConAgra. Buy certified organic whenever you can" None of this is a perfect, elegant solution, but it does support a family-scale economy that is not off shoring profits. Follow the http://www.osgata.org/organic-farmers-file-appeal-against-monsanto OSGATA court case carefully.

America and the rest of the world need to adopt a much more organic, sane, sound way to survive; if we do not, we are not going to survive.

The big six pesticide and GM seed companies are both human rights violators and http://tinyurl.com/c2dd3v7 natural born killers, 355,000 people a year die directly from their pesticides alone. They deprive indigenous people and farmers of food, water and a livelihood.


Of the six big death-o-tech companies, Monsanto leads the way in what many believe to be the death-of-us-all technology. Monsanto's genetically engineered genes are famous for polluting the crops and seeds of Organic Farmers. Monsanto has engineered a technology called terminator seed. A for instance is terminator http://tinyurl.com/6r4qu5 corn, the seeds are sterile and won't grow another crop of corn" The motive is greed, corporate profit.


Poor farmers who end up with Monsanto's terminator genes cannot afford to buy seed every year; the seed they save is sterile. Many purchasers of terminator seed do not realize the trap they have fallen into in 3rd world countries. No farmer can save any seeds from this year's crop to plant next year, because all the seeds are sterile. This kind of genetically engineered characteristic did not occur in nature, it was made in a lab. Terminator seeds have the capacity to get into the corn, sorghum, wheat, barley, beans, etc. of other farmers and eventually render that entire species worldwide sterile; such a plague of epic, Biblical proportions could make food become extinct. Monsanto and the other five GMO-companies are playing with fire and very liable to burn us all. The type of rubber-stamps in government that allow these practices do so out of their own greed, not because the science is sound. The entire US food economy right now is teetering upon Delkab/ Genuity/Monsanto Corn -- which could easily end up with "accidental" terminator genes making that same corn go extinct. It would not mean a bad economy; it would mean massive starvation of millions. http://occupy-monsanto.com/
















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July 20, 2012

Gun Lobby Unfazed by Batman Massacre

By Tracy Turner


Numerous TV news anchors, bloggers, news website pundits have and will continue to express the shootings at the Aurora, Colorado theater in terms of a lone-wolf, deranged gunman killed 12 and wounded 59. The death count is certain to go up among the 59 wounded. The Second Amendment pundits are not even breaking a sweat; even Gabby Giffords' brain damage is no threat to the gun lobby.

Lone wolf? No help from the Washington, DC gun-lobby on K Street, the Citizen's United "free-speech" of gun-lobby and gun-manufacturer campaign contributions to Republicans and Democrats alike. Lone wolf? James Holmes was no lone wolf, he had help from many, many dozens of Senators and Congressmen, help from Congressional aides and help from Charlton Hesston, help from the movie industry itself promoting guns. James Holmes had help having easy access to guns from Sarah Palin, under the guise of putting food on the table.

The right to bear arms, right, the fundamental concept of America, the alpha and omega of freedom and democracy. The right to hold a gun in your hand is as American as apple pie and Fourth of July fireworks. This is selective amnesia, the entire Second Amendment reads, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". Do you see anything well regulated about Columbine High School, the Gabby Giffords shooting rampage and the Aurora, Colorado Batman shooting spree?

Republican big-wigs, rife with gun-industry cash, love to stick out their chests and pontificate about "the right to bear arms" and "not be infringed"; their selective amnesia and gun-industry staff working furiously to block any type of regulation whatsoever. They never discuss the "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" part of the Second Amendment. That is actually supposed to be art of our right, the premise that guns are well regulated, that the armed militia is orderly, well regulated and provides for a secure state.

What is secure and well regulated about guns sold out of the trunks of cars and at gun shows with no background checks? What is secure about drive by gang shootings in Watts, Compton, Detroit, Miami, Denver or New Orleans? What was well regulated about John Hinckley shooting of Ronald Reagan and three others?

If the out-of-control gun-industry can survive the shooting of President Ronald Reagan, do not expect the mere death of twelve or more theater goers to put any dent whatsoever into gun laws. Even the shooting of a President cannot slow down gun sales, even those that are being re-sold out of the trunk of a car. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Pub.L. 103-159, 107 Stat. 1536) http://tinyurl.com/5qykw is about as good as it is ever going to get.

This old article in the daily beast compares gun violence state by state; listing the 20 deadliest states based upon those states gun violence http://tinyurl.com/3butl3e statistics. The interesting statistic that seems to be overlooked is what are the 5-10 states with the least gun-violence doing right? Why don't we have Federal laws that mimic the laws of the ten states with the least gun violence? You are more likely to see Obama and Romney out duck http://tinyurl.com/4quj6hq hunting between now and the election. Maybe Dick Cheney will join them, with the secret service keeping Dick's shotgun shells in the pockets of the Secret Service guys. Cheney is not very well-regulated and secure when he duck hunts.

James Holmes, the "lone-wolf" deranged gunman in a crowded movie theater. The gun industry http://tinyurl.com/7ymha8w had nothing whatsoever to do with James's shooting rampage; it was his inalienable right to bear loaded arms in a crowded theater and open fire.

After Ronald Reagan and James Brady were shot, there was a tempest in Washington over the proposed Brady Bill. Opponents claimed you needed a 120-shot drum or banana-clip magazine to hunt deer, etc. The new law limiting one to a 30-shot clip was going to remove venison from the table of the poor and the hungry. James Holmes probably emptied at least two-thirty bullet ammo clips into a crowded theater. The gun lobby and industry argues about deer and venison; the theater was filled with human blood, human remains.

This is the paragraph where most anti-gun writers would call for a ban on all guns. That would be just as unconstitutional as the Patriot Act, George W. Bush's Posse Commitatus Act http://tinyurl.com/uro3c or the NDAA Act of 2011. An all out ban on guns would start another US Civil War. But adopting the gun laws of the ten states with the least amount of gun deaths per capita would give Americans what the US Constitution says we should have: a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.

If you are hunting for deer legally with a paid-for license and deer tag" or are merely out food poaching," once you fire the first single shot, deer are running in all directions away from you and into scrub or woods. A five-shot-ammo-clip is perfectly sufficient to put venison on the table. A 30-shot-ammo-clip is to hunt humans in a crowded theater, to hunt police after an armed bank robbery. If the gun-lobby had their way, we would go back to 90 and 120-shot ammo clips. The Gabriel Giffords shooting melee and the Aurora, Colorado shooting melee are not "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State." Where is the well-regulated, secure part? James Holmes just had the right to own and bear arms, but the victims did receive their secure, well-regulated part of their Second Amendment rights. The Second Amendment was not designed to sell lots of high-end assault rifles to make gun-billionaires out of the gun-manufacturers. Their money and lobby-power is an abuse of the Second Amendment. The gun manufacturers just had their Citizen's United Free Speech in a crowded theater; their victims now have no speech whatsoever.

The gun-nuts have all their deer-hunting rights intact. What about the rights of the 50 shot, 12 dead and 59 wounded as of this writing? What about their rights? If Jared Loughner and James Holmes had been limited to a 5-shot clip, maybe they would have been over-powered before the dead and wounded count got as high as it did. Deer hunting my a$$, a 30-shot clip is to kill humans.

The founding fathers intended that we as Americans would have the right to bear arms; the founding fathers also intended that those rights would be secure, well-regulated rights. This was at a time when the defacto standard in armaments were muzzle loading single-shot flintlocks. Even when the technology of the gun was only single-shot muzzle-loader flintlocks, they foresaw our rights to be secure and well regulated. They wrote the words secure and well regulated into the law. What is secure and well regulated about mass-shootings at a Congressional Event or a movie screening? Is the emptying of two thirty-shot-ammo-clips into a crowded theater a necessary part of deer hunting?

The Second Amendment was written in the days of primitive, inaccurate but still deadly black-powder guns; it has never been modified to fit within the parameters of 9mm Glocks and Bushmaster AK rifles. The second amendment itself may need amending to fit the reality of Batman-massacres; the original law was to control single-shot muzzle-loaders. When the gun-nuts and their gun-Astroturf-lobby starts screaming about thwarting the US Constitution, ask them where were their screams of outrage when the Patriot Act and NDAA did away with most or all the other provisions of the Constitution? Is the Second Amendment the * only * provision of the US Constitution we are going to keep intact; are we only keeping the second-half of the Second Amendment alive, but having a perpetual shooting orgy with modern guns? It seems that the only part of the US Constitution left alive is the unregulated, insecure gun-toting part of it.

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July 19, 2012

Faux News, Ecological Science and Religious Astroturfers

By Tracy Turner


Henry has the bitter Tea Party astroturfed-hatred of the Government, a small arsenal of guns in his home, and the feverish fervor of a true religious sociopath. It is so obvious Henry never heard of the Aral Sea eco-disaster, the forth-largest body of saline water in the world. Grotesquely exacerbating Henry's condition is his addiction to Republican rags like the Wall Street Journal, his deep obsession and addiction of Fox News, his love of Rush, Hannity and Billo. Savage Nation pushed him over the edge.

Henry rants, frequently, ranting about the injustice of environmentalism. To Henry, environmentalism is a sin, an arrogant spitting in God's face. There is one word that describes Henry best, the root of that word comes out of Henry's mouth ever few sentences: Dominion. I call Henry a Dominionist, because he uses the word dominion so often. I'm Henry, I am a man, and God gave me Dominion over all the plants and animals of the Earth, over all living things. It is his excuse for oil spills, smog and toxic waste from industry. Polluters have the God-given right to kill plants and animals, the bible says so; their profits come first because they are man with dominion; the plants and animals last. Henry's vast hate of environmentalism is Biblically justified and rationalized.

Henry extrapolates that we, men (he never uses the feminine, he ignores the female side of the equation) have dominion given us by God. We can do anything we want to the Earth, and God will fix it. God will replace the species we make extinct with new species, in his own time. The ocean is too big for us to pollute, the skies too vast for us to poison the air, the Earth too big and too perfectly created by God for us to ever overpopulate. It's true, just watch Faux News or read the Wall Sleaze Journal. We cannot possibly pollute our clean water via fracking, because the water is too big and we, men, are too small and insignificant compared to the almighty God. It is arrogant for us to think we could ever pollute anything in God's perfect plan"

Explaining the Aral Sea from Henry's point of view would be impossible, because the humans that made the forth-largest inland sea in the world evaporate were large enough and significant enough to change a major feature of the planet. As arrogant as may be to consider humans being large enough and significant enough to alter God's perfect plan, human activity, canal building, water diversion and farm irrigation destroyed the Aral Sea.

The Aral Sea once supported a good sized fleet of fishing boats and employed 40,000 people. The farm irrigation diversions done by the former Soviet Union decimated the fisherman, thereby eliminating one-sixth of the fisheries in the former Soviet Union. 1960's-era farm irrigation diversion of the Amu Darya River in the south and the Syr Darya in the northeast, as well as drought, caused the Aral Sea to dry up.

The following paragraph is from http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/WorldOfChange/aral_sea.php

As the lake dried up, fisheries and the communities that depended on them collapsed. The increasingly salty water became polluted with fertilizer and pesticides. The blowing dust from the exposed lakebed, contaminated with agricultural chemicals, became a public health hazard. The salty dust blew off the lakebed and settled onto fields, degrading the soil. Croplands had to be flushed with larger and larger volumes of river water. The loss of the moderating influence of such a large body of water made winters colder and summers hotter and drier.

End of quote from earthobservatory.nasa.gov. As the Aral Sea evaporated, the remaining water became highly saline, polluted with fertilizer run-off from the attempts to grow rice, melons, cereals, and cotton. The dry dust from the man-made desertification polluted the crops and required farmers to over-irrigate to try and flush the poisons from their fields.

There is a great BBC article here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3846843.stm that describes everything from the remnants of the Aral Sea causing blood cancer to people with Aral Sea dust pollution having altered DNA. Humans working in the irrigated fields where Aral Seabed dust blows have five times the cancer of people who do not work the farm fields.

Why do publications like Wall Sleaze Journal, or TV pseudo journalists and pseudo scientists on Faux News deny the reality of the science? It is entirely possible to believe in both God and the empirical scientific evidence at the same time. Why do people have to make one exclude the other? Why does the science behind ecology always get astroturfed? The Koch brother's astroturfing Global Warming is probably as good an answer as any. Follow the money.

The Kok-Aral dam project, a collaboration of the World Bank and the Kazakh government has been re-flooding the Kazakh area of the former sea since 2005. The people and area is not out of the woods, yet, but money and water are pouring into the area in an attempt to re-flood the now heavily polluted former sea. Scientific experts are fond of saying the solution to pollution is dilution. While not entirely true, it is a saying that has some merit to it.

The Uzbek section of the former sea has no such deal with the world bank, the Uzbek residents, farm workers, etc. have health and pollution problems that are escalating in severity and numbers of people falling ill with blood cancers and other health ailments.

The diversion of water from the Aral Sea for farming irrigation was and continues to be one of the worst man-made ecological disasters in human history.

Going back to Henry" Faux News and Wallstreet Journal" If the Aral Sea were a US man-made disaster, their media experts would be saying the Aral Sea is just going through a natural fluctuation in water levels" That the many respiratory illnesses and blood cancers were no more prevalent than those of a control group anywhere. That business had nothing to do with altering God's perfect plan" that it is arrogant of tiny, little us to think we could ever impact anything on this Earth as big as the Aral Sea, what was a body of water visible from the Moon with no telescope"

It is actually easy to see Henry the Dominionists point, that it is difficult to wrap one's mind around the concept that five feet tall men could ever obliterate an inland sea, the Aral Sea, what was a body of water visible from the Moon with no telescope. But it already happened, and the ability to put it back the way it was is beyond the finances and intelligence of us all. Somehow, we only have the ability to cause the oil spills, never the manpower, intelligence and money to put the oil back into the ground where it came from.

It is a good thing this happened in the former USSR and not here, you might be thinking. The state of Pennsylvania is large enough to see from the Moon without a telescope. The Marcellus shale beneath Pennsylvania is larger than the Aral Sea. It is being turned into an underground version of the Aral Sea from natural gas fracking chemicals. Someday the extraction of gas from the Marcellus Shale will make the drinking water of five states completely polluted. The states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and New York will someday very soon be a bigger ecological disaster than the Aral Sea.

The natural gas lobbyists, the astroturfers are at it again. There is a hundred years of low cost natural gas under the Marcellus shale. It is all over the Internet, TV, etc. Numerous articles say it is so cheap we can put it in our cars" These armchair pundits are not mathematicians, are they? 100 years at our current rate of consumption at current low prices. Let's play math and science theory.

100 years minus we put it in our cars and trucks and quadruple the rate at which we consume fracked gas equals 25 years of supply. Put it in our cars and trucks and it lasts 25 years, then the frackers leave Pennsylvania behind with the underground water full of cancer, liver-failure, and brain tumor chemicals. How cheap is a brain tumor while you are putting cheap natural gas in your big truck, Henry? Cheap fracked natural gas has the hidden cost of the cancers, deformed babies, etc., from people drinking the fracked water.

If we do all the fracking in Pennsylvania and leave the other states alone (that won't happen), then just Pennsylvanians will die from fracked drinking water. We can just put gas pipelines near schools, airports, interstate highways, etc. We can criss-cross America with Bloomberg pipelines, and the mayors fracking stock will go up while we put a big flame to people having gas pipe ruptures.

As gas gets used up going into your car and Henry's big truck, it will cost more. When the Marcellus gas is used up, the frackers will put gas wells in Pacific Palisades, New York Central Park and Under Yellowstone Lake. You can see Yellowstone Lake without a telescope from the Moon. If the Marcellus shale were not buried, you could see it from the Moon without a telescope. America always does things bigger and better than the former USSR; with fracking, we can have a bigger man-made ecological disaster than the Aral Sea. We are just going to do our Aral Sea blood-cancer-causer underground; we are using Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers to convince the Henry's of this world its all part of God's perfect plan for cheap natural gas for cars.

Additional source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aral_Sea

Please note: I used Yellowstone Lake as an example of a large body of fresh drinking water visible from the Moon without a telescope. There are no current plans to frack underneath Yellowstone Lake. Currently, the outsources from the lake are depended upon by millions of people for drinking water, thousands of farmers for farm irrigation. Clean water, healthy soil and breathable air are necessary for all life on this planet. Currently, soil is being classed as "overburden", some problem in the way of Uranium, Gold and Nickel miners. Soil is in the way of "clean coal". The US is destroying both its own and other country's top soil and water as if it has no value. As the population of Earth is growing, soil to farm in is shrinking. There is a finite area to farm in and we are decreasing it at an astronomical rate. In all 50 states, we are polluting our fresh water while at the same time procreating more and more thirsty people.

Websites like Bloomberg have articles and discussion threads about cheap natural gas to put in cars, no mention whatsoever about filling up your car with cheap natural gas, going home and drinking 150 fracking chemicals. Home water filters cannot cope with massive amounts of pollution. Ask those living in Appalachia drinking coal slurry, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Selenium. Ask those millions of people who rely on Appalachian Mountain water for drinking and bathing. If or when anyone from Earth ever does go back to the Moon, they will be able to see the 565-missing mountaintops, without a telescope, removed by the coal companies who bring us "clean" coal. It is possible to both believe in God and to believe he isn't going to wave his magic wand and put the 565-mountaintops back where they once were. Henry says that Ecological Scientists are arrogant. He got that from listening to Savage Nation. Which companies sponsor Savage Nation? Just follow the money"

Bush: "I have an everything energy policy". Obama: "I have an everything energy policy". Romney: I'm going to have an everything energy policy". Just follow the money; of course they are not going to refuse fracking-campaign-money. The natural gas will go into our cars and trucks and be gone in 50 years; the polluted groundwater will be with us countless centuries. You are watching the extinction of your own species. You are the dinosaur. Ask the Aral Sea people, victims of those who wished to get rich selling lots of river water.

The five-ten biggest coal companies in America have made an Appalachian scar that stretches for more than five states; it missing mountaintops are visible from far away in space. The cancer-causing, liver rotting chemicals from the removed mountaintops will be poisoning drinking water for hundreds and hundreds of years; all so we could have 16 years of "clean coal".

Water aquifers are water storage reservoirs made by nature underground. Both mountaintop coal mining and fracking are turning America's most vital resource. Drinking water, into cancer. If you could paint water pollution to glow green at night above ground, most of America would glow bright green nearly everywhere. We have already outdone the Aral Sea disaster; it is just hidden from view underneath Pennsylvania frackers and Appalachian mountaintop removal coal. It is only cheap when you ignore all the deaths and cancers, all the birth defects and health care costs passed on to the public. If you ad those costs in, natural gas going into your future car or truck is about $28 per gallon. Add in the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill cancers, leukemias, blood diseases, etc., and the energy you use everyday becomes even more expensive.

Corporate industry Astroturf's everything, literally everything. The s-called "tea-party" itself is corporate http://tinyurl.com/7o5cn3n astroturfing. The ten companies putting cancer into Appalachia's drinking water Astroturf with their clean coal http://tinyurl.com/lbejwq misnomer.

How much groundwater do we pollute, how much gross domestic product do we spend just fighting the boogieman at night? American's are so afraid of the dark, that we leave the lights on all http://tinyurl.com/25uepoh night. Just the coal, fuel oil, uranium and fracking for gas pollution to keep the lights http://tinyurl.com/25uepoh on at night kills thousands of us every year. Who do you know with cancer? Do you think their cancer was their diet? Or just their tap-water-alone? Or maybe they just live down-wind from a power plant.

The Aral Sea is a good subject for any environmentalist to be familiar with. Numerous websites call the Aral Sea the biggest man-made disaster on Earth. Is the Aral Sea bigger than the continental US, large portions of Mexico and Canada? Google "we are all Downwinders" and watch video clips and read articles on the above and below nuclear bomb tests done in the United States. 1951 and 1992, there were a total of 928 announced nuclear tests at Nevada Test Site.

Friday, January 27, 2012 National Downwinders Day was the first time that America recognized that people suffered cancers, leukemias, blood and bone ailments and death from Nuclear Bomb Testing. The nuclear activists have been telling us all for years, that "we are all Downwinders". We are all natural gas fracking victims; we are all oil spill victims, nuclear Downwinders, victims of the ten companies that turned the Appalachian Mountain range into a scar visible from space" A toxic-chemical, drinking and farm-irrigation-water scar visible from the Moon with no telescope. Congratulations, America, the Appalachian scar is bigger and better pollution than the Russian's Aral Sea disaster.

Who do the local police in our communities and the Department of Homeland Security work for? What is their primary mission(s)? The police and DHS will not have anything whatsoever to do with monitoring astroturfers like the Tea Party of Citizens For Prosperity" But the local police and DHS will electronically surveil Occupy protestors and use Homeland Security training and riot gear to break up any movements or actions of Occupy.

Oil spills, nuclear radiation, gas fracking chemicals in drinking water and mountaintop removal is all "protected free speech". Astroturfing groups can form anywhere unsurveilled and not be beaten with batons, not pepper sprayed, not tased with tasers. Astroturf groups can have free speech.

But Occupy must be surveilled with anti-terror surveillance gear and their free speech must be preemptively disallowed with rubber bullets and the like. Groups like Americans For Prosperity bankrolled by Koch Industries can do anything go anywhere; hold rallies in public places, etc. Occupiers attempting to do the same are literally have the free speech beaten right out of them like by the Chicago Police at NATO Summit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAnHwzI7DZQ


Man-made pollution/man-made disasters seen from space:


BP Oil Spill from Space: http://tinyurl.com/dxmnofw


Aral Sea Disaster from space: http://tinyurl.com/d672odw


The Los Angeles area Station Fire, an arson-ignited fire seen from space: http://tinyurl.com/cuj5whe




Mountaintop Removal Coal disaster documentary 20 minutes:



GasLand documentary on water pollution from (Marcellus Shale) natural gas fracking:


English with Spanish Subtitles. Absolute must watch.


If you follow no other links, at least watch the GasLand documentary above. Eco-bigots like Henry go on and on about dominion over plants and animals; they want corporations to have the same rights as people. If you did something that caused severe neuropathy and permanent brain damage to a human being, you would go to prison. But the natural gas companies fracking gas wells cause human brain damage to people and then tell them to "get a lawyer". Environmentalists are not out to save animals, environmentalists are out to save all of us humans, if it is not too late already. We are the species going extinct and it is by choice.









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July 17, 2012

Department of Homeland Catheters Spying on Occupy Wallstreet

By Tracy Turner


If you do a Google search for Department of Homeland Security spying on Occupy, it returns 886,000 results from the open Internet.


DHS is not tracking Bin Laden cohorts across America; Department of Homeland Security is tracking Occupiers. BTW, reading keyboard strokes from space is very old cold war technology. Warrantless, DHS sees everything electronic done by Occupy, absolutely everything. Read Jeffrey T. Richelson (1990). America's Secret Eyes in Space: The U.S. Keyhole Spy Satellite Program. The book is old, but it gives you a sense of what satellites can do now, like recognize your face and positively identify you when you look up; when the satellite is further towards the horizon, you don't have to look up to have face-recognition software pick your face out of a crowd of Occupiers. Just think of the Hubble Space Telescope pointed at the middle of a crowd of Occupiers.


The police, FBI and DHS don't follow you, anymore, they arrive ahead of you repeatedly, whether in black and whites or in unmarked cars. Just ordinary city cops or county sheriffs have been given both training and electronics surveillance equipment to LoJack our cars with GPS tracking devices and transmitters to transmit conversations from inside the car. The large masses of police in riot gear, arriving at the precise GPS coordinates where the Occupiers were planning to meet, the police mass-presence forming hours ahead of Occupy's schedule is anecdotal evidence of electronic surveillance, aka warrantless eavesdropping?


Shut off your cell phone, take the battery out? Not use a computer, pad, cell phone or palm device, ever, to communicate with other Occupiers? DHS has trained regular law enforcement with how to electronically bug your house, your car, your friend's houses and cars. Even local police have James Bond-like equipment and technology


The Department of Homeland Security and all the law enforcement agencies they have trained will go right through the open Internet, right through your firewall if you have one, right through your WEP encryption if it is turned on and read your data, monitor your keystrokes. When the first few people show up at your (our) massive Occupy event, the police will have "occupied" us first" they will have estimated crowd size, borrowed overtime officers from adjoining communities and will be standing there ready to break human heads. The event has been cancelled via warrantless surveillance before it started.


There have been numerous study groups and focus groups used to rank words; the word freedom is the strongest word in the English language. Bond, James Bond. How much DHS-James Bond hardware was out and about, listening, peeping, videotaping? How many DHS cyber-nerds are Telnetting into our email boxes, the Occupiers email boxes? Some freedom.


The so-called war on terror has become a pre-emptive war on all of us, particularly a pre-emptive war on Occupy. DHS cowards, fascist police doing thought control, trying to enforce the corporatist government agenda upon the unwilling" Couple that with the broken noses and broken jaws the Chicago Police inflicted on the NATO summit Occupiers and antiwar protestors, and you have a brutal, oppressive fascist regime. Don't American's overthrow brutal fascist regimes? When exactly did we become one?


DHS is touted in the biased news media as some kind of national heroes. Instead, they do the shadow covert warrantless coward surveillance" it gives the coward class a place to work in a so-called good job. DHS, Hitler's brownshirts" How does an ordinary citizen overthrow the brutality and oppression of DHS and the Chicago Police?


Corporations like an un-named college offer courses in National Security. Can't make it in Wal-Mart, rejected by the police and military recruiters? Department of Homeland Security is for you"


The military and the Police have benchmarks: physical training, IQ tests, psychological tests that people have to be capable of a certain level or standard. The Department of Homeland Security * is * a terrorist organization, waging a war of psychological terror on the American populace. DHS is a group, a class of cowards who wage war against Occupy or any subsequent group that arises like Occupy. How much of the MSM bias towards Occupy was and is instigated by DHS and the corporate loyalists? Patriotism circa 2012 is corporate loyalism masquerading as patriotism. My God, those occupiers and old hippie activists are having a leftward thought and using leftward words, let's go get them! The tools of the corporatists are mainly reading people's texts, emails and tweets; 98% of Americans think their lives are private, that they are using the Internetwork alone.


Local law enforcement can, through Homeland Security, crack any password of any kind for Facebook, twitter, linked in, your email account or your web space. Most of America uses coke or Pepsi as their password, but even the most sophisticated, 16-digit password can be broken easily by the NSA; in our security-obsessed culture, Homeland Security can and does access NSA password cracking computers to Telnet into people's online accounts and read the messages.


The DHS spying, the police and sheriffs and state police spying, the DHS agents showing up and kettling the Occupiers is oppression of First Amendment rights. Romney said, "Corporations are people, my friend". The police kettling maneuvers are peopling my friend. Citizens' United money is free speech, but we are going to surveil, kettle, pepper spray and baton the free speech first amendment rights right out of you, because Corporations are people, my friend" The Supreme Court gives free speech to Monsanto and Bain Capital, but DHS surveillance and police kettling people like fish in a net are all the free speech the rest of us will ever have? Is that how it works, Romney?


America is a place, that even if you never finished High School and cannot read and write, you can sign on the dotted X, get a Federally insured student loan, and attend an un-named college and major in Homeland Security. America is like magic; you apply yourself and become a crotch groper at the airport for TSA. With a certificate from a certain private college, even if you cannot read and write, you can teach police and sheriffs to eavesdrop.


Police and Sheriffs have black and white cars, generally. Their motto is, "To Protect and Serve". Department of Homeland Security's motto is "Preserving Our Freedoms".


Does Preserving Our Freedoms mean preserving our expected right to privacy? DHS - Preserving Our Freedoms" What a misnomer. In 2011, Department of Homeland Security spy-hardware and local law enforcement listened in on a private conversation I had with a friend of mine. I'm an activist, a progressive-socialist; most of my friends are some form of liberal-brained people, some of them are as activist as myself or more so. Not me personally, but some of my friends were" how do you say this? Their actions were written memos on the mayor's desk, the police watch commanders desk, discussed privately by city council, one was even a phone call to the governor.


I met with a friend once when I suspected I was being surveilled. My friend was not aware we were being eavesdropped upon by local law. I was not sure, but suspected the police had bugged my car. Our eavesdroppers heard every word my friend said" He spoke openly and painfully about his HIV condition" He talked about the hassle of wearing catheters" He talked about how much he misses sex with women, how lonely he gets" He talked about how painful it is when he gets aroused while wearing a catheter. He talked about the expense of his HIV antivirals, the struggle to stay alive, financially; the financial struggle itself.


My car had been stolen three days earlier, had disappeared mysteriously then shown up just as mysteriously in a place where I shop. The police said they were doing a big favor to me, giving me back my car without any impound fees.


For the next three days, I saw more law enforcement in my vicinity than I've ever seen in my life. Right after my friends' "confiding" in me, law enforcement showed up at my house, told me they were impounding my car. I gave them my keys; they retrieved something from under the front seat and changed their mind about impounding my car. Words cannot describe the stress I felt about being surveilled. Words cannot describe how much I distrust local law enforcement. To Protect and Serve needs to be replaced with to oppress free speech, to obliterate all expectation of human privacy anywhere at any time. To serve the right wing corporate master and obliterate the US Constitution. To entice, entrap and manipulate the left into a for-profit-prison-industrial-complex.


DHS and local law enforcent use the Patriot Act and all their new hardware and warrantless surveillance laws in ways that have nothing to do with Arabic Terrorists or Randy Weaver groups. I'm aware of a man in my neighborhood that went to prison for making a terrorist threat; he will have the word terror etched into his criminal record even long after he dies. To Protect and Serve, Preserving Our Freedom" Two brothers drink beer and get into a fight. One of them goes to prison for over five years and becomes a registered terrorist. We used to send guys like that to a drunk tank overnight; sometimes they were not even finger-printed and booked.


Many articles on opednews.com are ultra-critical of the Democrats, of Obama. People want to blame Bush for everything, to pretend it is all okay now, just re-elect Obama. Please try to get past man drinks beer, man is a drunk and deserves what he gets. He said something vulgar when he was drunk, he's a terrorist? Really? A lot of America thinks just like that. If we are going to drop the bar that low with the Patriot Act, where do we lower the bar to, next? Congress and Bush passed the Patriot Act and formed DHS to stop terrorists; Mohamed Atta was used as an example of a terrorist, along with 18 other men used as our national excuse for passing the Patriot Act, forming up TSA and DHS.


