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Robert Singer is the webmaster of OpEdNews (Vidya Ishaya or Burton Smith are two of Robert Singer's Nom de Plures). Rob is still unaware that he has banned his own webmaster (for writing under the nom de plures below), repeatedly, as Rob is not quite as sharp as claimed.*

Robert Singer and just about every article that got through was in the top 5.
Just a few Webmaster Robert Singer (OEN World Record For Bans, banned 211 times as Singer) and 99 times as Nom de Plures:

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"The amount of effort spent by OEN editors banning a vivid, prolific peace activist writer is what prompted me to coin a phrase 'Nepenthes Activism', what a waste"... Tracy Turner

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Stay Away from Anything Written by Robert Singer
Stay Away from Anything Written by Robert Singer

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Is "Doctor" Robert Kall Conspiracy, Theory or Quack?

Authors Page – Robert Singer – Banned by Rob Kall, Probably Holds First Place Record (Most Bannings Ever) – Articles and Links

Cyrllic For 'Censored'

Authors Page – Robert Singer – Banned by Rob Kall, Probably Holds First Place Record – Articles and Links:

The Inconvenient Truther’s Truth, Rady Ananda and Me

By Robert Singer

My history with the 9/11 Truth Movement goes back to June of 2006 when I learned about the metaphysical explanation of the Twin Towers collapse.

I started writing for the first time in September of 2008 at Opednews (OEN).

When I submitted 9/11 An inconvenient truther’s TRUTH (same as 9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture?). to Opednews, I was considered a featured author. Opednews published 19 out of 19 submissions. [1]

At the time, the site was open to 9/11 conspiracy theories and had a 9/11 Beat (section), headed by Rady Ananda.

I wasn’t brave enough to write 9/11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) so I tried to get the reader to consider that the 9/11 Truth Movement was the cover for another story.

Below is the email exchange about 9/11 An Inconvenient Truther’s TRUTH (title changed to 9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture?).

December 17, 2008 From: Op Ed News Administrator To: Robert Singer
Subject: OpEdNews Status of article by Robert Singer: 9/11 An inconvenient truther’s TRUTH

You submitted an article titled: 9/11 An Inconvenient Truther’s TRUTH

This article does not report or discuss anything that we consider new or that presents a different perspective (Articles are evaluated by a team of 25+ volunteer editors).

P.S. This is a re-hash of circular logic, rumor, and disputed assertions that have appeared here and elsewhere before.

Rob Kall closet fascist unabashed shill for four big Rothscild chupcabra banks. First, Google 'Rob Kall Public Banking'. Next, go to and search for Rob Kall, OEN, by his address, phone number, etc. The IRS has no records of any kind on Rob Kall and / or OEN.

Same thing, State of Pennsylvania. Kall's work and cell #'s, address, name, etc. are 'not founds' in all * legitimate, licensed * Charities and Non-Profits in Pennsylvania.

Wish to do the Irish things come in threes? OpedNews and Rob Kall are not in Charity Navigator, either. This is where it gets weirdest; no matter what government entity you make a complaint to: 1) You will not get your money back. 2) They will not prosecute. 3) Although stonewalling with 'ongoing investigation' is Kall's 'norm' with law enforcement, they will not give you a case number which means so-called "ongoing investigation" * is off of the books *. Use your brain, it only means one or two things. If they 'cleared him of crime' they would give you an EID number, as would he, himself. What US and foreign agencies (the new CointelPro) employees do not file taxes and do not go to jail?

December 17, 2008 From: Robert Singer To: Rob Kall, executive editor and publisher of OpedNews
Subject: OpEdNews Status of article by Robert Singer

Rob, I have been hearing my writing is too cryptic and subtle. Have you read my 9/11 piece below? It is NEW and not a re-hash, but is very, very subtle. Just curious did you agree with the reviewer?

The article was definitely NOT a re-hash and the content has not appeared “anywhere” Bob

December 17, 2008 From: Rady Ananda to Robert Singer
Subject: review of Inconvenient Truther’s Truth

Hi Robert ~ Rob Kall asked me to review the rejected piece, given that I am the head of the newly created 911 beat.

I agree your theme is subtle, which is probably why it escaped the new editor who rejected it. My take is that you are basically suggesting that because discussion of the 911 conspiracy is so widespread, it is deliberately being orchestrated (encouraged, allowed) as a disinformation campaign to confuse or obfuscate the true facts. The amount of goofy stuff written on 911 certainly supports this theme.

I found your idea very interesting and definitely worthy of publication at OEN. Kindly accept our apologies and resubmit the piece.