What was police DHS logic for charging an elderly grandfather with terrorism and sending him to the prison-for-profit-industrial-system? He is the father of a lady cop, the father in law of a man cop; he cannot afford a good lawyer so they put him in prison for terrorism. In our Orwellian and Huxley Brave New 1984 World, drunk in public or disturbing the peace will not suffice, charge him with terrorism so he can be compared to Mohamed Atta the rest of his life and even after that. Grandpa, who loves his grandkids to pieces, attends Catholic confession every week along with Mass, is a terrorist. Someone heard him say bad words when he was drunk on beer, lock him up for terrorism"


You too can go to private college; grope crotches for TSA, spy on HIV-infected men talking about catheter pain and romantic loneliness. We should all feel so free, so secure. Local law once could have let a drunk sleep it off and go home, given him a signatory card to go to AA meetings for 30 days to have his charges dropped. Does it matter whether he was charged with Terrorist Threat under Bush or Obama or Romney? Look at what we have become" Maybe we need a new reality show, where all of America can hear about Catheters on national TV, the DHS/Local Law Enforcement show, lets all listen in to Americans enjoying their freedom and rights to privacy" We could also have a show called Prison Via the Patriot Act, where we see people becoming brand new inmates, brand new terrorists because we convicted them for drunken, ugly speech. Why put them in a drunk tank overnight without booking, that would not make a good Hollywood reality show.


None of the characters, friends, enemies, acquaintances and people I barely know here in Pasadena, California has anything remotely in common with Ted Kaczynski, Randy Weaver, Tim McVeigh or Osama Bin Laden. Those surveilled are ordinary, unremarkable people, unless you want to talk about organic gardening. Those I have known the longest locally are botanist, organic gardeners, or born into a nursery family like I was. Descendents of farmers. The houses I visited while my car was bugged ended up under surveillance. July 2011 I was the focus of being investigated by laws covered under the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security.


A long time ago, every really big chain store had an inbred-looking security person at the front door; they were inevitably those rejected by both the police and the army. Now they just go to DHS and TSA and become supervisors and teach others to grab stranger's crotches in airports and "professionals" to eavesdrop on catheter conversations in a land known as freedom and democracy, the promised land of milk of amnesia. Everyone has either forgotten real freedom, or was born under the cloud of Bush and Obama. Spied upon Occupiers menaced with massive crowds of armed storm troopers waiting in advance has nothing to do with freedom.


First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


What do catheter conversations have to do with "Preserving Our Freedom" as DHS uses for their logo? Department of Homeland Security and local cops: Preserving Our Catheters. There you go the local police and DHS need to paint Preserving Our Catheters on the door of every car in their fleets. Did you guys get that on tape clearly, or would you like me to type it in all caps? Preserving Our Catheters, one warrantless intrusion at a time"


What intimate, personal details of the Occupiers lives are being recorded and stored on a digital hard drive right now? Arguments with wives, are a terrorist act? Is local law enforcement and DHS recording a woman Occupier scolding her children for not doing their homework? Is that a terrorist act? The biased, presstitute news media uses the word anarchists regularly to objectify Occupiers to help taint the large public potential jury pool. My neighbor's jury was not even out deliberating five minutes before convicting him of terrorism, terrorist threat. His handlers, the cops and DHS employees who got him convicted would once have been unarmed security guards in a hardware store. Now they are in charge of convicting grandpa of terrorism. It is good work, lots of hours, health benefits, and it makes us all secure. Right now, as you read this, some Occupy Grandmother somewhere is in the cross-hairs of both the Sheriffs Department and Department of Homeland Security. If they can build any kind of bogus court case, her jury will put her away for terrorism. The thought police are watching. If you are discussing anything you wish to be private such as catheters, it is probably being recorded and saved to disk.


Time for Occupiers to organize via carrier pigeon" Local law and DHS are using e-surveillance to deny and dissuade Occupy from having First Amendment Rights. What does this have to do with keeping anyone safe from terrorism? Occupy could sue DHS in civil court for First Amendment violations, but the large jury pool is so media brainwashed it is doubtful 9 of 12 jurors would ever see things Occupy's way.


Corporations depend upon the spy-work of local "law" and DHS spy hardware and personnel, not to preserve our way of life, but to preserve the corporatists way of life. The oath taken by military, police and politicians needs to be changed to a swearing, an affirmation of upholding corporate profits. The three corporate owned branches are at the top; local sheriffs, police and DHS are the bottom-feeders, the bottom-of-the-barrel rule-of-not-law; rather they are the bottom-tier rule-of-profiteers, the mob enforces of today's Enron Corporations. Remember Enron and Junk-Bond-Traders? Circa 2012, those types of businesses do not go under, do not go to jail, do not collapse; circa 2012, local law and DHS simply surveil all who would expose the corporate-government symbiosis of malfeasance. DHS -- Preserving Our Pretenses, Lords of all whom they surveil.



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July 14, 2012

Occupy Wallstreet? Occupy Fortune 500 and Dow Industrials?

By Tracy Turner


July 2012 in the continental US, high summer temperatures have many wondering if they are seeing Global Warming, Climate Change? The answer is not so simple, because many areas are seeing record high temperatures, which is weather, not climate. Weather changes all the time, including the recent or in some places ongoing heat wave. Climate is an average of weather, the more years the data is recorded and averaged, the more accurate the scientific picture of climate.


The heated debate over CO2 from fossil fuel burning and Global Warming has spawned astroturfing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing websites designed to make people have doubts about the validity of Global Warming. There is a good article about Astroturfing Global Warming here: http://tinyurl.com/7rkkk9q and a Green Peace article about the Koch brothers outspending Exxon Mobile with a whopping   $61,485,781 on Global Warming astroturfers http://tinyurl.com/68lngwa


Global Warming is not alone, is not a non-issue as implied by the paid, well-funded pollution industry's astroturfers; Global Warming's siblings are Desertification and Ocean Acidification. There is a map here from Wikipedia of the Earth showing the areas vulnerable to desertification in yellow, orange and red representing moderate, high and very high vulnerability, respectively http://tinyurl.com/7rm8dkx take this map with a large grain of salt, read below.


Writing as an educated, 4th generation Horticulturist, many of the websites and Youtube clips on Desertification are okay, but not overly impressive due to what they leave out. This 80-minute video on Hulu http://tinyurl.com/7zcfvfv titled "Dirt" is the best video that imparts a sense of what healthy native soil is and why Desertification happens. The definition of Desertification on English Wikipedia is all but useless; it ignores human activities like open pit mining, hydraulic-monitor gold mining, etc. The wiki article also has a map that is all over the Internet, but the map is colorized to show dry areas where existing deserts are expanding. There are, or rather there were areas of relatively wet, humid, rainy rainforest world-wide that are being damaged by slash and burn logging, gold mining, nickel mining, etc.


The loss of the native forest and subsequent soil erosion damages the natural mycorrhizae, earthworms, beneficial soil bacteria, beneficial compost mites, etc. creates a permanent hot desert in areas that were previously rainforest. The nickel miners and paper pulp "foresters" in the Philippines are examples of land being changed from wet rainforest to dry desert by human activity.


Another example of desertification is destruction of topsoil by extremely misguided or ignorant farming practices. There is very scant documentation of this online; it is easier to prove the point by first proving the opposite point. Both this article about Organic Farming and the previously mentioned video titled "Dirt" stress living soil full of living organisms are essential for healthy topsoil and healthy plant life. John A. Biernbaum from the Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University wrote, "In the simplest terms, organic growing or farming is based on maintaining a living soil with a diverse population of micro and macro soil organisms. A common phrase used to characterize organic growing that will be explained in detail is "feeding the soil, not the plant".    Organic matter is maintained in the soil through the addition of compost, animal manure, and green manures and the avoidance of excess tillage and nitrogen applications.   Another common aspect of organic agriculture is growing plants without synthetic fertilizers or pest control chemicals".


Six multinational biotech firms charge huge, exorbitant fees (often through the firms own financing) to farmers who usually do not know any better to do * absolutely * the opposite, which long-term turns farms into deserts. Those six firms are BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences LLC, DuPont, Monsanto Company and Syngenta. All six advise their customers to plow deeply and often, to apply copious amounts of chemical fertilizers, to spray insect and disease pesticides on a schedule preemptively, to grow expensive patented Genetically Modified Organism seeds, to spray weed killer pesticides frequently. The overuse of fertilizer requires farmers to abuse the soil with additional irrigation water. The carrot dangled in front of the farmers is larger yields; but the hidden cost of the Genetically Engineered harvest is Super Bugs, Super Weeds, plant-aids and the eventual collapse of previously healthy soil into a desert. Wikipedia and many Desertification websites blame desertification on the poor who live adjacent to a desert, thereby ignoring middle-class farmers being advised by employees of some of the wealthiest corporations on the plant.


As previously mentioned, the Wikipedia page on desertification http://e360.yale.edu/slideshow/illegal_gold_mining_in_southern_peru/12/1/ ignores rainforest being turned to desert; in this instance wiki got it right that the illegal gold miners are poor. But not all mining causing desertification is done by the poor, illegally. Sumitomo Chemical of Japan has divisions turning Philippine rainforest into desert. Sumitomo arranges the legalities and is far from poor.


How many Fortune 500 companies engage in practices that cause desertification? How many contribute to Global Warming? How many corporations are operating in a manner that contributes, directly or indirectly to Ocean Acidification? How much or little is Global Warming, Desertification and Ocean Acidification related problems or from the same causes (industrialization, globalization, the take-over of governments by corporations). One need not be a Democrat, a Republican, Tea Partier or Occupier to wonder about such questions. There is little data to be found to these questions on the open Internet; probably there is more data that would shed some light on this question in university databases. The Global Warming question seems to have been asked and answered as affirmative, but the general public is mystified by design via all the astroturfing by Exxon, the Kochs, etc.


The next two paragraphs were borrowed from: http://tinyurl.com/7kwlqda

Ocean acidification refers to the ongoing decrease in the pH of the Earth's oceans caused by the uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For the last 200 years, the burning of fossil fuels -- coal, oil, natural gas -- for energy, cement production, and deforestation pumps carbon dioxide or CO2 into the atmosphere. The ocean has absorbed about 1/3 of this CO2, which when combined with water, forms a weak acid. The drop in pH increases the hydrogen ion concentration in the ocean thereby making the oceans less alkaline. The impacts of ocean acidification are an urgent issue because of the potential global-scale effects they present across a broad spectrum of marine life.


The absorption of excessive amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere is changing the chemistry of seawater by increasing the acidity and lowering the seawater's naturally occurring carbonate ion, a building block of the calcium carbonate required of many marine organisms to grow their shells and skeletons. Ocean acidification reduces calcification rates in corals, leaving reef structures vulnerable to storm damage, and may affect economically important shellfish species such as oysters, scallops, mussels, clams, sea urchins, crabs, and lobsters. End of quote from nanoos.org.


Every great book or movie, or really good myth, fairy tale has one or several agonists. Writing one more Global Warming article to put on a progressive blog has been a work of agony on many different levels; in some


People have been arrested for trying to close their bank accounts as a political statement; Youtube is inundated with video of brutal police violence that does not border on human torture, but is human torture. It seems like the Occupiers are primarily two things: a) extremely peaceful and patient, b) curious about same or similar questions. The news media present their news blackouts fluff as if not one soul in America or elsewhere has similar or same questions.


Occupy Wallstreet may not seem to relate to this article to some; the entire article was inspired by them. I cannot answer my own questions, which are too numerous as well as some too nebulous to post here. But I keep thinking about the 5-6 banks that refuse to loan money to small businesses; at least one of these banks has a TV ad showing revolving wind-energy fans. Truth in advertising" how many Global Warming, Desertification and Ocean Acidification contributors does the one wind-farm TV-ad bank fund? They'll fund the destruction of all of us, but not fund our small businesses. Occupiers (collectively speaking) express the concern for the health of all people and the concern for the environment that is so lacking in government and the huge conglomerate businesses. Recently (12 July 2012) Micah Ohlman of KTLA news called them anarchists and protestors with an accusatory and dismissive tone (respectively). Thank you, Micah; this article was written in your honor you presstitute piece of excrement worse than poor excuse of a journalist. The news has stopped interviewing Occupiers up close; easier to demonize them from afar.


How many of the companies in the indexes cause Global Warming, Desertification and Ocean Acidification via business as usual? Half of the Dow Jones Industrials? One-third of the S&P 500 firms, or only ten percent of them? How much money does a large industrial make, hurtling all of us towards annihilation for dollars? Why do we not tax the Earth's largest polluters, but instead give them tax breaks and loopholes to park US dollars in the Caymans and Swiss banks.


Global Warming, Desertification and Ocean Acidification are like bad B-movie plots, except you can empirically, unequivocally prove Desertification and Ocean Acidification. Science alone will not solve or resolve these questions. Government has been and is increasingly more "occupied"" MOG, Multinationals Occupied Government.


http://www.worldometers.info/ Worldometers has a web page that takes about a minute to load if you are in a rural place with no DSL. It is worth the wait. It is a math and digital algorithm, but watch the deaths and births. Look at how much the population has grown so far, just this year alone. 40 million new people, look at how much less forest and farmland there is under Desertification.


The Worldometers page shows barrels of oil, natural gas and coal being consumed. The first time to this page, one gets a sense of what overpopulation is doing to Earth; on subsequent visits, one gets a sense of what government and industry is not doing. We are watching locust's strip mine the planet for greed while they earn more billions; the media presstitute mock us by pretending the corrupt very derogatory word goes here in government are not all on the take.


Last questions, two:


1)    Is the Red Blue polarization of the country by design, used as a red herring to distract everyone, including the Occupiers?


2)    Is there any man, woman or child older than 5-6 who doesn't know the entire US Government is on the allurement, bait, blackmail, buyoff, compensation, contract, corrupt money, corrupting gift, enticement, envelope, feedbag, fringe benefit, gift, goody, graft, gratuity, gravy, grease, hush money, ice, incentive, inducement, influence peddling, kickback, lagniappe, lure, payola, perk, perquisite, present, price, protection, remuneration, reward, sop, sweetener, sweetening, take?





















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July 10, 2012

Monsanto, Bill Gates and AGRA (Axis of Greedy Rip-offs in Africa)

By Tracy Turner


AGRA is an organization founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and these companies: Monsanto, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Procter and Gamble, Merck, Mosaic, Pfizer, Sumitomo Chemical and Yara. The AGRA and Rockefeller Foundation websites promise great things; so does the Monsanto website. Food and prosperity for Africa" so why is there an AGRA-watch organization suspiciously eyeing AGRA? Is AGRA actually an Axis of Greedy Rip-offs in Africa?


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, headlines back in 25 August 2010. Recently, Brazilian Farmers won a $2.2 billion lawsuit against Monsanto (15 June 2012). Monsanto is known for Genetically Modified Organisms, biotechnology and suing farmers, running monopolies" much like the way Microsoft was a monopoly run by Bill Gates, is still much a monopoly.


From the late 1980's and early 1990's, the Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster is a good place to start any discussion of GMO, Genetically Modified Organism. It matters little if you are religious or not, even the most devout of atheists can see that the playing-of-GMO-god Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster is hard, cold empirical evidence that much can go wrong with Genetically Modified Organisms. The Showa Denko Company in Japan manufactured the dietary supplement L-Tryptophan, but unlike many other companies using natural-bacteria, Showa Denko produced L-Tryptophan using genetically engineered bacteria.


37 people died in the United States after ingesting L-Tryptophan from genetically modified bacteria that contained one or more powerful, deadly poisons. More than 1500 people were permanently disabled after ingesting tainted L-Tryptophan manufactured by Showa Denko. The owners and workers of Showa Denko destroyed all evidence; even the fragments and residue on walls and floors, to hide the fact that Genetically Modified Bacteria produced the one or more poisons. The bacteria that the tainted Tryptophan came from had four gene splices, not one. It is not only possible, but also very highly likely, that the poison in the diet supplement came from the gene splices, the genetic modifications to the bacteria. We could one day see a similar poison in corn, soy, canola oil, etc. that kills and cripples millions of people, millions of head of livestock, etc. Too bad Showa Denko destroyed all the evidence; science could have gained a lot of insight into what can (and will again) go wrong with GMO.


A Saving a Planet at Risk article claims "In a 2011 published study of human consumption of GM foods, scientists found that the genetic material inserted into GM soybeans transferred into bacteria living inside human intestines, stayed there, and continued to function".   Some day a human being with genetically altered intestines might be the fertile breeding ground for genetically modified cholera and/or genetically modified dysentery. Eating foods, which genetically modify intestinal bacteria, cannot be a good thing.


Like Goldman Sachs, Monsanto is the Federal Government, as evidenced in this Federal Government Monsanto Venn Cross-Reference Chart . The Federal Government is Monsanto, and vice versa. The conflict of interest and hypocrisy are colossal.


The Alliance for a Green Africa sounds so benevolent, as does Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation giving millions of dollars to feed the starving masses in Africa. It is also a place for Monsanto, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, et al., to do human experimentation with GMO, pesticides and drugs with no pesky European or American public to protest against what they do. It is a place for Sumitomo to clear-cut rainforest trees for paper and pulp, to mine nickel and copper and cause more species extinction. Mosaic and Yara can sell their chemical fertilizer and continue poisoning both fresh water and seawater with fertilizer runoff.


When Monsanto has a disaster like the Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster (a Genetically Modified Plant turned poisonous), it is very likely they would rather have Africans as their guinea pigs, their lab mice. Face it, their peer in AGRA, Pfizer, has already used African children as human guinea pigs, testing untested drugs that had not even been tried out on rats.


Any experimentation on GMO that the company considers too risky to do in America can be done in Africa on the African population. There will be little to no public outcry from the American public at large" no more outcry than there was when Royal Dutch Shell hanged the Ogoni nine. Monsanto knows there will be a bad GMO experiment, has probably already covered up a few bizarre and unexpected results of multiple genetic splices. Where better to hide the horrors than in the remote villages and villagers of Africa. People who were surprised that Bill Gates bought Monsanto stock forget that the Microsoft business model has always been to monopolize, as Monsanto does. Monsanto is like Microsoft: United States vs. Microsoft, Netscape sues Microsoft, Apple Computer, Inc. vs. Microsoft Corporation 1998 and Apple Computer, Inc. vs. Microsoft Corporation 2011


It is a place for some of the worst corporations on the planet to roll out GMO Sweet Potatoes and charge royalties on what has been free in Africa for 100,000 years or more. No doubt Monsanto is interested in replacing the native sweet potato and cassava with GMO varieties with high royalty fees. Long term, we can all expect African farmers to be plagued like the country of India with Indian Farmer Suicides happening to African farmers. Bill Gates could do what George Soros did and dump his' Monsanto stocks. But will he? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation teamed up with all the for profit biotech, chemical and drug companies is a monumental conflict of interest .


There is mounting pressure worldwide to ban GMO's, to have clear GMO-free labeling, such as in California. Farmers are filing lawsuits against Monsanto, lots of farmers: 5 million farmers sue Monsanto for 7.7 billion Euros , Indian Government Files Biopiracy Lawsuit Against Monsanto, Brazilian Farmers Win $2 Billion Lawsuit Against Monsanto and US Organic Farmers File Appeal Against Monsanto 6 July 2012.

Does anyone believe the likes of Monsanto is out to feed the hungry? Or more likely partnering up in Africa with Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Procter and Gamble, Merck, Mosaic, Pfizer, Sumitomo Chemical, Yara and Bill Gates to strip-mine Africa, to steal wealth from the poor in Africa?


Monsanto is the source of all polychlorinated biphenyl pollution in America, all the cancers and deaths affiliated with Monsanto PCB's . They lied to the government, the public and their own workers while years of exposure lead to thousands of deaths. They dumped hundreds of tons of PCB's worldwide and still will not clean up their pollution.


3 October 2010, Novartis settles with the Department of Justice by paying two fines: $422.5 million and $237 million. The fines were for selling their drugs Trileptal Diovan, Zelnorm, Sandostatin, Exforge and Tekturna for off-label uses like bipolar disorder and neuropathic pain. When the Mexican and Colombian drug cartel does it, it's illegal drug pushing, but when Swiss Drug Multinational Novartis does it, the fines are a tiny, minuscule fraction of the tax-breaks granted to Novartis by the Federal Government.


Sanofi-Aventis (the makers of Ambien) knew prior to releasing Ambien into the public that those who ingested it would hallucinate, blackout, etc., and attempt to perform complex activities while still asleep or in a semiconscious state (somnambulism and/or automatism). Sanofi-Aventis find it more profitable to pay for the lawsuits than to risk losing sales by placing a warning label on the bottle.


GlaxoSmithKline 8 July 2012 United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical multinational GSK has pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy charges in what may be the largest healthcare fraud case in history. GSK illegally marketed drugs, forged drug safety data, bribed doctors to prescribe dangerous and costly drugs, defrauded Medicare and Medicaid, and lied about the efficacy and safety of drugs. This fraud generated tens of billions of dollars in profits for GSK, while thousands of patients suffered horrible side effects and/or death.


Rajat K. Gupta, a member of the Boards of Directors of The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and the Procter & Gamble Company was found guilty 15 June 2012 by a jury in Manhattan federal court of conspiracy and securities fraud crimes (insider trading conspiracy). Proctor and Gamble is steeped in controversy for animal testing its products, numerous animal rights web pages charge.


Merck agreed to settle by admitting guilt to one misdemeanor and paying $950 Million for Illegal Marketing (22 November 2011) of its drug Vioxx. Essentially, Merck lied about the drugs cardiovascular safety; they knew it caused heart attacks. They not only sold the drug anyway, they pushed the drug for off-label uses it had no efficacy for whatsoever. The first package is free, after that one you have to pay us full price for the rest.


The Mosaic Company sounds benign. Their web page at http://www.mosaicco.com/ says, among other things: "Our mission is to help the world grow the food it needs. As the world's largest supplier of phosphate and potash, we consider this mission to be a compelling one that carries vast responsibility". They also state: Building sustainable practices into every aspect of how we operate our business.


Here is what Mosaic web site does not state: Ocean Dead Zones: How Agricultural Fertilizers are Killing our Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. There is noting sustainable about dumping tons and tons of fertilizer above the water table, or where it washes into groundwater, wells, rivers, lakes, and streams and ultimately into the ocean. Old school applying ton after ton of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for farming will eventually kill everything in the ocean except jellyfish and algae.

According to the Wikileaks document 09ABUJA671 , Pfizer and Doctors Without Borders tested an unproven, experimental drug on Nigerian children and the U.S. government knew about it! This crime against humanity involved Pfizer giving the antibiotic drug Trovan to children with meningitis in Kano, Nigeria. Eleven children died, others developed arthritis and brain damage. The US Government's response is to help Pfizer set up a human drug-testing framework in Nigeria, bypassing the US Food and Drug Administration (bypasses animal testing, starts on humans).

Pfizer could, if they wanted, license their AIDS/HIV antiviral drugs as generics to be sold in poor countries around the world.   Instead, they keep the pricing on their AIDS/HIV antiviral drugs as high and artificially inflated as possible. Millions of people in places like Africa die from AIDS/HIV every year because Pfizer wants only the high-dollar AIDS customers.


Filed on 18 October 2010, US Farmers File National Class Action over Alleged Magnesium Oxide Price Fixing by Sumitomo American Chemical Company. Sumitomo Forestry Co - Japan is one of the company's causing rainforest destruction and habitat loss (plant and animal extinction). They trade in pulp and paper, which they obtain by making the rainforest itself extinct. Deforestation in the Philippines is not just from logging for paper pulp, Sumitomo Metal Mining Corporation - Japan is one of the largest causes of deforestation. The human greed for nickel is also causing rainforest plant and animal species extinction.


Yara International's website claims, "Yara International ASA is a global firm specializing in agricultural products and environmental protection agents." Wikipedia states "Yara International ASA is a Norwegian-based multinational chemical company. Its largest business area is the production of nitrogen fertilizer, however it also encompasses the production of dry ice, nitrates, ammonia, urea and other nitrogen-based chemicals". Yara's website also claims the company had its best year ever in 2011.


Yara's best year ever equates to water pollution s worst year in areas where Yara's customers apply Nitrogen-based fertilizers. The Nitrogen based chemical fertilizer is also a groundwater polluter (leeching) and a polluter of lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean (runoff).


Africa has so many problems, many people want to see the starving end, the suffering from AIDS/HIV, etc., etc. But the Potentate of a Software monopoly (Bill Gates), sued numerous times for anti-trust, copyright infringement and non-competitive business practices put nearly 24 million of his charities money into Monsanto stock. Monsanto just lost a $2.2 billion lawsuit for stealing from Brazilian farmers, if anything they are going to try to make up for that loss outside of Brazil. Africa needs real help; what it will end up getting from Monsanto, the drug pushers, the mining and lumbering multinational, etc. is exactly the opposite of help.


Novartis settled with the United States Department of Justice for pushing drugs for profit that killed people and they knew the drugs killed people. Sanofi-Aventis also pushes drugs that kill people and will not even put a simple warning label on Ambien because they are so profit-greedy. GlaxoSmithKline pushed drugs for profit, knowing some of the drugs were killing their customers, which is why they were fined $3 billion dollars. Merck's Vioxx alone killed 60,000 people, not one Merck employee, CEO, etc. has ever spent even an hour in jail. Pfizer killed and crippled children doing its drug testing in Nigeria, Pfizer will continue using African people as drug test subjects, even when the results are lethal or crippling. Pfizer won't let anybody in Africa with AIDS live, unless they are rich.


Mosaic and Yara will make millions of dollars selling commercial, chemical farm fertilizer to countries in Africa that can afford it; those countries will sell overpriced food to their citizenry. The hidden cost of the chemically grown food will be polluted drinking wells; dead fish in the rivers, lakes and dead zones in the ocean starting near the mouths of the rivers. Procter and Gamble, with their soaps and detergents, will help ruin the fisheries and water quality. Sumitomo Chemical will strip mine anywhere they can, even in rainforest or game preserve land" wherever the copper and nickel is, there they will be strip mining. Sumitomo "Forestry" will kill all the rainforest trees they can for cheap printer paper and toilet paper for Japan. Despite the idle promises on the AGRA websites, Axis of Greedy Rip-offs in Africa reflects the business history of all involved and why each entity, each corporate personhood is involved.


It is too bad Royal Dutch Shell won't come along and give all ten corporations a summary execution like they did the Ogoni nine. But you cannot execute a corporation; only give then the same rights as a human being. Most of the ten corporations have a long history of not going to prison for murder; when they want to bribe/sway and election, they have the rights of a human. When it is time to go to prison for fraud, murder, antitrust monopoly, drug pushing, crimes against humanity, etc., all are immune to the law. All are adept at hiring public relations partners in crime to sway politics and the presstitute news media.

The drug companies may pass out a few free pills to get their customers hooked; Monsanto may donate a few farm seeds. In short order, they will be charging fees for their customers, who are unwitting guinea pigs for new GMO products and new, never tested drugs.


The Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster new evidence indicates that genetic engineering was the cause. If this is so, has Monsanto had a similar incident and covered it up? Regardless of the answer to that question, Monsanto is going to have a Showa Denko-type of Genetically Engineered poison disaster. Monsanto is working with an extremely young, new fledgling technology, an extremely dangerous technology. Unfortunately, if their first really big Genetically Engineered disaster is in continental Africa, most of us won't even hear about it in the news.

All of these companies and their owners should go to prison. Instead, they wine and dine with Kings, Queens and Presidents. Their corporations insist on the rights of humans, but refuse to pay any and all human consequences. When the Germans who practiced Eugenics on the Jews were caught at the end of World War II, they were tried for crimes against humanity and imprisoned or hanged. All over the internet are scientific study results that show that pregnant women and fetuses are carrying GMO BT genes and insecticide toxins within their bodies. Companies like Dow, Monsanto and other Agricultual Gene Manipulators have changed the human genes of people's intestines, the genetic make-up of fetuses inside pregnant women. But the Kings and Queeen's of Monsanto drink wine and eat caviar with the Federal Government of America and have public relations firms give the impression that they are feeding the starving masses of Africa.

Genetically engineered food is crossing over into human unborn babies, turning them into genetically altered human unborn babies. The Germans were hung by the neck until dead for altering human genes, but Monsanto/Federal Government royals are above all that, after all, they are very rich. Those of us not in their position have class envy. In other words, these Federal Government/Monsanto people have no more of a sense of guilt or wrongdoing than the Nazis had.

















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July 7, 2012

Extinction by Citizens United: SCOTUS and the Multinationals

By Tracy Turner




For those who get their news primarily from watching CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, they don't see or hear the most interesting stories. Corporate greed, genocide, torture, slavery, and species extinction are less than under-reported. Even before the Citizens United mockery of freedom and democracy (Feemockracy) began, corporations were pretty much on their worst behavior -- paying television stations to promote their ads and politicians to promote their business interests.   In the face of such conflicting interests, we consumers held little power.

One of the mantra chants of the 1960's counter-culture movement was "People Before Profits". From the time of Ronald Reagan until now (Obamacare), the Health Services industries in America have sought to provide as little health care as possible for as much money as possible. Meanwhile, the amount of Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Uranium and PCB's, etc. in the food and water supply has snowballed. Now, in 2012, the mantra chanted by corporate-owned, government toadies is war and profits before people and the environment. The mantra of 2012 activists remains the same, "People before profits."

Human health begins and ends with the health of the Nation's environment, the World's environment. Breathing polluted air, eating food laced with Mercury, Lead and Arsenic and drinking water contaminated with Uranium, shortens or ends human life. Environmentalism is where the protection of human health begins; it is where humanity safeguards against birth defects, cancer and other human health problems.

Nestle, who has African child slave labor growing, harvesting and doing the initial processing on Nestle's chocolate and cocoa products, advertises itself as a wholesome, family-oriented company. Tell that to the child-slaves picking its cocoa beans. In 2010 CNN investigated Nestle for using cocoa beans from child slave laborers on the Ivory Coast. Nestle's new mantra?   The family that slaves together stays together.  

ConAgra foods seed supply is Monsanto GMO; their fertilizer supplier is the petroleum industry. They are the biggest US-user of pesticides of all types. ConAgra is highly, highly profitable. The water table under their farms is full of leaching fertilizer and pesticide residues. That $1.89 box of Mac'n'cheese also cost a lot of water and soil pollution; the wheat in the Macaroni is a Genetically Modified Organism that was never proven safe for human consumption, rather it was assumed to be safe for use via federal legislation and Monsanto GMO proponents finagling food safety laws.

The Ogoni Nine in Nigeria were activists who organized protests against Royal Dutch Shell's business practices there. All nine were hanged for protesting against Shell. Shell was sued, and on June 8, 2009, Shell settled out-of-court with the Saro-Wiwa family for $15.5 million. The lawsuit included allegations of summary execution, crimes against humanity, torture, inhumane treatment, arbitrary arrest, wrongful death, and assault and battery. Shell has a long history of human rights abuses in Nigeria, including murders, beatings, shootings, arbitrary arrests, and assault and battery.

In the time it takes to watch a Bayer Aspirin commercial on TV, one or two colonies of bees will fly out of their hives and disappear forever. It's called Colony Collapse Disorder, (CCD), and bees get so confused they leave their hive behind and die of starvation in the fields. Just about everything you can ever think of eating is bee-pollinated. No bees: no food. Bayer's bleeding edge new insecticide, Gaucho (Imidacloprid) is the likeliest cause of CCD. Bayer pushes the product to farmers globally, as well as sells it to homeowners to kill bugs on their roses. Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowes are filled to the rafters with Bayer Imidacloprid for homeowner use. Farmers use it in their fields and the bees keep disappearing. The threat is worldwide starvation if we lose too many bees.

According to the Wikileaks document 09ABUJA671, Pfizer and Doctors Without Borders tested an unproven, experimental drug on Nigerian children and the U.S. government knew about it! This crime against humanity involved Pfizer giving the antibiotic drug Trovan to children with meningitis in Kano, Nigeria. Eleven children died, others developed arthritis and brain damage. The US Government's response is to help Pfizer set up a human drug testing framework in Nigeria, bypassing the US Food and Drug Administration.

Pfizer could, if they wanted, license their AIDS/HIV antiviral drugs as generics to be sold in poor countries around the world.   Instead, they keep the pricing on their AIDS/HIV antiviral drugs as high and artificially inflated as possible.  

Dow and Monsanto are forever inextricably linked to Viet Nam and Agent Orange.   Operation Hades involved spraying the Vietnamese jungle so heavily with the exfoliate, Agent Orange, that ultimately six pounds of the deadly substance drenched the country for every known Vietnamese citizen.  The legacy of Agent Orange is not totally understood by many people -- the two herbicides combined in Agent Orange, 2,4-D and 2,4,5-TP, are mutagenic, that is, they cause gene mutations and birth defects. As of 2012, grossly deformed babies still enter our post-war world because these weed killers don't biodegrade, they break down into Dioxin, one of the deadliest, most carcinogenic compounds known to humankind. 

Dow and Monsanto have big plans to resurrect 2,4-D and 2,4,5-TP and convince farmers and farm conglomerates such as ConAgra spray 2,4-D and 2,4,5-TP all over your corn . Their plans include both the ear of corn you eat from your grocery store and the corn fed to pigs, cows and chickens. Monsanto is now responsible for business practices that have one farmer committing suicide every 30 seconds. In the time it takes you to read this, 3-5 or more farmers will have committed suicide because they went bankrupt doing business with Monsanto . The devil is in the details, but Monsanto is now considered the most damaging, evil, irresponsible business on the planet.

All of these companies make tremendous profit; Pfizer alone earns $50 billion per year. These companies, and hundreds of others just like them, use the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court to get their candidate elected. These companies literally buy the kind of government that suits them best.  

Don't tax the job creators; you cannot tax the creators of the jobs. The companies described above are human and environment destroyers. They destroy human beings; they create virtual or actual slavery conditions for human beings. Monsanto alone has a long, sordid history of poisoning human beings, one which started long before Agent Orange and Viet Nam.  

This is not capitalism. Those who would say this is the best system we could have are ignoring the obvious--this is fascism, a corporate-state partnership designed to work the people to death while amassing unfathomable profits. But it is not a sustainable way for society to flourish into the future. The word sustainable has started to have a new meaning for some people.   They equate it with green, with more expensive, as in organic chickens costs more than antibiotic-nuked chicken with growth-hormone injections. But if a steady diet of chemically grown chickens ruins your health, you will spend far more on hospital visits than you ever would on organic chickens.

As Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in Citizens United, unlimited independent expenditures on behalf of candidates "do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption."   So, all of the companies listed above can continue to do business as usual, while they pump millions, billions, into political candidates' election campaigns. Although said politicians will not regulate said donor companies in any way, this "does not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption."   Somebody needs to tell the five Republican Justices that the new 2012 mantra is War, Politicians and Corporations Before People and the Environment. Citizens United is a virus that infects the entire environment and us, our health, our food, drugs, and drinking water. Citizens United makes eunuchs of the FDA and the EPA, allowing companies like Pfizer to completely ignore the FDA and the EPA. They will bribe their way out of being accountable every time they break the law. Justice Kennedy's "Does Not Give Rise to Corruption or the Appearance of Corruption" is hubris.

Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Roberts and Alito basically took a few fire hydrants of political corruption that we had before Citizens United and opened the flood gates of Hoover Dam to let that much more corrupting money into the corp-political game. It is more than mere political favors at stake. Dangerous obsolete nuclear power plants will get to operate 15-30 years past their prime and have meltdowns because somebody paid their political bribe. Wars will begin because somebody paid their political bribe. People will die from defective drugs because somebody at Pfizer paid their political bribe. Ultimately, George W. Bush will get his wish; Pepsi Corporation will own and run the Grand Canyon, as this  "does not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption".  

German-owned Bayer will pay to keep killing bees by helping to elect the President favored by the German-owned company. Royal Dutch Shell and Gulf oil spill British Petroleum will also help buy the next President, so they can keep killing people and wildlife, keep oiling up the environment. Corrupt business as usual, but now magnified by Citizens United like all the power of the Hubble telescope to see the far reaches of the Universe, as Citizens United magnifies the power of the multinational corporation,   "does not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption".

DynCorp and Blackwater/Xe/Academi are two of the Mercenary Contractors the Pentagon uses to win hearts and minds in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we go to war in Syria and Iran, DynCorp and Blackwater/Xe/Academi are going to figure prominently in both wars as they did in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. DynCorp and Blackwater/Xe/Academi are already notorious for pimping underage male prostitutes and for war crimes against humanity. Both companies and their employees have never been charged with any crime, they just send the criminals back to their home country when the publicity gets too negative. Your tax dollars paying 100K per year salaries to the pimps of little boys and the random sport murders of Iraqi civilians.

Before the SCOTUS Citizens United ruling, hundreds of large multinational corporations did business as usual. Not just the corporations in this article, but hundreds more engaged in slavery, species extinction, human torture, and summary execution. Justice Kennedy and the other "Conservative" Justices opened the door for a company like Blackwater/Xe/Academi to give unlimited funds to whomever they think should be in Congress, whomever they think should be President. Most people don't get the nuanced and not so nuanced ramifications of what Citizens United means right now and what it will mean in the future.

Species extinction sounds like something sad, something akin to the way we feel when our kitty or puppy dies. If Bayer makes Apis mellifera, the Western Honeybee extinct, there will be no meat on your table, no fruit, vegetables or nuts in your kitchen, no boxes of cereal in the market. If Apis mellifera goes extinct, most of us will go extinct too. Bayer and the other foreign nationals engaged in the worst kind of behaviors imaginable before Citizens United gave them the green light to turn America into a New Age Feemockracy. If you think the corporations did not behave, did not pay their fair share of taxes before the Citizens United Feemockracy, what do you think they'll do now and in the future? Blackwater/Xe/Academi pays its Feemockracy dues so its employees can indulge themselves in genocide. Blackwater/Xe/Academi wants to be part of the wars in Syria and Iran.

People before profits was a good slogan then; it is a good slogan now. Don't just be silent. Write to the court and let them know they screwed up. If you don't, Apis mellifera and Homo sapiens might be the next two species to go partially or totally extinct. Citizens United Feemockracy is worse than Bayer's insecticide experiment.   It gives already foul, corrupt, dirty, underhanded, multinational corporations more leverage over us and over Washington. This is one of the main complaints Occupy had, before the CIA infiltrated them .

Nestles' child slavery, ConAgra/ Monsanto 's unhealthy food grown in an unsustainable manner, Shell's torture and executions, Bayer's honey bee extinctions, Pfizer's bypassing the FDA to do human experimentation, Dow and Monsanto 's genocide (just the intent to alter a human beings chromosomes with 2,4-D is genocide), Blackwater/Xe's genocide random killings with machine guns, and all the other atrocities committed by large, multinational corporations are not capitalism. This is not free market anything:   it is Globalized Feemockracy, where the highest bidders can do anything to almost anybody without any accountability.    

These companies don't even pay taxes.   They offshore their profits and we, the American public, are literally dying from their toxic runoff, the crap they put into our food and water supply, into our air. Citizens United Feemockracy opens the floodgates for them to misbehave more, as in more murder, slavery, and human torture--more food, water and air unfit for human consumption, more war, and more genocide. More CIA infiltration of the protest movements of the American People, more police brutality. The CIA and the police had to muffle Occupy so that the war profiteers can invade Syria and Iran without resistance. Citizens United Feemockracy makes war, pollution and human science experiments more mainstream. The message of the activists is still the same, people before profits. Citizens United Feemockracy is Fascism, not Public Politics, not capitalism. Hybridizing Corporate Greed and Public Office creates Feemockratic Fascism.

If the crimes described in this article occurred before or early after adoption of Citizens United, what are these and other corporate criminals going to do next? If the government allowed them to go as far as they did before Citizens United, what crimes will the government allow them now?   The government itself commits crimes, in a corrupt, malfeasant atmosphere such as post-Citizens United, what crimes will our future government pardon for itself?

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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Occupy-Plutarchy-Oligarch-by-Tracy-Turner-120627-9.html

June 27, 2012

Occupy Plutarchy, Oligarchy, corrupt News Media and the Fascists' Police

By Tracy Turner



Before there was Occupy Wallstreet, there was Woody Guthrie and his political songs during the days of the Dust Bowl, the great depression of the 1930's. Many within the Occupy Wallstreet Movement (for that is what Occupy is, a political movement) lean left, towards Progressivism, Socialism and perhaps even Communism. Who can blame them, the Democratic left itself has sold out to Corporatism, Oligarchism and Plutarchism?


But there are some parallels between Occupy Wallstreet and Woody Guthrie, some parallels between the corporations of the 1930's and the corporations who own the American President, Congress and Supreme Court now.   Unfortunately, the biggest parallel is the massive amount of violence the political right and their corporate masters are willing to expend to quell the political left (Occupy, the Democrats are no longer the political left). The billy club is still the main weapon of choice, the sap and the black jack, brass knuckles have been replaced with new-age pepper-spray, plastic-slip-ties applies too tightly as a torture technique and by sound cannon, LRAD acoustical weapons. This last, the LRAD, causes permanent hearing loss.


Occupy is not the first politically left organization in America to face violence and underhanded opposition, propaganda in the press, etc. The 1930's through 1970's Union Organizers faced everything from beatings, bad press in the newspapers, etc. Google the Ford Hunger March sometimes called the Ford Massacre.


More recently, the 1960's counter culture movement faced COINTELPRO, which is very well documented, possibly even a government persecution called Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos is not as well documented as COINTELPRO. The point of bringing up these tidbits of US history is to put the perceived setbacks of Occupy into perspective. What some journalists are calling the death of the Occupy movement is actually the knee-jerk reaction of the status quo" They flinched! Occupy hit a big, giant military-security complex nerve.


The giant US and Multinational corporations and the President, Congress and Supreme Courts have become one big, money-diseased organism.


Free speech itself is under attack, mostly by throwing money at politics and calling it free speech" but real, live, active free speech such as Occupy protesting in front of highly crooked banks is suppressed with violence. Cannot have Occupy free speech in front of a bank, must use violence to enforce sanitation laws.


The thing about protected free speech is it is supposed to be protected for everyone, be they right wing, ultra-right John Birchers, left wing communists (if such a thing still exists anywhere), socialist, ultra left of communist, etc. The US Constitution does not list a bunch of individuals or groups that are not protected by free speech guarantees. If the NRA has it's right to put NRA stickers all over big trucks as free speech, how is it that Occupiers on public property in front of a bank somehow have less free speech and get pepper sprayed, tortured with plastic binder-tie-hand-cuffs and baton beatings.


Recently Chicago Police beat protestors in front of NATO Summit in Chicago. Do these same police show up in the park and beat and pepper spray people at a NRA barbecue? In plain English, the free speech rights of the right wingers do not get infringed on with pepper spray, batons and tear-gas rounds. But the free speech of the Occupy protestors has become open hunting season by right-wing law enforcement.


Jeremy Scahill, in his book Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, makes a pretty good case that the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and Private Security such as Blackwater ARE ALL RIGHT WING. This means the intelligence they gather is right wing biased. The decisions to go to war are right wing biased. It is not a far stretch to extrapolate that most police departments and sheriff departments are right wing, NRA loving and of course prone to right wing bias. The point being that having a bunch of right wing cops beating the hell out of and arresting a bunch of left wing protestors is about as blatant of civil rights violations as one could find, anywhere. Odd, that the right-wing newspapers and TV calls Occupy "Anarchists" while ignoring the police descending into total anarchy.


The right is not just bludgeoning the left using police departments, the right and the traitorous democrats are passing or attempting to pass law after law that infringe more and more on the either the left, the average citizen or both: the Patriot Act, Citizens United, NDAA, SOPA and PIPA, H.R. 347 or the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011", TARP and TARP II, and the TPP TransPacific Partnership. Some of these laws are designed to worsen economic disparity, some to curtail or completely eliminate free speech" including free speech online. It should be up to everyone in America to notice that you do not hear of Patriot Act, Citizens United, NDAA, SOPA and PIPA, H.R. 347 or the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011", TARP and TARP II, and the TPP TransPacific Partnership on TV in 2012. These laws are unraveling the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights.


If there is one single thing Occupy Wallstreet did accomplish and accomplish well, it was free speech" Not corporate propaganda on TV, not a giant business bribing politicians and spinning their spin during a TV commercial or newscast" Occupiers were actually real people voicing real dissent about the unholy alliance between business and government.


In the Citizens United Supreme Court decision Justice Kennedy reasoned that such expenditures "do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption". Justice Kennedy was referring to Private Corporate Money going into Public Elections. What Justice Kennedy should have written was that the marriage between PRIVATE CORPORATE MONEY and PUBLIC ELECTIONS was reminiscent of the marriage between a brother and a sister, that the union would produce an unhealthy, inbred prodigy. For is not CORPORATE GREED married to POLITICAL PUBLIC SERVICE producing a TOTALITARIAN OLIGARCHY in place of a democracy?


The corporate-political machine pushes further and further right, all the while moaning that socialists and communists are out to get them. The tax breaks given to their Oil Companies are socialist, as are the leasing of public land to drill oil upon.   Oil companies do oil exploration and develop new oil fields and new off-shore drilling platforms with public money. The Federal Government makes a vast fortune leasing public land to the oil companies, who make even larger fortunes price gouging the public. What some call free market capitalism is a mixture of public, socialist money to defray costs. The damage oil companies do to the environment is left as an ongoing legacy to the public, the monetary profits are kept for the oil executives private use. The adverse health affects from drilling, refining and burning oil is left for the public to suffer from. Anyone who gets cancer from living next door to an oil refinery has to pay for their medical treatment out of pocket.


Everyone drives on socialist freeways, crosses socialist bridges, depends upon socialist firemen, paramedics and ambulances" The Plutarch elite demand socialization for new Nuclear Power Plants, which are paid for with vast sums of public money. Their frenzied wars are paid for with public money, their defense contractors the epitome of socialized corporations. But Universal Socialized Medicine, my God, the Commies are coming. Why don't they scream the Commies are coming when they pour $1-2 Trillion of public money per year into Defense Contractors? The right-wing only screams commie lefty when it is health care, but not when it is a new Nuclear Power Plant being built. Health care, too expensive, communism. A new deep sea oil rig or new Nuclear Power Plant to kill our health with dangerous, outdated technology" free market capitalism with public dollars. Public health with public dollars, taboo.


The thing those of us on the left loved and still love about Occupy, is Occupy exposed the hypocrisy.


The words Oligarchy and Plutarchy seem almost overused on the Internet, sometimes. I borrowed this paragraph from wiki, it is in reference to Henry Ford trying to break up an autoworkers union in its early days: The Ford Hunger March sometimes called the Ford Massacre was a demonstration of unemployed workers starting in Detroit and ending in Dearborn, Michigan, that took place on March 7, 1932. The march resulted in four workers being shot to death by the Dearborn Police Department and security guards employed by the Ford Motor Company. Over 60 workers were injured, many by gunshot wounds. Three months later, a fifth worker died of his injuries. The Ford Hunger March was an important part of a chain of events that eventually led to the unionization of the U.S. auto industry.


Henry Ford could well afford to print anything he wanted to in the 1932 newspapers. He still lost, a valuable lesson to remember the next time you see TV news calling Occupiers anarchists. The libel and slander on TV and in the papers does damage, but ultimately the will of the people will prevail over bought and paid for corrupt media.


Both the general public and Occupy members do not know where Occupy will end up. But if all the Oligarchs and Plutarchs have on their side is TV and corrupt police willing to engage in violent anarchy, then the right has already lost. If all their strategy is invested in corrupt laws like Citizens United, all they are going to do is fill New York's Times Square with Protestors.


Many people claimed that Occupy's message was muddled, that their list of demands varied too much from one group to the next. The passage of time from Woody Guthrie until now made people forget what Unions, Strikes and Protests are about. These types of social events are always about the same thing: FAIRNESS!!! Fairness" Occupy was and is and will be about fairness. It matters little if it is a demonstration today, tomorrow, or next year. It matters little whether the group calls itself Occupy Wallstreet and Down With the Plutarchs, either way, it will be the so-called little people come out in droves.


What is important to remember is the Henry Ford's of this world always lose to the factory workers, but it sometimes takes a long time.... The unjust wars, the tax money for socialized oil and gas that comes from public land, the price gouging chiseling way that businesses pay Congress to rip off the little people. Occupiers wanted and still want to fix all of it. Those who write blogs about them being gone don't know how dirty and underhanded Henry Ford did the autoworkers. Ultimately they won Union wages. Fair is fair, propaganda and buying the three branches of government doesn't change that. People have protested against tyranny for centuries, Occupy in the US is just the latest.


The writer Aldous Huxley once wrote: "If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern". In some ways America right now is in its cavern" To many blogs and ezines, too many mainstream newspapers pronouncing OWS is dead. The Newspapers once had the same headline about God, God Is Dead as their main headline.


God is not dead, neither is Occupy. The Occupy Protests proved something besides the little people want fairness. The Occupy Protests proved the little people aren't so little. Although the media made a big deal out of a few broken windows, the protests were largely non-violent and well behaved. There are not enough cops and national guardsmen in the country to handle the types of crowds that will next form. Whenever that is, wherever that will be, it is the non-violence and well behavedness of the crowds that keeps order. Every cop in the country knows they keep order because WE ALL LET THEM KEEP ORDER.


"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite". If you forget the media brainwashing, the implied threats of more violence by the police and the government" PEOPLE GOT OUT AND PROTESTED FOR FAIRNESS! It is a damned miracle. It is a miracle that deserves to be repeated, as often as it takes.


Those few who underestimate OWS probably don't know about all the http://www.forbes.com/sites/shenegotiates/2011/10/19/lawyers-who-have-occupy-wall-streets-back/ lawyers who want to help OWS. Even better than a large herd of lawyers, OWS has http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ise6Emc7eHM Lisa Fithian. Many of those who underestimate the human will for both freedom and fairness expected what? This isn't Homs, Syria, not yet, anyway. For right now, the police have so violated free speech rights in America that the lid is part way on the pressure cooker. But anyone that expects the lid to stay on is naive.


The current leak of pages of the TPP, the TransPacific Partnership shows that our government wants to further enslave us economically. This is equivalent to Henry Ford trying to interrupt the workers Hunger March with machine-gun wielding cops. Watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4eZcm4ZO6o and judge for yourself, If there is unfairness, there will be more protests. This time, go out and protest, too. If you are already a regular in Occupy, talk some friends and family into protesting. TPP alone is a reason to get out and protest. But don't think for a minute that Occupy is dead. Think about Nelson Mandela" Human beings have that kind of stubbornness inside of them. Don't let the six TV companies that work for the incestuous government-corporate interests dissuade you otherwise. You have in you what Nelson Mandela has in himself. He went through way more hardships than anyone in Occupy, or anyone reading this. In the end, the Apartheid Government collapsed. Someday, Citizens United will be outlawed. It just takes time and patience. It doesn't take a gun or knife; it takes persistence and some courage.


Mandela owes much of his success to seeing things as they really were, seeing things as they ought to be. He refused to see things through the narrow chinks of a self-imposed cavern, even when he was falsely imprisoned. The people of America are not unfair laws like Citizens United, NDAA and TPP, we the people are bigger than the petty laws imposed upon us by a few Plutarchs. These Plutarchs have money, but have no vision whatsoever. They stand for nothing that the majority in this country would fight for. See them as they are" If Washington DC were invaded suddenly by shock paratroopers from a foreign army, would you race to Washington DC and risk your life saving the power elite? 75% or more of the country would say, HELL NO! What about the Board of Directors of Monsanto, Exxon Mobile, Peabody Energy and Big Frackers Gas Company? No, you wouldn't risk your life to save them either. They are nowhere near as great and powerful as claimed. Wizard of Oz, behind his TV curtain, paying for primetime ad after primetime ad to make more oil dollars. All of them have to hide behind armed body guards. All that they can create is what they buy. When they pass from this life, most of us will say good riddance.


It is imporatnant to see that the power elite live in a kind of vacuum, a self-imposed exile from polite society. Their weddings, funerals, hospital stays, etc. are all under armed guard. Even if there is none among us who means them harm, they live exiled anyway, their own sense of guilt, repressed as it is, still exists. Their happiness is what they buy, because they are that shallow. They missed the true meaning of life" Or worse, perverted it beyond their own recognition.


The opposite is true of those we saw in the Occupy encampments. They were trying to help not only themselves, but all of us. They were attempting to be what the 1960's -- 1970's right once referred to as the moral majority. Now, in 2012, the moral majority are those who speak up against the injustice.


The power elite don't get it" They just saw what they thought of as some unemployed people in camps. What they don't get, will never get, is that the Occupiers speak for the vast majority in America. Think of where Occupy would be if 65-75% of the country went out into the street all at once. Remember the crowds on TV in Tahrir Square in India? Someday K-Street in Washington DC is going to have a crowd 3-4 times the size of that in Tahrir Square. The police cannot kettle a crowd that large, won't want to. The power elite in Washington DC don't have the loyalty of the police, they simply give them paychecks. It's not the same thing as real loyalty.


Converesely, the protestors of Occupy Wallstreet have the loyalty of 65-75% of the Americn People. Not K-Street, not Congress, but OWS has our loyalty. If you feel the same way, then Occupy has already won. It is perception. Don't be misled by government/corporate propagnda. If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. Good fighting evil is not another war in Syria or Iran. Good fighting evil is a large cadre of Occupiers with picket signs in front of a bank. Good fighting evil is us, moving our money from the big banks to a tiny little credit union with free checking. Resist, in any way you can and don't ever stop resisting. Somewhere inside, you know it's the right thing to do.






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June 25, 2012

TPP -- America Going (Gone?) 100% Fascist

By Tracy Turner


When George H.W. Bush, an oilman who was so bad as President he only served one term, talked of a New World Order" what did he mean? A new era, when oil companies did not have to deal with pesky EPA laws and rules? When the US could attack two countries at once with drones and an all-volunteer army? When the US Constitution was entirely suspended, and corporate rights would always trump individual rights?

A Huffington Post Article titled, "Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises" was posted June 13 and updated June 14, 2012. A few articles, blogs and discussion thread groups are criticizing Obama for closed door negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which gives both US Citizens rights and US Law (all branches of all US courts) over to jurisdiction of corporate tribunals. The corporate Tribunals consist of three lawyers.

The full, leaked TPP document is here: http://olivebiodiesel.com/tppinvestment.pdf

There are two things that most or all of the blogs and articles describing the TPP and Obama don't seem to mention: 1) That Obama, himself is a lawyer, and 2) That Obama is a cool as a cucumber lawyer. Not only is Obama a lawyer, he is a former US Constitutional Scholar. Who would know best, how to thwart, unwind, disassemble and circumvent the US Constitution but a Constitutional Scholar? Obama can quite literally order the deaths of an entire family right before going to wolf down a cheeseburger, no loss of appetite, and no guilt.

Taking the rights of an entire class of people in America is even easier to him. This is a man fascinated by Royals, by the upper crust of the world. He no more gives a damn for the eaters of America or anywhere else, they are just eaters, ants using up resources. He does not let this slip when campaigning, but it is how he has governed, how he will always govern. Obama plans on being powerful and in the loop of the rich and powerful his entire lifetime. Reps. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT), Rep. Donna Edwards(D- MD), Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) might defy Obama briefly" ultimately they will be squashed like bugs" there's $20.5 trillion dollars per year in play with TPP.

The Tribunal of three lawyers mentioned in the TPP" Obama is going to be out of work in the next 1-5 years, he's planning ahead, planning to be one of the three lawyers on the Tribunal that replaces the US Courts and US Law, citizens rights replaced by three cool as cucumber lawyers. Obama, the cool as a cucumber lawyer, seems to have ice in his veins and ice in his heart every time he orders an entire family wiped off of the map by a drone strike. The man never gets angry, grins like a Cheshire Cat after wiping out an entire family by sucking the air out of their lungs with a hellfire-missile drone-strike.

Under current US law, if you take a bad heart drug and suffer physical damage, you can sue the drug company. Under the TPP, if you filed a lawsuit, a Tribunal of three lawyers, possibly Obama himself being one of the three attorneys, would find that you had interfered with free trade with your frivolous lawsuit. You'd have no recourse in the US Courts; the Tribunal would order you to pay the drug company damages after their bad drug injured you.

When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA on December 8, 1993, he signed away the rights of numerous small businesses and corporation to compete on a level playing field. American truckers must follow strict laws governing everything from the status of the brake system on their trucks to how many hours they drive before they have a set number of hours of sleep or rest. Mexican truck drivers coming into the US delivering Mexican goods are not subject to the same rules, the same standards because their Mexicans driving on US roads under NAFTA. Anyone they have a traffic accident with has fewer rights than they would think suing the Mexican trucking company, because they are dealing with both US and Mexican courts. The rights of the consumer were not the intent of NAFTA; profits for companies like Wal-Mart were the intent of NAFTA. The jobs created under NAFTA were and are largely Wal-Mart-type-pseudo-jobs.

TPP goes way further than NAFTA. Under TPP, hypothetically a Chinese Trucking company comes into the US, does not follow DOT rules, does not have safety inspections or rest periods for the driver. The Chinese driver replaces two union drivers, and pulls 14-15 hour shifts daily. The over-worked underpaid truck driver falls asleep, kills your family and you survive with no legs. You file suit via US and Chinese courts. The three-lawyer Tribunal fines you $500,000 for filing a nuisance suit against the Chinese trucking company.

Meanwhile, companies like Wal-Mart fire all their drivers and contract-out truck driving to a TPP Chinese-owned company with drivers who earn half the pay of current Wal-Mart truck drivers. The TPP is designed to make even more of a slave-class out of the dwindling middle class. The TPP is designed to go way, way past Tort Reform and make victims out of victims. If a TPP member-country corporation harms, injures or kills you or a family member, your legal recourse is an unsympathetic, corporate-controlled three-lawyer tribunal.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is not just more NAFTA" Ice-cold-heart lawyer Obama and corporate lawyers from around the globe drafted it behind closed doors. Not only was it drafted in secret, but only two of its 26 chapters have been leaked, there are another 24 chapters of TPP that are still being negotiated behind locked doors by Obama and the corporate lawyers from the member countries.  Right now, the U.S., Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam are all participating in the talks and expected to sign the treaty. Mexico, Canada and China are all interested and will probably end up as signatories as well. This will mean more US jobs going to Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, Canada and China.

The lawyers themselves are setting themselves and their families to be a ruling class, to have a serf class serving them goods and services, serving them cash flow. TPP is 658 million people spending much of their shrinking net worth, that's worth a staggering $20.5 trillion annually" The corporations and their lawyers, including their Lawyer Tribunal, rake in $20.5 trillion annually. They will spend a mere pittance of the $20.5 trillion annual on buying Senators, Congressman and Presidents, who are no longer powerful people, they are merely corporate pawns.

George Bush screwed the American public setting up the banks and energy companies and the defense contractors to rape the American economy. Obama is simply setting up the world's large multinational companies to decimate the last of the US Constitution that the Patriot Act and NDAA had not already decimated. Ultimately, he'll be like George Bush" In the future, there will be a long line of male and female Presidents with Bush and Obama last names.

Even though Americans are accustomed to voting box electronic machines and thinking of us as a democracy because we vote, both Bush and Obama have set themselves and their families up to be a long line of Kings and Queens, who rule over their serfs.

People judge Presidents in the US by their smiles, their jokes, by the price of gas and by how stable their job is. But if you look solely at their records, the laws they favored and signed" If you look at what the Congresses did under each President, from about 1979 until today, they drove nails into the coffin of democracy and promoted fascism. Fascism itself is when an individual or a group owns the government. Megalithic multinational corporations own the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court, all three branches of government.

Bush, Gore, Romney or Obama" no matter how you cast your vote, you are electing a corporate-sponsored minion, who will make you yourself more of a micro-minuscule-minion. Romney or Obama, either way you are just exchanging one deck chair for another deck chair on the good ship Titanic. Isn't that what our democracy has become, from the late 1970's until today, the US Titanic, a leaking, broken wide open democracy that Occupy protests cannot even begin to bail out? Our own police forces themselves are like panicked passengers, their urges to keep law and order reminiscent of a panicked person in the water climbing up high on your back so you both drown together. Law and order, profits for the Kings and Queens, no justice, no true democracy" just paperless ballots run by unintelligible computer algorithms.