Drop me a line as soon as you do and I will jump on the queue and accept it.

There are minor editorial tweaks that need to be done to it. If you can’t spot them yourself, I’ll catch them in the queue.

Thanks for such an interesting theory. Rady Ananda, Senior Editor

The “minor editorial tweaks” involved revealing that 911 was a metaphysical event and I realized it was mistake for me to go that far in 2008.

Dec 19, 2008 Robert wrote to Rady

Rady I made a mistake getting into this. I should have never introduced Judy Wood.

It got you confused and can’t get us where we need to go. You will need to wait until my next piece.

Lets go back to your original assessment, which you agreed to publish.

Rady wrote to Robert

It takes a lot of work to be a writer – no doubt. I’m disappointed you don’t want to work on this together.

The piece as originally written needs to be edited for clarity before it can be published [at OEN].

I retract my (minority) approval of the original piece, given that my understanding of your point was incorrect; and upon closer examination of all the elements of the piece – there are too many stray ideas thrown in that have nothing to do with the theme of the piece.

You hammer the point about the official story being absurd; without any new point being made [note: that was my objective: the reader isn’t ready for a metaphysical point].

I’m sorry, Robert, that you don’t want to rework the piece, it cannot be published as is. ~ Rady

Robert Singer to Rady
Subject: Re: What is wrong with this picture

Rady, I apologize for the confusion but I am convinced my approach is correct.

I understand your decision. I wasn’t upset when OEN rejected it the first time and am not upset now.

I appreciate the time you took to try and understand my interesting theory.

Are you aware that I never wrote anything until 17 weeks ago? I was forced into writing because when I tried to give my interesting insights away, no one would take them.

I encourage you to take my ideas and write your own piece based on what you have learned. That would be great, I look forward to it.

Thanks again for your help. [End of email exchange]

December 20, 2008 9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture? is published as an exclusive at Knowthelies.

The rejection at Opednews and the exclusive at Knowthelies were fortuitous. Up until that time I was only published at OEN.

9/11, What’s Wrong With This Picture? was picked up by Pakistan Daily, Fourwinds10, Dprogram, Waronyou, Whatreallyhappened and Pakalert press.

My career outside OEN was born.


My career at OEN soon after.

The stories of my adventures with Rob Kall and OpEdNews is documented in the following articles:

As they say, when you are “over the target,” Expect a “404″

AP: US report adds details on Cold War Nazi intel

By Katherine Smith

Originally posted December, 27 2010

As they say, when you are “over the target,” Expect a “404 – Unfortunately we are unable to locate the page you have requested.”

December 26, 2010 The Nazi & Jewish Affair to Remember (November 2010) is published at The Peoples Voice

The Nazi & Jewish Affair is an informed-opinion essay based on the premise that WW I, WW II and the Holocaust can be understood if you realize that 70 million people died in order for the Jews to settle in Palestine in 1948, “The Premise.”

The Premise” was also featured in the December 23rd prequel, Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann’s “Jewish Affairs”, which due to an editorial mishap was published at the popular website, OpEdNews. The article, with no promotion by the site, went viral and was the #1 most popular article by page views for over 48 hours.

The Premise” is published for the first time in history in March of 2009 when The Modern State of Israel: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened, was given to Canada Free Press (CFP). The website disappeared each time the webmaster attempted to post the article. McLeod writes: “Naturally, I am fearful of posting anything that would make CFP disappear. Can you shed any light on this possibility? Thanks, Judi, 3-17-09” [More in Endnote 3 and at Websites Under Attack]

Websites are reporting problems when they attempt to post and the APNewsBreak citation can no longer be found at the AP News/Miami Herald (returns a 404 Error).

Excerpt from The Nazi & Jewish Affair to Remember (November 2010)
Three weeks later (December 10), APNewsBreak identifies the report as Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence, and the Cold War, and goes into the details on the Nazi Gestapo, and the Ukrainian fascist, Mykola Lebed…

The December 10 article, unlike the one on November 13, now defends the US’ intelligence officials decision to provide a safe haven for Nazi criminals…

In 2007, the OSI had waived more than 23,000 pages, but as of this date is keeping secret over 18,000 pages, allegedly to protect the “ongoing investigations (going on for decades) and prosecutions.” [Let’s see, the war ended 66 years ago, anyone who is being investigated is either deceased or over 85 years of age. Why would they need to keep secret almost half the records?]