Some of the biggest nails in the coffin of democracy were/are NAFTA, the Patriot Act, National Defense Act of America and Trans-Pacific Partnership. All of these had bankers, drug companies, oil companies, insurers of all kinds, and defense contractor's hands in them. None of these benevolent or harmless sounding laws was in the public interest. In each case, the public was flat out lied to, particularly by the 6 large TV stations. TPP fascism will be signed into law, the two-three Senators and Congressman who make a stink about TPP will be redistricted so that they lose the next election cycle. Americans themselves, mostly, will vote and console themselves that their new seat on the US Titanic is comfy, that they made a good choice.

Trade agreements like NAFTA and the TPP, couple with the Patriot Act and the National Defense Act of America (NDAA) are treasonous. These laws are the selling out of the American people, the selling out of the US Constitution to a group of lawyers and corporations. Those committing the treason justify their actions with lies and lawyer gobbledy-gook. Their denial of their treason does not make it less treacherous, less abominable. Covering it up with lies in the news media does not mean they did not sell out a democracy and turn the old democracy of America into their dystopian vision of fascism. America has pretty well been reduced to a fascist state by NDAA" TPP just drags America further down that fascist dark hole. All the flag-waving and nationalist rhetoric in the world does not a democracy make.

The fact that both Romney and Obama are anxious to sign the TPP agreement means that both Obama and Romney are the captains of the Titanic, willing to peg the throttle wide open. Regardless of their rank or their intentions, the country is about to strike an iceberg and sink. American Democracy, true working democracy, is down to a couple of blogs on the Internet. A couple of blogs, a couple of web sites are trying to warn the whole country about impending disaster. The rest of the country is watching CNN and Fox News, and will never even hear about TPP, even after its signed into law.

The US Constitution is an obstacle to the wealth interests of the global elite. Obama and the Royals he so worships need the entire, pesky old Constitution out of the way of their business plans. The Bush's, Obama's, Romney's of this world are setting up their New World Order, and it does not include any rights whatsoever of the individual. Obama is a DINO, a Democrat In Name Only. George H.W. Bush during a speech once glowingly said I see a thousand points of light for the homeless man. Homeless men want a meal, some new shoes, to see a doctor and to have a roof over their head again.

Each President, all the way from Ronald Reagan up to Obama, has worked to create a New World Order where the order is more homeless, more medically uninsured, and more hunger" all the while with the largest corporations raking in record profits, obscene amounts of vast fortune. Obama's secretive TPP agreement bodes much more evil coming to the common man. The ranks of the homeless are about to swell even bigger.

Obama's glowing gushing speeches are as hollow and empty as George Bush Sr.'s thousand points of light for homeless people. Ultimately, America will have fewer jobs and more hungry, with the disappearing cash going to foreign multi-national corporations. People will be feeding themselves with credit cards, temporarily. TPP may even, probably will usher in the return of debtor prisons.

Nobody outside of the TPP insiders has read all of the TPP chapters; there may possibly be provisions that do away with minimum wage, certainly livable wages" TPP may also do away with child labor laws, 8 hour days, etc. If these are deemed an interference to free trade with member nations, it will be up to a three-lawyer tribunal how our old laws get interpreted.

The fact that most of the pages are still a closely guarded secret tells you this is going to hurt the public very badly. Many people debate the New World Order, debate whether or not there is a conspracy, taking sides, yeah or nay. Both sides of these debators miss the entire point: the New World Order is ultimate greed, ultimate betrayal, ultimate self-centered self-importance. The players in the New World Order give new, deep meaning to terms like bullying, sociopsychopath and narcissist. Society has yet to invent a word for the players, the so-called leaders who have enslaved all of us. Lawyers are subordinating basically all of our rights to business, to corporatocracy.

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June 21, 2012

Greedy Obfuscating Polluters - GOP

By Tracy Turner


No Taxation Without Representation was a slogan of the colonists of the 13 original American colonies; their primary greivance was paying taxes to the King and not having the King be cognizant of their rights, their needs and their struggles. It was a primary cause of the Revolutionary War.


If one Googles the letters GOP, one finds Greedy Old Perps, Gluttons of Power, Greedy Obfuscating Polluters, Greedy Old Pillagers (of Nature), Golf Oil and a P-word that means a person of ill repute, Greedy Obstinate Polluters, etc. One does not find any GOP references to Government Of the People in google. The inference is a group that puts the tax burden on the average while living like the King.


The following Italics are from About.com US Gov Info: Founded as a federal agency in 1970 following a proposal by President Richard Nixon, the EPA was an outgrowth of the growing public alarm over environmental pollution over the course of a century and a half of immense population and industrial growth. The EPA was established not only to reverse years of neglect and abuse of the environment, but also to ensure that government, industry and the public take better care to protect and respect the fragile balance of nature for future generations .


So Richard Nixon, a Republican, was instrumental in forming the United States EPA. From the era of Richard Nixon until now, these are some of the acts that have been put into law, some of the acts that the EPA should have some jurisdiction or at least partial oversight of:


1972 -- Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments of 1972

1972 -- Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) (amended by Food Quality Protection Act of 1996)

1972 -- Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972

1973 -- Endangered Species Act

1974 -- Safe Drinking Water Act

1976 -- Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

1976 -- Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

1977 -- Clean Water Act. Amended FWPCA of 1972.

1977 -- Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act

1978 -- National Energy Conservation Policy Act

1980 -- Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Created the Superfund program.

1980 -- Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

1980 -- Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act

1982 -- Nuclear Waste Policy Act

1986 -- Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986

1986 -- Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA)

1987 -- Water Quality Act. Amended FWPCA of 1972.

1989 -- Montreal Protocol on ozone-depleting chemicals enters into force.

1990 -- Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Set new automobile emissions standards, low-sulfur gas, required Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for toxins, reduction in CFCs.

1990 -- Oil Pollution Act of 1990

1993 -- North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act

1994 -- Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice

1996 -- Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act (P.L. 104-19)

1996 -- Food Quality Protection Act (amended FIFRA)

1996 -- Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996

1997- Kyoto Protocol (Not Ratified By United States)



From 1981-1989, the Ronald Reagan administration issued millions of oil, gas and coal leases on public land. These eight years saw the US EPA hamstrung and the giant polluter companies' do just about anything they wished to do. The future environment, including clean drinking water for posterity, wasn't even a dim after-thought.


From 2001-2009, George W. Bush took oil, gas and coal lobbyists and executives and put them in key regulatory positions within the Department of the Interior and the US EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency today, under Obama, is still stuffed full of oil, gas and coal industry insiders.


Bush rolled back clean air laws, sought to interfere with clean air law enforcement and standards for arsenic in drinking water. This was to promote mountaintop removal coal mining, which puts arsenic in people's drinking water.

Bush promoted oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other public lands, increased logging on public lands, fought Planned Parenthood, fought fuel economy and other transportation efficiency standards. Bush fought against the Kyoto accord on global warming, had his industry insiders label global warming as junk science.

Bush also promoted turning the running of National Parks and National Monuments over to private companies, in some cases multinational companies. This was referred to as the Pepsi Grand Canyon fiasco.

George W. Bush is an oil industry insider, who set up oil companies to rake in the highest profits in the history of the Earth. Meanwhile consumers suffer record high pricing at the pump, as well as a sagging economy and two very unpopular wars. If you count the military ecological pollution, both domestic and internationally, George W. Bush's eight years in office were the most high-pollution years in US history, even in world history. More poison was disseminated into the environment under George W. Bush than was ever done before by any government, worldwide.

Barack Obama has taken the Bush energy policies of to hell with the environment and increased coal, gas and oil production. The economy is now in the second-leg of a deep economic depression, and the poisons of the oil, gas and coal industries are poisoning the fresh water supply of America at an alarming rate. The Richard Nixon EPA is a neutered shadow of its former self, now staffed by both Bush and Obama-appointed lobbyists and industry insiders. Essentially, there is no more EPA, there is in its stead a rubber stamp organization that approves all oil, gas and coal leases on public land.

In 1864, President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican" signed legislation that deeded Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Big Tree Grove to California for public enjoyment and recreation. Lincoln's signing of the Yosemite / Mariposa Grove legislation was the roots of the National Park system. George Bush and Barack Obama acting as Gross Obfuscating Polluters and deforesting America's forests while simultaneously allowing miners, frackers and oil-drillers to pollute the nations waterways is an abomination, a deviant course from that chosen by Lincoln and Richard Nixon. Both Lincoln and Nixon viewed their conservatism as including environmental conservation. The Lincoln-Nixon part of Presidential history, the Lincoln-Nixon Congresses reminds us that Bush's oil-industry greed and Barack Obama's centrist more Bush-new-millennium GOP type policies are the right wing blipping far too far to the right. Whether you are talking domestic pollution, military pollution over-seas, drone-killings, unjust wars abroad" The Bush-Obama way of doing things has done tremendous damage to the reputation and functionality of the US EPA.


These self-indulgent let's mountaintop coal mine now and leave the arsenic in the streams for the next 50-generations to drink later policies are totally unsustainable. How much clear-cut logging and environmental catastrophe can one inflict on one's own country for an ongoing basis? Perhaps they were simply practicing forced birth control, trying to make the population sterile? Issuing more Gulf of Mexico oil drilling permits while the sea is still full of BP crude is a form of population control. The next spill will cause both fish and humans to die of cancer faster, in greater numbers. What is conservative about putting millions of barrels of oil in the ocean? This type of energy policy is radical; to call it conservative is a misnomer.


It is time for both the Democratic centrists and the Republican Conservatives to go back to the roots of Lincoln and Nixon. It is time for the American voters to vote for people that do more than say drill baby drill. That is all we have been doing since Bush took office. It does not create jobs; it just transfers wealth from the American consumer to the oil companies faster. People expect sixty-two cent gas like in 1979, again. It will never happen.


The public lands include public drinking water. If we continue to poison public drinking water, in a matter of not that many years, most of us will be dead and dying. No water, no health and no long life. You cannot drink dollars you cannot drink a job. The Bush Obama energy plan will, sooner rather than later, kill you and your family. Fracking for cheap natural gas" try drinking a bottle of natural gas the next time you are thirsty from a workout. Don't even think bottled water" Bottled water has to come from SOMEWHERE. Bottled water has to come from a relatively clean, unpolluted source. Every time the oil and gas companies frack, one more source of clean drinking water is gone. Those TV commercials they show non-stop? None of those mentions the 1972 and 1977 Clean Water Acts. The coal industry spiel about how the EPA got tough and denied 1 out of 600 mountaintop removal coal mining permits" It mentions the cost of electricity. You cannot drink electricity. You cannot grow a field of corn, or raise a cow, with electricity. A bag of peanuts, anything you eat or drink, requires clean water. That is why Nixon, a conservative, and the Nixon Congress made the Clean Water Act. The concept of conservatives conserving both nature and natural resources for future generations is the roots of Republican Conservatism. The Bush-Obama doctrines, both in the sense of war and industry, are abominations.


Part of how we got here is the news media, the television media. They take big sums of money to air coal, oil and gas video clips promoting those industries, but the TV news will not air any documentary of the ecological destruction and adverse human health effects of the TV stations corporate sponsors. If Big Oil runs 4 commercials per hour on CNN, then CNN sees fit not to cover any Big Oil Pollution issues on CNN. The public does not protest, does not turn off the infotainment fluff. The public does not write to CNN and complain. CNN itself does not respond to the complaints it does get. Don't put your energy into electoral politics. Don't think you will vote your way out of these problems. Voting Romney or Obama is not going to fix any of this corruption of the political system. If you have not done so already, watch the videos in Youtube on human health and environmental issues, such as:   Gasland, When the Dust Settles, The World According to Monsanto, Man vs. Conspiracy: Gulf Oil EXPOSED!!! and The Last Mountain. These five documentaries are well worth the time to see them. Try to donate time or money to an environmental organization. The NRDC, the National Resources Defense Council is one of the best. If you donate to NRDC, they generally use lawsuits to force either the EPA or the industry company to follow the law. NRDC gets results that organizations like the Sierra Club often fail to get. Mitt Romney may belong to the Grotesque Old Pharts, but he's what's known as a RINO, Republican In Name Only. Both Obama and Romney were hand picked to do the bidding of Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuke and Monsanto/Con-Agra. Either one will continue policies that are short-term huge profits for the tiniest of minorities, the .0016%, the millionaires and billionaires. These profit-scalpers are literally strip-mining the country and leaving their sludge behind to kill the rest of us. From 1972 to 1997, the Congress and the various Presidents signed into law many acts intended to protect public health and public land, the public water supply. Just because the last two Presidents acted in a reckless, careless, even sociopathic manner does not mean that reckless, careless and sociopathic is the new standard for America. Greed in these already mentioned industries is a funny thing" If you let British Petroleum get away with the BP disaster and their 8,000 other oil spills, they will eventually create an even bigger oil spill. The purpose of the environmental laws from 1972 to 1997 was to give the environment more of a chance, not less. Nixon formed the EPA due to Rachel Carson's book and public outcry. Now, government does not listen to the public. They do notice Occupy Protests, they do notice NRDC lawsuits. That pretty well should tell you where to put your time, energy and money. Abe Lincoln and Richard Nixon would blanche if they could read this now: Chickaloon Native Village, a federally-recognized Athabascan Indian Tribal government in Alaska, filed a communication to the United Nations Independent Expert on the human right to water and sanitation, seeking help in stopping a new open-pit coal mine in the Village's traditional territory. The Athabasca Indians have found it necessary to go outside of the US Government, to the U.N. for the right to have clean drinking water on their own land. Does that sound like government of the people to you? This is not the Bush Government anymore; this is Obama being a knife-in-your-back-to-the-hilt-Republican. Obama makes a better Republican than W did" Maybe the U.N. can figure out a way to keep the Coal Mining Industry from polluting the last fresh water of the Chickaloon Native Village. Conditions in America have gotten to the point that conditions were when America sought indolence from the British. Taxation without representation, etc. Armed goons beating peace protestors at NATO Chicago, etc. How many Americans wish they had independence from our current government oppressors? Hopefully the GOP will someday lose so much ground in America it has to go back to its Abe Lincoln roots.  









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June 6, 2012

American Spring - Balkans, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran

By Tracy Turner


Some people say we are having an American Spring, or that we are about to have one. Whether we have an American Spring, continued Corrupt, Brutal Fascist Government or full-scale Armageddon may in fact depend upon you. Accept the status quo from your lovely American Government and suffer corrupt, brutal oppression like the NATO Chicago summit. The police acting as surrogates for NATO, which makes the police part of the overall Waffen SS. Extreme point of view? Keep reading.


Depleted Uranium is a by-product, the waste material, from enriched Uranium from the Nuclear Power plant Industry. Depleted Uranium Munitions Warfare is a convenient way for the Nuclear Power plant Industry to "take out the garbage". The Israeli and American politicians have a similar conundrum, how to take out the Balkan, Afghan, Gazan, Iranian and Libyan human-trash. The Pentagon and the rest of government deny that they are engaged in genocide; Israel has been committing genocide with DU the longest. George H.W. Bush was just itching to use Depleted Uranium in Iraq to start his New World Order, his vision of a world minus the human germplasm of Iraqis killed or genetically damaged by Depleted Uranium. Every time an Iraqi baby is still born, or born with no brain, or her eyes below her nose" Every time one of these genetically mutated Iraqi babies dies, the United States has just concluded another Joseph Mengala experiment. Forget Darwin, the US Military has become Dr. Joseph Mengala with our new Depleted Uranium selective breeding tool.


The US and Israel use Psy-Ops, Psychological Warfare, to make DU Genocide acceptable.


1)     Demonize those you are going to bombard with radioactive waste, slandering and libeling them in all forms of media

2)     Claim that they are victimizing someone, commitng Genocide, etc.

3)     Start the Genocide, using Depleted Uranium that has been doctored up to fool many laboratory tests

4)     Claim everything done is harmless, non-toxic, just elevated background radiation

5)     Use paid shills to be your apologists in all of the forms of media

6)     Discredit anyone who attempts to aid your genocide victims.


Depleted Uranium Pundits and Apologists argue incessantly over the number of deaths and birth defects; argue over physics, chemistry, weather, climate and math. Depleted uranium kills slowly, but it kills. Apologists downplay the birth defects, which are always more in number than they claim. One DU death, one DU birth defect, is genocide. The intent to kill or genetically modify one human being is genocide. No, we do not get a free pass because we are magical Americans, magical Jews -- we are just as bad as World War II Nazis. Please don't demean yourself lower with revisionist history. Denial and apologism just makes you more of an accessory to the crime. Ugandans? Ethiopians? Micronesians? Russians? How about the drunks in America, or the Hell's Angels? That is why it is genocide.


Americans were once told terrorists might use dirty bombs against us as WMD, radioactive material and explosives. Israel and we use explosives and Depleted Uranium against other nations, creeds, and religions regularly. We are the terrorists and DU is our WMD.


The politico-military-nuke-industry unholy alliance is to use the Nuke Industry trash to take out what the US and Israeli Governments consider to be human trash. Just dump the radioactive waste on the poor unfortunates of humanity, engage in the genocide of races you don't like and call anyone who calls you out about it a crackpot or misinformed, duped. The dupers are labeling the whistle-blowers as duped. But who is duped is anyone in America who has not googled depleted uranium birth defects.


Israel has used 75 US tons (150,000 US pounds) of Depleted Uranium in Gaza. The air, land and water in Gaza are highly polluted with alpha and gamma emitting particles, 4-5 microns in size, which end up in the human blood stream. These particles are in meat, fish, milk, fruits, nuts and vegetables produced in Gaza. The US and Israeli Governments know full well they are radiologically polluting the human biosphere in countries where DU is killing and maiming troops and civilians alike.


320 tons of DU was dumped on Iraq during the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm. The American troops deployed to Operation Desert Storm (those who have not already expired from Leukemia and Metastasized Cancers) are now the exact right age to be one of the sickest groups of humans in America. Comparing them to the national average is ludicrous. These are former Marines, former Navy Seals, etc. Their average life spans, in mathematics that does not come from the Israeli or US Governments, will turn out to be decades shorter than the National averages.


25 tons of Depleted Uranium was dumped on Kosovo, making Bill Clinton, one of the most popular Presidents in American history, a War Criminal. Kosovo's mortality rate in DU-contaminated areas is through the roof. Kosovo also has children born with birth defects in numbers high above the averages for other areas in Eastern Europe not ravaged by American Depleted Uranium.


It is mind-boggling for Americans to think about a scenario were Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are locked up and tried in The Hague for war crimes. Chances are they will all have a friend or friendly opponent "pardon" all of them. Or Congress will enact a law, with some lawyers that makes American Genocide "legal". But here's the thorn in the American public's side: 1000 tons have been used in Afghanistan and more than 3000 tons in Iraq! Gaza, Iraq 1 the father, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq 2 the son"


Ironically, under the diabolical guise of NATO "reluctantly", ceremoniously "helping" Libya, the US dumped 112 Cruise missiles, each with a one-ton warhead of Depleted Uranium. Libyans are the newest American Dr. Mengala Depleted Uranium experiment. But the governments of Israel and America are not ignorant; they are willing parties to War Crime against Humanity. Soon, families in Libya will have cancers, tumors, leukemias and horrendous birth defects. American and Israeli citizens will continue to frolic about, just like German Citizens frolicking next to Auschwitz. Kosovo, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are America and Israel's' outdoor Auschwitz's and Depleted Uranium is America and Israel's' Inhuman Experimentation. Each deformed child who dies painfully is another human-skin-lampshade.


There is a national guilt in Israel and America" a large, self-absorbed populace, playing with cell phones and pads, pumping iron, shooting hoops, getting another tattoo, letting their leaders commit human genocide and not saying a word to anybody to the contrary. Arguments over the blueness or redness of humanity, all the while pretending to be ignorant, mute, absorbed with television while Presidents like George HW and George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama


75+320+25+1,000+3,000+112 = 5,432 US tons of Depleted Uranium showered down on humanity in an acts of genocide. Hitler would be proud of four US Presidents and their cabinets, Pentagon Generals and Admirals. Dr. Joseph Mengala would be doing cartwheels if he could see what our psychosociopathic leaders have reduced all of us to, in the name of keeping us all safe. Want to know why there are two million homeland security employees? It is because America and Americans have become the new Nazis" along with the Israelis. 5,432 tons of human war crime genocide, ethnic cleansing. Paid or unpaid, apologists will argue wind speed, soil, and uranium isotope this or that" It makes no difference. Genocide is genocide.


If Depleted Uranium is not outlawed, and those who used it not punished, sooner rather than later you or someone you know will be exposed. First will be your son or daughter in the military. Imported food, imported wine, a military son or daughter who comes in contact with dirt from a plane that was used in the Gulf. DU is moved around by air, water and by human beings. This is going to end up in your back yard if you allow your government to call the shots while you watch TV and play with your phone. Right now, 1% of the US population grows all of the food for the other 99%.   This is a different kind of 1 versus 99 percent" More and more, food is imported from abroad. The US and Israel have an Imperialist Agenda" there's always some communist, terrorist or otherist to dump spent nuke reactor rods onto. If left unchecked, that is where the two governments are headed, just dumping their spent rods on anybody they don't like.


Part of the current modus operandi is character assassination of anyone writing an article like this. Israel and the US pay bloggers to say, gee, that anti-DU author is a creep, but me I'm a swell guy. And it is 884,000 grams of DU, not 884,000 pounds. Lastly, the 884,000 grams of DU is as harmless as table salt, in fact, less dangerous than table salt. BEWARE OF INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT APOLOGISTS AND SHILLS!!!!!


Anyone who has googled depleted uranium birth defects knows we need to arrest many of the leaders of the United States and Israel and try them for War Crimes against humanity and genocide. Dumping DU on human beings is a war crime and those at the highest levels of the military-industrial complex should be made to pay for their crimes. This may and probably includes George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama. A Commander-in-Chief cannot escape the law of justice based on saying, "Gee, I did not know what I was doing". Arrests should be made of cabinet and Pentagon officials, nuclear lobbyists and industry insiders.


Parts of the responsible culprits are the Nuclear Energy industry, because Depleted Uranium is the waste product of Nuclear Reactors and the Nuclear Industry. The Nuclear lobbyist and industry should also be charged with War Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. To not lock up these psycho-sociopaths is to eventually allow for the destruction of all of us. To not lock up America and Israel's War Crimes guilty is to dehumanize the entire planet's human race.


The Pentagon is gearing up to use Depleted Uranium on Iran. Do something to dissuade your government from making you an accessory to war crimes. Docility while our leaders do genocide is implicit agreement. Silence is implicit agreement. It is patriotic to let someone important know you are not in compliance with global leaders who do Dr. Mengala experiments on humans.


Many Americans, at one time or another, swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes defending the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Depleted Uranium genocide is corporations running the government and demanding that their defective weapon be misused in one war after another. The Nuclear corporations and those in government and the Pentagon that they control are domestic enemies. Our currently leaders are having the police beat and arrest people for holding antiwar rallies. Our government leaders have become domestic enemies of our Constitution.


What does it take to ban, to outlaw Depleted Uranium Weapons? Why hasn't Joe Biden had all four genocide Presidents locked up for trial? Nobody is committing treason if Biden is made President while George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are taken in irons to The Hague for their hearings.


People used to say remember the Holocaust. In 2012, America and Israel are repeating the holocaust, all in the name of capitalism along with the Nuclear Energy industry. I guess it just makes good business sense, more profit, for two countries to dump their radioisotopes on whoever is not in our current good graces. Freedom and Democracy is not dumping Uranium on another country. Protecting ourselves is not dumping Uranium on other people.


Religious people, spiritual people, those with some sense of creed or morality" Those people with some human decency inside of them wait and wonder when the next Mother Theresa or Gandhi or Jesus will come along. The next Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Jesus were born in 2012 in Gaza, Libya and Iraq. All three were grotesquely deformed, died during or hours after birth. So don't expect to see any of the three" if you want to see some good in the world, send your Congressman, your Senator a letter saying you want four US Presidents hung in the Hague gallows for using Depleted Uranium. Make a placard with deformed baby photos on it and picket your nearest recruiting office. Don't just sit next to Auschwitz, sunning yourself and sipping lemonade. The US and Israel have created five giant, outdoor Auschwitz's. America and Israel need new leaders who punish the criminals and outlaw Depleted Uranium warfare. Stop being ignorant, stop being in denial. Stop believing government disinformation by people posing as nuclear experts. Stop watching the US-Israeli Waffen SS exterminate other races, other creeds and other religions" Some people say an American Spring is taking place. Maybe some day, but right now all that is taking place is the genocide of human beings" How is this in National interest? These are the deeds of madmen, Depleted Uranium is US Israeli Zyklon B Gas, the US Israeli shower area is now entire countries, anywhere and everywhere we use DU terrorist dirty bombs. In Kosovo, there is Plutonium in the DU contaminated sites" Plutonium is one of the deadliest substances known to man. This is genocide.


There are those who would deny that Depleted Uranium is genocide. Denial will have Syria, Iran, Chile, Venezuela, Myanmar, North Korea buried alive in Depleted Uranium. If this crime is so acceptable to you, who should we cruise Missile next? Ireland? China? Iceland? Who should we have leading the United States and Israel, deciding who lives and who dies from Depleted Uranium?


Our leaders are picking people to die from Depleted Uranium as casually as if we are" IT IS GENOCIDE!!! Because the poison is atomic, and administered outdoors, and kills more slowly? In Viet Nam, the U.S. sprayed Agent Orange and Agent Blue pesticides on the Jungle. Agent Blue had 4.4 or 8.8 pounds of Arsenic per gallon of pesticide" Agent Orange chemically broke down into deadly dioxin poison" Aircraft rained down Napalm bombs. Men, women and children died, or had serious, lingering illness" The people were broken down, with their minds, bodies and spirits broken" This is not war, it is genocide. It also invites generations of hatred, of retaliation" This is what happens when corporations control a government, when madmen run a country.


If you are a human being, if you have any shred at all of human decency in you, send this article to as many people as you possibly can. Ask those you send this or similar articles to not accept human genocide as some sociopathic standard that we are all reduced to. Mostly our leaders did this" Our military" our nuclear industry and their so-called experts. Please, don't just sun yourself and play with your next mindless text or pick at your freshest tattoo scabs or drink a latte while you pretend Americans are all Gods gift to the Universe" Right now, we are God's curse to the Universe. To start a real American Spring" Write a similar article. After the Viet Nam war, due to public outcry, the military decided to stop using Agent Orange and Agent Blue pesticides, Napalm bombs were outlawed. The public at large saw the use of these weapons as Chemical warfare (in the case of the pesticides). The public saw the use of Napalm bombs as indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction that killed everyone and everything for about a city block. The pesticides kept killing people, are still killing people today, in 2012. This was seen as an act of genocide by the American public.


Now, we have news blackouts, censored TV, radio and newspapers. The government is even sending bloggers after articles like this, trying to discredit what is obvious to many, even to most people. For those who wish to argue about physics, chemistry, the periodic chart of the elements, etc". Click here http://tinyurl.com/zyw3z and http://tinyurl.com/7wbqsgm  


To any and all Pentagon-Nuke Industry Paid Apologists" You're suffering from Deleted Intelligence, according to Piotr Bein.


It is obvious Depleted Uranium munitions are not winning the hearts and minds of anybody but war profiteers and high-salary Pentagon political hacks. Depleted Uranium Warfare is killing the hearts and minds of the American public. Every day, a few more people educate themselves, read Piotr Bein's articles and gasp in horror at what stupid politicians have reduced our country to -- barbarism. No wonder Thugism is so en vogue in people under 40. Most Americans today are to dim to Google the word genocide, much less understand the similarity between the starving adults in Buchanwald and the dying deformed babies in Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. The US and Israel are running the concentration camps outdoors with no fences" if you exclude the Israeli built fences.


  Stop watching Anederson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Bill O'Reilly pontificate about banks and Travon Martin. Banks will always be a$$holes, Travon is but one life who was not killed by national genocide. Think about all the genocide cancers, stillborns and deformed babies in the DU-death-zones, for countless generations. Picket in front of a nuclear plant, be a protest organizer. Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow and Bill O'Reilly are smokescreens who won't cross their fascist corporate sponors" go online and find out the truth from Piotr Bein and Predrag Tosic of DU Watch, learn about DU and teach others. Beware of paid Pentagon/ Mossad/Nuke   industry Apologist Shills!   Trust guys who go into radioactive hot zones to take soil samples, not armchair cowards earning a fat pay check!


You can help stop Depleted Uranium Warfare! Donate to one or all of these three:

- Dr Chris Busby, Low Level Radiation Campaign
- Ted Weymann, Uranium Medical Research Project
- Arnie Gundersen...


Print this article out in full on paper put it in three envelopes, addressed to your Senator, your Congressman and President Obama. US Post Office mailed them, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. Don't stop there; invent other ways to fight genocide. Become an activist" at the very least, print this out on paper and mail it to at least three Washington insiders, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. Stop sipping tea in the sun next door to Auschwitz! Send this article to every single person you know! In Kosovo, Scientists from DU Watch including Dr. Piotr Bein, have determined the Depleted Uranium is mixed with enriched Uranium and Plutonium. The intent of those who concocted this mixture was and is two-fold: 1) To cover up the Depleted Uranium and make it look like natural, background Uranium and 2) To kill generations of people with a mixture of slow-acting poison, including Plutonium, one of the deadliest substances known to man" Kosovo is a Free Range, Cage Free Outdoor Concentration Camp. The US and Israel are running five outdoor, cageless concentration camps: Gaza, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. Depleted Uranium and the other isotopes added to it are the new, slower acting, longer lasting Zyklon B"


Responsible authorities are liable under a wide range of international law beyond humanitarian law.

They contaminate battlefields with military uranium and endanger health of civilians and combatants.

The findings of research into the health effects of DU and other weaponry containing radiation but not

causing nuclear fission or fusion explosions (which as a whole are referred to as radiological

weaponry in this brief) are indisputable. Even a cursory review of humanitarian law supports the

conclusion that uranium weaponry of any type is so patently illegal that the discussion should

really focus on bringing to justice those who have used it and redirecting action towards the

victims of these weapons . But the international community and the anti-uranium movement still

confronts the "denial and deflect" policies of the weapon makers, proliferators and users. Italics Dr. Piotr Bein.


Dr. Peter Bein has started his own personal, inner change. He's not an American, but he has already sprung. If American Spring ever starts, you must be the catalyst, and walk in Piotr Bein's footsteps"










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June 1, 2012

Real Cost of Warfare in former Yugoslavia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya

By Tracy Turner


De facto standard: A de facto standard is a custom, convention, product, or system that has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces. The American public standard acceptance and the nuclear industry profiting off of Depleted Uranium weapons have made genocide crimes a de facto standard for America.

A shill, plant, or stooge is a person who publicly helps a person or organization without disclosing that he has a close relationship with that person or organization. As in people who work for the Pentagon and use the anonymity and loose verbiage to cover up genocide and war crimes.

Pseudo science, junk science term used in U.S. political arena. This term is used too loosely, mostly" but in some instances pseudo or junk science is a more accurate rather than pejorative term. Pentagon-Department of Defense Shills blogging on the Internet that Uranium oxide is non-carcinogenic is pseudo-science. These same bloggers denying Uranium oxides damage to human genes (mutagenic properties) makes the term junk-science pale to describe the diabolical Machiavellianess of the malicious intent.

American Depleted Uranium munitions, for sale to both the U.S. Military and to Israel, are big business. From the perspective of the highest rank and file within the upper reaches of the Pentagon, Depleted Uranium is a panacea for curing the problem of destroying an opposing army quickly. People like Major Doug Rokke, Dr. Leuren Moret and Dr. Helen Caldicott have devoted their lives to fighting an industry with far more money, far more political clout and every dirty trick in the book. Major Doug Rokke has been lecturing, writing articles and doing Youtube videos for years about how the politicians and Pentagon top brass put our own solders at risk by exposing them to Depleted Uranium munitions" particularly to the Uranium oxide dust from their usage on the battlefield.

If you Google Depleted Uranium, you will find bloggers objectifying and falsely discrediting people like Major Doug Rokke, Dr. Leuren Moret and Dr. Helen Caldicott. There are two reasons why the United States Pentagon has gone on a huge Internet disinformation campaign:

1)    They do not want you to Google any terms like "depleted uranium deformed babies" in Google images.
2)    The Pentagon and the D.U. Weapons manufacturers both stand to lose something they see as important: PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE of DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPONS.

Without public acceptance, Depleted Uranium becomes what it truly is: America's and Israel's dirty little secret, America's and Israel's dirty way to molest an entire race of people genocidally and pretend it is not genocide. America and Israel are guilty of genocide. Go to Google images and type in depleted uranium babies and look for yourself. Anyone on the Internet that tells you Depleted Uranium is safe works for the military and/or the military industrial complex.

The manufacturers of Depleted Uranium do not want to lose their money, which is in the billions of dollars. The Pentagon wants to win wars fast" they do not care that like land mines, Depleted Uranium http://tinyurl.com/6o3up8m kills indiscriminately.

Israel was the first nation on Earth to use Depleted Uranium weapons on a battlefield in a war; the U.S. uses Israel as our Uranium oxide guinea pig. When their soldiers did not instantly drop dead, we started using the weapons in our wars. There is some evidence that both Israel and the U.S. are now using mixtures of Depleted and Enriched Uranium on the click here battlefield.

In order to fully understand the problem with Depleted Uranium Munitions, D.U. is also "pyrophonetic," meaning that it catches fire in the air. D.U. also is armor penetrating, piercing through 4-5 inches of steel armor (based on its weight and momentum, simple physics). After D.U. pierces armor, it burns in a big, fast burst at 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The burning along the projectile path and the burning on impact with a target leaves behind a residue" Uranium ceramic dust, microns in size like very, very fine chalk or wood-ash dust. This dust is an alpha-radiation emitter, which can be ingested into the lungs, where it will eventually cause cancer and/or birth defects. Uranium oxide dust can make a two-headed frog, or a dog with five legs. This is where standard warfare crosses a line and becomes genocide.

The Real Cost of Warfare in former Yugoslavia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya goes way beyond the tanked U.S. economy. How much are going to be the cost of both Yugoslavia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya people's cancer and birth defects" AND U.S. Troops cancers and birth defects...Our TV's, Radio's and Newspapers are nothing but concubines for the Pentagon and the Weapons Manufacturers. Those of our troops most exposed to Uranium oxide Alpha-emitting particles will have very high rates of cancer, birth defects and unexplained illness. The real cost of Depleted Uranium War is our troops come home with Alpha-emitters lodged in their lungs, livers, kidneys and spleens, where they can irradiate the wife or husband, the kids and the dog or cat. The tanked US economy is only a fraction of the cost of business as usual Depleted Uranium War.

Depleted Uranium Warfare is beyond inhumane. War itself is inhumane" but this is a weapon that is killing our own people. There is a perspective to this that is not talked about in "polite society"" This weapon is indiscriminate, but those who it is killing are not indiscriminant. The Koch     brothers are not sleeping with a wife who has lungs full of Uranium oxide" they are not in danger of being irradiated. The Generals in the Pentagon who use discretionary funds to pay bloggers to blog about how safe Depleted Uranium Warfare is" those Generals and their paid-junk-science-bloggers are not lying in bed at night with lungs full of Alpha-emitters. It is the crew from our Army Tanks who have uranium oxide in their lungs" those who ran out of college-money and went off to war.

Depleted Uranium is killing the common man or woman who fought in a D.U. war zone; their cancer may take 10-20 years or more to manifest. The Pentagon, the Generals and the Depleted Uranium Weapons-makes don't want the truth online; they are paying people to outright lie about how safe D.U. is. If it is so safe, why is the nuclear industry dumping it all over Yugoslavia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? The Pentagon is always itching for the next war; war is money and power during down-economies to the powerful few. In Occupy Wallstreet language, Depleted Uranium is the rich 1%'s weapon of choice. Don't accept the lies, this weapon slowly kills or maims for generations. The toxicity of Uranium oxide lasts 4.5 billion years" Poison that lasts for the age of the Earth. The Pentagon knows this, which is why they lie with pseudo-science-bloggers.

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June 1, 2012

Remember the Unemployed, the Heroin Addicted Vets

By Tracy Turner


Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos, circa 1968. The Air Force and the CIA are busy doing two things:


1)     Spraying the jungle with Agent Orange and Agent Blue herbicides


2)     Stacking lots of USA-bound body bags into transport planes bound for America


The life of the Air Force ground crew revolved around filling tanker planes and helicopters with weed killer for daytime spraying and loading body bags for nighttime flights to America. The Air Force personnel were exposed to small amounts of Agent Orange and Agent Blue daily. Many have since perished from Melanomas, cancers, malignant tumors, etc. Many have had and are still having tumor surgery.


CIA personnel and military MP's armed with .45's guarded the loading and unloading of the body bags, barking orders at the grunts who stacked the body bags into the transport planes. Since the body bags were filled to the gills with Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian Heroin, the body bags did not go anywhere unguarded. The CIA escorts never once took their eyes off of their valuable cargo of Heroin. People think Viet Nam was about Communism and China" But Viet Nam was about controlling the financial strings of a vast sum of Heroin money that had the ability to disrupt the stock markets of the world. Imagine just stopping a trillion dollars worth of money in the world market overnight" Stock markets would crash, banks would tank, runs on banks would occur.


The CIA is good at controlling covert money; good at funneling covert funds to its covert operations. Afghanistan is no different" The naïve might ask, "why not just spray Roundup on all the Opium Poppies in Afghanistan"? The answer is that the CIA would lose control of its Mad Money, its giant cookie jar of illicit cash. If there were truly a war on drugs, the Poppies would already be dead. The CIA and our military control the Poppies, the Opium and most certainly the Heroin.


There is an article on OpEdNews.com asking if Pat Tillman was assassinated for wanting to expose the Heroin Trade connection between the military, the CIA and the Taliban. The US Government puts the war in Afghanistan into terms of ideology. America never fights wars on ideology; ideology is the smokescreen fed to the public to justify what is vile and corrupt. Fighting the Taliban because of Terrorism is the excuse for the CIA to manage funds, billions and billions of Heroin funds that are too large to be disrupted overnight. Any action that would change these funds would disrupt other world markets. The CIA also likes its covert actions money and never gets enough from Congress.


Viet Nam was about one thing and one thing only: Controlling the Golden Triangles' Heroin" The man who spoke those words had tumors from Agent Orange all over his knees. The man who spoke those words was an Air Force technician, ground support for aircraft. Later, when he was stateside, he unloaded body bags at an Air Base in Texas" again; the body bags were filled with Heroin. No customs agents, no DEA agents to contend with" Just armed MP's and guys from the CIA controlling their contraband.


The war against the Taliban and the US war on drugs are intertwined like a Gordian knot. Afghanistan and the CIA's finances are intertwined in a marriage that suits both. But winning a war against an enemy who is paid a trillion dollars a year in covert drug money is not a winnable war. The payments to the enemy are too close to the budget for fighting the war, part of a Gordian Knot that exceeds most brain-washed Americans' ideology.


The true ideology is that the war against the Taliban and the War on Drugs are sham battles" With the government behaving like an addict or an alcoholic" The government espousing I'm not going to drink again, I'm not going to use drugs again" But the government being so sorely addicted to Heroin sales proceeds.


Some say all politics are local. All politics are greed, ambition and money. The CIA's greed ambition and money. The DEA's greed ambition and money. The Federal Governments greed ambition money.


Was Pat Tillman murdered by the CIA and the military http://www.opednews.com/articles/Was-Pat-Tillman-murdered-b-by-Richard-Clark-100625-47.html ? The best answer, for now, is probably. Will the poppies continue to be planted, will plentiful heroin still be available in the US, UK, Australia, Europe and New Zealand? Odd, that the NATO countries are where the Heroin is most used" That many of those with so much pain they use opiates to dull said pain are former veterans, formerly wounded veterans, etc. Today let's all remember the unemployed veteran, the veteran addicted to Taliban-CIA-controlled Heroin.

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May 27, 2012

Two-Tiered Justice in the Land Known as Freedom and Democracy

By Tracy Turner


1968, the Democratic National Convention in Chicago" The 1968 Chicago Seven (originally Chicago Eight, also Conspiracy Eight/Conspiracy Seven) were seven criminal defendants: Abbie Hoffman, Lee Weiner, John Froines, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, and Jerry Rubin. All were charged with inciting to riot, conspiracy, and other charges related to protests that took place in Chicago, at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Bobby Seale, the eight man charged, had his trial severed during the proceedings, lowering the number from eight to seven.


2012 NATO Summit in Chicago, the NATO Five are: Sebastian Senakiewicz, Mark Neiweem, Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Betterly. Senakiewicz was accused of falsely making a terrorist threat and Neiweem was charged with attempted possession of explosives or incendiary devices. Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Betterly were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism, and possession of an explosive incendiary device.


In a two-tiered justice system, politicians, defense contractors, lobbyists and military generals affiliated wit NATO can murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians with impunity... But antiwar protestors are charged with terrorism. The news media treats the NATO-affiliated personalities with some level of respect, of defacto-sanctioned murder as an acceptable crime... But those carrying antiwar placards are arrested in droves and labeled terrorists.


The rich and powerful can commit murder on a vast scale via war crimes and never once be charged with a crime. The poor, on the other hand are beaten, pepper sprayed, charged with conspiracy, terrorism, etc. for protesting against NATO.


The parallels are almost comical: Mayors Daley and Emanuel both vowing to have order by any means; the police acting as brutal enforcers" if anybody had a conspiracy to commit crimes, it was and is the police. The politicians involved pose in front of red- white and blue flags at every opportunity they can" talking about freedom and democracy. What they mean is Freedom for NATO to flout the law, democracy for themselves and their cronies. The freedom and democracy is not for the protestors, not for the common man, woman or child. Freedom for war-profiteers to profit from endless, mind-numbing wars and refer to it as a free-market. There is nothing free at all about the tax-dollars spent by NATO.


The Seattle Liberation Front, or SLF, was a radical anti-Vietnam War movement, based in Seattle. The group were Michael Lerner, Susan Stern, Joe Kelly, Michael Abeles, Roger Lippman, Jeff Dowd and Charles Marshall III. The SLF was a splinter group that formed with the 1969 collapse of the national Students for a Democratic Society or SDS. All seven were charged with inciting a riot. Our government, including the Justice Department and the attorney general, allows police to incite a riot, then charges the protestors with inciting a riot. The charges are usually false, trumped up but very serious matters for those charged. The trumped up charges are methodology for how the police avoid being sued for violent conduct.


Law and Order for Chicago, minus any ameliorating justice" Law and Order without justice is Fascism. Chicago has once again proven itself to be merely a place of tense, uneasy order, with no justice or law. Mere police state order is Fascism. Hitler had order in Berlin, as does Rahm Emanuel in Chicago. Order being kept by any means.


Attorney General Eric Holder will not prosecute any Wallstreet insiders for mishandling multi-billions in dollars. Eric Holder will not investigate any type of police-law-breaking. Police brutality, no problem" But anybody protesting against NATO, or Wall Street, or the Banks is "inciting a riot". Those who hold up a cardboard sign at the warmongers are charged with terrorism; their civil rights trampled into the ground. Their freedom and democracy doesn't exist, they get the brunt of the national fascist fist.


Wars today are fought with depleted uranium munitions that inflict generations of cancer and genocide on US victims. War has become a place for the nuclear industry to dispose of its waste and a place for profits to be earned. The press vilifies those opposing the war and calling for peace" So-called journalists are crucifying five men; their chances of being tried fairly are null and void. All five have been smeared as terrorists, anarchists by police who themselves are terrorists, lawless anarchists. The press acts as mouthpiece of political puppets like Eric Holder, guilty of terrorism before the trial even begins.


America is now a place of order and fascism, a place without law and without justice. By the way, after trials and appeals, the original Chicago Eight were exonerated. The police in 1968 had been so brutal that they violated the Chicago Eight's civil rights. But" this is not 1968 this is 2012. I doubt anybody will be exonerated in 2012" America is now a fascist state, devoid of justice and law. There is the law for the 1%, and the iron fist for the 99%, a new, clever two-tier justice system. The government only enforces law when the government wants to. Laws enforced for the 99% do not apply to the 1% they are above the law. Freedoms enjoyed by the 1% do not apply to the NATO Five or the 99%.


Among the 1%, crimes against humanity "don't count". Torture, murder by drone, dumping millions of pounds of depleted Uranium on Iraq or Afghanistan gets a Hail Mary pass. Obama, Bush, Cheney and Condoleezza Rice can kill hundreds of thousands of people with depleted Uranium and they are not charged with a crime. Those who carry cardboard signs in Chicago to protest against NATO are terrorists. The hypocrisy should escape none of us.

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May 22, 2012

Obama Executive Order Ignores Constitutional Free Speech

By Tracy Turner


President Obama has issued an executive http://tinyurl.com/79r3v8y order that apparently ignores US Constitutionally-guaranteed free speech. President Obama is being criticized by critics who ask troubling questions such as: If a news journalist writes an article about Obama's EO, are they "indirectly interfering with the stability of Yemen"? The new EO threatens to freeze the financial assets of any person who even indirectly threatens the stability of Yemen.

The wording of the Executive Order seems purposely broad and far ranging. The order gives Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner the power to, without trial, freeze the assets of anyone the Obama administration claims is attempting to undermine "the peace, security and stability" of Yemen.

Will Obama freeze his and Michelle's assets for threatening Yemeni airspace with drones and killing Yemeni citizens with hellfire missiles? No, the order excludes U.S. government officials and contractors (drone contractors).

The order does include American citizens, Yemenis and anyone else. Considering the mounting number of drone-hellfire missile deaths, it is not surprising the government exempted itself and its contractors.

Yemen recently overthrew its US-backed despot President Ali Abdullah Saleh and held one-candidate "elections" in which citizens were allowed to vote for one tyrant... Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Obama's EO, in essence, seeks to curtail free speech or anyone running against the new despot, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

If a Yemeni seeks to run against Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in a bonafide election, they are subject to having their assets frozen by Tim Geitner. Basically, Obama's EO is another Bush-like attack on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press. Obama seeks to muffle political discourse via financial threat.

In a vaguely related matter involving Yemen, the Obama State Department is denying US-entry Visas for anyone who criticizes the Obama administration's murder of Yemenis with Drone-missile-strikes. It would seem that Obama is intent on using passports and money as a muffler to silence those who oppose his policies. There is an article here http://tinyurl.com/btxugma on Al Qaeda recruitment in Yemen being way up, with the motivator being the drone strikes collateral murders.

Most US news sources list all killed by drone strikes as militants, Al Qaeda, terrorists, etc. The amount of people being killed for being near a drone strike is mounting; each time a non-terrorist is killed, it creates a new Al Qaeda poster-child. Last year a 16-year-old boy, a US citizen, was killed in a drone strike.

The US has inserted US Special Forces into Yemen as "advisors', reminiscent of Viet Nam. Obama has instructed his cabinet to be more open about drone strikes; Obama has not instructed his cabinet to be more open about US military forces operating on the ground in Yemen or the US propping up a virtual dictator in Yemen, and financially threatening any political discourse about Obama's policies in Yemen.

One of the problems with both the Bush AUMF, NDAA sections 1021, 1022, and with Obama's Yemen Executive Order" is that both he and any President who come after him have new, dictatorial powers no President in US history have ever had. If Bush, Obama and subsequent Presidents keep pushing the envelope" and the envelope does not push back" the balance of power between the three branches of our government no longer exist. Bush and Obama were/are pushing us towards a Monarchy, with the courts and congress and ineffectual rubber stamp who follow the dictates of our monarch.

The envelope, which needs to push back, is not the courts and is not congress. In the past, congress pushed back and reined in a President who over-stepped his authority. The envelope which needs to push back is we, the American people. Congress lives in a haze of corporate money, including defense contractor money.

Both Bush and Obama were/are stepping all over the US Constitution. Obama's new Yemen Executive Order has the same chilling effect on Journalism that NDAA 1021 had" the only difference is being threatened with a financial hole instead of a cell. Free Speech and Freedom of the Press are under vicious attack... The TV news and most newspapers read as if censored by the most repressive of regimes... Most of it is corporate greed, but part of it is now NDAA 1021, 1022, AUMF, Bush and Obama Executive Orders.






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May 19, 2012

Occupy This!

By Tracy Turner


There is a parallel, much in common between Occupy Wallstreet fighting the government of the billionaires and Maria Gunnoe. Maria is fighting the coal companies and the government of the billionaires; trying to stop mountaintop removal coal mining.

Appalachia is the clean water source for most of the Eastern seaboard; we are discussing the fresh water supply of millions and millions of people. Forget Fox News's perversions. George W. Bush set policies in Washington and staffed the US Environmental Protection Agency with defanged and de-clawed staff and policy execution. Obama has followed Bush with the EPA's hands tied. Coal miner's Unions were attacked and weakened. Coal miners who extracted coal via tunneling were permanently laid-off, the owners of the coal companies earned $1-$2 dollars per ton more yacht and Ferrari money; but the mountains were turned into water pollution debris choking the valleys. Between 500-600 mountains were turned into coal slurry and rock and coal rubble, the Appalachian Mountain Range has 50% of it's freshwater contaminated with Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Selenium and Coal residues.

Which comes first, the greed of the billionaire 1% or the rights of millions of 99%ers to drink clean, healthy water?

Maria Gunnoe grew up in Bobwhite, West Virginia... a country girl who learned to whistle the call of the Bobwhite Quail. Hollows are the valleys between the mountains. When Maria saw the giant coal company's greed blowing the tops off of mountains with one-million pounds of dynamite and pushing the debris into the hollers (hollows), she became an environmental activist and got a job with a local environmental organization, ohvec.org

Between 500-600 mountains have been exploded and shoved into mountain streams" I dream of seeing 1,000" 3,000" 10,000 Occupy Campers filling the mountains and valleys of West Virginia, doing for America what the greedy, inept billionaires and government can't do" Occupy needs to step up and govern the coal companies, because they cannot govern themselves sanely" Obama ran on change, and then surrounded himself with corporatists. When Occupy Wallstreet had camps set up in many cities across the country, within the news media a discussion started about income inequality" Organizations like Fox News purposely muddied the waters with misinformation, using mistruths such as wealth redistribution, accusing the occupiers of being jealous of the wealth of other people.

Fox News and the totally brainwashed people who get their misinformation from Fox News missed the all-important point the protestors were trying to make: That America is a broken democracy, that government is government of the billionaires; that the environment has turned deadly toxic and is still degrading.

In Appalachia, dynamite has replaced the rights of Coal Miners and now weakened or busted labor unions have caused massive unemployment, hundreds or even thousands of miners laid off" again, so that the one-percenters can make a few extra dollars using dynamite and bulldozers instead of using coal miners and machines. The difference is $1-$2 dollars per ton of coal, not much, but profit is profit so the miners lost their jobs so the owners of the mining companies could make an extra dollar per ton of coal.

Fox News purposely misses, distorts and obfuscates" The rights of a few to own yachts and Ferraris versus the rights of hundreds of thousands, millions of human beings to drink clean water. There are coal-mining companies, which still tunnel, don't blow up mountains, and still hire miners. The real problem is BOTH the greed of the Mountaintop Removal Coal companies AND the greed of the politicians they rent or outright buy. Fox News erroneous assertion that the right of a few million US citizens to drink uncontaminated water is yacht and Ferrari envy is erroneous; the right to clean tap water for bathing and drinking is what one might call a self-evident truth. Clean, pure, healthy water is not "class envy".

A group of local West Virginia citizens are fighting the wealth of 2-3 coal companies and the way that wealth perverts the Government of the United States, which henceforth will be referred to as GOVERNMENT OF THE BILLIONAIRES. Blame Bush, blame Obama, blame Maria Gunnoe's nemesis, a West Virginia one-percenter named Joe Manchin, blame the US EPA, blame the W. Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (which is worse than useless)" But the problem originates with a few dozen executives and owners of BIG COAL" The rights of a few touted by GOVERNMENT OF THE BILLIONAIRES as if a few spoiled millionaires and a few spoiled billionaires somehow have the inalienable right to poison a few hundred thousand people's water.

So far, the government of the billionaires has sided with the billionaires" Mountaintop coal mining is underway in all the coal-bearing states of Appalachia: West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

When Occupy has its legal click here problems solved" Maybe they can then Occupy a mountaintop somewhere in West Virginia. Would the sham governance people use more human torture on the peaceful protestors?

After the police declaration of war on Occupy, many think the movement is over. Both Occupy and Maria Gunnoe can cut the head off of the scorpion" with lawyers. The News Media, whom are owned by the one-percent corporations, say that Occupy has no goals, no demands, and no ability to negotiate" The void left in our society by GOVERNMENT OF THE BILLIONAIRES and the 80-200 largest corporations is huge. The wants, needs and dreams of that vast populace are unknown to the ivory tower Billionaires.

 People who have been brainwashed by Rupert Murdoch and Fox News need to be treated with kindness, gentleness and compassion. Tell them that Occupy wants Government of the People, By the People and For the People. The fresh drinking water rights of millions who live downstream from Appalachia come before some greedy billionaires right to another dollar or two. The rights of this and future generations to count on the Ogallala http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogallala_Aquifer ; Aquifer in Nebraska for clean unpolluted water. The billionaires in oil have flooded television with their right to put oil (via the Keystone Pipeline) in the Ogallala water supply, the largest fresh-water source in the dry state of Nebraska. Most Americans can easily agree on Romney and Obama being Co-Presidents of the USA" two billionaire lapdogs for the price of one. That GOVERNMENT OF THE BILLIONAIRES, every damn last one of them, are nothing but the toy-poodle-lapdogs of the billionaire crowd? Obama has shown himself to be a billionaire lapdog, so has Romney.

Don't get angry, don't Occupy a government building or a corporate work-site" just sue the corporation or sue the government. Free speech via lawyers! Romney's a Vulture-Viking-Capitalist; he'll admire lawsuits seeking to pick the EPA clean of its budget-money!

At least 50% of the country would open up it's wallets to an Occupy 501-tax-exempt legal fund whereby Occupy sues the Obama administration, Massey Energy, the EPA, the DoJ, etc. Who wouldn't love to see the billionaire agendas sued in court?

Occupy could and should sue the Obama administration Department of Justice for the human torture commited by the Police the 2-3 days they destroyed the occupy camps. Human torture inflicted on Occupiers for sanitation and littering. If Occupy had a national fund for legal defense of Occupy's Civil Rights, many of us would drain our checking accounts and write as big a check as we could afford. The police violation of civil rights with torture was a wet blanket; but the amount of checks people would write to Occupy is the true spirit of the American people's democracy. Democracy isn't a vote. Democracy is Occupy and those that support Occupy, the non-billionaire agenda.

The most important words in Occupy's dictionary should be IF, LAWYERS and LAWSUITS.

IF Occupy's LAWYERS sue the Department of Justice for civil rights violations, they could use the money to sue Maria Gunnoe's enemies: the US EPA, the Obama Administration, Massey Energy and Peabody Energy. Since the billionaires want to play the game with money, Occupy should win some large settlements, and use the money to bring about the change they seek with lawsuits. Occupy wants government and businesses to do business differently, wants a different kind of government. Freedom is not a product of perpetual wars, of attacking other countries to take their oil, gas, etc. Democracy is not voting rights, which are limited to choosing one of two billionaire lap-dogs. Occupy is the closest we have been to a democracy since about 1979"

Occupy needs to learn to win in court like Maria Gunnoe; Maria Gunnoe needs to learn to fill the tops of mountains with Occupy encampments. Both groups may need to sue the Obama Justice Department for the Governments usage of Torture as a Civil-rights-denial-tool"

Please support http://ohvec.org http://ilovemountain.org and any Occupy Wallstreet lawsuits against the government, the Obama DoJ and subversive, destructive corporations.

' If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter". - George Washington



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May 14, 2012

Occupy Wallstreet and Police Human Torture

By Tracy Turner


Watching Occupy Wallstreet being disbanded by the police looked like the end of a movement to many people. Many civil rights lawyers went to court to try to prevent mass evictions from parks, city halls, civic courtyards, etc. The courts sided with the municipalities, usually along the lines of sanitation and littering. The human torture was mostly ignored...

Many, many police departments seemed to take this sanitation issue to http://tinyurl.com/7pmvjqk
extremes much of the public is still unaware of. The link above links to video after video, each and every one showing police in riot gear getting violent with protestors" It looks like cruel and unusual punishment to me, excessive force under color of authority, aka excessive force under color of law.

The laws in this country are based on the cannons of ethics, from the Church of England. Part of what those laws were designed to do is give individuals rights" The courts job is supposed to render a type of morality, a spiritual solution to the problems within a society. Perhaps civil rights attorneys need to collect all of the video, all of the still photography" and sue the Department of Justice for not doing its job.

What is moral, spiritual or reasonable about the police kettling maneuver; flash bang grenades, tear gas, pepper spray and imprisonment as the tools police use to enforce sanitation and littering. Does the punishment fit the crime? Is it a reasonable, sane interpretation of our current laws? I would love to see this case lost, then appealed to the Court of Appeals, Judge Reggie Walton in Washington, DC. Judge Walton would love to have Civil Rights lawyers and DoJ lawyers discussing plastic manacles tearing the flesh off of someone's wrist for two hours while their cries for having their plastic hand-cuffs loosened are ignored. Human torture and excessive use of force under color of authority, for what? Sanitation?

The actions, the behavior of the police shredded the US Bill of Rights, the US Constitution. What we saw was the government and the corporations forcing people to stop protesting. Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen was shot in the head with a tear-gas canister during the Occupy Oakland protests. How many people are on the side of the protestors, but don't protest because they fear for their lives? Basically, the police are now a POLITICAL movement, an ANTI-Occupy movement. The police are the defacto political pawns of the corporate-owned government" In essence, those who enforce the laws are making a new, unwritten laws" NO UNIONS! NO PEACEFUL PROTESTS! They don't say it; they spell it out with kettling, tear gas, pepper spray, batons, and plastic manacles put on too tightly, the usual forms of human torture. The police are now the organs of a fascist regime" As long as cops behave this way, we are under the lock and key

This situation needs to get in front of a judge who is not a political hack" A judge who has a moral compass" This situation also needs to have a price tag, as in civil lawsuits for human torture" A 17-year-old http://tinyurl.com/6mta4x3 girl was bodily carried off from a protest, ironically, against police violence" Carried off like an animal, for being 17 and impulsive. She's just a kid, but the police physically mentally tortured her for being a kid. Look at the still picture; the police are tearing the shirt off of her back in public view. This is not over, if you think it could not get any worse, you have not seen anything yet"

Nurses and veterans are planning a protest rally in Chicago" and the Chicago Police are preparing to deploy militarized weapons against the protestors, LRAD http://tinyurl.com/6wosw4o Sound Cannons. LRAD Sound Cannons cause permanent ear damage" The police will brag that they are non-lethal, but they cause permanent hearing damage, 140+ decibels of sound waves beamed directionally into the crowds. If this is not cruel and unusual punishment, I don't know what is.

Consider we are talking about nurses and veterans exercising their http://tinyurl.com/6as4v first amendment rights, and they are being told by the city that they need a permit to exercise their constitutional rights. The City of Chicago has armed and authorized the police to use LRAD Sound Cannon on the protestors" So" You need a permit to exercise your first amendment rights, and while you are exercising said rights, the city of Chicago is going to blow out your eardrums, thereby violating your 8th amendment rights to not have cruel and unusual punishment directed at you. LRAD is so clearly an 8th amendment violator. So is Kettling. Kettling is false imprisonment.

I think one of the goals of the government and Wallstreet is to get the populace so accustomed to mistreatment that people quit complaining. A 10 million dollar lawsuit against the city for hearing damage would get the government's attention. Its more than dollars, we need our constitutional rights intact, not LRADed into Timbuktu by a police state.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights prohibiting the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment's Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause applies to the states.