Mysteriously, the next day (12/11), the December 10 article is rewritten by Randy Herschaft and titled Report details ties between US and ex-Nazis, but this version fails to mention the OSI is keeping secret over 18,000 pages “to protect ongoing investigations and prosecutions” of war criminals who are on their death bed. [End of Excerpt]

The December 10 AP: US report adds details on Cold War Nazi Intel is now archived at

And since the Internet Police don’t take any chances, the source for the APNewsBreak, the National Archives:, has been removed as well.

Searching the National Archives Web Site
Results for: “In 2007 the OSI had waived more than 23000″
No results were found for your search.

Should you wish to publish or republish The Nazi & Jewish Affair to Remember (November 2010), email to receive the word document with the Miami Herald Link replaced with a link to the archive at

APNewsBreak: Report reveals details on US intel use of Nazi Gestapo, Ukrainian fascists
By The Associated Press
Friday, December 10th, 2010 — 12:02 pm

Newly released records reveal details on how U.S. intelligence officials used and protected some Nazi Gestapo agents after World War II, tracked Holocaust administrator Adolf Eichmann and relied on a suspected war criminal from Ukraine living in New York to try to disrupt the USSR, according to a report to Congress obtained by The Associated Press.

The report, titled “Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence, and the Cold War,” was authored by historians hired by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. It was sent to Congress late Thursday.

The report draws from an unprecedented trove of records on individuals and clandestine operations that the CIA was persuaded to declassify, and from over 1 million digitized Army intelligence files that had long been inaccessible.

“The CIA records give us a much better picture of the movements of Nazi war criminals in the postwar period. The Army records are voluminous, and will be keeping people busy for many years,” said Richard Breitman, of the American University in Washington, D.C., who co-authored the report with Norman J.W. Goda, of the University of Florida.

CIA spokesman George Little said Friday: “The CIA at no time had a policy or a program to protect Nazi war criminals, or to help them escape justice for their actions during the war. The agency has cooperated for decades with the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations.”

The records were made available under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998, one of the most ambitious and exhaustive federal government efforts to expose its own secrets.

The papers include correspondence, legal documents, excerpts, clippings, medical records and vouchers. They illuminate the activities and postwar whereabouts of some of the most high-profile alleged Nazi war criminals.

One of the report’s chapters deals explicitly with how the Americans used Gestapo officers, including Rudolf Mildner, after the war.

Mildner oversaw security in Denmark in 1943 when most of the country’s 8,000 Jews were ordered arrested and deported to Auschwitz concentration camp — though they were rescued after Danish resistance leaders were tipped off. The Army detained Mildner, and kept him from landing in the hands of war crimes investigators, because his knowledge of Communist subversion was considered useful.

“The Army’s willingness to use Gestapo officials against Communists was more substantial or greater than what we had known, even if there are no cases as prominent or large as Klaus Barbie,” said Breitman, referring to the notorious “Butcher of Lyon” who worked for U.S. intelligence in the postwar period.

Mildner later escaped to Argentina, where he met up with Eichmann, who had also fled from Europe to the South American country.

The newly disclosed records answer some questions about Eichmann’s movements before he was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence in 1960 and spirited away to be prosecuted for his crimes, the report said.

“The most recent American declassifications fill in some small gaps,” the report states. “They show what the West knew about Eichmann’s criminality and his postwar movements. No American intelligence agency aided Eichmann’s escape or simply allowed him to hide safely in Argentina.”

The report also details significant use of Nazi collaborators by the CIA during the Cold War.

In an attempt to disrupt the USSR, through penetrations in Ukraine, the agency turned to Nazi-affiliated nationalists, including Mykola Lebed, who led a paramilitary organization that pursued ethnic cleansing policies during the war. He was relocated to New York by 1948, and his relationship with the CIA “lasted the entire length of the Cold War,” the report states.

Though he was later publicly identified by federal investigators as a possible war criminal, he was never brought to justice.

The CIA “shielded Lebed by denying any connection between Lebed and the Nazis and by arguing that he was a Ukrainian freedom fighter,” the report stated.

“The CIA concluded that Lebed’s activities on behalf of American intelligence were of such ‘inestimable value’ that the agency could ill afford to lose him as an asset,” according to a 2003 CIA document viewed by the AP. The CIA prevented his deportation.

“Tireless in his efforts on behalf of Ukrainian nationalism, Lebed remained one of the agency’s oldest contacts until his death in 1998,” the document said.

Nazi hunters and lawmakers have long raised questions about what U.S. government knew and its involvement with war criminals during the Cold War.

Elizabeth Holtzman, a former Democratic congresswoman from New York who championed the disclosure of Nazi files, said each subsequent release has added to the historical record.