Cruel and unusual punishment; an individual, a nurse, a veteran, you or I, wishes to protest march, attend a rally. The police kettle you into an alley or dead end street for four hours, there are no bathrooms anywhere" nobody is free to leave. Tear gas is fired, flash bangs are thrown in. The cops do this, trying to provoke responses, to arrest people. Those they do arrest have their plastic manacles purposely put on too tightly. Some people are pepper sprayed while in custody. These are all forms of torture -- physical, psychological. The LRAD and the pepper spray can cause permanent damage. So can some of the martial arts moves the police employ, often on peaceful protestors.

All of the above is cruel and unusual punishment, human torture. Please don't even think of responding with yeah, it's much worse in China. This is here, in the US. This needs to hit the courts in lawsuits against the DoJ and the cities and states it is happening in.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned Judge Reggie Walton" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reggie_Walton

Judge Walton had a long, long trial where a bunch of hobby rocketry guys sued the BATFE, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The BATFE, under the Bush administration, tried to take jurisdiction of hobby rocket fuel for flying high-powered rockets. Two rocket clubs sued the BATFE, Judge Walton found in favor of the rocket guys, not the government. He ruled that the BATFE had acted capriciously. Occupy Wallstreet, Nurses and Veterans need a ruling that being tortured and imprisoned for expressing one's political views is illegal. There are other Judges who would not just roll over and side with the government. Judge Walton was mentioned because of the fair-minded way he handled Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. and National Association of Rocketry vs. United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

When the police across America went on their campaign to stop the OWS camps, they employed many of the acts of torture mentioned above: kettle maneuvers, pepper spray, tear-gas, handcuffs or plastic manacles applied too tightly, flash bang grenades thrown into throngs of people being herded like cattle, shooting a man in the head with a tear gas canister, etc. There are many judges and civil lawsuit juries who could be asked, "Does the crime fit the punishment"? The "crime" of standing on a sidewalk, chanting we are the ninety-nine-percent, the punishment being tortured with handcuffs put on too tightly, teargas, pepper spray, flash bangs and LRAD Sound Cannons? Sound reasonable to you? I doubt any Judges like Judge Walton would find any of this reasonable. You try to exercise your first amendment rights, so the police violate both your first and eighth amendment rights.

The situation I've described here needs a lot of organization. OWS needs to file a lawsuit somewhere, which should include the court addressing whether LRAD Sound Cannons being used to violate first and eighth amendment rights simultaneously is a reasonable way to treat ordinary citizens. Whether the police kettling maneuver is excessive use of force (false imprisonment) under color of law. We know this is we against the corporate owned government, but it is also about whether we live in the United States of America or the GEC?

The GEC is the Gigantic Empire of Corporations. If this were the Gigantic Empire of Corporations, where human beings are routinely tortured with impunity, then we are probably in a state of war. The courts need to decide whether or not we are at war. How many of us will just stand by idly, watching our friends and neighbors get tortured? In our heart of hearts, most of us know we live in the GEC. Most of us know that out of the entire congress, there is only one Dennis Kucinich. Most of us know there is only one Judge Reggie Walton. Maybe one of each is enough, but we could use so many more of these kinds of leaders...  we are so inundated with corporate followers...

I so hope OWS takes the DoJ to court. Even the Tea Partiers know that human torture for sport does not fly in the USA" If it does, than this is truly the GEC.

Pittsburg has used LRAD's against protestors at the G20 summit http://tinyurl.com/6mr6apm meeting. You want first amendment rights? Chicago then violated the first and eight amendment rights off the protestors. The city is forgetting how deep its pockets are to be sued; the city is forgetting it is in the wrong using the LRAD. From about 1980 to the present, this is war, this is the Gigantic Empire of Corporations, there is no longer any such thing as the Untied States Government. It died with the Carter administration. The USA version of America has died from LRAD Sound Cannon exposure.

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May 12, 2012

The United States of Oligarchy

By Tracy Turner


There have been a lot of articles lately about the 15 corporations who have left ALEC, which is a good, positive thing. Perhaps it is pessimistic, but these are the companies still belonging to ALEC click here.

The link above gives you the full list of corporate ALEC members, aka the 1%, those who steal our democracy away with their money. Among the full list of ALEC members, these are perhaps the worst offenders: AT&T, Bank of America, BP, Chevron, Bayer, Exxon Mobil Corporation, General Electric Company, General Electric Company, Koch Companies Public Sector, Shell Oil Company and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Each of these companies has its own special place in hell. Who among us has not done business with most or all of these companies? They use our money to rob us of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Wouldn't it be grand if people started boycotting these companies, writing their headquarters, etc? These are the ALEC companies that should be most targeted by people who want their government back.

There are other companies that buy our government, steal our democracy in other ways" These companies steal our government away from the sound of our voices... Their products pollute more than the big oil companies pollute" Every year, they kill more people than cancer kills. They are http://defensesystems.com/articles/2011/06/08/2011-top-20-defense-contractors.aspx the top 20 defense contractors" The war-for-hire-mongers. The damage they do most is killing both our own troops, killing foreign nationals and keeping the country in a continuous state of war.

We the People .... under God, shall have a new birth of freedom--and that government of the people, by the people, for the people , shall not perish from the earth. Abraham Lincoln wrote these words and spoke them at the Gettysburg address. The words seem almost meaningless in 2012. Government that fights a new war every three years, of the defense companies, by the defense companies, for the defense companies" for tremendous profit.

The natural resources of the Earth shall be plundered, of the vampire corporations, by the vampire corporations and for the vampire corporations. BP will inevitably kill thousands of people in the Gulf of Mexico with pollution that will not go away in 100-200 years" Cancers, leukemias, etc. BP's own employees, after lifetimes of working with oil, gasoline and diesel" their guts are rotted away" as in their stomachs bleed, there is blood in their stools and their doctors cannot quite pinpoint the trouble. Government of the big polluters.

One of the worst polluters and threats to human beings welfare is not an ALEC-member" A Monsanto http://zduckman.hubpages.com/hub/monsanto former employee wrote all of the food and drug legislation that allows Genetically Modified Organisms into our meals. You ate GMO food today, but probably didn't realize it. Government of Monsanto, by Monsanto and for Monsanto. You don't matter, because you don't have Monsanto's wads of cash. Much of the legally allowable pesticide residue in the fruits and vegetables you ate today came from Monsanto, and their kissing cousin, Dow. The makers of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-TP (Agent Orange from Viet Nam) Dow Chemical Company has been poisoning the world a long time.

Abraham Lincoln surmised that as a nation, the United States would be too big and too powerful to be invaded from another nation. Lincoln also surmised that if we ever failed as a nation, the failure would come from within. Foreign corporations and US have taken over our government" We now live in a failed nation state, a fascist, corporate-controlled Oligarchy. The only people disputing this are the owners of these poisonous, all-controlling businesses.

I pledge allegiance, to the corporations one nation, under said businesses. Our politicians are no longer are leaders; they too, are slaves to Uncle Business. People want to blame Uncle Sam, but Sam's nailed shut in his coffin 6 feet under. Our politicians are slaves to corporations, but it is hard to feel sorry for those whose own money addiction has turned them from so-called leaders into the worst kind of followers.

Each of them says to their conscience, yeah, but so and so is taking money, too.   Two wrongs make such a glorious right, the right to be crooked, twisted, and socio-psychopathic and not give a damn about common men, women and children. When a devilish company like BP spends more on TV lies than it does on health care for the oiled-up children of Louisiana" Uncle Sam was supposed to be BP's conscience. Instead, every single member of the House and Senate takes" no, shamelessly takes BP's money. To hell with the kids who are going to get cancer and leukemia, or have their organs fail from crude oil and Corexit exposure. The house and senate members can wear suits and ties all they want. Shame on them and shame on BP. The government followers are nothing but cash mongers, crooks and liars.

What would John Kennedy say about any of them? I include Barack and Mitt in that question. Neither has lifted a finger to help people in the gulf get tested for toxin exposure, get medical attention. BP's lying TV ads are the antithesis of the poison along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. What would John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy say about the rubber stamp Judges in the Supreme Court, the bought and paid for Congress, the President and his rival both snug in their ivory towers? All of them in bed with the corporations, all of them lying like they give a damn about anything but votes? They don't care too much about those; they can be bought with corporate money.

If you think any of these corporations or politicians wants to do anything but strip-mine you You are naïve and confused. I pledge allegiance, to the corporation and the government to which it bribes one nation under cash with nothing at all for all



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May 11, 2012

The United Police State of Fascist-America

By Tracy Turner


Ever noticed most of the time that the rich, powerful, mostly white men such as Mayor Bloomberg of New York or Scott Walker of Wisconsin pose in front of American flags? Wouldn't it be more fitting for Mayor Bloomberg or Scott Walker to stand in front of a thousand-dollar-bill flag? Come on, these guys are about dollars they're not war heroes, they're not Viet Nam or Iraq veterans, their money-mongers. The red, white and blue flag behind them is a distraction from their core values, money. The draping of flags around them is just a token symbol the flag represents freedom and democracy, liberty and justice and these guys are about money, fascist government, harboring the big-polluter corporations and using sexual assault to quell Occupy protests.
The American flag stands for the rights of the weakest in our society being respected, whereas these two men and others like them stand for union-busting, national and global pollution (uranium mining, oil spills, mountaintop removal coal mining, etc.). Bloomberg, Walker, Romney and Santorum stand for natural gas fracking, flames coming out of people's drinking and bathing water. The flag stands for the rights of the individual, not the rights of the corporations.
I am not surprised that the fascists in America are identifying the Occupy Wallstreet movement as terrorists cells. In Oakland, teenagers are disappearing via the Oakland Police. In New York, groping female occupy protestors click here is being used as a provocation by the police Since these problems are not being addressed by Mayor Bloomberg and by Oakland Mayor, perhaps it needs to be addressed Email address removed US Attorney General Eric Holder. Both the Oakland Police and the New York Police seem to be writing their own laws when dealing with Occupy Protestors. Therefore, it falls on DOJ and Email address removed Eric Holder to investigate the behaviors and law violations of these two corrupt, corporate-bank-rolled police departments.
The post-9/11-police are ultra-militarized, in both weaponry and tactics. Their post-9/11 training is to think of themselves as the good guys and anyone else as some low-grade form of terrorist. The police objectifying human beings and smashing windows with their heads is precisely what the corporate-controlled government and corporate-controlled news media want. Objectifying women by groping them in public is the act of a coward. This type of behavior in a police department needs to be investigated by the DOJ who will probably wait for the several prominent-family occupy-protestor-deaths before the DOJ will do its job
In the article click here by David Graeber, one can only wonder where is the New York Times on this story of sexual assault by the police? Where are CNN and MSNBC? The fact that this is going on and is being ignored by the corporate news media isn't surprising Anything truly newsworthy is reported in the blogosphere
Mayor Bloomberg and his ilk are obsessed with National Security, but sexually violating women by the police on New York streets is not part of the National Security Apparatchik.
Bloomberg and his cronies, including the police chiefs, watch commanders, etc. are assumedly Republicans, the mix god and politics crowd. Where is their god in the sexual assaults by the police on women on the streets? Does their god somehow exclude the human rights of female Occupy protestors? This is a case of fascists protecting the corporate grid at all costs. This is the industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation, their bought and paid for government milking their beneficial business/government relationship.... their golden cash cow.
Bloomberg and NYPD must have both a lot to lose and a lot to gain to be risking the public scrutiny that comes with police brutality. It makes me wonder what Bloomberg has the campus police doing to the college students on campus. How many hard-drives are filled with surveillance footage of the campus intellectuals, the campus Occupiers? Bloomberg and his law-enforcement cronies are obsessed with law and order, not justice. The NYPD is obsessed with crime and Punishment, with a capital P. The fact that NYPD officers feel so empowered as to grope women's breast or break a woman's wrist proves they were given a nod and a wink from somewhere way up high in the fascist power grid. This type of corruption usually results in one thing death, murder, and people dying. Nobody wants to be a witness in such corruption.
It would seem that Bloomberg for President 2016 is the root cause of the NYPD beating heads against windows and sexually assaulting women protestors. The rank and file of the corrupt NYPD see themselves going somewhere up high in the fascist bashing heads for dollars power elite. Just picture Bloomberg with his sexual-assault goons in his inner circle of his' Presidential cabinet

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May 8, 2012

BP Oil plus Corexit Dispersant Equal Bioaccumulation

By Tracy Turner


If you or a friend or family member have been exposed to Corexit, talk to and if needed seek treatment from a doctor. The following article is to give the public some semblance of what the Gulf Coast residents have been and are going through. This article is written by a former pest-control applicator more knowledgeable about poisons than the general public, but not a nurse or doctor, not a poison-hotline expert. 


First of, the cube effect. If you mix poison A with poison B, the toxic effects are cubed or more than cubed. Drink two beers, you are impaired or mildly poisoned by two beers. On a different occasion, take two 5mg Valium and you are impaired or mildly poisoned by two Valium. Mix poison A, two beers, with poison B, two-5mg Valium, and you are extremely impaired, more than moderately poisoned. Not advisable, do not try this; it is stupid and life threatening. But you get the idea, that mixing two poisons together multiplies the toxic effect.


When British Petroleum had the large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they burned oil which left oil-ash in the water oil plus oil-ash equals two poisons. Then they went over the spill over a large area spraying Corexit - 9500 Oil Slick Dispersant, a chemical toxin carrying the WARNING label. A label with WARNING on it means what is in the bottle can kill you. DANGER is a higher, or more toxic warning. CAUTION is a lesser warning. CAUTION is less likely to kill you, WARNING or DANGER more likely to kill you.


So oil-slick toxin A plus oil-burned-ash toxin B was aerial-sprayed with Corexit - 9500 Oil Slick Dispersant toxin C" This is what BP now refers to as all waters are now open, come take a vacation" If you read the MSDS, the Material Safety Data Sheet www.lmrk.org/ corexit _9500_uscueg.539287.pdf   for Corexit - 9500, it says that Corexit can bio-accumulate. This means a shrimp eats some dead meat with Corexit - 9500 in it, then a Flounder eats the shrimp, then you eat the Flounder" As you move up the food chain from shrimp to flounder, the amount of Corexit in the organs increases. When you get to us, the top predator, the Amount of Corexit builds up and stays wherever our bodies put it, usually into fat, the liver, etc.


Don't forget, people are swimming in the Gulf, with residue of oil, oil-ash and Corexit in the water they swim in. Because of the storm surge, hurricanes push this toxic brew into fresh-water swamps, where it can mix with bayou well water and river waters in places like the Feather River, between Louisiana and Mississippi.


Let's digress, there are several ways people are exposed to toxins" By eating or drinking something polluted, or by swimming in polluted water, by skin absorption. There are two types of poisoning, acute and chronic. Acute means you got a big dose from an accident, like you spilled pure Corexit on your arm or in your eyes (need to go to a hospital, right now). Chronic means you are eating polluted shrimp and swimming on a polluted beach (the damage from this shows up much later, is near impossible to prove in court). BP's lawyers, and Nalco's lawyers, the makers of Corexit, know that you can't prove 2-20 years from know that your cancer or leukemia came from an oil slick or a chemical dispersant. In fact, they're banking huge profits on it.


As a former pest-control person and as a man who grew up in a Sierra Club family, I'm far from pro-chemical. Airplanes spraying Corexit on multi-millions of barrels of raw oil is not a solution; it is not a magic wand. It is a way to cover up the visual nightmare, but to leave the full nightmare right where it is but not photographable. Crude oil floats on water, Corexit makes the crude mix into the water and sink not to the bottom, but to all depths. The oil slick becomes a top to the sea to the bottom of the sea poison, with the toxic effects more than cubed because you added another poison.


If the news cannot fly over and film the oil slick anymore, it doesn't exist. But Louisiana kids are swimming in the polluted beaches. All of us who eat meat are eating the shrimp and flounder. The wildlife in the ocean and wetlands are living in toxin A plus toxin B. Remember this article the next time BP's Iris Cross is on your TV telling you how grand it all is.





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May 5, 2012

US Human Rights

By Tracy Turner

              US Human Rights


Washington Needs to Learn the Lesson it Pretends to Teach

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has been in the US news a lot lately, with Obama looking solemnly at the camera, saying that we talk to China all the time about human http://tinyurl.com/6m8m5ta rights" How can the only country in the world with a 67-year history of killing human beings with radioactive energy teach China human http://tinyurl.com/yu3agx rights? It is apparent the Chinese are often heavy-handed with their political dissidents http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AdDLhPwpp4 but it is not like Washington has a better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_YZtKXXCvg track record. The police brutality to the Occupy Protestors was as heavy-handed as anything the Chinese have done recently.

The U.S. needs to learn what it pretends to teach China, human rights. Washington posturing to teach what it so sorely needs to learn itself is almost laughable, if it were not for the trail of injured and dead

The US Government, in the forms of the Washington Pentagon, has over a century of doing medical, radiation and germ warfare experiments on http://tinyurl.com/6g4rbbl US citizens. Maybe the Pentagon http://tinyurl.com/4884waa can teach the Chinese a thing or two about human rights abuses, the Pentagon seems to have a black belt in human rights violations. Every night they make Bradley Manning sleep on the floor naked, as punishment for leaking war crimes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogFZlRiTHuw video.

Washington has been and continues to be addicted to three basic unending human-rights abuses:      

   1) Shoving the rights of corporations down the throats of the American people while masquerading them as "patriotism" or for   "the good of the country".   

   2) Shoving corporate will down the throats of sovereign nations.   You either knuckle under to U.S. hegemony or we will kill you "in our National Interest.

   3) Killing anyone or anything worldwide that does not agree with Washington's corporatist view on US world-dominance. This includes killing dissident governments, Occupy protests, etc.

Heaven help us if the Chinese decide to follow our example, of taking whatever we want, demonizing and killing the populace if they resist our Imperialist will. The U.S. needs to learn how to respect human rights, both abroad and at home. In the evolution of a child into an adult, hopefully a spiritual metamorphosis takes place.   An adult learns to admit past mistakes, to apologize with contrition.   An adult without realizing it learns humility, to be humble. The US Government has for over a century operated as a capricious, hegemonius child, never apologetic "repeating the same old behaviors, over and over. Washington operates as if Washington is god.

We were an imperialist, hegemonius society.   We continue to demand that other nations bow to our corporations.   When they don't, we demonize and kill them with depleted http://tinyurl.com/79u9xhu uranium weapons (war-crime, genocide).

China was a closed society; they are learning to be open.   China was communist, China has become recently capitalistic. It is we who are stuck, kicking and screaming like a child having a temper tantrum.

When George H. W. Bush was threatening to invade Iraq (Desert Storm), all the rich 1% sailed to Cyprus on their pleasure yachts.   The very people he was trying to threaten watched Desert Storm on their TV aboard their yachts.   The bombs fell on the poorer 99%.   We do this over and over, like a spoilt child having a tantrum.   No apologizing, never maturing. If George H.W. Bush had been Chinese, perhaps he would have sunk the Saddam Baathists in their pleasure yachts off of the coast of Cypress. Desert Storm would have ended in 45 minutes; there would probably not have been a second Iraqi war"

As of May 3rd 2012 the spoiled child, Washington has its hands on another child's toy. Afghanistan owns 5% of the world's natural gas and Washington won't let go of it.   What are we teaching China? The US often accuses China of "cheating" in business" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ownokF1Gzpc Perhaps we could have Monsanto corporation teach ethics to Chinese businesses.

The US military is torturing Bradley Manning and has been doing so for a long time. Washington lecturing China about Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng while making Bradley Manning sleep naked on the floor every night is beyond hypocritical. Maybe Washington does not realize the Chinese as a global culture use Wikipedia, Youtube and Facebook" That they to can cruise the http://www.whale.to/a/cantwell9.html Internet to learn about US history and Washington's record with human http://www.ncoic.com/tumblersnapper.htm rights"

The Washington. DC version of government, particularly in the era of nuclear bombs, radiation experiments on humans and depleted uranium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-VkpR-wka8 warfare" has no right or valid platform to do anything except to say we are sorry, we won't do it again. Human rights start in the USA backyard, not in China's back yard. Until Washington gives Pvt 1st Class Bradley Manning a blanket to sleep with, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is pretty much none of our business.

The video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogFZlRiTHuw Bradley Manning downloaded and disseminated is evidence of War Crimes against humanity. Watch the video, where a camera is called a weapon, and unarmed, not-fighting people are mowed down with a helicopter gunship. The footage proves a war crime against humanity, the whistleblower is being tortured and Obama is going to teach human rights to whom? We are the worst offenders.

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May 4, 2012

Corporate Pollution of the American Psyche

By Tracy Turner


The big corporations are not just polluting our air, land, waterways and oceans" They are indoctrinating the populace with environmental and financial hubris. They pollute our human psyche. Part of the hubris is the idea their toxic dangerous product will become affordable, part of the hubris is they will provide you with a job. Once upon a time what all of the big industries are public relationing would have been called a con job. Their lobbying arms seek to infect the politicians you vote for, the politicians you vote against. They also seek to affect you. Your medical insurer only cares that you continue to pay your premiums, and that the price of those premiums goes up much faster than inflation.

It is against the law to bribe a government official, it is against the law for government officials to accept bribes" except in the cases of big oil, big natural gas frackers, big nuclear energy, big coal mining industry, big medical insurance and big pharmaceutical industry.

The industries named above write their own legislation. At election time, they back both Democratic and Republican candidates, hedging their influence on both sides of the so-called aisle. BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell earn roughly 100 million dollars per day, every day of the year in the US. Their Vote 4 energy campaign (via their lobbying entity, American Petroleum Industry) seeks to make unregulated oil drilling with no safety, no public health and no environmental safeguards the new de facto standard.

American Petroleum Industry has managed to keep the prostitute news media from reporting on the Chevron Brazilian Oil Spill and the Royal Dutch Shell North Sea oil spill. The industry has become adept at sanitizing oil spills at the so-called news media level, most people don't hear about spills unless it is in their proverbial back yard. BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell want to go on making their record profits while Americans spend 8.5% of their disposable income on filling up their gas tanks. BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell want to drill unregulated, with rolled back environmental barriers and safeguards.

ANGA, the American Natural Gas association, wants to make unregulated fracking the new de facto standard in America. Their lobbying arm uses jobs, clean and abundant as their brainwashing tools. Here's a list of the click here   78 chemicals used in Pennsylvania fracking. There are 750 different chemicals used in America" Dick Cheney and George Bush deregulated the natural gas industry so they could use these chemicals with no oversight, no regulation, and no impediment of any kind. Their own workers do not know the contents of the products they use daily.

Each of the industries above whitewashes what they do, whitewashes their own dirty laundry with politicians, whitewashes the deaths they cause, and whitewashes their price-gouging policies with the American public. We all are aware we are being screwed, but the brainwashing goes so deep people like Occupy who speak out are made to look like kooks.

Americans are like raw pretzel dough in the hands of businesses and politicians" every year we are made to tolerate paying more for less, to suck up our brainwashing while we are told big oil is going to provide us with jobs, that allowing big oil to pollute new aquifers will somehow benefit all of us with a bigger gallon of gasoline for a few dollars less. The promises are implied, meanwhile more news bureaus remain more silent about the North Sea and Brazilian oil spills. The TV stations get ad money from big petroleum; they are not about to bite the oil-soaked hand that feeds them. We are asked to absorb more lies every year, like there is no threshold of mistruth a gullible American populace won't swallow. Fracking is clean and creates jobs. The health and pharmaceutical companies did not write Obama care. BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell are providing with jobs and economy. Never mind that every dime they can possibly offshore is gone forever. Big Pharma is giving us maintenance drugs that won't cure diseases, making us life-long pharma-junkies.

We are asked to digest all of this, to digest feeble excuses for war so the war whores corporations can be paid. Digest it all and not say a word to the contrary about the 750-fracking chemicals, the oil spills, and the suicidal soldiers with PTSD"

The sad thing is they keep bending our brains, our hearts, are souls. Every year, the people in America tolerate more and more of our friends, family and neighbors drinking more, taking Prozac, being more on edge. The murder rate goes up, the rape rate goes up, the prison population swells" and we are told that big petroleum is going to pump 803 billion dollars into the US economy. Maybe they meant 803 billion barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean off of the coast of Brazil.

Big business corporations, congress and the lobby industry are stuffing more soul sickness down our throats than ever before. It almost seems like Occupy Wallstreet hit some form of lobbying industry panic button" The quantity and content of the ads has never been more you, the little people, need us, your local neighborhood global consortium. Chevron's ads with the cellos playing music are expensive" So are BP's and Exxon's. The more Occupy Wallstreet pushed one way, the more the lobbyist industry has pushed back with mind-numbing, soul-blackening jargon-ads. Even the government has their own lies and agenda; China is rapidly becoming our new enemy" My God, when is the United States going to have human rights? Where are human rights here at home when ANGA wants to frack with 750 chemicals, many of them known carcinogens like Ethyl Benzene?

Politicians like Mitt Romney or Barack Obama refer to capitalism, market forces and free enterprise" Meanwhile, lobbyist organizations spend millions and millions of dollars trying to brain wash us into liking the poison, the dishonesty, and the financial usury that was and is being pushed down our throats. What is so free market about an industry and lobby that has to corrupt politicians and lie to us every night on prime time so they can keep their 100-million-dollar-per-day profits? That is not free market, that is Fascism. Mussolini had this type of government in Italy in 1929; he had to enforce it with guns and violence. Think of all the armed cops pepper-spraying the Occupy-Wall-Streeters, what is the difference between Mussolini and now?

The TV ads are the George Orwell Ministry of Truth keeping the populace in line. The health care lobby in 2009 spent $396 million dollars on bribes thinly disguised as campaign donations. Is there a one of us who wouldn't rather see $396 million spent on AIDS-cure-research or cancer-cure research?

What Occupy Wallstreet did, for an all too short of a time, was to expose the hypocrisy, the deceit, the lies behind the slick ad campaigns. Wallstreet itself is too big. The odd thing is none of these companies seem to be able to exist without the government propping them up in some way. The same may be said of our current government, it cannot exist as is without these titan multinational companies pumping in bribe money thinly disguised as "campaign donations".

Every day, every year, billions of dollars get spent on political bribes, TV ads, so we can be deceived by industries that want only one thing" to flatten our wallets and fatten their own. If you ad up what big health, big oil and big gas spend on lobbying, on political bribes, on TV ads" it is enough money to cure many of our social ills. What a monumental waste of resources. But never fear, the government will just print more dollars.

The odd thing about the new robber barons is, they make the old robber barons look honest. The old railroad robber barons did not lie on Television every night, 6-7 times an hour. All that ad money, basically going into a 60-second, "I'm not a thief" spiel.

When the old American Telephone & Telegraph Company got to big, the federal government broke it into seven pieces, based on the premise a monopoly is not in the interests of the American people. There's no danger of that happening again to any of our new, current monopolies. Too big, period. Literally all of the companies that run the US Government are too big. Banks, energy giants, pharmaceutical industry, health insurers, frackers, coal monopolies, etc., are all too big.

The 4-5 months Occupy Wallstreet was encamped in all the major cities, including near K street in Washington DC, was a great start at exposing the hypocrisy. Exposing the hubris, the hypocrisy, is one tool we have for exacting some type of change. Positive, meaningful change will not come out of Washington. It will not come out of Democrats controlling the House. If any positive change is to be exacted, it will come from exposing the lies, the hubris. Chevron's multimillion dollar "We Agree" campaign was punked by the http://www.chevron-weagree.com/ website. Ads such as "we agree oil companies should clean up their own messes" appears on the Chevron-spoof website. The environmental group launched their media campaign before Chevron, they emailed to Chevrons email list. Sometimes it does not take a billionaire to cut through the deceit of these monopoly liars.

The politicians fawn and pose as if they are doing all of us a big favor" They are so insane, they actually think they are serving us, rather than enslaving us, as they transfer tax dollar after tax dollar to weapons developers, oil drillers, frackers, health care companies who want to be paid directly by both the government and by us, the mark. We aren't customers, we are the marks, and they are the grafters and grifters. The federal government grafts off of us, the monopolies grift off of us, both act enraged and offended any time anything or anyone looks like a threat to unimpeded grafting and grifting. I'm pretty sure Occupy Wallstreet hit a nerve or two somewhere.


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May 1, 2012

We Are Legion, For We Are Many Psychopaths

By Tracy Turner


         Creative, Critical Problem Solving vs. Cash as Free Speech


Have you ever sent one of our bought and paid-for politicians an idea, a solution to a national problem? Everyday, people like you send ideas, solutions, large and small" to the President, to members of Congress, to state assemblypersons, etc. Everyday, those creative, critical thinking, smart ideas fall by the wayside. It isn't that the idea has no merit, or that the letter was not clearly written. It wasn't that the idea's time has come" It's just that corporation like Citibank, British Petroleum, Goldman Sachs and Monsanto submitted their problems to your solution replete with a wad of cash you failed to mail in.

Nuclear waste. Oil slicks. Water pollution from fracking. War. Police brutality. Every day, people like us write in brilliant solutions to the nation, even to the world's problems, and we are drowned out by cash. Who says market forces don't work? Who says freedom and democracy are there for the taking if you are rich enough?

 Lila York wrote an http://tinyurl.com/bqoubgg article about the psycho-sociopaths who run both government and big corporations. Want to please them, get their attention, and see them act swiftly? Just invent a better taser, smarter smart bomb, make a better machine gun with better bullets, or a bigger, bolder nuclear bomb. You'll see it adopted and put into production almost instantly, though you'll probably make little to no money from your invention. Anything that kills or protects a cop or soldier so they can kill more efficiently gets top billing in both corporations and government.

Invent a 60-mile-per-gallon Chevy pickup truck in your backyard, and all corporations and government do is bury you under red tape and secrecy. Invent a fuel additive, a cheap chemical, that makes any gas-powered car get 30% more horsepower and gas mileage, more red-tape, secrecy and burial mounds of shredded paper. To the best of my knowledge, a plan for a rocket motor to go to the Moon and back (manned flight) gets shredded. If you are Morton Thiokol in Utah, you pay to be awarded a no-bid contract that is so expensive the flight is cancelled, more sociopaths rubbing elbows with other sociopaths.

We need to develop a litmus test that keeps sociopaths out of office, out of the Presidency, off of the Supreme Court and out of Congress. We need a litmus test that keeps sociopaths out of banks, chemical companies, away from nukes, away from fracking for gas companies, etc.