“This is a difficult, and in some respects shameful, chapter in American history,” Holtzman said. “It was not known to the public, and I think it’s a mark of governmental courage and of national courage to take this era and these documents and say, ‘We want to learn the truth about what our government did,’ and to do it in a way that was professional and serious.”

The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act has so far resulted in more than 8 million documents being declassified; a landmark 2005 book on “U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis” in part authored by Breitman and Goda; and a final report to Congress. The interagency working group overseeing the project was disbanded in 2007, but its work was extended by federal lawmakers as even more records continued to be discovered and released.

These included more than 1,000 files on individuals and records on over 50 secret operations that the CIA turned over to the National Archives.

A second batch of files, many of them from the Army Counterintelligence Corps, couldn’t be read until a new system capable of handling terabytes of information had been developed, said William H. Cunliffe, a senior archivist at the National Archives who oversaw the declassification project.

Yet even more records are still hidden.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s special Nazi-hunting unit, the Office of Special Investigations, was merged with another office in March to create the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section. The Office of Special Investigations was exempted under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act to protect ongoing investigations and prosecutions.

That included records it generated or records of interest that it flagged at other agencies.

In 2007, the OSI had waived more than 23,000 pages, according to the latest count available. It had excluded over 18,000.


Online: National Archives:

Source: AP News

Rob Kall Ranks The Peoples Voice Among the Top 100 Blogs Overall

January 4th, 2011

By Mark Powell

worstpartofcensorBreaking News: Rob Kall, executive editor/publisher of, recently “Ranked Among Top 100 Blogs Overall," gets his news and opinions from The Peoples Voice (TPV).

Yesterday (1/3/2011, at 11 a.m.) TPV publishes OpEdNews Ranked Among Top 100 Blogs, Why?. The article had no XML feed description and was not picked up by Google News.

As of 11:01 a.m. there were still two articles by Katherine Smith that had not been removed (censored) from the OpEdNews website:

1.     Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs"

2.     Why was I born? Why are we here?

By 2 p.m. the links were dead, i.e., “This article is not currently available.” [1]

Here are the articles that Rob Kall doesn’t want you to read: [2]

What can you conclude when the Editor of one of the Top 100 Blogs goes to the trouble to scrub an article that was the #1 most popular on his site for 48 hours? As they say, when you are “over the target,” Expect a “404"

Here is the article that Rob Kall read yesterday (1/3/2011).

OpEdNews Ranked Among Top 100 Blogs, Why?

By Mark Powell

Just got a mass email from Rob Kall, executive editor/publisher of "Nice to start the new year with this news: OpEdNews Ranked Among Top 100 Blogs Overall."

OpEdNews is Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be (LOL)

Consider the top 15 articles at the site for the past week:
#1 12/30/2010: America's Gulf: New Report Says It's Dying (by Stephen Lendman)
#2 12/28/2010: Rove Might Be Trying To "Pull A Siegelman" With Julian Assange (by Roger Shuler)
#3 12/28/2010: Is an economic collapse being prepared? If so, for whose benefit? (by Richard Clark)
#5 12/27/2010: THE U.S. STOCK MARKET IS RIGGED (by lila york)
#6 12/23/2010: Pentagon's Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since WW II (by Rick Rozoff)
#7 12/31/2010: Obama's Outrage: Rage Against Russia, Silence at Indian Injustice (by Chris Floyd)
#8 12/28/2010: 2011 (by paul craig roberts)
#9 12/26/2010: Have You Been Fooled: These Dirty Pharma Marketing Tricks? (by Martha Rosenberg)
#10 12/27/2010: 2011: A Brave New Dystopia (by Chris Hedges)
#11 12/27/2010: Obama Year Two: Continued Betrayal and Failure (Part I) (by Stephen Lendman)
#12 12/29/2010: America Has Gone Away (by paul craig roberts)
#13 12/31/2010: Capricorn Solar Eclipse, January 4, 2011 (by Cathy Lynn Pagano)
#14 12/26/2010: The psychological, cultural & societal disintegration of America under post-industrial capitalism (by Richard Clark)
#15 12/26/2010: Welcoming the Summer Soldier: Suppressing Dissent in America (by David Model)

“Bold and Daring,” not really. “Thought Provoking,” not a chance. The same old rant that everyone else publishes, for sure.

Of the top 15 Rob had the “courage” to publish, almost every one is replete with negativity and a Corporatocracy rant. The identical rant that we are bombarded with at every other alternative news and opinion website, 24x7 (except, of course The Peoples Voice, currently featuring Thought Provoking Articles):

What we aren’t getting that they have, that we deserve but they won’t give us because life isn’t fair. And don’t forget the world is full of a bunch of greedy bastards who run the corporations that don’t care about anything but profits.