  Willie Nelson has contracted with farmers and bulk-plant producers, distributors, etc. to sell Bio-Willie, biodiesel for the trucking industry. The next logical step would be to make biodiesel the de facto http://olivebiodiesel.com standard. The government can subsidize tobacco farmers for a hundred years, but is too psycho-sociopathy to subsidize olive farmers to grow biodiesel for one year. Another idea submitted to the President, submitted to the Department of energy's Dr. Chu, then shredded. Both corporations and government work together to create sociopathy problems with money as their blinders, the dollar signs in their eyes so large they trip over any kind of solution.

People like us have spent our lives writing up solutions to a myriad of problems to "make the country better". You name it: Jobs and the Economy, Education, the Environment, Equal Rights, Health Care, National Security, Student Loans and/or Wall Street Reform" The psycho-sociopaths have a death grip on all of these, and they're no going to relinquish one iota of control or money.

Jobs and the Economy" The banks and the government are going to make damn sure there aren't "too many" jobs around, that the few there are have some form of deep servitude inherent in the "job". Education" Education is now something for the 1% to give their kids, an "entitlement" of the Bush's, the Cheney's, the Clintons and the Obama's.

Environment" Every time there is a chance to save an endangered species, to preserve a special place" The psychos in the business world and the socios in government work hand in hand, symbiotically, to wipe out and destroy whatever it was.

Equal Rights, as in we, the 1%, are more equal than you, the 99%. Our money is our voice and it drowns all of you out like you never existed.

Health Care" All Americans should be entitled to all the health care they can possibly have until bankrupt.

National Security" as in the National Defense Act of 2012. Student Loans" yes, you too can have a nearly worthless piece of paper. My neighbor has double Masters degrees, she sells shoes part time at the mall"

Wall Street Reform" Really, we are the newly reformed Wall Street, want to buy some derivatives? Tough luck if you said no, all of your retirement just got secretly put into products you never asked for.

Does it matter whom you vote for? Of course not! Does it matter how many pounds of solutions you put on paper and snail mail to politicians and they lackey sycophants? The paper version of this letter is already in some government shredder somewhere, because it contains references to several non-pyscho-sociopathy idea and solutions. Out with the good, in with the evil, we are legion, for we are many. Legion petroleum, legion nuclear works, legion fracking inc., legion war inc., legion security services LLC, legion medical corporation and legion pharmaceuticals. Legion courts, legion house and senate, legion the President be he or she blue or red.


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April 2, 2012

The State of the Onion Address

By Tracy Turner


                        The State of the Onion Address



Terror, Terror and more Terror, the United States is a Terrorist Regime that makes, exports and uses weapons of mass destruction. The nation is numb and oblivious to war. War is now out of sight and mind. It is now probably against the law to be an antiwar protestor, in any event you are certain to be pepper-sprayed. It's the new nationalism"root for the team, or get sprayed, or go to jail.


You are either with us or you are against us (as evidenced by the National Dictator Act of 2011 and the Anti-Dissident Act of 2012). The U.S. makes and stockpiles chemical and biological weapons, all the while screaming Foul! Terrorist! Defense! Foul! The hypocrisy of having more weapons than all other countries combined and claiming to be some form of victim escapes notice, mostly.


When Jimmy Carter was President, he frequently gave speeches about lack of respect overseas for human rights. Nobody in the Washington DC beltway does human rights speeches, now that we are among the worst of the worst offenders. Newscasters, Politicians and Corporate Moguls create Pariahs of both individuals and classes of people, so that there is a constant enemy in front of us to war with. Today's new enemies are North Korea and Iran, who will be tomorrows? With passage and Obama signing of the National Dictator Act of 2011, even we ourselves are the new enemy. It creates jobs to have enemies needing arrest or rendition, prisons and prison wardens and guards.   Terror is the en vogue industry of the 2000's, 2010's and 2020's"


The war on the vagina, aka men writing women's reproductive laws to make government smaller. The war on women has pundits talking about women voting democrat, as if democrat voters will somehow unscrew the fascist underpinnings of fascist America. America itself is run by one party now, the Fascist Party.


More terror, terrorists are everywhere, expect more laws to root out and lock them up. Expect to see the second coming of Jesus, draped in a red, white and blue robe, with a crown of gold bald eagles clutching arrows and cruise missiles.


The most ignored news stories are big, old obsolete energy stories. Big Nuke, Big Coal, Big Gas and Big Oil with their New, Safe and Clean campaigns and lobbyists. All four are Old, Dangerous and Dirty. Just use antonyms if you see their adds on TV. Fewer jobs, more filth, more danger, shortages and higher prices. Does your vote matter if the person you did or didn't vote for is bought and paid for by Obsolete Four Filth Energies? Collusion, corruption, graft, greed, business as usual. If Obama were a real man, he'd have seized BP's North American assets to pay for the damage to the Gulf of Mexico from the Oil Well Blowout. But he was bought and paid for by BP and his other corporate sponsors, so he protected BP while scolding them for just appearances sake.


Along with the filth energy titans making record profits are bank, finance and health industry profits. Their business model is to give their customers and employees less, and to demand more. Good jobs with workers rights are non-existent in most of these companies, who have broken or subdued any unions their employees may belong to.


More Terror, let's militarize the police and use LRAD's on protestors. Let's give the War on Terror powers that be unlimited power to inflict terror on the American people.











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March 22, 2012

Even George Orwell Would Feel "Secure"...

By Tracy Turner


News, Documentary & Movie Censorship, News Subject Blackouts and Guilty Until Proven Mostly Harmless


Most people don't notice the absence of little details like the World Trade Center Twin Towers blotted out of the rolling credits of the show, The Sopranos. As of 2012, most people don't notice absence of coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though the war aftermath in both of those places will be with the world for the next fifty years or more. People don't notice what is not in the news, like the absence of a clip on Department of Justice Operation "Stellar Wind'. The largest telephonic spying act in world history takes a back seat to Dancing With the Stars.


Other items the "news" deemed not news-worthy on television "news": the President's Surveillance Program, the annual budget of the NSA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments of 2008, FISA/NSA being sued by the ACLU or the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. The annual budget of the National Security Agency is classified, but its NSA Building $896.5 Million Supercomputing Center gives you some clue that it is a big budget.


The problem with data harvesting spying is the unmentioned assumption of guilt as a right to spy on the "guilty" until they are "proven innocent". Most of what we have done post 9-11 is guilt assumption first, innocence is not ever assumed. The files last longer than most of us will ever live. Under FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, all electronic communications that end or begin in a foreign country are spied upon: a text from Israel to Detroit, a phone call from San Francisco to Mexico, etc.


Other tax-dollar unmentionables on mainstream news: Homeland Security Anti-terrorism University Programs (Hitler's Brown Shirts reminiscent), USA Patriot Act, aka Anti-Magna Carta on Steroids, the United States Department of Homeland Security, the National Defense Act of 2011and the Anti Protestor act 2012.


Making George Orwell feel "Secure' with a capital "S'


According to the Washington Post some 1,271 U.S. government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence.  They are located in about 10,000 different locations across the United States" not newsworthy on mainstream TV news... Literally every community college and university has a program in security, anti-terrorism or homeland security, etc. Most police departments now have paramilitary training, equipment and units with the word terror in their ranks and titles. The rise of the terror-info-military complex, with each agency trying to out-perform the others and make or create their next poster-children for the "news media".


These terrorist seeking students are the new millennium version of ROTC crossed with Hitler's brown-shirts. Law and Order for the government and corporations, violation of civil rights to the unwashed masses. These are the programs that turn out the pepper sprayers on campus; some of the single universities like Purdue now spending over a billion per year on Anti-terrorism programs. One would think terrorist are crawling out of the very ground like out of a disturbed ant's nest.


These students go to work in 1,271 government-spying organizations and in 1,931 private security firms, most of which are run paramilitary fashion. Get filmed on campus, your image will be on the campus security hard drive probably well past your lifespan. Any telephone, text, email or social networking interfaces you use that look interesting to your Uncle Sam or private security firms will likely outlive your grandchildren on a hard-drive. These security zealot students are taught out of a handbook that lists anarchists, antiwar-protestors and occupy Wall-Streeters in the same paragraph, all known as low-level terrorists" They man private prisons answerable to no one"


Now that President Obama signed "Anti-Protest" Bill H.R. 347 and the National Defense Act of 2012 H.R. 1540, we have literally millions of "students" and "graduates" trained in "Homeland Security" but not trained in Magna Carta, Miranda rights, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitutional law. These millions of security gurus, coupled with a plethora of FEMA concentration camps, are writing on the wall that is impossible to ignore, except by the mainstream news. There is also the prison-industrial complex itself" privatized, profitable, with a conflict of interest making it more profitable to keep than to release a detainee.


The prisons, secret prisons, elements of martial law, so-called security sycophants are by design, not accident. The spying upon and collection of detrimental information on the populace is by design, not some "collateral' effect of 9-11. The infrastructure to create Martial Law America has been in place or is being put in place via billions of dollars of taxpayer expense. Americans have been asleep while government and corporations have given us more law and order than we could ever need or use and no justice to go with it.


Law and order with no justice and mercy are main elements of a fascist dictatorship. The American populace is now living somewhere between an anvil and an iron hammer, with no place to go. The universities and private security firms have become similar to USSR organs of the state. Anti-terrorism expenditures out-pace all government expenditures, even social security as they are lumped in with "national defense".


Don't believe that your taxes are paying for the government to spy on you and list you somewhere as a potential domestic terrorist? Try sending this on your smart phone or iPad: "I am going to kill the termites in my yard with a bug bomb and remove the bushes".   Say those words in your phone or send them as a text and the NSA's super-computers will collect these in your file. Guilty until proven innocent, big brother is watching"


Exactly when did we add the Forth-branch of Government?


The Judiciary -- the Supreme Court Justices, the Congress -- House and Senate and the President -- POTUS" all wining and dining with the Trillion Dollar Spies, Prison-owners and Terror-hunters of big-game terrorists, who just got a license to fine and incarcerate Occupy Wall-Streeters who do anything "Federally Significant"" The rise of the Terror/Prison Information Complex" anyone want to have lunch down near the Washington D.C. Mall? The "lunch budget" runs into trillions of dollars. The industry must grow, which means it desperately needs new terrorists and places to lock them up" Even as you read this, your name or image, your text messages, are residing somewhere on government and private, police and/or military hard drives, awaiting "further analysis"... Terror Prison Information Complex money that came out of your wallet, you paying the government to assume your guilt...








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February 19, 2012

I vote/we agree with Oil-monopoly price-gouging, fracking, etc.

By Tracy Turner

I vote for emphysema from diesel trucks and buses. I vote for an industry with chemists who turned 1980's purple-brown smog to clear, transparent poison that's out of sight and out of mind.


We agree to 1980's-era Supertankers taking American oil to China while returning home with Arab oil, like it makes sense to move all oil half way around the world to drive up costs.

I vote for chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides exported to all the third world countries so we can import fruit and vegetables soaked with carcinogens. We agree, because we are fracked-up monopolies who price-fix, price-gouge and war-profiteer.

I vote for traffic gridlock in cars and trucks that spew out pollution even when they are not moving. We agree, yet our ads always use the word tomorrow, even though tomorrow never comes.

I vote for a gallon of gas for five-bucks that has less energy in it than a thirty-six-cent gallon of gas had in it. We agree, which is why we invent new ways to detune gas.

I vote for a gallon of gas that evaporates into thin air when a car's parked in the sun on a hot day. We agree, which is how we drain your tank between fill ups, even when you are not driving.

I vote for carcinogens in air, sea, land and rivers" I vote for natural gas fracking in all 50 U.S. states, dirty, flammable water in your tap. I vote for nitro benzene bathwater, showers and water for soup. We agree to damage your body irrepairably. We agree, if you live near our drills, fracks, and processing or storage locations. We agree to poison in your liver and nerve damage, brain damage and our denial of fault.

I vote for the Exxon Valdez oil spill and drunken captains ramming supertankers aground in Prudhoe Bay. We agree to dead dolphins and ruined fisheries.

I vote for a broken oil well off of the coast of Brazil, more dead dolphins and ruined fisheries, more cancer in the food chain. We agree to minimize our bad and to spray cancer-causing surfactants that merely hide the oil slick from view.

I vote for 11 dead oilrig workers in the Gulf of Mexico and the largest oil spill I human history. We agree to spray more cancer surfactant, hide the slick from view and get back to yacht racing as soon as we can.

We agree to shut down several oil refineries during peak demand times to drive up global prices.

I vote for the keystone pipeline. We agree to cancer in the Canadian Tar Sand processing areas, temporary low paying jobs and sending the oil from New Orleans to China, bypassing your gas tank to drive the local prices up. 

I vote for global warming, climate shift, and possible human extinction like the days of the dinosaurs ending. We agree, that is why we spend billions lobbying on our own behalf so we can keep the status quo, including price gouging, price fixing, monopolies, etc.

I vote for clean, renewable, safe fuel from growing algae, Olive Trees and Sugar Cane. We agree to thwart efforts like these, including the death of the inventor of the diesel engine, Dr. Diesel. He wanted to run farm tractors on peanut oil in 1901, but we killed him and buried his plans. We do that, go as far as killing people, to keep out competitors.

Please send this to your elected representatives and tell them you are fed up! Tell them you want fuel from sugar cane, olive trees and algae today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes with these greedy robber oil barons. Ask congress and the senate to move today, to get results for renewables now. This needs to be the most regulated industry in human history. part of their problem is excess profits and sheer human laziness. We agree. We vote renewable now!

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February 16, 2012

Following in Hitler's Footsteps

By Tracy Turner

Following in Hitler's Footsteps

One Big (UN)-happy Dysfunctional American Family
January 1, 2012 President Obama signed the National Defense Act of America. Most Americans are unaware the law even exists to render an opinion on the law. Looking back in history there is a parallel, February 28, 1933 Hitler coerces President Hindenburg to sign article 48, an "emergency" decree authorizing Hitler                to suspend all civil rights, arrest (and execute) any suspicious person. Ron Paul would be one of the first of a small handful to see the similarity, to see that this is no longer America. A land without social and economic justice may as well sell off the copper in the statue of liberty and replace her with plastic. i am well aware that Obama is not Hitler; I am also aware that he signed a law taking us further down an already slippery-post-9-1-1 slope...

The parallel is the suspension of civil rights for political expediency, the draconian laws that replace the freedom and liberty. None of us know the ultimate outcome of the NDAA act of 2012, or who will use such a law, when, why and whom they will inevitably incarcerate, torture and summarily execute under said act. Are the Occupy Wall-Streeters in their cross hairs, or the next wave of antiwar protestors, caught protesting against the invasion of Iran?

One in four children goes to bed hungry regularly in America. The food-bank I volunteer in has 535 families showing up each week two times a week for food. They wait in line many hours for boxes of Mac'n'cheese, etc. Their numbers have gone up during the so-called Obama eco-recovery. Spending on bombs, depleted uranium cannon shells, etc. could employ many of these displaced workers. Perhaps the Republicans can pass a law that we drug test them before we feed them, men, women and babies all made to pee in a cup for supper. Lets spend billions on Iran and make the hungry drug test for their Mac'n'Cheese boxes.

I'm not proposing more class welfare" but I am really big on CCC (Teddy Roosevelt-style Civilian Conservation Corp projects that build wind-farms and Olive-Oil Biodiesel energy farms for a sustainable future. This makes more sense than unleashing the hell of (irony of ironies) "smart" bombs on another third-world oil dictatorship. Is it just me? I want to see freedom and democracy here at home, in North America, a real, working democracy in our own land before we go off to police others.

Recently I thought I had seen the depths of the American' governments hypocrisy, but the Obama State Department got out the shovel and dug a little deeper into the depths of said hypocrisy. Maldives' President Mohamed Nasheed is one of the Earth's biggest advocates on Global Warming ecology. Recently he was forced out of office at virtual gunpoint" The US State Department has cozied up to his nemesis like they are our NDAA 2012-kissing-cousin.
President Mohamed Nasheed had the most open democracy in the history of the Maldives; the US State Department's actions have me wondering if this was another US-CIA-led coup? So much for being the moral authority of the globe.

Someday schools and teachers will have everything that they need and the Air Force will hold a bake sale for a new bomber" Seen on the back of a parents' Suburu. The US is now number 33 in science, outpaced by countries like India. Apparently our government wants us stupid and afraid of them. Otherwise they would not be forcing us to follow in Hitler's foot-steps.

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November 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is facing orchestrated resistance from the corporate-owned government

By Tracy Turner

[[IMG1]]Occupy Wall Street is facing orchestrated resistance from the corporate-owned government, with the police playing both brutal and dirty. The 1%-owned government has more war to fight, as war profits are in very large part how the 1% became the 1%. If you follow the money from the war budget to the war profiteers and the pay-offs to government minions of the oil, weapons and health care industries, it makes sense that government wishes to shut down a peace movement.

Before OWS, nobody was talking about the 1% using money as "voice' and the "voiceless' 99%. Now, for the last two months, the voiceless 99% have had a louder voice via OWS.

George W. Bush handed Barrack Obama a nuclear gun (Depleted Uranium weapons); Barrack cannot stop pointing the thing and pulling the trigger. Now we have Newt, Beiner, etc., talking about invading Iran. The U.S. is in two perpetual states of war: 1) war on third world nations with oil resources 2) war on the middle class to suck it up and be more austere so the money mongers can own 40% of the globe.

Why doesn't America invest in olive oil bio-diesel instead of rattling the trillion-dollar saber over Iran? Bush and Obama have done enough genocide with the depleted Uranium munitions. If the question is Depleted Uranium Genocide vs. Olive-Oil Bio-Diesel, it is both morally and literally insane to start another war.

In 1969, we could afford to both go to the Moon and fight a war in Viet Nam. Obama scrapped the Moon mission because it is too expensive. Part of the cost is NASA refuses to use rocket motors like the F-1 (Saturn V)" In plain English, money is paid to the government from K Street so we have such an expensive Moon mission that we don't go to the Moon anymore. We were a great country once. Now we just have police bludgeon civilians, cut up tents here at home while we nuke Arab peoples with Depleted Uranium.

One more example of money as voice corporate-owned government: most Americans would rather buy trees, shrubs, roses, vegetable plants, etc., from American plant nurseries. Part of it is more than just keeping jobs in America; it is the all-important consideration of keeping foreign plant and soil insect and disease pests out of US agriculture. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, OSH and Lowes pump money through K Street to grease Quarantine 37 into law.

Quarantine 37 will import foreign plant diseases and foreign insect pests into a Mass-merchandise nursery near you. Quarantine 37 will bankrupt US agricultural growers by the millions. Quarantine 37 is one of the worst nightmare laws ever to flow though the cash-grease of K Street/congress, ever. Nobody is protesting it, as once again the 1% has his or her money as voice charade center stage. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, OSH and Lowes are about as green as Bayer Gaucho or Monsanto Terminator Corn Genetically Modified Organism. 1% killing of the entire planet for maximum profit! The great USA needs to climb out of such dirt! It is beneath us as a people.

OWS represents freedom and democracy" All you have to do is look at who is fighting OWS to see where/who the fascists are. Including 710 fascist banks that would rather live with genocide than go to the Moon.

Rest assured, Mayor Bloomberg is set up to be President, to have his kids, grandkids and great grand kids be President. Our next generations of Fascists-in-Chief" BTW, is it just me, or has Homeland Security now taken up the role that the courts expressly forbade the US CIA from taking up?

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June 24, 2011

UnPatriot Act of 2011, Change That Leaves Filth On Your Tongue

By Tracy Turner

Contact the White House. Comments: 202-456-1111. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. FAX: 202-456-2461


I am writing about a situation that affects everyone in America, the unPatriot Act; I am using one example of one legal case in the Pasadena, California, area. Many of the persons involved attend recovery meetings anonymously; therefore their names cannot be used.

Prior to 9/11, many of us drug and alcohol allergic types, as part of our own recoveries into health, would go to court with people charged with petty crimes, such as "drunk in public," aka public inebriation. We would sometimes just stand in court and look at a judge and nod our heads when a certain man or woman's moment in court arrived from the day's docket. The judge would administer a severe warning, then sentence the accused to 30 meeting in 30 days, sometimes 90 meetings.

Under the Patriot Act, the ugly, vulgar words that come out of a drunk or an addict's mouth are now "a terrorist threat," with sentences ranging from a year and a day (hard prison time) to five years to life for a "thrid strike."

What the people who wrote, voted for, and the people who extended the patriot act don't seem to get, is that they are now the Taliban. The President, the Congress, the Senate, and all the Judiciary can now take a man's life (old, weak, sick drunks are cannon fodder for inmates in our draconian dungeons we call prisons). Under the Patriot Act, the Penal System is the fastest growth industry in the US. How unAmerican, how home of the brave, how land of the free. Shame on our government. I guess they have issues; they cannot see their own Talibanism. They forgot for whom they work. Anybody who supports the Patriot Act has not my vote. We still unelect Judges. Pasadena needs the whole lot replaced. So does the house, senate, and Presidency, unless they yield to the will of the people.

A few days ago, a local Pasadena Judge had a mean-mouthed drunk before her, just some local American man. Recovery people went to court, spoke on his behalf, asked the Judge to let him go on his Own Recognizance (O.R.), to go back into recovery meetings.

The Judge stood up, pointed at the man, and said, "You are a terrorist! Under the provisions of the Patriot Act, I sentence you to 1.5 years hard time in prison."  My Uncle Jerry sacrificed his right hand for this Judge's right to point her finger and stone a drunk to death for public inebriation. The man she sentenced is probably too old and weak to survive in prison. The Judge has now become the Taliban, and she basically just stoned an American man to death for his drinking issues.

How many children and nephews of vets do we have locked up for drugs and alcohol issues, post 9/11? How many have police officer brothers, veteran sons, Dads and Uncles? In our Brave New World, our dystopian, Orwellian 1984-2011, how many wives, mothers, aunts, and grandmas of vets do we lock up for drugs and alcohol. How many women vets should we give hard time to for sipping a martini with some Pristique to "cope" with their PTSD?

I can recall my Mom's Aunt, Muriel, making the comment that "my Dad was just a cook in Korea." My Dad took sniper fire frequently while cooking, returned fire with a Garand M1. My Dad drank and sometimes said mean things; the alcohol brought out his PTSD. My Uncle Jerry was more of a happy drunk; he lost usage of his right hand when his best friend was blown apart on Anzio Beach in Italy. My Dad got addicted to diet pills, had PTSD, and beat all of us severely until he finally kicked the diet pills. I grew up just as drunk, drug addicted, full of my family's PTSD from the Korean and WWII. I've never seen foreign combat, but clearly remember Viet Nam. My family life felt like Viet Nam.

I've been testing some homemade body armor with some SWAT officers from my brother's former police department; so far the results have been pretty promising. I'm an old peace and love hippy, but I want to build some non-toxic personnel armor to stop 7.62---51mm NATO and .556x45mm NATO bullets. I'm getting ready to build what I believe is a prototype armor that will stop DOJ (Winchester .223 and Federal Sierra Match King .308 boat tail hollow points. I'm clean and sober, I go to recovery meetings. If I drink and use, ugly things come out of my mouth, some of my Dad's PTSD rubbed off on me. I guess it is called Free Will in a Free Country. I have issues. Am I cannon fodder for the Judiciary to lock up, or am I the guy to build the next generation of body armor? Am I Johnny Olive seed, or am I a terrorist because I have issues? Our country has become the Taliban, looking for the next PTSD person who needs to be locked up for unAmericanism. This is McCarthhyism on steroids, fascist Italy circa 1920-1945. Did my Uncle, my Dad and now my son, go to war, so they could come home and go to prison for having a drink and saying something ugly? PTSD people see threats to self, real or imagined, and react involuntarily. It is the PTSD, and it is largely American. How unAmerican of us to become the Taliban in our own land. Shame on all of us.

Months ago, I brainstormed Olive Tree Culture for food and bio-diesel with a colleague, and aging "compost hippy." It seems like a "building Hoover Dam" like project.

Put a dent in hunger, create some jobs, and put some returning vets and their extended families to work. Not base the Olive Tree's "food" or "fertilizer" on petroleum-based "fertilizer." Call the White House and demand withdrawal, no more Judges' stoning American's to death with hard prison time. McCarthyism on steroids. Witch burning.

The witch-hunt and witch burning of American Citizens must stop. We have McCarthyism right under our noses again, and our media is not even talking about it. We have embedded, censored journalists with no right to free speech. This is not a witch-hunt for one Judge; there should be no national clamor for one scapegoat. Shame on all of us. From Obama on down to every judge, prison turnkey, or cop that has locked up a drunk vet or drunk vet family member for "terrorist threat." National schizophrenia, public bipolar disorder. Shame on us all, we no longer live anywhere but right here in unAmerica.

We have 50 years of oil left, because there are simply too many of us still having too many babies. We have less than 150 years of coal left.
I think we need to take our veterans, and the families of our veterans, and do something healing with them. Replace most of the prison industries and oil industries with Olive Culture for food and for future Olive bio-diesel. The Petroleum industry is not healing anyone, domestically or abroad. The sprawling, all powerful Judicial industry (this is an industry, there is nothing "Just" or "full of liberty" about our Judicial Prison industry. Most of the inmates are veterans and/or very close relatives of veterans. What are we teaching the people in prison? It is not how to grow Olive orchards or how to extract biodiesel from Olive fruit.

Contact the White House. Comments: 202-456-1111. Switchboard: 202-456-1414. FAX: 202-456-2461


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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/Broad-Coalition-of-Leftist-by-Tracy-Turner-101229-671.html

December 31, 2010

Broad Coalition of Leftists/Liberals Needs to March on Washington DC May 27-29

By Tracy Turner



 Family values. The term sounds so "familial", until you break down the behavior that goes with Republican "family values". National Hot Rod Association, touting the 5 mile per gallon, or 2 mile per gallon vehicle as the alpha and omega of "our way of life". NAR, touting the rights of Americans to have 115,000 gun related deaths in the Brave New World of our so-called "Homeland". Words have power, but so do "substituted" words. 115,000 gun deaths is "well regulated" and an "inalienable right"? But habeas corpus is not?

 In plain English, the promotion of 2 mile per gallon driving at high speeds, whether it is in Hollywood, California in a movie like "Gone in Sixty Seconds" or "The Fast and The Furious"" is just plain dumb. In the late 1970's-early 1980's, cars were sold based on "fuel economy". The Japanese were raking in tons of profit, taking over the automotive market share. So were the Germans, with cars like the Mercedes 380, 190 or the BMW 2002. Then some "marketing geniuses" in the Big Three decided to start advertising cars based on "Horsepower", AKA "Throttle Addiction". It fit in with Reaganomics. I digress, back to Familial "Values": Gold, Gay-bashing, "god" and Guns. We must preserve our right to 115,000 gun-deaths per year; it is our version of a "well regulated militia".

 Do I sound anti-gun? Read very carefully. With persons like Sharon Angle trying to paint a bulls eye on my socialist-liberal-proudly slight-radical-head, I'm all in favor of our right to bear * well regulated * arms. The right always wishes to leave the "well regulated" part out. Do you see anything well regulated in Crips and Bloods, MS-13, etc., packing loaded 9mm's?  Gold, god, guns and gay bashing.

 Gold for those corporations "fortunate enough" to have no-bid, no competition on any horizon military contracts. Gold for Health Corporations we are legally mandated to pay for their inferior goods and services. Gold for massive, wasteful, global-polluting energy corporations who not only do not pay taxes, but eat up corporate welfare dollars for "drilling and exploration". Clean gas companies who frack our clean water away. Where is the "familial values" in water aquifers replete with uranium, ammonium perchlorate rocket fuel, oil refinery distillates, gasoline leaks, used motor oil carcinogens, etc.? On what page in the "family values", on what page of any of the "Books of God", does it spell out polluting every drop of fresh water, globally, in order to "preserve our way of life"? Whose way of life? The Senates way of life? The House's way of life? The Board of Directors of Enron, Exxon or British Petroleum? The drone-builder's way of life?

 Does anybody, anywhere, believe the drone-builders wealth is about to "trickle down" to the homeless veterans starving on our streets?  The more the current joke of a President caters to these special interests, the more the "average" family will be less of a family, with less of a way of life. America * is * having a "financial recovery", it is all around "us", those of us not purchasing a new fleet of Ferrari's.  The issues are not god, guns, gay bashing and gold for the few. The issues are not you or I smeared as "Pro-Abortion". Nobody is "Pro-Abortion"; some people just wish to not have the government regulating their womb.

 Some people do not want their property seized. Some people do not want their body cavities probed. Some people do not want their son or daughter blown to bits by an IED, "voluntarily". Since it is now a "voluntary" son or daughter blown to bits, most people are sort of "okay" with it, just put on the iTunes, talk about self on the phone, etc. Oppose the war in any meaningful way, you are almost certain to be detained, arrested, labeled, put on a no-fly list, pepper sprayed, jabbed or bashed with a baton. I've a 24-year-old son in Baghdad. He wishes to come home. He is depressed, changed, PTSD'd, someone I no longer recognize as a kid I raised. But he has big oil and natural gas's backs. Period.

 He is not making "a difference"; he is scarred for life for the sake of some person in a Hummer who wants cheap gas. What does god, guns, gold and gay bashing have to do with my son being stop-lossed over and over? So what, some missile or drone contractor can park 7 hummers in an oversized driveway? How dare anybody call either sham government, set up with our tax dollars, a "democracy"? We set up two puppet governments and killed 1.2 million people, left a depleted uranium legacy behind to defrom generations of babies, in the name of what? god, gold, greed, family values?

Over one million middle-eastern men, women and children are dead. Were they all "evil insurgents"? Or were they just going about their business as we raped their energy resources for our "godly" way of life?

 I think the left; the human rights people (who are dissed with the labels "radical, leftist, socialist, communist) need to have a 10-million-person march on Washington, DC this spring. I think this May, that 10 million of us need to show up and * demand * the following:

1)    End of both sham wars. US apology to both countries for the genocide, the raping of two countries illegally for the energy resources.

2)    A health care system that works for us, not written for and by the industries. Call it social medicine, human rights, human dignity. The insults and verbal abuse of the gold-mongers is enough. Most of us have had it with the corporate media and the elitists.  

3)    An energy policy that rapidly, quickly ends the gluttony of the Hummer crowd. Both wars have so much more to do with the SUV creeps with their yellow ribbons. I don't want to see another black Hummer with a yellow ribbon on it as long as I live; I want my kid home in one piece. I don't want a thank you form letter or a flag. I want my son.  

4)    Medical benefits, financial benefits, education benefits for kids like mine; irradiated with depleted uranium by one of the foulest, dirtiest industries to ever by up the right and left media in human history. Obama, until you admit we have covered two countries roughly the size of Texas with tons of DU, you won't have my vote, ever. Same with you, Palin.

5)    End all "non-critical" nuclear tests. Vote the puke Republicans who put START at risk out of office.  

6)    Campaign fund reform. Best man or woman for the job, everybody has 100K in tax-revenue for their campaign, period. Get the lobbyists out of DC.  

7)    Have a joint energy/jobs plan that puts people here to work building smarter windmills, 45-100 mile per gallon "station wagons" posing as "sport" vehicles. Nobody wants 700 horsepower, not really. Anybody would like his or her car getting 45-100 miles per gallon, via American ingenuity.  

8)    End all "no-bid, no-compete" military contracts.

9)    Bring back "habeas corpus" and "right to a fair trial of our peers" into the massive "prison industry/ploice state. The US Constitution and the "bill of rights" either exists, or it does not. Using 9/11 to "suspend" the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights is about as "un-American" as anything I can recall or concieve of.  

10)  If needed, amend the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Rather than "suspending it" for the "rights of a few gold-mongers", expand it/them to include the rights of the many. If we do not have a "government of the people" we are no longer a "free state", we are, rather, a totalitarian-fascist-plutarchy. When I say "amend it", I do not mean "dispose of it when convenient". 9/11 was a decade ago. It was horrible. But 99.999% of us did not die in 9/11. Becoming a fascist-police state run by business with 9/11 as a feeble cause/excuse is not who/what we are or were.

The discussion of both right and left needs to be more along the lines of are we to continue to be a "land of the free, home of the brave", or are we to be a "water-boarding, disappearing, no-due-process, Extraordinary rendition and irregular rendition police/fascist state? 9/11 is not an excuse to dismantle a system our forefathers took much time and thought into developing. Their intention was "government of the people". Their intention was not a monopoly of plutarchs dismantling the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  

If you count the Blackwater operatives, the "Mercs" in both wars, our "loses" (entire NATO Loses) are probably closer to 40,000-50,000 dead, closer to 200,000 wounded. Who will hire these wounded? Who will take care of the families of these dead? The Four G's of the right are * not * about "familial" values, they are about Gold and the Deepest Hypocrisy of America I could ever possibly have nightmared. When did we become a place where a rich death squad creep like Negroponte is a "winner" and a "homeless war veteran" is a "loser"? In my view, it is just the opposite. The Negroponte crowd are the cowards, the fear mongers; the homeless vet is someone I totally respect.

I'd like to close this piece with some novel ideas for the current corporotist/fascist/brainless mob running the country out of DC: the ten items in the above list are more in keeping with the wishes of the people. You were elected to serve us, not the other way around. You were elected to a position of trust to represent us; not BP, not Deutsch Bank, not Raytheon, Martin, etc., etc.  I think a crowd of ten million people with a list of demands (I urge you to write your own) depositing their demand list in the Capital Mall is in order.

They may have the guns and the gold, but they are also a minority in a country that is not quite yet a full dictatorship under armed guard. I urge you, unlike them, to show up * not * wearing a gun. Think of the examples of Martin Luthar King and Gandhi. Show up on the Washinton DC Mall this year on May 27, 28 and 29 and demand government responsive to the wishes of the people. 1,200,000 dead in the two wars (that is a conservative number) is enough. 2014 is too long. Only the no-bidders are "profiting" from this. There is no other reason to drag this bad money and more good people like my son sent to die for the benefit of the few.

If Bin Laden is in Pakistan, we should bomb Pakistan. If he is in Afganistan, we should bomb Pakistan. Bomb the country he is in, bomb the locale he is in. Having 400,000 ground troops * where he is not * is just dumb politics and government bad management. Send 20K "special forces" into the precise spot we believe him to be, after massive carpet bombing. Make the war "precise" and "exact", not "broad" and "never ending". It is just plain stupid" Take out Bin Laden, take out anyone at all like him, then bring the forces home. That is what those * volunteers * signed on for"  

There is a "hidden cost" in government sponsored super monopolies" aka Super monoploies who own "our" government. One small example. A few entrepreneurs in the 1970's experimented with "water injection" in large gas guzzler automobiles in the 1970's, during the Arab Oil embargo. One of them ran an AMC Matador, he boosted his fuel econmomy from 16 miles per gallon to 25 miles per gallon just by injecting distilled water (around one US gallon distilled water into the intake manifold) for every 60-miles driven at freeway speeds.

The chemistry and physics of this is over most people's heads today. The easiest to understand * part * of how it works is cold distilled water heated (flashed) to steam in a combustion chamber at top dead center makes a standard gas car a gas * and * steam driven car. A 16-mile per gallon Hummer would become a 26 mile-per-gallon Hummer. It need not stop there"  BP and Shell, could, can, spike "pump gas" with common, * inexpensive * PAH molecules.

The 16-mile per-gallon gas going into the Hummer's tank can be turned to 27-28 mile per gallon gas. The Big Three Automakers and the Oil companies grease the Congress with cash to maintain the staus quo" Even after the numerous "investigations" and "public scoldings"" If a Hummer were to be filled with PAH "spiked" or "chemically doped" pump gas, and to be smartly water injected at freeway speeds in an over-drive gear, there is no reason on Earth we could not have a 30-32 mile per gallon Hummer in 2011-2012.

But it takes a media not muzzled by government/corporatist control and a people united in their demands for government to "do the right thing" for the majority. It takes seed money for small inventors to have some type of foothold in industries that lobby for tax dollars and status quo of their greedy, usury practices. It takes true "competition" and "innovation" and "invention".

If you are the only military aircraft company left on the map in the US, what is there to compete with, why "waste money" inventing or innovating anything. You just pay a lobbyist to pay your government rep to leave you alone, other than forking over tax dollars. The same thing brings us 16 mile per gallon 2011 SUV's when a 1950 Suburban got 17 miles per gallon.

The Right used to call themselves the "Moral Majority". Notice you do not hear that, any more? They are now the immoral, greedy minority" So much for their claims of "family values". How can one "preserve the life of a fetus" in one breath, while irradiating 40-50 million fetuses / adults / children in the USA and in the middle east with depleted uranium?  

Please follow these two links to see exactly why we cannot afford to be silently complicit in two wars where depleted uranium weapons and armor is deployed http://tiny.cc/k66s5 and http://tiny.cc/uh1ir

I cannot get my brain around depleted uranium warfare being a "family value". Or human greed and a police state being good for the average American family. One of our "excuses" for these wars were "human rights abuses". I, for one, am choking on the current hypocrisy. Where does water-boarding fit into the "god and family" plan?




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Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-US-Government-and-Nucl-by-Tracy-Turner-101208-606.html

December 12, 2010

The US Government and Nuclear Disinformation

By Tracy Turner

The US Government and Nuclear Disinformation:

Watch the 90-minutes of the 1982 movie "The Atomic Café". Keep in mind they put Ethel Rosenberg in an electric chair and electrocuted her four times because her husband passed on some very low-level nuclear documents to the Russians. An American corporation sold centrifuges, guidebooks, etc. to the French with the full understanding the French would sell them to Iran. Nobody was charged with a crime. This industry sells nuclear power plants to shady regimes (with US Federal wink and nod) all the time, as long as those regimes allow us to fly bombers over en route to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ethel Rosenberg was electrocuted four times, to keep people from wanting to know anything about this multi-billion dollar welfare industry. She was murdered to make an example out of her. Her heart did not stop until they pulled the switch four times, her hair smoking. It is very similar, though not the same as, wiki leaks. Poison 300 million plus persons for 350 million years, get rich. Leak some papers, embarrass the illuminati, and be electrocuted four times. It is not a solvent, lucrative business, based on electricity for a few based on poisoning 6.6 billion human beings. More about that, below. I feel the government is afraid wiki leaks will leak nuclear toxin papers. Leak more corporate welfare state papers.

The United States government, between 1945 and the present, has poisoned American citizens with nuclear bomb fallout, Plutonium dispersion tests, intentional venting of radioactive gases from underground mishaps, etc.

The following places are polluted from nuclear bomb testing:

Alaska -" Amchitka
Colorado - Grand Valley and Rifle
Mississippi - Hattiesburg
New Mexico -" Alamagordo, Carlsbad, Farmington and White Sands (Trinity)
Nevada -" Central Nevada Test Area, Fallon, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada Test Site.

How these places and many others became nuclear poison that affects all of our shortened lives mostly masquerades as DOE, Department of Energy and "Energy Legislation" which almost nobody reads. For the purposes of this article, we will ignore how big oil and natural gas "fracking" is cutting your life even shorter with their visibly dirty energy. Try to get your mind around a source of life-shortening pollution that is not acceptable dinner conversation. "Aunt Sue's slow death from metastasized cancer is too raw and painful by itself; having to think about being passive accomplice, complicit through inaction is unthinkable. Everyone has an Aunt, Uncle or Neighbor who had a horrible tumor or slow, cancerous death. The idea the government will put you on a list for poking your little nose into their big nuclear ambitions is frightening, Aunt Sue's memory painful.

The Downwinders (We are all downwinders):

Before you forget about these places, consider some parameters you may not know about: Although the local "downwind area" is heavily polluted (radioactive from fallout), it is a mere 1/20 of the poison produced, but very concentrated because it is in a tiny area. Patterns are prevailing winds at lower altitudes, mostly. The inverse is the other 19/20's that flow in four or more directions or paths: prevailing winds speeds and directions at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50K, etc. feet above ground level. At 10k feet, perhaps due east at 50 mph. 20K feet, perhaps due north at 60 mph. at 30k feet, perhaps due south at 35 mph. At 80K feet, maybe due east at 75 mph. Multiply this fractal pattern times the 330 above ground tests (330 tests, times 200 tons of fallout dust per test equals 66,000 tons of fallout) 132,000,000 pounds of dirt, dust, ash, nuclear glass, isotopes like Strontium 90. The dispersal pattern is not uniform or regular. Some of the richest farmland in America is also where huge quantities of certain isotopes landed.

A few facts about the nuclear bomb testing done by the US government from 1945 to the present:

There have been 828 underground nuclear bomb tests in Nevada from 1952 to 1992. 260 Above ground tests in Nevada from 1945 to 1992. From 1945 to 1980, the United States, former Soviet Union, Britain, China and France detonated 504 nuclear bombs in above ground tests. 330 above ground tests were conducted by the United States.

All the United States government agencies use the words "safe" or "safe levels" frequently and for each and all situations covered in newspapers, in tests done by ecologists, environmentalists and / or universities. Conversely, the Bikini Atoll Rehabilitation Committee [BARC], overlooked by renowned international scientists, considers that the fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and milk from Bikini Atoll are a health hazard. There were 109 tests in the area of Bikini Atoll and Enewetak (offshore). There were 1054 tests done by the United States, approximately 900 of them in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico and Nevada. The USA EPA and USDA claim all the fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, fish, grain and milk produced downwind of these test sites are "safe". That the drinking water downstream from these sites is "safe".

Poor Southwest neolib downwinders, rich neocon downwinders, green apolitical downwinders:

Most of the Southwestern United States has been irradiated by above ground nuclear bomb tests, but only about 5% of the nuclear fallout lands in the small area near the blast. The other 95% of the fallout disperses over a larger area "downwind". The rotation of the Earth creates the "gulf stream", both air and ocean currents carrying the fallout East. The above ground plumes move predominately East but also widen out as they travel east. In plainest terms, Florida, Cuba, Main, the Great Lakes, the Southern bible-belt states, the Midwest corn and cattle areas, the farming bread belts are all downwind. In the words of an Air Force Colonel who monitored radioactive fallout from above ground tests, "we are all downwinders". Even though the area is "larger", having 95% of the fallout land where people live, grow their food, farm their fish, store their corn, barley and rye, etc. means we are all having our DNA bombarded with constant levels of Cesium 137, Plutonium 239, Tritium, Iodine 131, Uranium 238, Strontium 90 and etc.

These radioisotopes, in small amounts (too small to cause nausea, but not too small to cause birth defects, cancer, reproductive harm) make their way into Maine Cranberries. Virginia Tobacco. Cuban Rum and Cigars. Canadian Whiskey. Alberta Beef. African Tapioca. New Zealand Kiwi fruit. Polar ice, squid, salmon, whales. These poisons accumulate in greater concentrations as one species like a dolphin feeds on polluted salmon and flounder. Or us as we drink milk and eat everything we eat, drink everything we drink. They are not neocon or neolib isotopes, they are equal opportunity cancers, equal opportunity ADHD children with cleft palates, babies with heart disease, babies with smaller brains than 6 generations ago (this was one of the first birth defects ever witnessed to Hiroshima newborns). Tiny heads, tiny brains, no brain at all. Maybe your babies got a lower dose, the smaller brain and head is not as obvious. This generation" If irradiated pregnant women tend to have babies with under-developed brains, why are the industry spokespeople touting that "a little exposure is actually good for you"? Maybe it is good for population control of the masses by a few rich bullies"

My pet theory is that most of the new, "designer illnesses" have their roots in nuclear poison. 3-4 generations of irradiated people. Lower IQ's, more mental illness, more crime, violence. More cancer, tumors. More health care costs. More people needing Prozac. Part psychological damage, part physical damage at our cellular and our sub-atomic level. More damage at our DNA level than science can currently measure. Just a theory, based on 60+ years of exposure. More top predators dying off. More species going extinct. Maybe even a "global warming" factor, climate change factor. Can you prove it is not any or all of these, to * your * satisfaction?

The nuclear industry has been trying to repaint its image as suppliers of safe, clean, quiet nuclear power. Many political activists and environmentalists believe electrical generation is merely a from an industry that earns billions of dollars selling weapons grade plutonium and selling "clean, safe" energy to third world nations (moving the pollution to poor countries). The 27,000 acres of the Native American Navajo Nation is about to have the last of its clean drinking water permanently polluted with Uranium leaching from Uranium mining. The teenagers of the Navajo Nation in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico suffer 17 times the national average in cancers and tumors. They suffer the groundwater pollution of Uranium mining and are in close proximity to the open air and underground bomb test sites. The US EPA says their water is "safe", even if it is 25 times higher in Uranium than "Federal Standards". Many atomic scientists believe there is no level of "safe" exposure, no amount of "safe" rads, Pico curies, etc., except zero.

The nuclear industry has billions of dollars at their disposal to have spokespersons, image consultants, talking heads, political lobbyists make their poison look attractive and safe. Two of these industry behemoth tax-dollar welfare corporations own 2/3 of the television stations and newspapers in America. Their competition, what little of it there is in TV and News, will not tackle any of their dirty laundry activities.

Keep in mind, once they get their 3% of the Uranium they want out of a mine, that company division declares bankruptcy, so they leave behind their latest environmental disaster. The state they create these poison hellholes in have 15-20 times the national average in tumors and cancer; that state is loathe to cross Washington on allowing the mining, loathe to enforce the cleanup terms in the permit. The permits always say one thing about cleanup, but the mine shuts down, the profits go offshore, the cleanup is levied to taxpayers as a new superfund site. The "new product", after even more concentrated, deadlier pollution is left behind at a "refinery", is a new Hydrogen bomb, fusion (rather than fission) of Plutonium. More Tritium in your food, water and air. More Plutonium for the residents of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Plutonium and other contaminants leaching into the food and water of the refinery community. This is referred to as "the same background levels as granite". This is where politicians get much of their election money, re-election money. Where former "federal energy czars" from government can leave office and sit on a "new board of directors" seat.

As the city of Las Vegas, Nevada grows in both area, population (urban sprawl), the need for clean water grows. The water table below Nevada's four test areas (Central Nevada Test Area, Fallon, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada Test Site) has had radioactive wastes percolating downward and outward since the mid-1940's. It is inevitable that unmonitored water wells will be drilled and the water used for drinking, bathing, swimming pools, food and farming. Urban sprawl puts the residents themselves ever closer to these test sites. Radiation does not recognize man-made borders. Drought and winds carry the dust into St. George and Hurricane, Utah; Kingman, Arizona; Death Valley, California. Groundwater aquifers do not have immunity from radiation poisoning. The test area radiation will move into populated areas, will not necessarily be detected in the scant 7 test wells.

The Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency all speak in terms of radiation not moving into this aquifer or that "for at least 100 years". Such a round, arbitrary number, not in my back yard, not in my lifetime. None of the agencies mentioned gives any written guarantees with those optimistic predictions. These same agencies ignore and / or minimize Uranium mining leaching, mine tailings and cancer 17 times the national average anywhere in America those conditions occur (Uranium is mined almost anywhere there is granite or sandstone, if the ore is high enough in natural content. Once disturbed by miners, it is a vile, extremely deadly water polluter; one of those industry secrets the "power plant" boosters never mention.

One of the least understood aspects of the most government-censored forms of pollution in the United States is that the "irradiated ash" or fallout is now part of the US "ecosystem". It is not "government mandated" to "stay put". Your car or pickup truck tires, driving on a downwind dirt road, are putting radioactive debris into your lungs and the pickup in front of you as you drive is no doubt quadrupling your exposure. What if "El Nino" wet, rainy years are washing the fallout downstream into community drinking water and farm irrigation reservoirs? A few years of Southwest drought, and the wind is blowing that irradiated debris in whichever direction that wind is going?

Think for a moment what Nevada, New Mexico above ground bomb test fallout is: sand, silt, clay and organic matter (plants, animals, insects) scooped up (pulverized and incinerated beyond recognition) by the initial blast, which forms a large crater. As the material is lifted skyward, the nuclei from Plutonium atoms is irradiating (contaminating) 200 tons of soil and lifting it to altitudes of 10,000 to 80,000 feet above ground level. 5% lands nearby, relatively close to or even at ground zero. But some of it lands in Florida and Nova Scotia, or even circles the globe to land on the west coast of the United States. It is both a local and a global poisoning of all of us. As part of our ecosystem" we have radioactive pond sediment for fish to lay their eggs in. We have radioactive forests to burn and waft pine tree smoke in to our nostrils 20 years after the test. Although the official, secretive, censored version uses the words "safe" and "safe levels", we are re-exposed by soil erosion, dust in the wind, eating foods from contaminated soils and waters.

This is a form of entirely human-made, human-contrived cancer that needs 3.5 million years to cool of back to truly safe levels. From 1945 onwards, there is no such thing as "background levels". If you read this and are the leader of a country, do you really want to emulate the "super-powers"? Poison your own citizens, push your allies to poison their people, and try to prevent your "enemies" from poisoning themselves in imitation of us, in the name of "national security"?

Anderson, Loudon and Oak Ridge Counties in Tennessee are three of the largest "superfund sites" in America. It is impossible to "clean these counties up". This is a genie that cannot be put back into a bottle, or "thrown away". The government pretends there is such a thing as "nuclear material disposal". How do you throw away a 3,500,000-year poison? Calling a generation as 25 years, in 140,000 generations the Plutonium isotopes in these three counties, from Uranium refining, will be cooled off and safe to the touch. All of the above are most often referred to as "in the interests of National Security". Like the 3-Mile Island venting. Like the Hanford Reactor meltdown. Like the Russian's Chernobyl. Both George W. Bush and Obama thwart the START treaty with "non-critical mass tests". Look at the price we all are paying so Obama can throw his weight around internationally.

Please use the electronic buttons on this website to send this to your elected representatives. This is the costliest and most polluting, most devious of all the US welfare corporations. Most of this, all of this, was done without your blessing. For most Americans, it was also done with absolutely no resistance from you. Collectively, it is our 3,500,000 year legacy to those who come after us, our great grand children. We must stop this particular insanity before we have nothing but mutated and sterile people. At the very least, we have a plethora of irradiated people who spent half or more of their lives fearing thermonuclear warfare. The damage to their souls is evident all around us, except on the TV and in the newspaper.

•    If *

If the Nukes Industry gave up their disinformation campaign that exposure is good for you, that they are all about "clean electricity", they'd have a bigger "our tax dollar bankroll". * If * they sold off all of their "news and infotainment industry" holdings, their would be billions in their "war chest". This would not even cover the environmental cleanup of Depleted Uranium projectiles fired in 1991 Desert Storm under George H.W. Bush. It would fall short of the Depleted Uranium "armor piercers" (AP rounds) fired in the two George W. Bush/Barrack Obama debacles. Invading foreigners, robbing their natural resources, spraying their land with 3.5 million year poison "makes us safer from terrorists". Our victims are poster men and women for Al Quada recruitment.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary".
H. L. Mencken

"The powers in charge keep us in a perpetual state of fear keep us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real".
General Douglas MacArthur

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.
General Omar N. Bradley

War is just a racket...I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else.
General Smedley Butler

War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.
General Smedley Butler

Whether or not patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, national security can be the last refuge of the tyrant.
Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe

Do we really want to defend "our way of life", considering that it entails unleashing a 3.5 million year, deadly poisonous genie who cannot be rebottled? Hand this "genie" to today's "friends" and threaten our enemies by taunting them into developing their own version? This is not a "way of life" that is morally or spiritually or economically defensible. This is something done in the shadows with and by our passive consent.

Instead of taking a drink and turning on infotainment, instead of taking some Prozac to block out how these thoughts make you feel inside" Click the buttons and links that send this to your nuclear-sponsored elected officials. Please exercise the little democracy and freedom you have left. Keep in mind that the next country we politically force into "accepting" a "clean power generation plant" may be the next Chernobyl meltdown or the parent of that country's infant Plutonium weapons breeder reactor. In plain English, this poison is being shot at our enemies, and candy-coated to our "friends". Colorless, odorless, tasteless, invisible with 40 half-lives before it is truly "background" safe level. All of us paid for this insanity, but none of us asked our government to spend 50 years moving to this direction, in secret.

The government "tracked" how much nuclear fallout fell "where". It was done from satelites and aircraft (Air Force). These documents are still not "declassified" in the interests of "national security".

In closing, the US Supreme Court made a decision about "The Rights of US Free Press" to "publish" secret government documents that "expose government dishonesty". Now we are going to "prosecute foreigners" and "censor foreign press". Our highest court rules on this in the Pentagon Papers. Now both the neocon and neolib demagogues are going to reverse our highest court with foreign nationals and foreign, online press? Does this mean the Washington Post staff, those alive and connected with the Pentagon Papers, are now jail bait? When did our President, CIA, NSA, Congress, Senate and big business welfare corporations take over the Higher Court?



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December 9, 2010

Broken Demagogue Obama Promises

By Tracy Turner

Broken demagogue Obama Promises, why I believe he broke them:

"Bush Tax cuts". Obama has continued most of Bush's policies: TARP, both wars, using a war criminal like Negroponte (death squad guy) in foreign affairs. The people most needing Bush tax cuts, in 2011, are "war profiteers".

"Allow bankruptcy judges to modify terms of a home mortgage". He mis-spoke. Allow criminal bankers to stack up record profits while sitting on TARP. Allow the banks to strangle their customers after our tax dollars "fixed" their criminal actions; our tax dollars paid their "bonuses".

"Re-establish the National Aeronautics and Space Council". He broke his word, but even if he'd kept it, this is the agency that cannot simply go to the Moon with a fireman's axe from the hardware store. The build their own $200,000 Beryllium fireman's axe, with a 500 page manual about aim and swing.

"Support human mission to moon by 2020". Scraped by war profiteers.

"Pay for the national service plan without increasing the deficit". Most of the deficit is caused by no-bid contracts, wars, and cronyism.

Give annual "State of the World" address. Would be laughed off the podium around the globe.

Reduce earmarks to 1994 levels. As much as I don't agree with Pork, unemployment checks and Pork are all that are keeping the banks afloat, without them, defaults on loans would bleed the banks dry.

Create cap and trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming. Neither Bush nor Obama can put a cap on a system that says "he/she with the most 32-bedroom mansions and illegal alien maids" wins. Just leave the lights on in all 32 rooms because it makes the antebellum mansion "look nostalgic".

Provide an annual report on "state of our energy future". Report is here in several run-on sentences: Big oil blames big three for making inefficient vehicles; big three blame big oil for making inferior (detuned) gasoline" Both companies can make gasoline and cars that average 40-60 miles per gallon with almost no re-tooling. Both companies "status quo" profiteering causes numerous annual lung cancers, tumors.

Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials. When Obama is no longer President, you will see his family and cronies rife with stocks, money and influence in weapons, energy, and expensive drugs and health care. The cronies take care of their own, via advisorships, appointed government positions, back room stock deals, insider trading, appointed to boards of directors, etc.

"Double funding for after school programs". This is the private school crowd, which is where their right-wing, neocon cronyism begins. The two wars ate up any notion of funding this one.

"Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009". He and Biden mis-spoke, again. Meant "raise the retirement age to 75, cut payments of social security to elderly".

Recognize the Armenian genocide. The trouble with this one is it is way too close to home; we'd have to recognize our own acts of genocide. Just to name one: Operation Desert Slaughter by Felicity Arbuthnot click here

"Will ensure that federal contracts over $25,000 are competitively bid."
Obama is every centimeter as "agent provocateur as George W. Bush for the same reason. Washington is rife with government men and women with selves, spouses, friends and relatives rife with Halliburton stock, oil and gas stock, weapons manufacturers stock. Or the shell game, now I'm a government energy rubber stamp, now I'm on the board at an energy or weapons company, now I'm the US weapons czar.

"Allow imported prescription drugs". This would have reduced jet and yacht size for his many friends in the drug companies, many of which are foreign companies.

End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000. He cut the cost of this promise in order to keep his two pet wars going. Obama is a corporatist, not a man with a heart.

End no-bid Federal contracts above $25,000. This alone would have paid for all the broken promises on this page, all the compromises, all the stalled promises. But it would have put his warmonger friends in the corporate unemployment line, downsizing yachts and jets.

Change federal rules so small businesses owned by people with disabilities can get preferential treatment for federal contracts. Would interrupt the cronyism set up by Bush, which is perpetuated under Obama. Would lead to too many questions and investigations into no bid federal contracts under current fascist system.

"Double the Peace Corps". Had to be cut to pay for the two wars.

Allow five days of public comment before signing bills. Leads to too much public scrutiny of companies like Halliburton and Blackwater, Raytheon, General Electric and General Dynamic. Even Congress and the Senate do not read most of what is in the bills, the last thing Obama wants us is reading and "commenting".

"Allow Americans to buy their medicines from other developed countries if the drugs are safe and prices are lower outside the U.S." This would reduce the profits of the people who funded his election, who will are right now funding his re-election.

"Direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a comprehensive study of federal cancer initiatives". The trouble with this can of worms is it leads straight to the back door of natural gas fracking with 211 water polluting carcinogens, nuclear weapons carcinogens, government bomb test carcinogens, ammonium perchlorate missile fuel and thyroid disease, oil refinery fumes and emissions carcinogens, factory farm carcinogens.

"Urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws". This campaign promises will be repeated next election campaign cycle, along with all the other broken/stalled promises. He's a neocon/demagogue who will say anything to get a vote. He simply does not walk like he talks.

As president, "will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws." If there is any bully pulpit in America, it is Police as strikebreakers, police, campus and private security as disrupters of lawful antiwar activities. Blackwater operatives responding to Katrina with MP-5's and Mossbergs instead of with food and water.

These issues, though important, are a form of disinformation: focus on gays, guns, and god. Sweep the corporate welfare and CIA crimes (election rigging, genocide, killing anything left, reformist, of the people) under the disinformation rug. Both Fox and CNN are complicit in making these issues weigh more than US genocide/election rigging overseas. The two wars are natural gas pipelines and oil to us, not Russia or China, period.


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December 5, 2010

Should Bradley Manning Be Stoned to Death?

By Tracy Turner

July 16, 1945 through September 23, 1992 the United States of America conducted (by official count) conducted 1054 nuclear tests. Bradley Manning faces 52 years, essentially life in prison, for "leaking documents", as Daniel Ellsberg did, surreptitiously. Daniel Ellsberg did not do 52 years in prison; many of us including me feel he did "the right thing".

According to the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, all of the corn, meat, milk, fish, fruit and vegetables raised in the United States are "safe".

206 above ground atomic weapons were detonated in New Mexico and Nevada. According to the US EPA, the old AEC, now the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(s), everything we eat and drink downwind from those tests is "safe". Conversely, the Bikini Atoll Rehabilitation Committee [BARC], overlooked by renowned international scientists, considers that the fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and milk from Bikini Atoll are a health hazard. How can the food from Bikini Atoll be "too radioactive to habitually consume"; but the food downwind of the two US atomic test sites be "safe"? In other words, all the many tons of dirt and dust lifted skyward by 1054 tests just magically disappeared? All that Tritium, Plutonium-239, Iodine-131, Uranium-238, Cesium-137 just magically vanished? I (so far) can only find 109 "off-shore" tests (Pacific, Atlantic, Bikini Atoll, Enewetak Atoll, etc.).

According the many studies of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, 5% of the detritus of those two mushroom clouds fell near the two cities, while 95% of it went further airborne and "dispersed over a larger area". Much of that "larger area" is the rest of Japan. But here in the US lower 48, east and North where 95% of those 1054 poisonous plumes settled are places like Lubbock Texas or Columbia, North Carolina, just to name two.

In plain English, all that Strontium-90, Cesium-137, Tritium and Plutonium-239 went somewhere e.g., in sage flats, upon dirt roads, in cattle ranches, dairies, farms and orchards of all kinds. Being the land of capitalism, the leaking of those kinds of documents, documents showing that general electric and general dynamic are liable for the slow poisoning deaths of millions and millions of American people would end a multi-billion dollar industry. The leaking of documents showing that US corn is contaminated with trace amounts of Tritium in its inherent moisture (even feed-corn contains moisture) would ruin a trillion dollar industry. It is easier and more capitalistically fortuitous to give Bradley Manning life in prison, or even a death sentence, than it is to admit some type