I recently submitted Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs", an article written by Katherine Smith.

The reason Dr. Smith is not submitting is because she was banned for being too bold and daring.

I found this out quite by accident. I, like a lot of others who read her articles at OpEdNews, noticed when you search her titles, the Google results tell you her articles have been scrubbed from the site:

OpEdNews - Article Missing - 2 visits - 10/22/10 Progressive, Liberal United States and International News ...
101009-779.html - Cached

I contacted Dr. Smith, and she confirmed that all of her submissions (except one), consistently in the top 10 by page views, have been scrubbed from the site. She also confirms that she is banned. [3]

Katherine writes Thought Provoking articles, and every one that was published at OpEdNews was in the top ten.

I recently submitted Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs," an article written by Katherine Smith for her because she is banned.

The one article that, as of today is still on the site, was submitted by another reader at the site, Elizabeth Mandrell:

Why was I born? Why are we here?
Promoted to Headline (H3) on 8/2/10:
By Katherine Smith, PhD Posted by Elizabeth Mandrell

Therefore on 12/23/2010, I submitted Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs", by Doctor Katherine Smith. [3]

My subterfuge of changing the authorship from a PhD to a physician apparently worked.

Within hours, without any promotion by the site, Baron Otto Von Bolschwing went to the Number 1 most viewed on the site, and stayed there for 48 hours. Considering the competition and that the title wasn’t very interesting, staying on top for 48 hours was very unusual.

A few days later I submitted the sequel, The Nazi & Jewish Affair to Remember (November 2010), and I was banned.

What this proves, without a doubt, is that the readership at OpEdNews is hungry for thought provoking content.

Why won’t Rob Kall give it to them?

P.S. Go ahead and cross post this as a diary and in the forums. If you have a similar experience with OpEdNews, email Katherine,

Or better yet, send an email to and ask him why he won’t give his readers what they want.

Mark Powell is a professor of Middle East Studies at California State University in Long Beach California.


[1] Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs" is still in Google cache

Easier to read at TPV, Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann’s “Jewish Affairs”

[2] A common thread here is Robert Singer, Staying Away from Anything Written by rds2301

[3] The story of her banning is interesting. She might post it later.

In case OpEdNews reads this post and retaliates, the three articles mentioned above can be read at The Peoples Voice.

Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann’s “Jewish Affairs”
The Nazi & Jewish Affair to Remember (November 2010)

Why was I born? Why are we here?

The articles below by Katherine Smith are no longer available at OpEdNews, but searching the title will link to other sites that published the same content.

OpEdNews - Articles - Author's Page for Katherine Smith Articles - Author's Page for Katherine - Cached
OpEdNews - Article: Dog Spelled Backwards is God: A Psychohistory ...
For OpEdNews: Katherine Smith - Writer. Did you ever wonder why our pets are so happy and we are so sad? Here is a picture of them worshiping me. 101023-352.html?... - Cached
OpEdNews - Article: Don't Leave Home Without Them
Oct 11, 2010 ... Do Animals Have Cognitive Maps? Andrew TD Bennett believes there is no conclusive evidence to prove that animals have sensuTolman, 101009-779.html - Cached
OpEdNews - Article: Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY ...
Sep 11, 2010 ... The following transcript is truth disguised as fiction, because truth is stranger than fiction. All the information herein, is taken from 100911-322.html -
OpEdNews - Article: Want to find real community in the United States?
Aug 26, 2010 ... For OpEdNews: Katherine Smith - Writer. Go to Portland Oregon. Across the USA, from New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state to Portland, - Cached
OpEdNews - Article: Why was I born? Why are we here?
Aug 2, 2010 ... 'Are we all aimless beings, mere products of chance, here merely to consume, grind out a living and die? Or is there some bigger purpose -100801-782.html - Cached
OpEdNews - Printing: Pictures Prove Mini Nukes Caused 9-11 Devastation Sep 28, 2010 ... Original Content at ... By Katherine Smith. Recent articles at PakAlert (davidicke (the - Cached
OpEdNews - Article: Waxman, Waters and Iran, Connect the Dots
Aug 29, 2010 ... By Katherine Smith (about the author) Page 1 of 4 page(s) ... Ethics Committee formally brought a case against Congresswoman Maxine Waters, 100829-336.html - Cached

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Tracy Turner OEN-banned PlumeGate Fukushima Article         Tracy Turner Peak Everything Article (Peak Insanity, Fascism, Thirst & Hunger)

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